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Buried Truck

buried truck during snowstorm
Photo Credit: Verla (Wieden) Nash

Buried Truck 1938

      This occurred during that severe snowstorm of April, 1938. I think the day was the 12th, but I am going on memory of my parents talking about it. This gasoline transport truck had delivered gasoline to Albert Wright's station in Harmon, then headed toward Vici. The storm caught him and the truck couldn't make it. He was stalled at a place where the road banks were rather high on each side, and the snow drifted level with the top of the banks. His truck was completely covered, and he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Dad and other men from Harmon hunted for the truck. They finally found it by punching their shovel handles into the deep snow as they walked along. One of them eventually hit the truck and they dug down to it.

The fellow sitting nearest on the truck cab is Albert Wright. I don't recognize the others. The one to the left may be Louie Dumbauld, but I am not sure. Maybe someone else will recognize them. This awful storm occurred when I was just a small boy. I remember that the snow blew through the wood shingles on our house, filling our attic until it caved in on my bed. Dad rescued me from a harrowing experience of being buried alive in an avalanche! I remember that very vividly, although I was not quite 4 at the time.


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