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Most of 351 Members of Lodge to Aid in Party

Most of 351 Members of Lodge to Aid in Party

Logan County, Oklahoma

© Guthrie Daily Leader
Sunday, Sept. 10, 1939

Submitted by: Bob Chada

A large percentage of the 351 present members of the first Masonic lodge to be formed in Oklahoma proper, lodge No. 35, A. F. and A. M., are expected to participate in the chapter's fiftieth birthday party here September 12. The members, listed according to towns, are:
Guthrie - Charles A. Abell, Maurice Abrams, Fred J. Acton (past master), John Adams, E. J. Allen (honorary member), Chester H. Anderson, M. I. Armatrout, Paul Armatrout, Luther Arnold (past master), L. M. Atchinson, Fred Austin, George A. Barber, C. B. Baker, J. T. Barnthouse, C. G. Barryand Milo H. Beck.
And Joe Bennett, A. A. Beyer, Charles E. Billings, James R. Billings, John O. Black, Elmer D. Boyer, Ward L. Branham, H. A. Braun, C. L. Brooks, M. V. Brown, Paul N. Brown, A. T. Buenting, E. O. Buenting, A. E. Cahill, Albert B. Canfield, James L. Carey, Mort Carey, Joe P. Carey, and John E. Carter.
And Joseph E. Chastain, E. P. Clark (past master), Harold P. Cook (past master), Ben Cooksey, Howell Cooksey, E. R. Cotteral, J. W. Coulter, Howard S. Cox (past master), Jesse T. Cox (past master), Fred D. Cook, A. A. d'Avignon, Frank P. Davis, J. W. Davis, Oliver R. Davis, Cleo R. Davison, Ralph B. Deming, Clyde W. Denny, Frederick D. Derwin, Earl M. Deter, Henry H. Dodd (past master), and Orval C. Dodd.
And William Dodd (honorary member), Curtis Dolph, Charles Douglas, T. Emmett Douglas, W. B. Downing (past master), George Dressell, G. E. Dunnica, A. J. Eastwood, J. E. Edwards (past master), John H. Egeleston, F. O. Eirman, T. R. Elliott, Ralph Ellis, John H. English (past master), Sid E. Ewing, Carl Farifield, Loren J. Fair, Richard W. Fogarty, L. S. Fogarty, and Fahrney Foltz.
And L. F. Foster, Clay Henry Forsythe, John El Gaffney, H. J. Garnett, Harry Garrett, Earl J. Geddes, Percy W. Gifford, Karle A Glock, Dan L. Gooch, R. A. Gooch, Albert E. Gray, Earl W. Gray, Fred W. Green (past master), Clifton J. Grunden, Robert R. Hale, E. L. Halsted, Sidney G. Ham, A. A. Harris, Robert A. Harris, E. S. Haws, E. V. Hazlewood, Edgar C. Herrick, Neal Higgins, C. H. Hill, Claude E. Hilthon and Fred J. Hirzel.
And Homer H. Hirzel, J. C. Horner, Charles M. Howland, Fred H. Hron (past master), Hal H. Hughes, Anthony I. Husted, Tom Jenkins (honory member), Arthur G. Johnson, H. Melvin Johnson, Albert Jones, Willard O. Jones (past master), E. W. Kightlinger, James E. King, A. F. Koetsch (past master), Harold H. Koch (present master), Henry F. Lattimore, W. L. Leonard (honory member), and I. B. Levy (life member).
And Foress B. Lillie, John O. Little, J. Edgar Loveless, John I. Loveless (past master), Pearle Long, Arlin T. Loy, Vance Luckinbill, Fred Madden, Emil G. Maehr, Amos Marriott, Cleve B. Martin, A. J. Mater, G. C. Matoy, B. R. Merton, O. D. Metheny, Fred Michael, Clarence E. Mills, Harry A. Montague, A. H. Morey, E. W. Moritz, H. L. Morrisett, Victor R. Moss, Clarence E. Murphy, Clifford F. McCubbin, E. M. McIntyre, and James E. McKee (past master).
And James W. McMinn, Henry G. Niemeyer, Robert A. Nethery, Ryan Alfred Norris (past master), John R. Northcutt, John W. Oldham, Glen K. Oliver, J. E. Oliver, J. J. Oliver, A. Page (hohorary member). Allen J. Patterson, W. C. Patterson, Roscoe H. Pattyson, Mack Peeler, Arthur W. Platt (past master), Otis Potter, R. A. Powell, and W. R. Prince.
And Clyde O. Pulse, G. C. Ralston, A. L. Raupe, Cleon H. Ray, R. D. Reinhardt, Edwin R. Richards (past master), A. L. Ridge, Frank M. Rinehart (honorary member), Dr. R. F. Ringrose, James D. Roberts, James C. Roe, Rufus P. Roope, C. F. Rush, Frank A. Sanderson, Lester Sanderson, Albin Shallenberg, Charles Scheihing, Levi C. Scribner, R. E. Shibley, C. L. Shireman, Fay Shreffler, Harold M. Shultz and Verne A. Simpson.
And Merle G. Smith, Ray F. Smith, William B. Smith, E. O. Sorenson, Charles W. Sowers, Turner W. Sowers, Fermer W. Sowers, Lewis E. Sowers, J. A. Spencer, Harry C. Spence, William S. Spencer (honorary member), Joe H. Stone, Homer S. Stratton, Frank L. Suits, E. E. Tallman, Thomas H. Taylor and Robert E. Terrill.
And W. O. Trim, John W. Trumbull, A. P. Tyler, Carl R. Boris, G. Clyde Walton, Charles C. Ward, John D. Watts, Fred W. Wedel, Ben C. Weinberger, Emanuel Weinberger, Jake Weinberger, G. H. Westcott, H. L. Whiteley, James E. Williams, James E. Williamson, Clarence N. Wilson, James M. Wilson, William E. Wilson, Ted R. Wille, Oscar W. Wittig, Victor C. Wood and Francis L. York.
Oklahoma City - Erol G. Austin, Leroy Axtell (past master), Walter Boaz, Vernon E. Cook, Horace B. Collins, Leon A. Cooper, Hugh A. Davis, H. R. Fees, T. L. Finch, Edward L. Gahl, G. E. Gowing, George M. Green (past master), E. J. Joyner, A. D. Kinney, C. G. Leitner, Omar C. Miller, R. G. Moritz, E. Guy Owen, E. E. Park, Roy L. Poteet, L. D. Riker, James Riling, James H. Rucks (past master), Charles Skillings, William C. Smith (honorary member), Asa Ray Thompson, M. E. Trapp and Homer F. Wilkerson.
Tulsa - Fred D. Boasen, Clarence Dunbar, J. R. Loyd, H. M. McKay, Rahe L. Oldham, P. O. Steinberger and W. P. Wilkerson.
Arkansas City, Kas. - G. J. Adling, Emba B. Arthur, Harley J. Bryan, Chester Michael, Roy B. Rupard and Samuel L. Shore.
Ponca City - Paul S. Bates, Roy F. Haight and Webb W. Johnson.
Stillwater - Owen G. Harned, John M. Ives and Bert A. Ray.
Wichita, Kas. - E. J. Chapman, G. A. Kessler and Alvin E. York.
Kansas City, Mo. - Claude C. Clothier (past master) and W. A. Martin.
Other Towns - William Baade, Cashion; Edgar Bach, Glendale, Calif; Mont E. Barber, Reno, Nev.; M. L. Barnes, McAllen, Tex., John Henry Billings, Drumright; Homer C. Bolton, Chichasha; M. E. Branson, El Reno; Orville R. Brown, Hobart; John Scott Callin (past master), Calem Ore.; Charles L. Calbert, Enid; and H. L. Clary of San Benito, Tex.
And E. C. Cline, Duncan; William R. Cook, County Line, Okla.; Leonard W. Crum, Santa Fe, N. M.; Homer Dial, Wilmer, Calif.; John V. Dobbs, Elizabeth, N. J.; Abe Dogan, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sam Dogan, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Otha W. Douglas, Meridian; Duke Dye, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Charles T. Eastland, Slater, Wyo.; Harold J. Fry and Thomas P. Fry, both of San Gabriel, Calif.; R. D. Garnett, New Orleans, La.; and C. G. Griswold, of Detroit, Mich.
And Robert L. Hancock (life member), Navina; Hiram D. Harter, Gainesville, Tex.; Paul Hastings, Sioux City, Ia.; Jess Hesler, Cimarron, Kas.; Joe Hewitt, Tonkawa; Frank E. Houghton, Ottumwa, Ia.; Charles I. Huffine, Alhambra, Calif.; Neil Humphrey, Fallis; Jesse H. Hunter, Waurika; James D. Kenkins, Muskogee; Francis E. Jenness, North Bend, Ore.; N. F. Jessen, Crookston, Minn.; Robert K. Johnson, Omaha Neb.; and U. M. Jones, Los Angeles, Calif.
And William C. Keefe (past master), Elk City; William H. Keeler, Clay Center, Kas.; Elra Earl Kenna, Greeley, Colo.; Orlando Kyle, San Pedro, Calif.; Morris F. Lawless, Atlanta, Tex.; F. A. Litson, Purcell; Edgar E. Marlow, Clinton; John W. Marr, Bledsoe, Tex.; J. W. Martin, Oiltown; Ora S. Massey, Ada; Thomas B. Mayes, Buzzard Bay, Mass.; and Dudley H. Miller, Saint Mary's, Pa.
And J. A. Miller, Shamrock, Tex.; Harold F. Milnor, Norman; G. E. Monteith, San Antonio, Tex.; Don R. Morris (past master), Sagamore, Mass.; George McGreggor, Pasadena, Calif.; Garrett W. McQuddy, Jacksonville, Fla.; William A. Nixon (past master), San Bernardino, Calif.; Earl E. Patterson, Roswell, N. M.; Perry W. Patterson, Canadian, Tex.; Robert F. Patterson, Houston, Tex.; and H. C. Phillips, Coyle.
And R. V. Poteet, Hammond, Ind.; E. T. Potter, Mulhall; Leo N. Powers, Sacramento, Calif.; G. W. Reder, Springdale, Ark.; Henry H. Reynolds, Perry; Walter R. Riddle, Glenpool; Seth T. Rork, Crescent; M. L. Scarden, Catoosa, Okla.; Ray M. Scott, Hollywood, Calif.; R. L. Spickelmier, Portland, Ore.; R. L. Steen, Jefferson City, Mo.; Marvin V. Suits, Shidler; George G. Swanlow, Tolarosa, N. M.; Thoburn Taggart, Houston, Tex.; and John Woodward, Comanche.

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