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First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
1889 - 1949
Submitted by: Pam Ekiss through Bob Chada
Transcribed by: Jojo

The First Presbyterian Church
Guthrie, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Pam Ekiss
through: Bob Chada

Sixtieth Anniversary Program
May 8 - 15, 1949
1889 - 1949

Brief Historical Statement
of the
First Presbyterian Church
Guthrie, Oklahoma
Even before the land was reached the work of the Master was begun. Mingling with the passengers of those densely packed trains from the north and the south, on that bright April day, were seen spiritual leaders whose only thoughts were to serve this community.
The first Sunday after the opening of Oklahoma, Reverend Robert McCASTIN, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Arkansas City, preached in the open air at what is now the corner of Broad and Cleveland Avenue. There were no seats for the congregation and the minister stood on an inverted flat bottom boat.
The Board of Missions of the Presbyterian Church had representatives soon after the opening day to get a location for a church. There were given the lots next to the corner where the church now stands. Two adjoining lots were given the church by F. E. CULLISON when the present building was being constructed.
On May 12, 1889, the Presbyterian Sunday School was organized by J. C. SEFTON and the following June 9, the Presbyterian church was legally organized with about forty members and on Jun 26th of the same year Reverend William T. KING arrived in Guthrie and became the first minister, and the Guthrie church began its growth.
A tent was the spiritual home for the congregation for more than a year. Near the close of 1890 the congregation secured the use of the United States court room, then located in the building now occupied by Hal HUGHES grocery store, corner of Harrison and Division streets. In the fall of 1891 the new church building was occupied. In less than ten years it was inadequate and a children's room was added. In this form the building stood until the last Sunday in December 1925, when on account of age and unsufficient accommodation it was vacated to make way for a new and more substantial edifice, erected in 1926.
During these sixty years the influence of this church has been tremendous in this community. It has widened its field of service to serve not only this community and state but to foreign fields. Many young men and women who were brought up in the church reflect its influence in far-away places.

Ministers Who Have Served Our Church
Reverend W. T. KING 1889 - 1893
Reverend W. H. McPHEETERS 1893 - 1895
Reverend J. A. MacCILVARY 1896 - 1897
Reverend W. T. MILES 1897 - 1905
Reverend H. O. SCOTT 1905 - 1912
Reverend George O. NICHOLS 1912 - 1924
Reverend R. Coleman 1924 - 1927
Reverend O. R. LEE 1927 - 1932
Reverend Everett POOLE 1932 - 1941
Reverend Everett HENDRIX 1941 - 1948

Submitted by: Pam Ekiss
through: Bob Chada
Back: R. O., Danny & Sam Maier
Front: Susan & Peter
Samuel B. MAIER began his ministry in the Guthrie Church on July 1, 1948 and was installed by Presbytery on September 28. Mr. MAIER graduated from Kansas University in 1939 and from the Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 1942. He was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Orrville, Ohio until 1945 when he was called to be University Pastor to Presbyterian Students and Director of Westminster Foundation at the University of Nebraska.

The Sanctuary

Submitted by: Pam Ekiss
through: Bob Chada

The interior of the Sanctuary is high lighted by the painting which is an oil reproduction of Holman HUNT's picture "The Light of the World", The painting was done by Charles BECKER in 1935 and was dedicated on September 22 of that year to the memory of Mrs. C. L. SHIREMAN. The Symbolism of the picture is a beautiful reminder that Christ is waiting to enter each of our hearts.

The Proposed Building Project
Any unconvinced soul who feels that we do not need additional Sunday School facilities should be forced to visit the Primary Department on Sunday Morning during the Sunday School hour. They should also notice the accommodations which the young people, especially the Junior High, are putting up with. The present plan is to build an addition forty feet by forty to the east wing running our building to the east property line.
This edifice will house on its second floor the Nursery and Kindergarten departments, provide toilets for the children, and a Sunday School library for teachers and pupils.
The first floor will be primarily for the Young People, providing a chapel and Sunday School class rooms for both High School and Junior High youth.
The basement will provide scout and recreation rooms.
The estimated cost will be $45,000. The solicitation of pledges has gotten off to a fine start. Progress will be reported during the anniversary week of services. Pledges are payable over a five year period.
Sacrifice now will mean enrichment of the lives of our children and young people for years to come. Our goal is to dedicate the building on our 65th anniversary, May 1954.

Program For The Week
Sunday - Mother's Day
     10:50 a.m. - Opening Worship Service Honoring Mothers
     Baptism of Babies
     Sermon by Pastor

 6:00 p.m. - Westminster Fellowship

 7:30 p.m. - Special Young People's Service for
     Westminster Fellowship and Young Adult
     Fellowship. Dr. Maier, Speaker.
     Topic: "What Prayer Does to Us"
     (Everybody Welcome)

     8:30 p.m. - Young Adult Fellowship
     7:45 p.m. - Worship Service - Dr. Frederick Maier
     7:45 p.m. - Worship Service - Dr. Frederick Maier
     6:45 p.m. - Covered Dish Congregational Dinner
     Speaker - Dr. Frederick Maier
     7:45 p.m. - Worship Service - Dr. Frederick Maier
     7:45 p.m. - Worship Service - Dr. Frederick Maier
     10:50 a.m. - Communion Service
          Reception of New Members
          Sermon by Pastor

Membership Roll
This Membership Roll is arranged in the order that people joined the church. We know there are erros. Please report corrections or additions to the pastor or one of the elders. Note: In this case to coordinator.
We want an accurate roll.
1890 - 1900

Calvert, Mrs. Cordelia
Wenner, Fred L.
Cotteral, Mrs. Claudia
Wilson, Miss Mary
Bond, Mrs. Eva
1901 - 1910

Armantrout, Mrs. M. I.
Buck, Mrs. Frank
Porter, Roy E.
Armantrout, Paul
Purviance, Mrs. J. A.
Tallman, Miss Alice May
Hahn, Dr. Luis A.
Hahn, Mrs. Louis A.
McKean, Mrs. Rosa
Jenkins, Miss Helen
Wicks, Mrs. J. Ray
Halsted, Mrs. Anna M.
Cross, Mrs. A. I. (Lettie)
Cross, A. I.
Purdum, Lillian Belle
Purdum, Rose Martha
Gibson, Mrs. Ella
Patterson, Mrs. William K.
Lowe, Mrs. Ina
Hammers, Mrs. Esta
Watkins, Alma
1911 - 1920

McKean, W. E.
Porter, Mrs. Roy
Mundy, Mrs. Lida
McKean, Bert Louis
Charvoz, Margaret
Hirschi, William Tell
Brown, Mrs. Edna
Druse, Arthur L.
Dwinnell, Joe W.
Dwinell, Mrs. Joe W.
Larkin, Dr. H. W.
Larkin, Mrs. H. W.
Armstrong, Miss Alice M.
Purdum, Mrs. Ada
Morgan, James D.
Morgan, Mrs. James D.
Barnes, Mrs. Clarence E.
Estus, Mrs. Robert A.
Estus, Robert A.
Casey, Mrs. Doris DeVerter
Hirschi, Emil L.
Hirschi, Mary Elizabeth
Damon, Laura Jones
Gosting, Alice M
Hammers, Brice Evans
Eshelman, Mrs. Wayne E.
Oliver, Mrs. J. E. (Anna)
Oliver, Miss Mamie
1921 - 1930

Mathis, Mrs. May
Christy, Mrs. Lida
Statham, Mrs. Beatrice
Carey, Mrs. Ora Jo
Moritz, Mrs. Emma
McMillan, W. W.
McMillan, Mrs. W. W.
Cotteral, Edwin R.
Cotteral, Mrs. Edwin R.
Longpine, Mrs. Lorena
Hoag, Mrs. C. C. (Maude)
Seybert, Mrs. Ida
Dutcher, Mrs. Nell
Charvoz, Hallie
Helton, B. F.
Helton, Mrs. Berlinda
Helton, Hazel Emery
Jelsma, Lila Charvoz
Hopfer, Mrs. Birdie Ellen
Tallman, Edwin Edward
Burton, Mrs. Olivia
Burton, Frank Edward
Foltz, Charley F.
Foltz, Mrs. Charley F.
Purviance, Maud
Higgins, Mrs. Minnie
Boedecker, Ben L.
Boedecker, Grace Kemp
Moser, Mrs. Hallie B.
Moser, Charles Adam,
Datin, Noel
Datin, Mrs. Noel
Hirschi, Dr. Robert O.
Wallace, N. E.
Burton, Stella Irene
Burst, Mrs. O. B.
Reeder, Mrs. Susie
Brown, Mrs. Orville
Long, Mrs. Dorothy
Brown, Mrs. Harry (Glea)
Ross, George
Ross, Miss Arzula
Adams, John
Coulter, J. W.
Coulter, Mrs. J. W.
Luckinbill, Orville
Buckinbill, Mrs. Orville
Sherer, Charles G.
Sherer, Mrs. Mabel
Scheihing, Fritz
Schiehing, Robert
Schienhing, Margaret
Ringrose, Dr. Ranson F.
Ringrose, Mrs. Ransom F.
Calkin, Dr. Rolla C.
Calkin, Mrs. Rolla C.
Loveless, John
Loveless, Mrs. John
Reeder, Luther
Watkins, Mrs. Eliza
Porter, Robert Clifford
Porter, Mrs. Elizabeth
Hansen, Lee S.
Corn, Mrs. Lula
Scheihing, David Jr.
Scheihing, Mrs. David Jr
Peterson, Mrs. E. R.
Peterson, Gerald
Peterson, Mrs. Gerald
Farmer, Mrs. Rubilee
Morgan, James D. Jr.
1931 - 1940

Sturgeon, Claude
Sturgeon, Mrs. Claude
Anderson, Mrs. Raymond
Barnes, Clarence E.
Karner, Mrs. Norma Jean
Sowers, Mrs. Turner
Wicks, J. Ray
Carey, Glen
Barnard, Edward Wayne
Hetzel, Fred Eugene
Marriott, Max Howard
Scheihing, Ralph William
Lesh, Mrs. Gloria Boedecker
Sowers, Turner
McMinn, James M.
Johnson, Mrs. C. R.
McDowell, Mrs. Alta Mae
Scheihing, Homer
Longpine, James Fred
Eshelman, Wayne E.
Elder, Mrs. John
Gerlach, Mrs. C. F.
McVicker, Floyd
McVicker, Mrs. Floyd
Carey, Tommy Max
Butterworth, Mrs. Tom
Kiesow, Charles
Kiesow, Mrs. Charles
Parker, Miss Opal
Jelsma, Stella Elizabeth
Blackstone, Helen Ann
Melton, Mrs. Donald
McCreight, Harry A.
McCreight, Lucy Madylin
McVicker, Barbara Jean
McVicker, Lois Ann
Long, Pearle
Ross, S. M.
Ross, Lessie M.
McKean, Mrs. Bert
Reed, James E.
Reed, Mrs. James E.
Longpine, Carol Janice
Hobson, Mrs. Jennie
Charvoz, Paul Lloyd
Charvoz, Fred Amos
Ellison, P. S.
Ellison, Mrs. P. S.
Howe, Mrs. Laura A.
Springer, Mrs. Ruby F.
Hirschi, Mrs. Maudie
Sowers, Virginia Lee
Wilson, R. H.
Wilson, Mrs. R. H.
Davis, Hershel E.
Davis, Mrs. Hershel E.
Lohr, Mamie
Scheihing, Mrs. Fritz
Taylor, Oris O.
Taylor, Mrs. Oris O.
1941 - 1949

Brown, Orville
Buckeridge, B. F.
Buckeridge, Mrs. B. F.
Calkin, Alan Charles
Datin, Gloria
Hoag, C. W.
Hoag, Mrs. C. W.
Scheihing, Elsa Joan
Lowe, Merlene
Watkins, Albert James
Watkins, Peggy, Watkins, Robert
Deming, Burton
Deming, Raymond
Grunden, Mrs. Arlene
Seal, Mrs. Hazel
Christiansen, Mrs. Dora
Hudspeth, C. E.
Lewis, Mrs. Dorothy
Lewis, William
Lewis, Charlene
Reeder, Betty Grace
Martin, George
Robinson, John Hervy
Robinson, Mrs. John Hervy
Squires, Miss Wann
Hansen, Mrs. Lee
Kennemer, Mrs. Max
Rosenthal, C. B.
Rosenthal, Mrs. Esther R.
Rosenthal, Anna Lou
Rosenthal, Nora Lee
Eshelman, Wanda
Scheihing, Lynn
Hall, Mrs. Henry (Edna)
Ballenger, Mrs. W. T.
Barnes, James
Deming, Harry
Ellison, Gary
Hoag, William Casper
Lindsey, Helen Elizabeth
Luckinbill, Raymond
Robinson, Jane Ann
Soehl, Mrs. Sadie B.
Springer, L. B.
Strider, Clifford
Strider, Mrs. Clifford
Strider, Clifford Jr
Strider, Marjorie
Strider, Nancy Ann
Kennemer, Max
Connolly, Miss Sybil Dee
Allen, Jimmy Lee
Allen, Clarence Elvert
Carey, Rosella
Crook, Donnie
Lindsey, Mrs. Archie
Satrider, Jimmie
Farmer, James Byron
Butterworth, Bette
Gray, William
Jelsma, Lawrence
Bradshaw, Alvin D.
Bradshaw, Mrs. Alvin D.
Bradshaw, Phil
Bowlby, Mrs. M. S.
Barnard, Mrs. Wayne
Weber, Mrs. Henry
Brown, Marlene
Lindsey, Mrs. Chester M.
Lindsey, Athriana
McDowell, William
Moser, Mrs. Charles A.
Mullinax, Glenda Lee
Seely, James
Thompson, B. L.
Thompson, Mrs. B. L.
Armantrout, Mrs. Paul
Kinney, Mrs. Sarah
LeHew, Dr. Elton W.
LeHew, Mrs. Elton W.
LeHew, Nancy Elizabeth
LeHew, Cynthia Marie
Derr, Frank A.
Derr, Mrs. Frank A.
Marriott, Mrs. Max
Craft, Mary Alpha
Swanson, Roy E.
Swanson, Mrs. Roy E.
Swanson, Ruth A.
Gerlach, Charles F.
Hopkins, Cecil Francis Jr
Hopkins, Mrs. Cecil Francis Jr.
Hopkins, Mrs. Doris Holeman
Merrell, Dr. Webber
Merrell, Mrs. Webber
Beckenhauer, Leory L.
Beckenhauer, Mrs. Leroy L.
Datin, Mary Nolene
Bass, M. M.
Bass, Mrs. M. M.
Barnes, Mary Jane
Elder, John
McKean, J. W.
Ringrose, Robert
Scheihing, Marilyn
Stockdale, Mrs. George
Breckenridge, J. D.
Breckenridge, Mrs. J. D.
Hammitt, Rosalie
Karner, Theodore
Melton, Donald
Ray, Stephen
Ray, Mrs. Stephen
Tanner, L. E.
Tanner, Mrs. L. E.
Tanner, Nancy
Ellis, Mrs. Ralph
Filer, Mrs. Robert
Erickson, Chester
Hopkins, Cleo
Hopkins, Mrs. Cleo
Redman, Mrs. Victor
Kumpe, Charles A.
Kumpe, Mrs. Charles A.
Springer, Colby
Springer, Mrs. Colby
Barnhart, Mrs. Robert
Barnhart, Laura Jane
Gerlach, Richard
Cain, Mrs. Lois
Cain, Catherine
Grabill, Roy J.
Maier, Mrs. Ruth Oliver
Parker, Paul
Parker, Mrs. Paul
Anderson, Raymond
Gambel, Burrell B.
Gambel, Mrs. Burrel B.
Fife, Dr. Phillips R.
Fife, Mrs. Phillips R.
Hasler, Mrs. Margaret
Padgett, Mrs. M. L.
Priess, Charles
Woolery, Miss Betty
Blackstone, Joe
Culton, Mr. Harold R.
Culton, Mrs. Jean
Deming, Raymond
McLaughlin, Richard
McLaughlin, Mrs. Louise
Swank, Mrs. Ella

Membership Living Out-of-Town

Smith, Mrs. Pearl E.
Smith, Samuel
Larkin, Watson Bright
Howe, Marion Delbert
James, Mrs. Jane Estus
McMillan, Miss Ruby
Damon, Jessie Laura
Oliver, Joseph Willie
Offen, Margaret M.
Fennema, Mrs. Sam
Cook, Thomas
Coolee, Mildred Reed
Ross, Mrs. Alberta
Deming, Ralph B.
Deming, Mrs. Ralph B.
Regier, John B.
Ragier, Mrs. John B.
Cavett, Mrs. Zila Springer
Dugger, James Russell
Dorney, Janet
Wilkins, Gayln A.
Wilkins, Mrs. Gayln
Wilkins, Gayln Smith
Wilkins, Margaret Ann
Brakey, Chester
Brakey, Mrs. Chester
Morgan, Dr. Vance F.,
Mrs. Vance F.
Smith, Mrs. Florence
Ross, George Lehamn
Thomas, Donald
Thomas, Mrs. Donald
Thomas, Ardyth
Bullock, Joseph C.
Bullock, Mrs. Joseph C.
Membership of the Harmony Community

Anderson, Mrs. Wayne
Wolfe, Mrs. Blanch
Wolfe, Lewis
Brown, Junieta Constance
Brown, Frances Jeanetta
Anderson, Andrew P.
Anderson, Wayne
Anderson, Billy
Rhodes, Hugh J.
Rhodes, Mrs. Hugh J.
Rhodes, Frank
Austin, Mrs. E. J.
Wolfe, Mrs. Lewis
Rhodes, Wilbur Justin
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Nelda
Austin, Essie Janet
Austin, Rose Marie
Lowder, Robert
Anderson, Mrs. Betty Lou
Anderson, Mrs. A. P.
Anderson, Jean
Lowder, Ray
Lowder, Mrs. Ray
Lowder, Thelma Ray
Ross, Mrs. Alice
Ross, Carol Margaret
Rhodes, David
Glover, Marion
Leniger, Alma June
Meyers, Margaret
Reed, Victor
Rhodes, Homer
Robinson, Roena

Statement of Purpose For the Week

In commemorating 60 years of Presbyterianism in Guthrie we look back over many years of sacrifical devotion and spiritual growth. It is not becoming of the Body of Christ to merely glory in the past. Therefore, fully concious of our rich heritage we seek the following emphases for the week:
Spiritual.  The worship services will be designed to help lead us into a deeper relationship with Christ.
Evangelical.  We will be seeking to expand the effectiveness of our church by bringing others into its membership and fellowship and by reactivating those members who have dropped aside.
Financial.  Planning for the present and future needs of our church demands the building of an addition to the present Sunday School rooms. $45,000 in pledges is being sought from our membership.
Dedicating ourselves to these purposes we shall all be enriched and we shall truly be honoring those who have sacrificed for our sakes.

Guest Minister
Dr. Frederick Maier has been minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Arkansas City, Kansas, since 1926. He has spent 36 years in the ministry in Kansas. Out of the richness of these years of service and experience he comes to us to enrich our spiritual lives. We are deeply grateful for his contribution to our Anniversary Week.
Mrs. Maier, chosen as Kansas Mother of 1948 is also our guest this week. Sam is the second son of this fine family. Frederick, the eldest, is minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Baldwin, New York. Edwin, the third son, is a physician and surgeon in Arkansas City. John is a freshman in college.

Our Church Boards
The Board of Elders
Class of 1949
J. E. REED                      R. H. WILSON
Charley F. FOLTZ                Hershel DAVIS
Class of 1950
P. S. ELLISON                   A. D. BRADSHAW
Rolla C. CALKIN                 S. M. ROSS
Class of 1951
Roy E. PORTER                   Luther REEDER
Joe W. DWINNELL                 David SCHEIHING
The Board of Trustees
Class of 1949
Glen CAREY                      Charles MOSER
Elton LeHEW	                 Floyd McVICKER
Class of 1950
Fred LONGPINE                   Orville L. BROWN
Roy E. SWANSON                         Noel DATIN
Class of 1951
Charles KUMPE                   Jess W. COULTER
Paul PARKER                     C. W. HOAG
The Board of Deacons
Class of 1949
C. F. HOPKINS, Jr.              Oris O. TAYLOR
Max KENNEMER                    Frank BURTON
Class of 1950
Colby SPRINGER                  Donald MELTON
Ralph SCHEIBING                 Homer SCHEIBING
Class of 1951
B. B. GAMBEL                    Chester ERICKSON
John ELDER                         Ted KARNER
President of Women's Council - Mrs. Ray WICKS
President of Circle I - Mrs. B. L. THOMPSON
President of Circle II - Mrs.. Floyd McVICKER
President of Circle III - Mrs. J. D. MORGAN
Organist - Mrs. Charles GERLACH
Assistant Organist - Charles PRIESS
Junior Organist - Betty Grace REEDER
Choir Director - Mrs. Merle SCHEFFLER
Church Secretary - Merlene LOWE
Church Treasurer - Charles SHERER
Custodians - Roy and Ray WINANA

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