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The Children's Home Society Brochure

The Children's Home Society



Submitted by:
Curt Macias & June Tittsworth,

transcribed by: Tammie Chada

God setteth the Solitary in families--Bible.


The Oklahoma and Indian

Territory Children's

Home Society.


Chartered May 4, 1900.


The Children's Home Society, as named in the head lines, of this article, embraces in its operations both Territories; and as said in the March CHILDREN'S HOME FINDER, "Is the only interdenominational child-saving Society organized or chartered in either and both of the Territories," and as further said in the March HOME FINDER, "There are other denominational and lodge agencies, or Orphan Homes being contemplated, or beginning work."

"But none of them is planned on the broad scale of help for every 'homeless,' or dependent child's need's, whatever its race or color, whatever its parental misfortune, for which the child is not to blame."

Since writing the above for the March number of this paper, we have received copy Volume 1, No. 1, of "The Indian Orphan" at Atoka, I. T., published by J. S. Murrow, and is in the interest of Indian Children.

"Section 15 of their By-Laws says--"No white or negro children, or Indian children who are more then half white shall ever be admitted into Murrow Orphan's Home."


And the Baptist Orphans' Home, being contemplated at Oklahoma City, their Superintendent states--"We were authorized by the board to appoint a Matron and open a home for white orphan children who might apply for admittance into the house."--Baptist Flag, March 19,1 903

Our Dunkard Brethren have a Society modeled after the pattern of this original Children's Home Society in Oklahoma and Indian Territory. And some lodges are at work also on the Orphan Home plan.


In all these efforts, as far as these younger agencies go. But each is hampered either by its denominational, race or lodge hedge or fence, and so can not, and does not reach out to all poor, dependent, homeless children.


So we feel it a privilege and duty, and we do with pleasure invite all these orphan agencies, to join with The Children's Home Society of Oklahoma and Indian Territory and let there be one such agency in these Territories, which is already organized and chartered as aforesaid.

And which is non-sectional; non-partisan; non-sectarian. But Christian and American.


We "place White children in White families, Negro children in "Negro families, and Indian children in Indian families, or if all parties concerned are agreed, Indian children may be place in homes of white familes."


Is to place children in approved family homes, and keep a watchful care over them until of lawful age, and not to place them in orphan homes or institutional asylums.

And these children are placed with Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Disciple, Dunkard, or other Christian families. And the family is God's own institution. It is his unit standard of human Society. In the family home children can be trained as no where else on God's earth for the individual responsiblities of life in mature years, as men and women, as husbands and wives, as fathers and mothers, as members of Christ's Church, and as citizens of the Commonwealth, State and National.

"God setteth the solitary in families."

Contract with Children's Home
Society by Board of County
Oswego, Kans.

March 7, 1903

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that some three years ago the County Board of Labette County, Kansas made a contract with The Children's Home Society of Kansas through the agency of N. B. Wickham to take orphan children and place them in good homes; and I further say that it proved perfectly satisfactory; and do not hesitate to reccommend Mr. Wickham and the Society, for the care they took in finding homes for our orphans.
  Chairman Board of Com'rs,
  Labette Co. Kans.

Chandler, Okla.

March 7, 1903

ELD. N. B. Wickham:

Guthrie, O. T.

MY DEAR SIR: -- Your letter received.
I am fully convinced that the county should allow you at least fifty dollars each for the children you have taken, and I hope the commissioners will readily allow the claims.
I am satisfied that such course would be economy and commendable humanity.
If I can be of any service to you in this work you may command me.
  Respectfully Yours,
       John Embry.

"The Children's Home Society is a great and exalted work of philanthropy and it should receive the hearty support of the people of Oklahoma"--Perry Daily Republican.


Subscribe for THE CHDILREN'S HOME FINDER. and keep posted. For further information write the Superintendent,


612 N. Broad St. - - Guthrie, Okla.

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