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Story & Photos of Masonic Childrens Home

Hidden Meanings

Story Title, Photos & Story
© by Jacqueline Russell

The photo's were taken and copyrighted in 1991 by Jacqueline Russell. The book Title; HIDDEN MEANING'S was written and copyrighted in 1996 by Jacqueline Russell, a local writer. The documentary was a collection of thoughts,and research surrounding the true event's. Several manuscript's were given to various Masonic Member's.
A copy was given to Tammie and Bob Chada, quotes and photo's used with permission from the owner; Jacqueline Russell.
It began as a series of dreams in during the winter of 1991. After several months of the dreams that had occurred periodically, the sum of the vivid clues were:
Most Worshipped, Brethren, Thou haft taken an oath and committed thyself to each as one. Though some of your family, thou hath forgotten, Brethren
Perceiving a meaning of hidden beneath and search beneath, through my dreams. A feeling that there was much unhappiness, restlessness for those concerned in my dreams
In August 1991, I had gone into the town of Guthrie to do some shopping and afterward, I had decided to take a drive. It was one of those times that I had no particular place to go. For some unknown reason, I had turned on the street leading to the former Masonic Children's Home
Driving past the old building known as the former Masonic Children's Home. Slowly I got curious and turned around, driving back toward the old building. As I recalled, it must have been around 1976, that I had driven by and seen children playing and running around the front and going into the building. The building was now sitting empty and boarded up.
Driving around to the back of the building, I then turned around to leave. Suddenly, I heard children singing and laughing, the sounds were of playing. It sounded like a jumping rope song and game. I had sat there puzzled and listened for a few minutes. The sound had started loud and as if right next to my car, it then grew softer sounding at a further distance
This all lasted for what seemed to be at least two or three minutes. It was as if children were there, yet they weren't. The singing had faded off into the distance and halted suddenly and in perfect sync. I drove back to the street
As a spur of the moment ideal, I had decided to take a few photographs and was using an inexpensive camera that I carried in the car. I remained in the street, walking the distance of the property frontage and snapping pictures as I walked past.
Following are some of those photos.

imageChild In The Play Yard
At some time later, I had gotten permission to go onto the grounds of The former Masonic Children's Home. Finding some old tombstones behind the building that seemingly just appeared to have been placed there
imageThe Established

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