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The Guthrie Daily Leader, May 20, 1899

The Guthrie Daily Leader

Saturday, May 20, 1899

Submitted by: Bob Chada

EVIL DOERS Are Sentenced by Judge Hainer in Perry Court. In district court this morning Judge Hainer passed sentence on the following persons: Bob Donahur for disposing of Liquor to Indians, was given one year in the federal jail and $100 fine.
John Tutt, for disposing liquor to Indians, was given one year in the federal jail and $100 fine.
Charles Hates, for counterfeiting, was given four years in the penitentiary at Lansing, Kansas.
In passing sentence upon prisoners for disposing of liquor, Judge Hainer dwelt at length of the subject, declaring it one of the most contemptible crimes which he has been called upon to deal with.
Mrs. W. H. Herod, of Guthrie, was elected president of the Ladies' Circle of the Oklahoma GAR.
Would be Dead. A colored woman and an Ounce of Laudanum Caught in time. Marshal Baker arrested a colored woman at Tallmond Wagon yard who had an ounce bottle of laudanum and intended to drink the whole cheese with suicidal intent. Her trouble was caused by her sister running away with a man, gong to Kansas City. The marshal secured the poison and turned the woman loose.
"Among Colored Folks"
Rev. S. S. Jones returned from Kingfisher Tuesday and will do battle for the Lord Sunday at the First Baptist Church.
Miss Elvira Jones, who works at the Saddler bicycle store is a very graceful rider.
Wm. Hunt and Laura Beasley of Edmond, O. T., were married last Sunday by Rev. A. P. Jordan.
W. H. Preston will give a ball at his place every Wednesday and Saturday night, at the First and Last Chance grocery store on Capital hill.
Mrs. Viney Motley went to Oklahoma City last week.
Mary Crews of Perry was in the city this week.
Mrs. Miller of Fort Scott, Kan., is in the city, the guest of Mrs. G. W. Washington.
Class of Ninety-Nine. Commencement Exercises of the High School Graduating Class
The McKennon opera house was crowded last night on the occasion of the fourth annual commencement exercises of the Guthrie High School, when nine young ladies and one young man received sheepskins of merit and honor.
The graduates were: Laura Edith Brewer, Cora Olive Hincheliff, Lena Ethel Hunter, Roxana Hutchinson, Hila Carrie Lula McBride, Robert McBride, Ethel Mary McNeal, Winifred Oldham, Eva Marguerite Swan, and Stella Weymouth.
The Opera house was tastefully decorated. The board of education and the school faculty occupied seats on the platform with the graduates, who sat under the time-honored motto, "Rowing, Not Drifting."
Following was the program:
Overture - Aeolion, Mandolin Club
Invocation - Rev. R. E. McBride
Class History - Laura Edith Brewer
Instrumental solo - Selected - Miss Jessie McPherson
Oration - Lena Ethel Hunter, "The Greatest Art."
Oration - Cora Olive Hincheliff, "Statehood vs. Territoryhood."
Vocal solo - Selected - Mrs. Edgar Jones.
Oration - Hila Carrie Lula McBride, "Labor and Wait."
Oration - Eva Marguerite Swan, "Motors."
Music - Selected - Aeolion Mandolin Club.
Oration - Ethel Mary McNeal, "Unworthy Chains."
Oration - Roxana Hutchinson, "What of the Philippines."
Vocal Solo - Miss Maud Goodrich, "It is not always May" - Gounout.
Oration - Stella Weymouth. "Joan of Arc."
Oraton - Robert E. McBride, "Expansion."
Vocal Solo - Mrs. W. R. Ramsey, "The Enchantress Waltz Song."
Class Poem - Winifred Oldham.
Music - Selected - Aeolion Mandoln Club.
Class address and presentation of diplomas by Hon. W. H. Merton, president of the board of education.
Benediction - Rev. W. J. Marsh.
This was one of the best classes graduated, and much credit is due Prof. Campbell, Prof. Stevens and Miss Hicks for the graceful, efficient work of the class of '99.
Miss Laura Brewer portrayed the class history very gracefully, and Miss Ethel Hunter showed much oratorical power and deep thought in "The Greatest Art." Miss Cora Hincheliff proved her knowledge of current events in a splendid dissertation on "Statehood vs. Territoryhood."
"Labor and Wait" was the subject of Miss McBride's oration and it was well handled. Miss Swan told about motors in a pleasing and graceful manner. Miss Ethel McNeal spoke of "Unworthy Chains." She told of the evils of idleness, of fixed habits, and handled her theme in a masterly way.
"What of the Philippines" was the up to date subject of Miss Roxana Hutchinson's discourse, The young lady thought the United States should retain the islands. Miss Stella Weymouth gave a pleasing historical sketch of "Joan of Arc."
Robert McBride, the only boy of the class, vied with Miss Hutchinson in discussing topics which now engross national attention. "Expansion" was his theme and he handled it affirmatively. The class poem was presented by Miss Winifred Oldham. It was a poem of great merit and Miss Oldham recited it superbly.
Features of the exercises were the solos of Mrs. E. W. Jones, Miss Maud Goodrich and Mrs. R. W. Ramsay, and the work of the Aeolian Mandolin club.
President Merten, of the school board, presented the diplomas in a neat speech.
Confederate Decoration Day. Chattanooga. Confederate Decoration Day is being observed here this afternoon.

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