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Mary Darneal Enrollment Application

Submitted by: Sue Hearon

LeFlore Co. OK - Mary Darneal Application
WISTER, I.T., DECEMBER 18th, 1902.

Choctaw 2778

   In the matter of the application of Mary Darneal for enrollment as an intermarried citizen of the Choctaw Nation.
Mary Darneal being first duly sworn testified as follows:
Examination by the Commission
Q What is your name? A Mary Darneal.
Q How old are you? A Thirty-five.
Q What is your post office address? A Whitefield.
Q Is that in the Choctaw Nation? A Yes sir.
Q How long have you been a resident of the Choctaw Nation? A Twenty Years.
Q Have you live here continuously for the past twenty years? A yes sir.
Q Never made your home anywhere else during that time? A No sir.
Q Do you claim intermarried rights in the Choctaw Nation? A Yes sir.
Q What is the name of your Choctaw husband through who you claim these rights?
A Stephen Darneal.
Q Is he a recognized and enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation? A Yes sir.
Q Have his rights as such ever been disputed? A No Sir.
Q When were you married to Stephen Darneal? A December 24, 1882
Q Where was this marriage ceremony performed? A Greenhill Church House,
Skullyville County.
Q At that time were both you and your husband bona fide residents of the Choctaw Nation? A Yes Sir.
Q Who performed the marriage ceremony? A Judge Thompson.
Q Minister of the gospel? A No sir, Judge.
Q Judge of what county? A Skullyville county.
Q Were you married under a license? A No sir.
Q Were you ever married previous to your marriage to Stephen Darneal? A No Sir.
Q Was he ever married previous to his marriage to you? A No sir.
Q Since that marriage have you lived together continuously as husband and wife up to the present time? A Yes Sir.
Q There has been no separation of any kind whatsoever? A No Sir.
Q Are you at present living together as actual and bona fide residents of the Choctaw Nation? A Yes Sir.
Q Did you ever get a marriage certificate? A No Sir.
Q Didn't the judge give you one at the time of your marriage? A No Sir.
Q Was your marriage recorded? A Yes Sir, I think it was.
Q Who was present at that marriage? A It was in the time of church; there was a good many present.
Q Is the judge still living: A Yes sir, I think so.

   Albert G. McMillan being first duly sworn states that as stenographer to the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes he reported the proceedings had in the above entitled cause on the 18th day of December, 1902, and that the above and foregoing is a full, true and correct transcript of his stenographic notes taken in said cause on said date.   

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of January, 1903.

Stephen Darneal Sworn Testimony
LeFlore Co.
   In the enrollment of Mary Darneal as intermarried Choctaw. Stephen Darneal being sworn and examined by Com'r McKennon states: Stephen Darneal, forty-four years old.
Q You are a Choctaw citizen by blood? A Yes sir.
Q your wife is a white woman is she? A Yes sir.
Q Were you lawfully married to her? A Yes sir.
Q By whom? A Gilbert Thompson. A Choctaw Judge
Q When? A In 1882
Q In the Choctaw Nation? A Yes sir.
Q You didn't get any certificate of marriage? A No sir, I didn't get any.

Polly Barrard being sworn and examined testifies:
Polly Barnard, fifty-nine years old.
Q Are you a Choctaw Indian by blood, or a United States citizen? A No sir, I never proved up my right.
Q Are you acquainted with Stephen Darneal? A Yes sir.
Q Do you know his wife Mary? A Yes sir.
Q Were you present at their marriage? A Yes sir, and I saw them married.
Q By whom? A I cannot speak the man's name, he told you though.
Q She has been living with him here ever since? A Yes sir, ever since, and I saw him pay the money for his marriage.

   In the matter of the application for the enrollment of Mary Darneal as a citizen by intermarriage of the Choctaw Nation

   It appears from the record herein that Mary Darneal (nee Long or Logan), on December 24, 1882, was lawfully married to Stephen Darneal, a recognized and enrolled citizen by blood of the Choctaw Nation, whose name appears as number 8145, upon the lists prepared by this Commission under the act of Congress approved July 1, 1902 (32 Stat., 641), of persons entitled to enrollment as citizens by blood of the Choctaw Nation and approved by the Secretary of the Interior on January 17, 1903, that at the time of said marriage both persons above mentioned were residents in good faith of the Choctaw Nation, and that they have lived together continuously in said nation as husband and wife from the date of said marriage up to and including September 25, 1902.

   It is, therefore, the opinion of this Commission that Mary Darneal should be enrolled as a citizen by intermarriage of the Choctaw Nation in accordance with the provisions of the acts of Congress approved June 28, 1898 (30 Stat., 495), and July 1, 1902 (32 Stat., 641), and it is so ordered.


Muskogee, Indian Territory,
May 7, 1903

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