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Children's Home Finder Articles


The Children's Home Finder Articles

Submitted by: Mollie Stehno

February 1901
Searching for a Lost Boy
The following letter received by the Superintendent of the Children's Home Society, is self explanatory:
Manhattan, Kansas, January 14, 1901.
Mr. N. B. Wickham,
Dear Sir: One of Oklahoma County's ministers has informed me that you have a children's Home Society in Oklahoma and that you are Superintendent. I have a case as stated below that I wish to call to your attention.
A little boy about 11 yeas old is lost in Oklahoma somewhere. Name Herman Strass, left his father at Hennessey, O. T., on June 16 last in company with a 17 year old boy, son of United States Marshal Dickson of Oklahoma City. The only clue so far is the statement of the owner of the Star Livery barn, El Reno, saying that about four weeks ago the boys passed through there saying they were going to Chickasha.
Description of the boy:
Dark brown eyes, almost black hair, scar on left arm from wrist to elbow bad burn when quite young), first and second fingers of the right hand been mashed, second finer is crooked at the tip scar below right knee about one inch long, made by plowshare. Boy speaks English and German. Rumor that both boys were taken up at Kingfisher between July 21 and 31, older boy supposed to have led younger boy off. He (the older) has been arrested several times before for petty larceny and is a cigarette smoker.
I have hoped to get news of the boy. His father is heartbroken.
Has any such boy com to your Society's notice? What means are there of tracing such a case?
Yours very sincerely,
Alfred Docking

April 1901
A Fifteen Year Old Boy
A boy nearly sixteen years old recently applied to the Children's Home Society for a home. He said his name was Henry Clay, but he knew little of the noted man whose name he bears. He said he could not make a speech.
The boy's parents were both dead, his mother some eight years, his father two months, and he was trying to reach his brother's home in Gainesville, Texas, having come from El Dorado, Kansas.
Henry Clay reached Guthrie on a Saturday in February, staid all night in a livery barn by the stove. Sunday he rambled over the city all day "looking for a job," having neither breakfast nor dinner he said, at evening about dusk he saw some one at the barn and turned into speak with him, poor boy, this good family gave him his supper and some clothes, and he was grateful. For after dark he found the Children's Home society, and spoke kindly of the kind treatment he had just received.
He was kept over night, and after breakfast with the family of course he had to wash first, he was taken to the depot and a ticket, full fare, costing $.15, was bought for him, for he had not one cent and he took the train for his brother's hone a happy boy. And he promised to send the amount of the ticket back to the Children's Home Society as soon as he could.
For he hope to get work with his brother whom he said had a good trade or business as plumber.
This aid to Henry Clay left less than one dollar cash in the hands of the Superintendent. But the boy 'homeless' and out in the wide world with no one to guide him, was helped on his way to the counsel and sympathy of his brother. No father, no mother, poor boy. God bless him.

September 1901
With The Children
The Carnagey children have been replaced, and are now in a choice Christian home in Noble County. Anna starts well in her new home. Elmer and Martin are doing well n their farm homes in Noble County, as seen this month, when visited by the Superintendent.
Libbie and Katie, two little girls, five and one years old at their last birth days, have been placed in good motherly care, and the new fathers will love them and provide for them as if their own children.
Also the three little Robinson colored sisters placed with colored families in Guthrie have been visited recently, two are ready for final or permanent settlement by adoption or contract, the youngest one may be changed to another home. And a little colored boy Eddie 10 years old was put into the Society's custody, brought to us by Rev. J. T. White, Pastor of the A. M. E. Church in Oklahoma City.
Accompanied by his Presiding Elder, Rev. W. H. Cole, Rev. White left the boy for another party, to be placed in a good colored home near Garden City, O. T.
Also a little white girl of 7 years from All Saints Hospital, South McAlester, Indian Territory, is our care, soon to be placed in an approved family home under the rules of the Children's Home Society, making twelve children receiving definite care the last month, eight white and our colored. So the work goes increasingly forward. Let God be praised, and all the people say Amen.

September 1901
Four Of The Homishak Children
Two beautiful little girls, 4 and 6 years old, and two little boys, 11 months and 2 1/2 years old, have been legally placed in the custody of The Children's Home Society.
All are healthy and nice children. Good family homes will be provided for them by The Children's Home Society, and they will be cared for as they deserve.

January 1902
Five Children Placed In Good Family Homes
Others Visited or Heard From
The Homishak children, mentioned last month, two little brothers and two little sisters, have been placed in select family homes; a sister and brother together in each instance; two in Noble County and two in Oklahoma County, O. T. and we hope they will soon grow into such favor in their new homes, that their adopted or new parents shall not be willing to part with them, and that children and parents shall grow together as one family.
And so do we desire for all the children and their new or foster parents that we are permitted in God's name to bring together.

January 1902
Another little girl, Ruth has been to see us, and from her new home brought us a fine Christmas turkey. They are taking much care with her, and we hope Ruth will appreciate her good friends and become a true Christian girl, and grow into virtuous intelligent womanhood; and into a useful happy life.

January 1902
Little Marie
At Muskogee, I. T., is in a good family home--was recently visited--They have the best interest of the child at heart, and it is hoped that they shall be successful in training her, by Divine help into true and beautiful Christian character and that she shall be a comfort to her foster parents, as they constantly make willing effort for her good and happiness.

January 1902
Returned To Her Father
Pearl Robinson, a little colored girl 14 years old after consultation; was returned to her father Homer Robinson. Mr. Robinson releasing The Children's Home Society from all further obligations, and himself assuming again the legal custody of the child, this day January 11, 1902.
All the papers are on file in the office of the Superintendent, I Guthrie O. T.,, of The Children's Home Society.

March 1902
The Baby Boy
Found on the steps--now named Charles Raymond T------is a find boy, and growing.

March 1902
Annie H------
Given back into the care of her father, and so the Society is no longer to provide her a home, but her father assumes that parental duty again. The Society wishes for Anna only a wise and good home--a good and happy life--and Heaven finally for her eternal home, and so for her father also.

March 1902
Katie N-----
A beautiful little baby girl of nearly 2 years old, returned to the Society, because the home that had he on the trial term, has been broken up by sin.
But the child has been placed in a good home where she will be loved and well cared for, with Christian cheerfulness.

March 1902
Rosa and John
Are yet at Society headquarters. They could have bee placed singly, but have been kept in hope of placing them together in the same Christian family home.
Rosa is 5 years old and John is 15 months. They are now placed.

March 1902
A little over two years old, and who was taken a year ago into her foster parent's home and care a delicate and weak little child, poor and emaciated could not walk. But now she is the picture of health, rosy cheeks, cheerful and happy child. Had she been left in the hands where found it is doubtful if she would now be living.

March 1902
Visited the Home Society in the care of her foster mother, recently, and she has so improved in every way as to give great satisfaction to the Society. Her home has been visited and the new parents and child show the relation of parents and child. A stranger would now know that she had not always been in their home.

April 1902
Three Turner Children, From Guthrie
On Tuesday the 11th of March, 1902, in the midst of a very hard rain--and which rain was a great blessing--the Superintendent of The Children's Home Society was 'phoned to by the mother of the children,--their father died last fall--to take the older three into the care of The Children's Home Society, which was done, the mother keeping the two little ones.
Our attention just the evening before had been called to these children by Mrs. J. B. Beadles, and Mrs. Filson, senior, who were interested in bettering the condition if this needy family which had been helped, is our understanding, during the winter by the Guthrie Ladies' Benevolent Society.
The children are all placed in good homes. The older sister and brother in the same family in Logan County, O. T. The little five year old brother in a nice family in Stroud, in Lincoln County, O. T., with a good Physician.

April 1902
Cusie and George
In the same home, a happy little sister and brother, were visited in Oklahoma County, O. T. They have a good home, the family is building a new house, this and the care of the children have been quite a task for heir new mother. But, the hardest is now past, and the new father and mother will find increasing comfort with the children in their home, as they grow older, may their attachment become strong as that of parents and children in a Christian family home.

April 1902
Was also visited, lving in same county, and near neighbor to Gussie and George. She is in the home of a Physician, and is a nice little girl of about 12 years old.
In this home we may expect Lillian to be taught traind, and loved as a child fo the family. And so do we expect all of our children in their new homes. She has a good home,l and we believe she will prove herself worthy of the same.

April 1902
Gracie and George
Were heard from through her foster mother visiting the headquarters of the Children's Home Society. They are happy and growing. Brother and sister in the family home.

April 1902
Little Vera
Was a welcome visitor in the care of her new mother, at the Home Society recently. The child has so much improved in four weeks, that she would hardly be taken for the same little girl, and her new father, I am sure must love her, as does her new mother. She will make their home happier, and their lies better. Such is the mission of little children.

October 1902-The Children's Home Finder
A letter about "Jim" and Harry
Oklahoma August 29, 1902
Mr. N. B. Wickham,
Guthrie, Okla.
Dear Sir
The boys are well and seem happy and perfectly at home. They are improving fast, and I think we shall have no trouble. I think with care and watchfulness, they will soon be all one could expect.
We all love them. So far it is our intention to keep them; but we want to be sure, there will be no one to interfere with them.
Wishing you success, and the Lord's blessing on your work.
I remain yours truly,
G. W. D.

November 1902
Little Earline, a sweet dispositional, and lovable little baby girl of about ten weeks old, and who had been placed in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Friend, near Crescent City, Logan County, Oklahoma, died after a short sickness of about three days, on the 4th of October, 1902.
The family had her funeral preached on Sunday the 5th, at 3 o'clock, and then she was neatly laid in her little grave with a bunch of lowers in her hand in the Cemetery, near Crescent City. She had goes to God, and a permanent home above.

March 1903
They Like The Boy
The Daughter-School Teacher of Mr. and Mrs. O. N. B. Hickel writes the following letter-The boys was found in Muskogee, I. T.
---O. T., Feb., 17, 1903
Rev. N. B. Wickham
Guthrie, O. T.
Kinds Sir:--Please excuse the delay in sending the papers to you. The bad weather and colds have kept us in for the last week.
We are very well pleased with Milton, and think with patience can control him.
He is always willing to help do everything he can.
Please let us know when you will and we will meet you at F___"
Yours respectfully,
Nettie Hickel

March 1903
Muskogee, I. T. Feb. 17, 1903
Dear Sir:--I received your most welcome letter and am well pleased with the place you put my darling, and hope they will love him as their own. I hope he didn't make you any trouble a going. I have been so lost with "Meltie" but I am glad I let him go for I want him to be a man I can be proud of-
So good bye,

March 1903
Manchester, O. T., February16, 1903
Mr. N. B. Wickham,
Dear Sir:--After a long time I write you again. Lee is well at present, but has been sick; we did not call a doctor.
I guess we have him broken from-------
I recon you have that (recommendation) paper by this time; I had it sent to you.
Wishing you success, I remain,
Respectfully yours,
R. E .Hite
Yes, brother Hite, "recommendation" received and glad Lee is doing well.-NBW

March 1903
A Busy Little Girl
Following extract from letter from one of our nice little girls-
Mr. Wickham:
We get along alright. We have two good dogs; two calves; seven dozen chickens; eight horses.
Mamma is making a quilt with over 1,000 pieces; I have been going to School. Mamma has seven new quilts. I have pieced two myself.
We have a three-roomed house, and three porches. Come and see them.
I can't think of any more, so good night,
Iva B---

Chandler, Okla. February 24, 1903
Mr. Wickham,
Guthrie, Okla.
Dear Sir:--There was a Mrs. Davis who died here in Chandler a few days ago, leaving three little children, and I have been requ3ested to write you and ask you to secure homes for them. They are friendless and homeless. Mrs. Chaney living in Chandler has the care of them until homes can be secured.

April 1902
Little Vera
Please come and see them at your earliest convenience.
Mrs. John Embry,
Sec. Local Advisory Board

August 1903
Children Seen or Heard From During The Month
Ray Pattee is growing and has a good home.
Ada Watson red-curly headed is happy in her good home.
Eddie her brother is improving has gone to his farm home, with a school teacher of a number of year's experience.
Robert (Jones) Randall is getting on well in his nice farm home.
Harry W---was returned to his mother, as she thinks she can now provide for all of her children.
Willie M.---was replaced in a new home because of affliction in the family where he was.
Lulu M-his sister was also for same reason re-placed in a new home near her brother.
Gracie L---was replaced in another home and George her little brother remains in his first home, they are not far apart.
Vera and her mother, they look alike, made the Society Headquarters a visit. We want to see the father along next time.
Marie is growing into a modest nice girl under the care of her new parents.
Raymond the little Dunkard Preacher is a happy child in his new home, much loved by his new parents.
Maggie starts well in her new home.
Baby Francis, is ready for adoption by his new parents.
Fred B-will need to be changed again.
Cecil, a fine boy two years old, remains at Society Headquarters.
Lester T.-is becoming quite a little farmer.

August 1903
Colored Children
"Sid" or Loretta was taken from the family (colored) where she was much abused was cared for temporarily by Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Davis (colored) in Guthrie who gave the child good care and good clothes. She is now in a new home where it is hoped all will go well.
Littlie Willie is with a kind and industrious family of his own race.
Little Walter, placed in the Society's custody by Noble County Commissioners is now in a good home with his race of people, on his trail term.

November 1903
Children In October
Received by Surrender:
Golda Ruth Bullils past 4 years old.
George West Bullis, past 3 years old.
Mabel Alice Bullis, nearly 2 years old.

November 1903
Seen or Hear From
Fred replaced 2nd time, Vera, Julia our little Catholic girl, Howard now in care of his mother, Ivia, Harry her brother, Gracie and George her brother, Raymond, Ada red curly headed, Ada 2nd improving, Maggie, Mamie and Roy their little brother the last two being in the same home, Early, Ruth, Victoria, Charlie, Kathryn, Lettie, Annie, Willie and Lulu his sister.

December 1903
Children Since November First
Bessie, 11 years old "surrendered," and placed first time in a well approved family in Canadian county.
Levi Francis Falknor, 10 years old, "surrendered" at Enid, Oklahoma, December 8, 1903, and is yet at Headquarters.
Allen Walter Falknor, brother to Levi, 6 years old, "surrendered" at Enid, December 8, 1903, and is also yet at Headquarters we desire good farm homes for these two healthy boys
Golda, placed first time in a good family in Kay County.
Mabel, her sister placed first time with good family in Payne County
George, brother to Golda and Mabel is at Society Headquarters, soon to be placed in approved family.

December 1903
Adoption Papers Made Out For
Robert Henry D-and for his sister Lillie May D-both now settled in the same Christian home in Garfield County.
Little Anna D-sister of Robert Henry and Lillie May, adopted by a Christian man and wife in Dewey County, members of the Dunkard Church, who recently sold their farm near Hydro for $3,000 and located in Dewey County.
David Roy W-about two years old, settled permanently by adoption in a thrifty Christian family home in Garfield County.
John Lester-adopted by a Christian man and his wife living on a school quarter section in Logan County, but they own a 160 acre farm besides.
Maggie, sister to Roy and Mamie has been adopted through the Dunkard or Brethren Home Society with whom we placed her, into a Christian family home and is loved by her new parents.
Raymond-The adoption papers for this little boy have been filed in the office of The Children's Home Society, through the same Society that placed for us little Maggie. Raymond is in the home of a Dunkard preacher and wife, and has been adopted by them.
Vera is the same joy to her adopted parents she has been for quite a while now.

December 1903
Time Extended
Mamie, is yet in the same home with her brother Roy now adopted.
Marie, This little girl is with a nice family who has had her for some time.
Ada 2nd, of whom we spoke in November Home Finder, is growing better in the care of the Rescue home, and they expect to start her to school soon.
Edward Atkinson, of Muskogee, Indian Territory, has again been returned to our Headquarters, and will necessarily we think, have to be returned to his uncle because we yet sadly lack a school or proper home for weak minded children.
Edward is a good boy of 10 years, and we much regret to give him up. He is slow of comprehension, and can with patience be taught many things. Will some good family, with no small children, take him on a trial term for Christ's sake? Write the Superintendent soon.
Eva, a girl of about 10 years has been returned again to Headquarters. She is now being treated for a sore ear by Dr. Hamill, and we hope she shall soon be ready for a good family home in the country where there are no small children.
Gracie, 9 or 10 years old has been returned for replacement, and we do not expect her to remain long at the Society Headquarters. We want to place her with a good disciplinarian, ,not hard, but firm as well as kind, that she may learn to obey promptly and other childish faults can be corrected, as such are done in a well regulated Christian home where children are born to them.
Walter Taylor, a little colored boy, six years old, placed in the custody and control of The Children's Home Society last July, by the Board of Noble County Commissioners, who was paying $96.00 a year for his keeping by a family.
But the Children's Home Society only asked the Board of Commissioners to pay one $50.00, the average cost per child to the Society for the boy in its care, until he reach his majority 21 years old. He is now in a good colored family home, and loved and well cared for, as their own child.

December 1904
Ramsey Children
R. E. Hite, of Manchester, Oklahoma, who has in his home one of the Ramsey children writes-"Lee is well, and going to school and learning fast." Lee is the little boy whose picture appeared some time ago in The Home Finder, in a group with his little sister and brother, wearing a girls bonnet because he did not have a hat; he was six years old. Matters were soon changed with them all, for their good.

December 1904
Little Vera
E--, Okla. November 1, 1904
Dear Mr. Wicham:
I thought I would write you a few line to let you know how I am. I am going to speak at Christmas. I am studying language now. Baby Harold is growing and he is glad when I come home from school. We have a frame of our new house up. Mamma bought me a new dress the other day. I guess I will close my letter now.
Bessie Koerner

December 1904
Oklahoma, November 27, 1904
Rev. Noah B. Wickham,
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Dear Sir:--
Your letter of the 16th inst. Received. I would have written you sooner but have been so very busy. In regard to Levi will say that he is getting along nicely, and seems to be well contented. We like him and are very well pleased with him. We are wiling to make further arrangements and keep him as on of the family.
The other boy we have is till with us. He and Levi get along better than brothers.
I enclose herewith Levi's letter. With best wished to you.
Yours truly,
M. J. G.

January 1905
Several Little Ones Place in Comfortable Homes
A little boy, Johnnie Scott, was placed in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Renfrew, five or six miles southeast of Geary, on a good farm. They take the little fellow a manly little boy of eight years, with the view of settling him in heir home if all go well during the trail term of three months.

January 1905
C-December 26, 1904
Mr. Wickham,
Dear Friend:
I write you to let you know that I am well. I am going to school every day. I haven't missed but one day and I stayed at home to help mamma wash. I have lots of nice clothes to wear, and all I want to eat. I am going to school. I like to go to school. I study very hard to learn. I am going on 13 years old. All of you, come out and see use. I will close.
Yours truly,
Iva Baxter.

January 1905
Guthrie, Oklahoma, December 22, 1904
Dear Mr. Wickham:--I thought I would write you a few lines. I am glad that I got a good home. I like mama and papa. Mama bought me a Christmas present, mama got a Christmas present to. I saw nice Christmas things when we were in town. I am going to the Christmas tree. I guess I will close my letter now.
Rosa Kruse

January 1905
P---, Oklahoma, December 15, 1904
Mr. Noah B. Wickham, Supt.
Dear Bro:--It affords us great pleasure to write to you to let you know how Little Willie is getting along. He is two years old today and can talk very plainly. He is 2 ft. 9 inches tall. I think as much of him as though he were my own. It takes the Lord to tell how I love hi. We are bringing him up in a religious way. Pray that the Lord will help us to raise him to manhood.
Ever yours,
Anderson and Adline Willingham

February 1905
Two Other Children
Jessie and Johnnie, sister and brother, that have for some time been at our Headquarters were on the 27 of January, 1905, placed together in a good farm home in a rich bottom country and near a school house, with nice people.

July 1905
The Ham Children
LeRoy Ham aged 13 years and Elsie D. Ham aged 11 years, and Leta Isabella Ham aged 7 years were surrendered" to The Children's Home Society by their mother, on the 11th instant.

August 1905
Children Received First Time
Place, Re-Placed and Seen During The Last Month
Robert R. Baby boy three months old received.
Maud Wallace-Received, a nice little girl of 8 years.
Ralph Wallace-5 years old, and waiting approved home.
These little boys are brothers who will take them both?

August 1905
Children Placed
Maud Wallace-With her grandparents
Robert R.-Baby boy returned to his friends.
Roy Ham-With farmer, good people man and wife of Quaker faith.
Elsie Ham-With intelligent family, who will give the child a good home. Methodist faith.
Leta Ham-With Dr. B. and his wife, no children, fine people. The child will have good advantages. Presbyterian and Methodist Churches preferred.

August 1905
Children Re-placed
Emma W.-In a home of honest people with no children where they will treat her as a member of he family, and not as a hired servant.
Fay and Albert A.-Returned conditionally to their mother, to go to their grandparents.
Bessie H.-Replaced in good country home, and writes she is well satisfied, and the family have hope for the child.
Mamie T.-With family in country, good home, will care for and train her as their own.
Charlie T.-A fine boy doing well and growing, a blessing in his home to his devoted foster parents who also have a little girl in their home, Victoria, taken fro The Children's Home Society some four years ago.
Babie Lilias-With Mrs. M. is growing under her motherly care and love the baby girls, into a fine and well kept child.
Marie B.-Is well cared for by her foster parents, who have given her more than usual care, because of the child's disposition need it.
Ada W.-Golden haired little girl is going well, and is loved in her home, by her new parents.
Ethel W.-Is in the home of Dr. and Mrs. V-and their accomplished daughter, a successful teacher and artist. They know how to manage a child, and are succeeding intelligently with this little girl, when others had failed to control land direct her. In this home she will have Christian culture, educational and industrial advantages.

October 1905
Ames Oklahoma, October 14, 195?
Bro. Noah B. Wickhm,
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Dear Reverend
I am happy to state to you that little Henry C-who came to our home from your Orphan Society, through the German Baptist Brethren Children's Home Society of Oklahoma, is still with us, and is very healthy, both physically and mentally, and is a boy of extraordinary kindly and affectionate as well as religious disposition, and will always fondly remember the kindness received at your home while, with you, insomuch that we own you our grateful congratulations forth maintenance and improvement of his natural disposition to fear and believe in God
Yours, truly,
C. C. Root
Pastor or German Baptist Brethren Church At Ames, Oklahoma

November 1905
Among The Children
Lillie Spink, 8 years old
Herbert D---, baby boy six week old when received.
Doratha C.---baby girl three months old, a nice child.

Returned For Replacement
Jessie S.-- and John R. her Brother.

Returned to Parent Or Guardian
Eva Ramsey returned to her mother
Emnma Wagoner-- returned to her aunt as her guardian

Jessie S.--and John R. her brother.

Ethel W.
Baby C.
Harry S.

Head From
Ray H.
Kathryn D.
Ray P.
Lorene R.
Ella W.
Julia M.
Walter F.
Lonnie C.
Walter W.
Fred W.

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