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Character Sketch of Frank Gault

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Logan County, Oklahoma


The Oklahoma Leader
February 25, 1915

Submitted by: Bob Chada

Transcribed by: Mollie Stehno

Character Sketch of Frank Gault
Oklahoma City, Feb 22-Frank M Gault of Geary, successful breeder of white-face cattle, former deputy marshal and peach officer, is the new president of the state board of agriculture, elected by the people of the state. Mr. Gault is a very large man and his manner brusque and hearty. He is as plainspoken as it is imaginable for one to be and his rugged honesty has become automatic. The new president is working very hard trying to get the department coordinated with the progressive spirit of the Oklahoma agriculturist. The past history of the department is to be overcome by notable and noteworthy achievements.
The other day a reporter for a local newspaper got an expression from Mr. Gault to the effect that a dishonest employee of the department over which he presides will be in danger of being shot.
Expressed Only in Jest
The expression was mere persiflage-for Mr. Gault is too good a citizen to mean anything like that literally. The story was written in the best style of the genius that is making Everett True a national character.
The item thus arrayed attracted a great deal of attention through the state. One newspaper deplored Mr. Gault's selection of a press agent and point out the injury that such press agenting is doing the political prospects of the many from Geary.
Then came Colonel Walter Ferguson of Cherokee, who knows better, having been one of the favorite neighborhood boys and known from his knee-pants days by Mr. Gault with this added incentive to destroy the press agent:
"Colonel Gault announced that there would be no grafting or any form of thievery during his regime. He tapped his hip pocket with a significance that used to be the grand hailing sign west of the Rick Island and announced without any show of levity that he would shoot the employee of his department that attempted to pull off any raid on the public purse during his four years that he is commissioned to sit on the lid.
Not a "Malicious" Man
"He did not promise homicide with any malice or forethought nor did he suggest cemetery tickets without provocation, but simply and calmly declared that one of his policies would be to never have his back to the office safe and never carry his pistol on safety. His announcement boded no good for the clerk or supernumerary who figured on padding an expense account or making off with a slice of the public excises.
"It may be added that Colonel Gault's aim is what might be termed unerring, if that word has not gone out of vogue. He has had ample target practice in the past, both on moving and stationary forms. If there be those among his clerks who doubt either his aim or his inclination they had best insure with some solvent company. Without committing ourselves on the correctness of Colonel Gault's policy it may be said that a six-shooter is at best a novel protection for the public funds."

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