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The Guthrie Daily Leader, June 8, 1899

The Guthrie Daily Leader

Thursday, June 8, 1899

Submitted by: Bob Chada

SHOT A NEGRO. Policemen Jeff Taylor Drops Bishop Jennings, a Supposed Thief.
At 5:30 o'clock this morning Policeman Jeff Taylor, after having been knocked down twice by Bishop Jennings; a supposed thief, pulled his revolver and shot once at the fleeing fugitive. One shot was enough and Jennings lay where he fell until he was carried to Harris's restaurant on North Second street.
Early this morning Jennigs was seen to leave the railroad yard, by Officer Al Hixon, who called to Taylor who was on his way to meet the morning train, and told him that Jennings was in the alley back of the Capital office. Taylor found him there and made the arrest. When the officer and his prisoner came out of the alley to Harrison avenue Jennings protested at being arrested and wanted to be turned loose. Taylor said he would have to go the city jail and Jennings finally consented to go, but on the way he suddenly turned on Taylor and struck him a powerful blow, knocking him down.
When Taylor attempted to rise to his feet Jennings hit him again and started to run. Taylor at this point in the game pulled his gun and fired at his fleeing prisoner. The shot took effect, entering the small of the back near the spinal column, a little to the left and passed entirely through the body, coming to the surface on the right side. The shape of the bullet can be plainly seen just under the skin.
Jennings is in a real bad way and an unofficial statement says he cannot live.
Some time after 12 o'clock this morning some one entered the office of the Guthrie hotel and stole two packages of laundry, the property of Ban Dusen and Myer, guests of the hotel. Some of the stolen linen was found on Jennings and it is supposed that he went to the railroad yards to make the change. A pocket knife belonging to the porter of the Guthrie hotel was taken from his trousers and the legs of the trousers cut off just below the knee.
J. M. Dilts, of Blackwell, county assessor of Kay county, came in on the night train last night and registered at the Cottage hotel. He occupied a room on the ground floor. About 3 o'clock in the morning he awoke and not seeing his clothing on a chair he called the porter and a search located the missing garments in the hall hear the side door. The pockets had been rifled and a $5 bill and pocket knife taken.
Jennings is supposed to have come from Galveston and arrived here last Saturday and had a room rented at Harris' restaurant. He was considered very sporty and for the style he put on was called "Port Sangerie." It is said that he lost about $70 Sunday playing "coon can."
Jennings is about 20 years old. He knows nothing about his parents , but thinks he has an aunt somewhere here in Oklahoma.
CHICKEN THIEVES Are Again in the Clutched of the Law. Recaptured North of Stillwater. Chicken Thieves Chas. and William Scroggins, who escaped last Monday from constable Ed Laws were re-captued north of Stillwater by deputy sheriff Houston of Payne county and will be returned tonight. Sheriff Rinehart, as soon as it was known that they had escaped, offered a reward of $40 of their capture and return, and telephoned to all the surrounding towns a description of each, with the reward offered.
The same afternoon that they escaped from this city, they attempted to steal a tram from a farmer near here, but he frightened them off with a gun play. Near this place they met with better luck and stole two horses from Dr. Ridgeway.
In the capture made by Deputy Houston one of the thieves was badly shot in the face by Houston. Constable Ed Laws will be a little more vigilant when his pets are returned to him.
Chas. Griswold, formerly in the U. S. Land office here, now chief office deputy marshal at Muskogee, is in the city for a few days visiting his parents.

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