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Logan, Garfield & Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

© Kingfisher Times - April 14, 1926
Submitted by: Mollie Stehno

The following is a list of the '89ers yet living in Kingfisher county, as nearly complete as we have been able to get it from a number of the old-timers who came here at the opening and from the records of Ben Thorne of near Hennessey. Those whose names do not appear are invited to advise us of the fact in order that the list may be entirely completed next week. Also, if any errors occur in this list, such as incorrect spelling, wrong initials, etc., we shall be glad to correct same in our net issue.
A few of those whose names appear below do not live in this county, as the roster of the '89er organization north of the river, kept by Mr. Thorne, includes some members from Garfield and Logan Counties.

Abercombie, T. G. Acre, J:. F. Acre, Mrs. J. F. Allen, J. K. Altizer, Joe Anderson, W. T. Ash, Jim Ash, Mrs. W. A. Baker, W. I. Barch, Herman Barnard, G. G. Barnard, Mrs. G.G. Barnum, Ed Barr, Mrs. Ida Beasley, Phillip Blodgett, Mrs. P. A. Bollenbach, Gus Bollenbach, Mrs. Margaret Bollenback, Herman Bond, S. S. Bonner, Lew Bracken, Mrs. A. E. Bradbury, Sam Bradshaw, Sam Brady, I. A. Brewer, J. F. Brewer, Mrs. J. F. Brown, Charles Brown, Mrs. W. J. Brown, W. J. Brownlee, Emory Brownlee, Harry C. Brownlee, Mrs. W. R. Bugg, Mrs. Billy Burdick, Harley Burdick, Sylvester Butler, Preston Byrd, L. A. Byrd, Mrs. L. A. Carney, Mrs. Winnie Carpenter, Mrs. P. S. Chamberlin, J. R. Chapman, Sam Chitwood, Henry Chitwood, Sim Clark, Mrs. John Clump, Ed Coke, Ed Coke, Mrs. Dr. Cole, Jennie Coleman, George W. Conkliin, Miss Conklin, Frank Conley, B. J. Conley, William Cortney, Emmitt Cortney, Mrs. E. Crosthwait, Mary Crosthwait, Mrs. T.P. Crosthwait, T. P. Cunningham, D. K. Cunningham, Frank Cunningham, Mrs. D. K. Cunningham, W. O. Curren, John Davis, Mrs. Sam Davis, Sam Dixon, Mrs. Baker Dodson, Mrs. :M. M. Duffy, John Duggan, A. E. Duggan, Sherman Fisk, Dr. C. W. Fisk, Inez Flaugher, Mrs. W. I. Flaugher, Roscoe Fossett, William Foster, Mrs. Ruth Fox, Billie Fox, Mrs. Billie Friend, John Friend, Mary Gaddis, Minerva Gilbreath, Dave Gould, Ed Gramlied, N. F. Gray, Lee M. Green, Jim Green, Mrs. Jim Griffon, E. Griffon, Mrs. E. Grimes, Tom Grimes, W. O. Guinn, Hessie Guthrie, John Hall, Mrs. J. P. Halladay, Mrs. Charles Hamil, Jim Hancock, John Hared, Charles Harman, K. C. Harman, Whel Harris, Joe Haughey, W. G. Hawk, G. W. Hawkins, Charles Hawkins, Charles Hedgeock, Mrs. R. S. Hedgeock, R. S. Henderson, Hiram Henry, Mrs. J. Q. Henthorn, J. M. Henthorn, Mrs. J. M. Hern. I. L. Herrian, Lola Hobbs, Lyman Hodge, Buy Hodge, M. D. Hodge, Mrs. M. D. Holmes, J. A. Holmes, T. W. Hopkins, H. E. Howard, Emma Howe, W. W. Huffman, J. W. Hughes, B. J. Hughes, Mike Humphrey, Grant Hurt, Harry Hurt, Mrs. William Hurt, William Ingram, Job Kariker, George Ketch, Charles Kimmerer, Bill Kimmerer, W. P. Klingman, C. R. Knox, Mr. And Mrs. Kordis, Fred Krebs, Henry Lacey, Byron Lacey, Mrs. Byron Laing, Mrs. George H. Layton, Charles Leddy, Jack Leddy, Mrs. Jack Lee, Anna Leightner, S. P. Leighton, Ed Leitner, Clyde Long, Henry Longendyke, Mrs. Lucas, Earl Marrow, Mrs. Jim Martin, Mrs. Sam Martin, Sam Matthews, Charles Mauk, C. D. Mauk, Mrs. J. McCartney, John McGee, Mrs. McGrath, William McIntosh, L. G. McKeegan, George McKeegen, Elmer Meachman, Mrs. Deck Meckman, Willilam Mehew, Ike Michols, Mrs. W. H. Miles, H. L. Miles, Mrs. H. L. Moerly, E. Morey, Ernest Morton, Miss Lenora Morton, W. I. Mosher, Mrs. George Murphy, Jim Murphy, Mrs. Tom Murphy, Tom Musick, Charles Musick, Mrs. Charles Myers, L. D. Nagle, Mrs. P. S. Neff, Clarence Newell, Frank Nice, Hattie Nichols, W. H. Ogden, C. E. Ogden, George Ogden, H. C. Ogden, John Ogden, Mae Ogden, Mrs. C. E. Osborn, John Oswold, Mina Morton Overstreet, Dr. J. A. Pain, G. F. Pappe, Mrs. Richard Paul, A. Peckham, Frank Pendleton, Mrs. Dr. Phillips, Tom Porter, John Pringle, J. a. Rainey, George Rector, Dr. Reddington, G. I. Renshaw, Jack Renshaw, Mrs. Jack Reynolds, Holden Rickmon, Mrs. Harriet Robinson, J. H. Robinson, J. S. Rogers, Mrs. Charles Ross, John Ross, Mrs. Roda Ruhl, Joe Sain, Joe Sash, W. A. Setford, Charles Setford, Mrs. Charles Sicher, Fred Smith, J. S. Smith, James Snyder, J. L. Snyder, Mrs. S. A. Solomon, Elmer Speice, Mrs. J. M. Spindel, G. D. Staten, Mrs. J. c. Steller, Eugene Stennett, I. H. Stetler, Archie Stetler, Charles Stetler, M. O. Stetler, Miss Ada Stetler, Mrs. M. O. Stiff, Mrs. A. E. Stiff, Mrs. W. H. Stone, G. F. Stone, Will Sturgeon, George Sturgeon, John Sturgeon, Mrs. John Thorne, Ben Throckmorton, Mr. Titterington, W. C. Titterington, W. R. Triplett, George Triplett, Mrs. Triplett, Walter Troyer, Eli VanDeren, Mrs. J. B. Vogt, Mrs. William W. C. Walker, William Ward, Hubert Ward, John Ward, Mrs. Hubert Ward, Mrs. John Waters, Mrs. Tom Waters, Tom Watts, Byron Watts, Mrs. Byron Wendell, Jake Wendell, Mrs. Jake White, Mrs. Lizzie Whitlow, W. S. Wickmiller, C. P. Wickmiller, Mrs. C. P. Wilson, Billie Wilson, Elias Wilson, James Wright, Lee Yeoman, George

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