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Wolf Family History

Wolf Family
Submitted & © : Nettie King

Submitted by: Nettie King

William V. Wolf, my 3rd great grandfather, born December 10, 1817 in KY married July 12, 1846 in Osage Co. MO to Sarah "Sally" Ann Gibson died November 18, 1907 in Lawton Oklahoma.


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Lawton, Oklahoma

William V. Wolf of this city, died at his home, 1011 E. Avenue, this afternoon at two o'clock and will be buried tomorrow afternoon under the supervision of the Odd Fellows of the city, the funeral to be held in the M.E. Church, conducted by Rev. C.S. Burchfield and Rev. J.G. Harshaw. Mr. Wolf was recognized as the oldest member of the Odd Fellow Lodge in the United States, being in his ninetieth year, sixty nine years of which he has been a member of the Odd Fellows.

William V. Wolf parents are unknown at this time--01-06-2000.

His wife: SARAH ANN GIBSON, born June 08, 1827 in Osage Co., MO, died April 06, 1908 in Lawton Oklahoma (she is believe to be full blood cherokee indian, picked up off the trail of tears, or so the rumor has it by family members still living).
She could not read or write, "x" was the mark.

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SARAH ANN GIBSON was born in Osage County, MO., June 8, 1827, died at Lawton, Okla., April 6, 1908, age 80 years, 8 months and 28 days. She was married to Mr. W. V. Wolf in 1844, was the mother of two children. both of whom survive her., John WOLF of MARSHALL, OKLA., and Mrs Mary F. Mitchell (a known ERROR, / "Cleveland") of Lawton, eleven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren, other relatives and many friends and acquaintances bow in submission to the Heavenly summons. She has been a consistent Christian, and a faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for thirty years and since her husbands departure on January 18, this year. Mother WOLF has anxiously awaited her release from Earthly bonds. She bore her sufferings with patience, enduring to the end and has now entered into the rest which remaineth for the people of God.

SARAH's brothers:

BENJAMIN LAUGHLIN GIBSON, who married LOUISA / LAVINA WOLF (unsure of spelling),

SARAH's sister:


Their parents are unknown.

In May of 1861, WILLIAM enrolled in the Missouri Home Guards Co. D.

The family is found up through 1850 to 1860 census in Osage Co., MO. Land papers found from 1850 thru 1857 in Osage Co., MO / William V. Wolf purchased land from the following people between these years - (another clue), John C. Gibson, John and Mary P. Davisen or Darison?, Benjamin L. Gibson, William M. and Martha Ann Gibson, John Wolf, John M. and Magdaten Laughlin, Charles H. and Virginia Gregory, - and Thomas H. Bryan.
On November 13, 1885, William V. Wolf - "Uncle Bill" -by Miles Allen is found in Woodston, Rooks Co. Kansas having a general merchants, hardware business along with Julia Welch, and doing a rushing biz.

He was known to be a carpenter and builder by trade.

There are Land papers to be found in "Kingfisher Oklahoma Indian TY" in Aug. 23, 1889 to approved and patented on Sept 09, 1895, stating from the beginning that he was coming from Woodston Kansas / and at the final worded statement that his daughter was living with him. They later moved on to Lawton Oklahoma, and that is where they are to lay to rest, in the Highland Cemetery.

TWO CHILDREN BORN TO William and Sarah Wolf:

MARY WOLF (as known firstborn of WILLIAM and SARAH WOLF), born May 1847 in Osage Co., MO, married Cleveland (no other info known, possible first name is Tom, born in New York by the census of children. Family rumor is that he was brother or kin to Pres. Cleveland.

1900 Oklahoma census states she is widowed with only one child living, that child being MARY FRANCES CLEVELAND MITCHELL. What happened to husband? unknown.)

Died June 19, 1923 in Lawton Oklahoma / Highland Cemetery (Lawton, Oklahoma) (she outlived all her children)

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Mrs. Mary Wolf Cleveland, 76 years old, grandmother of Mrs. Fred Kluck residing at 1013 E. Avenue, passed away last night at 9:30 o'clock, after a short illness. Mrs. Cleveland came to Lawton at the opening and purchased the property at the lot sale, on which she later built the home in which she died. Mrs. Cleveland was very well liked by all who knew her, she was very active in many affairs up until recently when she became ill.

Mrs. Clevelands' numerous friends deeply mourn her death.

Mrs. Cleveland was in ill health for about six months preceding her death.

She leaves besides her granddaughter, Mrs. Kluck, two grandsons, C. K. Mitchell of Covington, Oklahoma, and Raymond Mitchell, of El Dorado. They have been wired and will probably be here for the funeral. Mrs. Leonard Tullous, Mrs Clevelands' niece, accompanied by her husband arrived from Marlow today. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Lutheran Church, with the Reverend Thiermer, pastor of the Lutheran Church officiating. Interment will be in the Highland Cemetery, Lawton, Oklahoma. Ritters have charge of arrangements.

Lawton Constitution, June 20, 1923, page 1

Three children were born to MARY and TOM CLEVELAND:

WILLIAM CLEVELAND- (no known information is known, but we do know he signed his sister's autograph books from school: "My Sister Dear- Behold my Sadie as you pass by, As your now so once was I as I am, Now so you must be prepare yourself and follow me. From William Cleveland."

SARAH "SADIE" MARIE CLEVELAND, born December 1869 in Iowa and died abt. 1894 in Cherokee Outlet, Indian Territory, poss. MARSHALL, OKLAHOMA / married poss. Preston, Kansas to JOHN SHERMAN ELLISON, born Jan. 19, 1866 Ohio, and died October 20, 1908 in Peebles, Ohio. Parents of JOHN SHERMAN ELLISON were JOHN MAHLON ELLISON and MARTHA BARTHENA MURFIN.

Children of JOHN and "SADIE":
GLADYS ELLISON, born February 28, 1892 in Cherokee Outlet, Indian Territory, MARSHALL, OKLAHOMA, and married December 26, 1909, in Perry Oklahoma, at an Aunt's house, to FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER KLUCK. GLADYS died in Lawton Oklahoma, January 17, 1980.

NOTES: SARAH "SADIE" MARIE died shortly after giving birth to GLADYS, and GLADYS was taken to her grandmother, MARY (WOLF) CLEVELAND, to be raised.

MARY (WOLF) CLEVELAND was living with her parents at this time in Lawton Oklahoma, and known being widowed- by the year of 1900 census.

JOHN SHERMAN ELLISON -remarried to a MYRTLE LEOTA EVANS (no other info known).


There is an autograph book that has names and places of who signed their books: Must be clues!
Here they are: (from Sarah "Sadie" Marie Clevelands' book Only)

Kate Smedley Woodston Kansas July 22, 1886
SW Mitchell Woodston Kansas Jan 10, 1886
W. S. Mitchell Woodston Kansas Jan 10, 1886
Lillie Gibson Woodston Kansas Feb 18, 1887
Theodore Carlson Woodston Kansas May 4, 1886
GRD Woodston Kansas April 12, 1887
C.F.T. Carlson Woodston Kansas Aug 05, 1888
W.A. Pettit March 1, 1889
Louly White Woodston Kansas May 31, 1888
CFE Stanley Nebraska Dec. 15, 1889
M. F. M. (Mary Frances Cleveland Mitchell) Stanley Neb May 08, 1889 (twin sister)
William Cleveland Woodston Kansas Jan. 16, 1887 (brother)
GR Dillen Woodston Kansas May 04, 1886
Leora Alice McFerren Woodston Kansas June 12th 1886
S. V. Pants Woodston Kansas 1886
Sherman Ellison Stanley Neb April 20, 189 (her future husband)
S. J. (_?) S tanley Neb May 12, 1889
W. A. Pettit Neb March 05, 1889
J. S. Ellison Feb 27, 1889 (her future husband signing again)
J.J. Poole Kearney Nebraska March 27, 1887
Willie Pettit Feb. 10, 1889
Altha Wolfe Kearney Nebraska March 10, 1889 (John Leander Wolf's daughter, Sarah's cousin)
Della Brown (no place or date)
J.S. Ellison Stanley Neb. Dec 14, 1889 (her future husband)
Lizzie E. Folkson May 07, 1887
J.A. Plumlee
W.L. Sutton Stanley Neb. Jan 15, (year torn off)
Myra Potter Stanley Neb (no date)

MARY FRANCES CLEVELAND, born December 1869 in Iowa and died between 1917-1920 in Perry Oklahoma, / married in Sept. 07, 1886 Woodston Kansas to MARTIN LUTHER MITCHELL born October 1860 in Iowa and died November 07, 1926 in Alva Oklahoma. Parents of MARTIN LUTHER MITCHELL were JOHN WESLEY MITCHELL of Ohio and MARY WOODS of poss Virginia.

The six children of MARY and MARTIN are:

THOMAS H. MITCHELL born August of 1889 in Nebraska, and died in Perry Oklahoma of Diphtheria in Feb. 1906
CHARLES KENNETH MITCHELL, born in Iowa November 10, 1890 / married a NELLIE LEE BROWN, and
was a baker in Alva Oklahoma
WILLIAM MITCHELL, born in Kansas January 1892, and died of Diphtheria Feb. 1906 in Perry Oklahoma, RAYMON VANCE MITCHELL, born February 1893-1894 in Oklahoma / married EDNA, and a horse ranch in
Alva Oklahoma
ALBERT V. MITCHELL born in Oklahoma October 1899 and poss. died at birth / small infant in Oklahoma
VIVIAN ADELINE MITCHELL, born in Alva Oklahoma September 1, 1903 / married JAMES ALBERT SMITH, on January 01, 1918 and died May 30, 1922 in Garden City Kansas. MARY filed for divorce in Noble County Oklahoma 1906 - on MARTIN for desertion, and MARY later married a JIM TEAGUE March 24, 1909 in Perry Oklahoma, Noble County.

MARTIN later married "Old Lady" STUART. No other children born to the other marriages that is known of.

and here is Mary Frances Cleveland "autograph book"
(IN hers Only)-
Henry McCoy Chariton Iowa
C.C. Osborn Dec 24 1885
Theodore (unreadable last name) Rooks Center, 6th 1885
LuLu M. Woodston Kansas August 05,
Altha Wolf Stanley Nebraska Dec 18, 1887 (cousins)
Sherman Ellison Stanley Neb Jan. 15, 1889 (sister's future husband)
Elma Greer Stanley Neb May 13, 1889
Lula Greer Stanley Neb
Lizzie R. Smedley
Eddie Potter Stanley Neb
Della Brown
Kate Smedley July 22, 1886
M. L. Mitchell Woodston Kansas Jan 10, 1886 (Her future husband)
W.S. Mitchell Woodston Kansas Jan 10, 1886
G.R. Dillen Lar???? Iowa April 04, 1886
Lizzie E. Folkson May 08, 1887
Myra Potter Stanley Nebraska
John T. Lane Gold Co., Kansas
Nettie Wood Feb. 06, 1889

Submitted by: Nettie King

JOHN LEANDER WOLF (as known 2nd born of WILLIAM and SARAH WOLF) (my 2nd great grandfather), born March 19, 1850 in Osage Co., MO (as of his firstborn's death certificate, it states him to be born in Jefferson City, Missouri), married October 1, 1872 in Kansas, FRANCES M. MITCHELL / poss. went by
MARTHA, died December 21, 1914 LOGAN CO., MARSHALL, OKLAHOMA I.O.O.F Cemetery.

FRANCES M. MITCHELL -- born July 28, 1856 in Iowa, died July 09, 1920 in Logan Co., MARSHALL, OKLAHOMA, I.O.O.F. Cemetery. Parents are: father unknown - from Ohio / mother unknown - from Virginia, from census records.

230, 231 !!!!!)

On Sept. 16, 1893, John Leander Wolf made the run in the Cherokee Strip Opening, staking a claim in the Reed Township (south and west of Covington, Oklahoma), the town of MARSHALL was claimed as the home mailing route, the family business was done in MARSHALL.

John Leander Wolf , so I was told, started his journey with a riding pony and cart, after several miles of rough riding abandoned the two wheel shay, and took off on his pony.

When he had made his claim legal, his first thoughts were a home for his family: he purchased lumber that was hauled in to build a frame house, then Frances M. Wolf his wife, and the children traveled from Rooks County near Morton, Kansas to their new home. The family that made the journey to Oklahoma was his wife Frances Mitchell Wolf, a son William Leander Wolf, Altha Sarah Wolf Tullous, Martha Omega Wolf Murphy, Thomas Levi Wolf, Martin Luther Wolf, Myrtle Mary Wolf Holding.

Soon the father of John, William V. Wolf, and mother Sarah Ann Gibson Wolf and sister Mary Wolf Cleveland, moved to Oklahoma. William V. Wolf was a bridge contracted and builder by trade, as the construction work was finished, they moved to Lawton Oklahoma.

The frame house that was home for the family for several years, burned when Maude accidentally turned her lamp over setting fire to the upstairs. They lost all their possessions. John Leander Wolf than purchased the Northeast quarter section, Sixteen township twenty range four, and sold the home place to a son, William Wolf. Omega, Tom, Mart, and Myrtle attend Sunnyside School. The building was constructed of sod.

Submitted by: Nettie King

That Picture I have shows 29 pupils and the teacher: a stately gentlemen with well groomed hair, a long white beard, and mustache. The picture is featured in Angie Debo's book "Prairie City."

Wheat farming and cattle, and horse trading was a great part of John Leander Wolfs' way of making a living.
William Wolf and son-in-law, Leonard Tullous are listed with the Cherokee Cattlemens' Association, their business was driving cattle on the Cherokee Trail, Chislm.

Leonard Tullous later settled in Marlow Oklahoma.

John Leander Wolf was a member of Marshall Odd Fellow Lodge NO. 29 at the time of the establishment of the I.O.O.F. North Cemetery, Garfield Co. Oklahoma.

John Leander Wolf was injured in a runaway wagon accident, and he never completely recovered, quite some time later he died at the age of 62 years.

Frances M. Mitchell Wolf and children Maude and Ben remained on the farm until her death several years later.

There were thirty grandchildren. The last of their children, Omega Murphy lived to be 96 years of age, she is buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Marshall Oklahoma.

Homestead papers found Sept 23, 1893 thru July 28,1909 in Oklahoma Territory, Land Office being at Enid.

ALTHA SARAH WOLF, born Feb. 22, 1874 in Des Moines, Iowa / married Oct. 1, 1891, Logan Co., Guthrie, Oklahoma, to Leonard Tullous - and died of cancer of the breast on Sept. 7, 1941 in Stephens Co., Marlow Oklahoma / buried in Lawton Oklahoma.

(related article)

Thursday Sept. 11, 1941

Mrs. Tullous dies Sun. after a long illness
Family Is One of the Earliest Day Families in Community.
Three Sons and Daughter Survive.
Mrs Altha Sarah Tullous, wife of Leonard Tullous died at the family home nine and a half miles west of Marlow Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock following an illness of four years. She was 67 years, 6 months and 15 days old at the time of her death.

She was born Feb. 22 1874 in Des Moines, Iowa. On Dec. 10, 1891, she was married to Leonard Tullous at Guthrie. To this union were born four children who with their father survive. The three sons are Dee, Goal, and arthur all of a Marlow address and a daughter, Mrs. Ethelyn Griffin of Amarillo, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Tullous moved to their present home west of Marlow 46 years ago in the year of 1895 and have become widely known and highly respected citizens of the community. Besides her husband and children, Mrs. Tullous is survived by seven grandchildren and four brothers and three sisters. Her brothers Will Wolf,
Tom Wolf, and Martin Wolf, all of MARSHALL and Ben Wolf of Kilgore, Texas and her sisters, Mrs. Omega Murphy of Pawhuska, Mrs Myrtle Holding of MARSHALL, and Mrs. Maud Rhodes of Waco, Texas were all here for the funeral services.

Services were held at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the First Methodist Church conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Nuell C. Crain assisted by the Rev. E.L.Spann, pastor of the Bethel Methodist Church. Pallbearers were Clifford Nunley, Alfred and Melford Brown, Clifford Bowen, Berlyne Thomasson, Jim Peterson, Walter Kellian and Jake Roberson.

A men's quartet composed of Russel Brown, H.W. Cato, J.W. Armstrong and W.T. Zachary sang three numbers, "Never Grow Old," "Father Along," and "One Sweetly Solemn Thought." The accompaniment was played by Mrs. Ray Cox.

Burial was in a Lawton Cemetery. Arrangements were in charge of the Steele Funeral Home.


WILLIAM LEANDER WOLF, born Jan. 11, 1878 in Kansas / poss Rooks Co., and married May 6, 1903, in Garfield/Logan Co. OK, to MARY E. FARRIS - Mary buried in North I.O.O.F. Cem. - on her headstone it reads:

He also later married a LORENA ("RENA"). If any children - unknown.

There is Gas and Oil leases filed 1925 & on. . . , in the Garfield Co., Oklahoma records for William Leander Wolf and wife.

MARTHA OMEGA WOLF (from the Bible of her mother, she calls her "Omega") born October 02, 1880 in Nebraska (marriage record states born in Nebraska, Census Record states born in Kansas), went to Sunnyside School of MARSHALL OK, and married March 15, 1899 in Enid Oklahoma to CHARLIE C. MURPHY and died October 1976 in LOGAN CO., MARSHALL Oklahoma I.O.O.F Cem. In 1941, she was in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


THOMAS LEVI WOLF (my great grandfather) born in Rooks Co., Kansas Feb. 5, 1883 / went to Sunnyside School in MARSHALL OK / married 1st to a NELLIE AUGUSTA WHITE (my great grandmother) September 8, 1909 in Enid Oklahoma. THOMAS LEVI WOLF died October 08, 1962, in Veronia, Oregon, of a stroke. NELLIE AUGUSTA WHITE WOLF died at a young age leaving four children sadly behind.

(related article)

Mrs. Nellie Wolf, wife of Tom Wolf, passed away at her home four miles northeast of Marshall at 9:30 o'clock, Tuesday evening, after an illness of about a week, the cause of her death being influenza complications.

This death is particularly sad as not only a husband but four little children are left.

Funeral services were held at the farm home at 10 o'clock, Thursday, and the remains of this young wife who passed away in the prime of life were laid to rest in the local cemetery, leaving many hearts broken with grief."

----another reads:

Miss Nellie Augusta White was born in Newton Co., Kansas November 27, 1890 and died November 15, 1918; age 27 years, 11 months, and 12 days. She was married to Tom Wolf, September 08, 1908. She came here with her parents when but a child and has always lived near MARSHALL.

Nellie was a kind dear woman, she always had kind and cheerful word for everyone she met, and was loved by everybody.

Funeral Services were held at the home at 10:30 o'clock, October 17, conducted by Elder Hinderbrand, of Enid, and the remains were laid away in the Odd Follows cemetery. She left to mourn her death a husband and four
children, her parents, Mr and Mrs Tom White, three sisters, Mrs Slaudia Ahrnsbrak and Mrs Ethel Roberts of Marshall, and Mrs. Tessie Wolf of Covington: three brothers - Carl, Arthur, and Edwin White - the latter
being in France.

We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their help
and kindness during the sickness and death of our dear wife and daughter:
Tom Wolf, T.M. White, and family


HOMER WOLF, born July 23, 1910 in MARSHALL, OKLAHOMA - November 06, 1939 but married twice / a "MILLIE" and than a "NORA," and he died December 16, 1991 in Napa California.
CECIL OREN WOLF, born November 13-23, 1912 in MARSHALL Oklahoma and married (unknown) and died October 01, 1971 in Odessa Texas - he had all girls, I think 3 in all.
CATHERINE WOLF, born November 24, 1914 in MARSHALL Oklahoma (still living out of state) and she has two children.
RUTH WOLF, born April 17, 1917 in MARSHALL Oklahoma (and still living out of state) and she has three children.


Children of THOMAS and LOTTIE WHITE are:
CARL C. WHITE, born Oct. 1, 1884 in New Almelo, Kansas, and died in April 1977 in Enid, Oklahoma.
(twin) CLAUDIA FRANCES (WHITE) AHRNSBRAK, born Oct 1, 1884, in New Almelo, Kansas, married FRANK, May 24, 1916 in Enid, Oklahoma, and died Oct. 31, 1964 in MARSHALL Oklahoma, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.
TESSIE MAE (WHITE) WOLF, born Oct. 16, 1886, New Almelo, Kansas, married MARTIN L. Dec. 16, 1909 in MARSHALL, Oklahoma and died April 09, 1963 in Covington Oklahoma.
NELLIE AUGUSTA (WHITE) WOLF, born Nov. 27, 1890, New Almelo, Kansas, married THOMAS L. Sept. 08,
1908 in Enid OK, died Nov. 15, 1918 in MARSHALL Oklahoma
EDWIN M. WHITE, born July 04, 1893, in New Almelo, Kansas, married ELLIE CAPPS on Jan. 1926 where?
and died Feb. 12, 1953, Colorado.
(twin) ETHEL MARIE (WHITE) ROBERTS, born New Almelo, Kansas, on July 04, 1893, married JAMES on August 9, 1941, in MARSHALL, Oklahoma, and died Feb. 12, 1986 in Enid Oklahoma.
ARTHUR DONALD WHITE, born Aug. 6, 1899, in MARSHALL, Oklahoma, married FLORENCE COYNER, Sept. 9, 1932 in Edmond, Oklahoma, died April 22, 1988 in Edmond, Oklahoma.

NELLIE WHITE WOLF died at an early age of the flu epidemic (my family rumor was she was delivering twins the night she died - all died), Nov. 18, 1918, MARSHALL, Oklahoma and is buried in the I.O.O.F. CEMETERY, and
THOMAS LEVI WOLF remarried to a NELLIE C. SIMPSON, born March 19, 1888, Missouri, and died January 17, 1964 in Veronia, Oregon, of heart attack, and they had SIX MORE CHILDREN:

MARTIN LUTHER WOLF, born November 02, 1885 in Kansas, went to the Sunnyside School of MARSHALL Oklahoma, and married in Enid Dec. 15, 1909 to TESSIE MAE WHITE (sister to NELLIE AUGUSTA WHITE, who married MARTIN LUTHER WOLF's brother -THOMAS LEVI WOLF. Brothers married sisters.) and died in Covington Oklahoma October 07, 1959 / buried at Memorial Park Cem.

In 1941 he was in MARSHALL OK and in 1942 he was in Covington OK.

EDNA (WOLF) KRAUSSE (who also told the family stories with pictures in a newspaper write-up for the"Enid News and Eagle" on page B-8, Monday, Sept. 10, 1990 and sadly passed away in 1996), WILLIAM "BILL" CARL WOLF, MAJEL (WOLF) SIMS, FRANCES CHARLOTTE (WOLF) MILLER, BERNADENE (WOLF) GUTHRIE, and MAUD "MAUDIE" (WOLF) EASTBURN.

MYRTLE MARY WOLF, born July 28, 1888 in Nebraska / married to HOMER HOLDING October 2, 1912 in Covington Oklahoma. She went to the Sunnyside School in MARSHALL Oklahoma. In 1941 she was in MARSHALL Oklahoma.

If any children - unknown.

ETHEL MAY WOLF, born July 04, 1891, in Rooks Co., Kansas and died at age 2 in 1893 on or before the trip to Oklahoma. Possibly buried in the Roods County, Kansas area.

A. L. "BEN" WOLF, born Feb. 26, 1894 in MARSHALL Oklahoma / married Sept.02, 1915 to DOLLIE M. McAFEE in Garfield Co., Oklahoma, both residents of MARSHALL Oklahoma, "BEN" died 1955, both buried in the I.O.O.F. Cem., MARSHALL Oklahoma.

After DOLLIE died (b. 1894, d. 1916), "BEN" was with a "SYLVIA" (maiden name unknown), unknown if married.

MAUD ORA WOLF, born March 05, 1897 in MARSHALL Oklahoma, married Sept. 11, 1924 to Mr. RHOADES, and died Nov. 1970 in Odessa Texas.

(related article)

More on the orbits -

The mother of Nellie Augusta White Wolf m) Thomas Levi "Tom" Wolf.

Tribute to Lottie S. White (of MARSHALL Oklahoma)
(my 2nd great grandmother)

Friday evening, June 12, 1942, we were shocked and grieved by the sudden home-going of Mrs. Lottie White, one of our few remaining pioneers and best examples of neighborliness and old-fashioned motherhood.

Her close friends knew she was in failing health, but it was not apparent to the casual observer, for she was never one to complain. Friday morning she seemed well as usual as she enjoyed her daily back fence chat with her neighbor, Mrs. Christian, sending her on her way to Enid with a wish for a happy day and no rain. On her return, it was Mrs. Christian who found that while she was gone a heavenly visitor had come and taken Mrs. White to her eternal home.

Born in Minnesota in 1860, her childhood was clouded by the Civil War but she proved an exception to the rule and developed a sunny disposition and was known for her kindness of heart. She was united in marriage to Thomas M. White in 1883 at New Almelo, Kansas and came to Oklahoma in 1894 settling on the farm which they
still owned northeast of town. She endured all the hardships of the pioneers uncomplainingly, creating a happy atmosphere for her husband and children and holding a special place in the hearts of her neighbors.

To her came the rare distinction of rearing two sets of twins to maturity, a feat seldom achieved. She united with the Methodist Church in her girlhood, remaining loyal to the day of her death. Of her it can be truthfully said she placed her home and her Lord first. Moving to town several years ago she took an active part in church and community activities; she was a member of the M.E. Circle, Mrs. Darlings S.S.Class, and the Sunshine Club.

You can boast of your new fashioned mother
And tell of her virtues all day long
I sing of an old-fashioned Mother
Who rocked her babies to sleep with a song.
She toiled all day long and was happy
Never minding the cold or the heat
She was building a home for her children
They had land and something to eat.
She always had time for her children
Despite the chores she had to do
She trained them to be good citizens
To their homes, and their friends to be true
She visited the sick, and her neighbors,
Of kindness who had a great store
I'll miss her, but some day we'll see her
On that beautiful golden shore
She was an old-fashioned Mother
Living their lives of courage and truths.

-Daisy Thompson-

She leaves to mourn her passing three daughters, Mrs. Claudia Ahrnsbrak,
Mrs. Ethel Roberts, both of MARSHALL, Mrs. Tessie Wolf, Covington; three
sons, Carl, of MARSHALL, Edwin of Graff, MO, and Arthur of San Antonio
Texas. Nineteen grandchildren, nine great-grand children, one sister, Mrs
Sterner of Ada, and a host of friends. One daughter, Mrs Nellie Wolf, and
her husband, Thomas White, preceded her in death.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our friends for their expressions of sympathy in the
sudden death of our mother, and for the beautiful floral offerings.
Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Wolf and Family
Mrs. Claudia Arnsbrak and Family
Mr. and Ethel Roberts and Family
Mr and Mrs Edwin White and Family
Mr and Mrs Arthur White and Family
Tom Wolf and Family
Carl White

------ another reads:

Funeral Held Monday for Mrs White

Sudden Death takes Pioneer Woman; Burial made Near MARSHALL

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon for Mrs Lottie White, MARSHALL Oklahoma, in the Methodist Church with Rev. Hodges, Wakita, formerly of MARSHALL, officiating.

Mrs. White, who was 82 years old, died suddenly in her home Friday. She had chatted with a neighbor, Mrs Christian, Friday morning and appeared as well as usual, but this neighbor found her dead on her porch later in the

Pallbearers were Will Wolf, Gene Olmstead, John Christian, George Beeby, Walter Patterson and Roy Cromer.
She was preceded in death by her husband in 1925, and by one daughter, Mrs. Nellie Wolf.

Survivors include three sons, Carl of MARSHALL, Edwin of Graff, MO., and Arthur of San Antonio, Texas; three daughters, Mrs Tessie Wolf, Covington, Mrs Claudia Ahrnsbrak and Mrs Ethel Roberts, both of MARSHALL Oklahoma; 19 grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren; and one sister, Mrs Mary Sterner, Ada, Oklahoma.

(See the book "THE LOGAN COUNTY HISTORY 1889-1977 VOL 1- THE FAMILIES", by the Oklahoma Historical Society- Library, article on Thomas and Charlotte (Lottie) White.)

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