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The Guthrie Daily Leader, May 24, 1899

The Guthrie Daily Leader

Wednesday, May 24, 1899

Submitted by: Bob Chada

Best The Lovesick Girl Will Get Is the Worst of It.
Perry. Sheriff Foater yesterday afternoon received a telegram from the sheriff of Logan county, asking him to hold George Clark, who has been here claiming to be selling organs. Later another telegram was received telling the sheriff here to take a lady's watch from Clark and hold it for identification.
This morning Anna Kyle, a German girl who had foolishly fallen in love with George while he was in Guthrie appeared, but found the watch was not hers.
George, however, claims he had the girl's watch and a ring, but that they are in Guthrie, and that he will return with Miss Anna and recover both for her.
They had seemingly forgotten their troubles when seen walking around together, but the best the girl will get is the worst of it.
FLOGGED Cattle Thieves at San Bois I. T. Second Offense is Death. Ardmore. Two alleged cattle thieves, John Washtub and Joseph Starr, have been publicly flogged with 100 lashes each at San Bois, I. T. Several hundred indians watched the deputy sheriff apply the lash. The penalty for a second offense is to be publicly shot.
Dogs Showed No Attitude For Man Hunting. Ardmore. The Ardmorite says of the escape of Fred McGuire and Bob Boyer:
In regard to the fugitives who escaped from the United States Jail here Friday morning there is but little to know.
The dogs were brought back to town Friday evening, it having been very apparent that they had no training in man hunting. At certain places the tracks of the two men were plainly seen by the naked eye, but the dogs took no heed of them.
The officers divided, some following the train, others having gone ahead to the former "running ground" of the criminals.
No tidings came in yesterday. The officers after the boys are all determined men - Hammer, Garrett, Booker, McLemore, Kendall and others and it is safe to venture that if they ever get within sight or hearing of the fugitives they will bring them in.
District Court. A divorce case was filed today in the district court by Maggie J. Freeman, vs. Edward J. Freeman, on the plea of gross cruelty and neglect. They were married at Luka (?) Kansasin December, 1887.
The damage case of Adam Traband vs. the city of Guthrie was tried today. The bill cites carelessness on the part of the city officials in grading Broad street whereby the water was caused to flood the cellar of the Traband cigar factory and damaging his tobacco to the extent of $1,382.35, for which amount he sues the city.
Probate Court. In Probate Judge Foster's court yesterday Frank Lewis and Will Whitmore were bound over in the sum of $200 each on the charge of stealing a horse, buggy and harness from Barnthouse. The boys failed to furnish the bonds and are confined in the county jail.
Judge Foster issued a pair of marriage licenses yesterday evening. Henry J. Tearney, 28 years old, born in Kansas, to Eugena Vndevoord, 20 years old, of Kansas City; and John Selstrom, 30 years old, born in Sweeden to Julia Vandevoord, 22 years, of Kansas City.
FAMOUS MURDER TRIAL From Custer County to Be Tried in Garfield County. Several papers have stated with apparently great particularity that Congressman Dennis Flynn had gone to Dewey county to take the lead in the prosecution of Ed Mahaffy, for the murder of his friend McDonald.
The fact is there is not a particle of truth in the statement.
Hon. Dennis Flynn is in no wise connected with the prosecution of the case and will not take any part in the proceedings as attorney.
Judge Strang, of Guthrie, has been appointed by the district judge to assist County Attorney Wilcox, and will be the leading council for the prosecution.
In addition to this a change of venue has been taken to Garfield county, and the date of the trial has not been set and will not be set until after the meeting of the supreme court. Hon. Frank Gillette, of El Reno, is also associate counsel for the prosecution. Defendant Mahaffy will be represented by Temple Houston, Senator D. P. Marun, and Mr. Warren , of El Reno. It will be one of the most celebrated murder cases in the history of the territory.
Judge Strang will be the chief prosecuting attorney in the case of the Territory vs. Lawson for the killing of Deracon, in Dewey county, which is also to be tried in Garfield county on change of venue, while the defendant will be represented by Houston and Marum.
Judge Strang will represent as chief counsel, the territory against G. S. Hodges for the killing of Christian, which goes from Dewey county to Garfield county on a change of venue, and in this case also Houston & Marum represent the defendants.
In the case of the Territory vs. John Duke, for murder in the same county, and which goes to Garfield country by change of venue, Judge Strang will be leading counsel for the prosecution, assisted by the county attorney and Ed Black, while Houston & Marum will defend.
In the case of the Territory vs. Michael Christian for the murder of his father, Judge Strang will again be chief prosecutor, while McKnight, of Custer, will defend.
In the case of the Territory vs. Diey for the murder of Christian, in Dewey county, Judge Strang will prosecute with the county attorney, and Houston & Marun with McKnight, will defend.
All these cases, the Leader is informed, will be tried in Garfield county at the next meeting of the court, and are likely to draw an immense through to the county seat of that county, as well as an array of legal talent not usually found at the convening of the courts.
PITCHED Battle Between Officers and Horse Thieves in Pawnee County. J. H. Siler and Albert Taylor, deputy sheriff of Pawnee county, attempted to arrest Jeff Breck on the warrant charging him with horse stealing. A pitched battle ensued in which Siler's horse was shot dead and Siler fatally injured by the animal falling on him. Breck escaped.
WINGED - Fierce Fight Between Outlaws and Officers - Bill Martin Fatally Wounded. A quick, hot fight took place this morning at five o'clock eighteen miles north of Guthrie between deputy sheriffs Chas. Carpenter and Joe Runnells and two notorious characters named Sam and Bill Martin. As a result of the melee Bill Martin is in the county jail perforated with buck shot with the chances against his recovery. Sam Martin escaped to the brush carrying leaden evidence of the aim of the officers.
Last Monday Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hull, who reside on a farm about 18 miles north, were out driving and were accosted on the road by Bill Martin who demanded that Hull give him $150. Hull declared that he had no money. Martin said: "I guess I'll take you out in the brush and kill you." Hull and his wife pleaded with Martin, who finally said that he would give Hull until Friday to get the $150 and for him to leave it with Mrs. Simmons who lived in the neighborhood.
Mr. Hull wanted the constable of Mulhall to arrest Martin but the constable was weak-kneed. Hull then made complaint to county attorney Jones, who yesterday issued a warrant for the arrest of the Martin brothers and at 11 o'clock last night deputy sheriff Chas. Carpenter, Joe Runnells and Chas Hull left in a wagon for the rendezvous of the Matrins on the farm of Simmons. They drove all night, arriving there at 5 o'clock this morning.
The trio stopped in a ravine 150 yards from the house, and leaving Hull to look after the team, approached the house. Carpenter went to the back door and Runnells to the front door. In answer to Carpenter's knock Mrs. Simmons called to find out who was there. When asked if Bill Martin was inside she answered in the negative.. Mrs. Simmons inquired who wanted Martin. She was told.
Whispers followed inside the house. The game was there. The Martin boys were down stairs by this time and slipping out the front door, they began firing at Runnels. Bill Martin fired five times while he and Sam were making for the road.
Carpenter, who had been guarding the back door, hearing the shooting, ran around the house and opened fire with his Winchester. One shot hit Sam - one load of buckshot from Runnells' gun winging him and knocking him down. Sam jumped to his feet and made for the brush.
In the hottest of the fight Bill got a whole load of buckshot, covering him from his forehead down to his feet. After the escape of Sam the officers decided, owing to the tough character of the vicinity, that they had better get their prisoner and return to Guthrie. Bill was loaded into the wagon and the party reached here about 10 o'clock, driving straight to the county jail. Martin was laid on a cot and Dr. Cotteral, the county physician summoned.
One bullet entered Martin's forehead just over the right eye, which is entirely closed; one bullet entered his neck on the left side, several ;pouted into his breast; his abdomen caught a few, and his legs about all they could hold. Dr. Cotteral says he will die. The officers were just a wee bit excited. The Martins have staunch friends in Simmons' neighborhood and it is likely an attempt will be made to avenge the "insult" to the Martins.
Sheriff Frank Rinehart and deputies Chas. Carpenter and Joe Runnells left this afternoon for the scene of the fight which occurred at 5 o'clock this morning and resulted in the capture of Bill Martin. The officers will endeavor to locate Sam Martin and bring him in.
Henry Tearney and John Selstrom were married this afternoon to the Misses Vandervoord, of Kansas City.
The Tinker murder case was begun at Perry today.
Prisoners confined in the Payne county jail at Stillwater broke out yesterday afternoon and two. a man named Langford and another named Alexander, escaped. Both had been sentenced to terms in the penitentiary.

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