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Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1900

Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1900

Submitted by: Debby Cook

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, January 5, 1900
Born, to Elder J.L. Caldwell and wife, on December 28, 1899, a son.
Silas Steward returned Friday afternoon from Clayton with his bride.
Some Holiday Weddings.
At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Edwards, on Thursday, December 28, 1899, Charles W. Woods and Miss Mabel Edwards were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The many friends of THE ENTERPRISE wish the happy couple a pleasant journey through life.
On the evening of January 1, 1900, carriages conveyed a number of guests to the residence of Mr. G.W. Pettyjohn where a circle of friends and relatives from a distance were gathered. At 6 o'clock Cyrus L. Woolverton and Miss Vida E. Pettyjohn were united in marriage, Rev. Curtis E. Long officiating. The ring service was beautiful and impressive. The bride was elegantly attired in white. After congratulations and best wishes were extended to the happy pair, an elegant supper was served in the midst of general good cheer. The Mulhall band, of which Cyrus is a member, announced its arrival by soft strains of music, after several selections were rendered, G.W. Rotterman invited the band to the dining room where the boys enjoyed a splendid repast. At a seasonable hour the band marched away to the tune of "Home, Sweet Home."
We are happy to say that this popular young couple are to make Mulhall their home, where they will welcome their friends after February 1.
Married, in Mulhall, New Years' eve, December 31, 1899, by Rev Curtis E. Long, William O. Miller and Miss Maggie J. Freeman, both of Mulhall. The couple is well known in Mulhall and will go to housekeeping at once in their home near the Presbyterian church. THE ENTERPRISE extends congratulations.
Leo Anthis rejoices in the arrival of a bright baby boy at his house. It was born January 2.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, January 12, 1900
The many Mulhall friends of John E. Woods, who was formerly night operator at this point, will be pleased to learn of his recent marriage, which occurred on New Years day. The boys here are waiting for a chance to extend congratulations. We clip the following from the Guthrie Register:
The boys at the depot, as well the people of Guthrie in general, were surprised on learning of the marriage of our popular day operator, Mr. J.E. Woods, to Miss Sinclair, of Coffeyville, Kas., on New Years eve. Miss Sinclair is a prominent and accomplished young lady, and Mr. Woods is quite a favorite among the citizens of Guthrie. Each received a handsome New Years present, but in all fairness to the fair sex, we will have to say that Mr. Woods received the more handsome present of the two. May each succeeding year cement more firmly those ties which are most endearing this side of heaven.
Born, to J.D. Farres and wife on January 11, a fine boy.
Born, to Ed Rowland and wife on January 6, a bouncing baby boy.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shoemaker, on January 4, 1900, a girl. Congratulations, Frank.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, February 2, 1900
Married in the Hawkeye State.
A few weeks ago, THE ENTERPRISE told about B.C. Moritz, the popular German farmer, living just south of here, making a mysterious trip to the state of Iowa. We also told his many friends here to look out for a surprise. Now we can tell you something: On January 24, 1900, in the city of Dubuque, Iowa, at the home of the bride, Mr. B.C. Moritz and Miss Emma Buesch were united in marriage. The bride is a charming lady, educated and refined, and we bid her a hearty welcome to Oklahoma. The bridegroom is - oh, well, everybody in this country knows him, and knows him to be one of the jolliest and best fellows on earth, and wish him much joy.
Mr. and Mrs. Moritz returned from Dubuque on the noon train Sunday, and on Monday night a large number of Mulhall friends drove out to help celebrate the event by having a grand ball. It was a happy event.
Card of Thanks.
To the people of Mulhall who so kindly assisted me through the long illness and recent death of my husband. I wish to express my sincerest thanks.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, February 16, 1900
Oh, yes, Mr. Hilton, of this vicinity, has a fine 8-pound girl.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Hanna, on the morning of Valentine day, a fine boy. They reside a mile and a half northeast of town.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, February 23, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Gould on February 15, a ten-pound girl. Young Gould is a rustler.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hide, a baby boy last Saturday.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, March 9, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Ward, a fine boy.
Found, at P.P. Scott's home on March 6, A.D., 1900, between 10 and 11 o'clock, an 8 lb. boy. All doing well.
Mr. Campbell of Acton was married last week to Mrs. Overine of Crescent City. We wish them many blessings through life.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, March 9, 1900
The Guthrie Capital contained the following in its issue of Thursday:
Judge Foster issued a married license yesterday to a very prominent couple from the northern part of Logan county-Wm. F. Campbell, aged 21, and Miss Della V. Frye, aged 19. The groom's father, George W. Campbell, is one of the most noted farmers in the county.
The wedding occurred yesterday noon at the residence of W.C. Bradwell in Mulhall. We received a notice of the marriage, but too late to appear in this issue. Will appear next week.
We saw P.P. Scott going around his nice farm with a look on his face of a serious nature. Accosting him, we asked what the matter was. "Well, you see another boy came to our house yesterday, and if they keep coming I will need more land. I was just thinking who I could buy out."

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, March 16, 1900
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Garrett are the happy parents of a bright-faced little boy who arrived Friday morning, March 9. He balances the scale beam at ten pounds.

Wedding Chimes.
At 4 o'clock, Sunday afternoon, March 11, at the residence of Rev. J.L. Caldwell, five miles west of Mulhall, John Phelps and Mrs. Ella McCullough were united in marriage, Rev. Caldwell performing the ceremony. Those present from town were Enos Kuhlman and wife, Arthur Rhodes and wife, Mrs. W.B. Hitchcock, Misses Anna Zeller, Laura Hughes and Gertie Daily.
The groom owns a splendid farm nine miles southwest of town and the couple are now "at home" there. The bride is well and favorably known in Mulhall. She is a sister of Mrs. Enos Kuhlman and Mrs. W.B. Hitchcock, and for sometime held a clerkship in Mr. Kuhlman's store.
This article would not be complete without mentioning the fact that this is the third one of Mr. Kuhlman's clerks that has gotten married in the past year and a half. It might be well for those who wish to enter the matrimonial field to apply to the famous Sledge Hammer Man for a position.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, March 23, 1900
Born, to B.B. Barnes and wife, March 19, a fine 12-pound baby girl. Don't tell me they are not proud.
First Wedding in Ripley.
Mr. Robert H. Richardson and Miss Hattie Nicholson, of Plumb, were united in marriage at Ripley, Monday, March 12, 1900. The wedding took place at Mr. Williamson's place, over the Star barber shop. Rev. J.C. Elliott officiating.-Ripley News
Mr. Richardson is a brother of our Earnest E. Richardson, formerly Mulhall's popular drayman, and is well known here.
A Pretty City Wedding.
Thursday, March 15, 1900, a small concourse of immediate friends and relatives met at the residence of Mr. W.C. Bradwell to witness the marriage of Mr. William F. Campbell and Miss Della Fry. At twelve o'clock, noon, Olive Bradwell played a march and the bridal party entered. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Palmer, of Guthrie. Immediately after, a sumptuous dinner was served and was enjoyed by those present.
The bride looked lovely in white silk trimmed in white carnations and smilax with white carnations in her hair. The groom was attired in the regulation black. Miss Stella Bradwell assisted in the role of bridesmaid with Mr. Will Combs as best man.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Campbell, Dr. George Campbell and Miss Maud Campbell, of Anna; Dr. Samuel Campbell, of Crescent City; Mrs. J.D. Townsend and two children, Willis and Lulu, of Clarkson; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fry and daughters, Susie and Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Mart. Morrison and children, Jay and Gertie; Will Combs, Worley Connaway, Miss Lucy Connaway, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Bradwell and daughters, Stella and Olive, and Grandpa Bradwell.
The following is a partial list of presents: Cook stove and utensils, G.W. Campbell; table linen, napkins and towels, Mrs. G.W. Campbell; an eight day clock, Samuel Campbell and wife, and Miss Anna Campbell; hanging lamp, Misses Maud Pinkham and Maud Campbell; rose tinted water set, Dr. George Campbell; tinted berry bowl and dishes, Frank Suits; decorated lamp and molasses pitcher, Mart. Morrison and wife; covered fruit dish, Lucy and Worley Connaway; covered fruit dish, Susie and Mary Fry; cake stand, Harvey Fry and wife; two vegetable dishes, Mrs. J.H. Fry; a canary bird, Olive Bradwell; three silver dollars, Mr. Townsend and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Campbell will be at home to their friends at Anna, Oklahoma, May 1.
Married, at Eld. Caldwell's, March 11, Mr. Tom Phelps, of Standard, and Mrs. McCullough, of Mulhall, Eld. Caldwell officiating. Both are highly respected parties, and their many friends wish them many blessings through the storms of life.
Married, on March 14, 1900, at the bridegroom's home near Mulhall, Miss May Beamer to Mr. Art Cunningham.
S.E. Harris, living 2-1/2 miles northwest of Mulhall, died last evening of pneumonia fever. He was a brother of E.W. Harris.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, March 30, 1900
Born, to Will Darby and wife, March 23, an 8-pound baby boy.
Wedding Bells.
On Sunday, March 25, 1900, at high noon, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nittler, one mile south of Orlando, Mr. John Brockmann, of Perry, Oklahoma, and Miss Christena Nittler, of Orlando, Oklahoma, were married, Rev. J.R. Nanninga officiating. The ceremony took place in the presence of relatives and a few friends. At 1 o'clock a sumptuous dinner was served, which showed the skill of Mrs. Nittler as a good cook. All ate heartily of the dinner.
The bride is well known here and in Mulhall, being a young lady possessing many charms. She will certainly make the home happy of the fortunate young man who has won her as his bride. The groom is a young man of many noble qualities, well worthy of the young lady who chose him for a life companion. He is the owner of a fine farm only one mile from Perry. A nice house just built and furnished will be to them "Paradise gained." All who know them join in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous life.
Miss Nittler was for nearly two years a faithful employee of THE ENTERPRISE. She is a splendid Christian young lady, and in every way worthy of the gentleman who has chosen her for a wife. THE ENTERPRISE extends heartiest congratulations.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, April 6, 1900
Married, at the residence of the bride's father, Thomas B. Hatcher, of near Marena, Rev. W.L. Schwartz, pastor of the M.E. church at Crescent City, and Miss Bertha Hatcher, Rev. J.M. Wood officiating. The friends and relatives present joined in wishing the happy couple many years of wedded bliss.-Stillwater Populist. Rev. Swartz is well known in Mulhall and vicinity, having conducted special meetings in the surrounding neighborhoods.
Dr. Hatfield reports the following births: A baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Ditch, April 2, 1900; a boy and girl to Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Black, April 3, 1900. In the latter case the father is slowly recovering, and all others concerned are improving nicely.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, April 20, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Binkley, on Tuesday, April 10, 1900, a baby girl.
Grandma Jessup, mother of Mrs. Chris Buchele, who has been sick for some time, died Wednesday night. The family accompanied the remains to Perkins Thursday where the remains were buried.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, May 4, 1900
Landlord Married.
Jolly Richard Hicks, of Perkins, one of the oldest and best known hotel keepers in Oklahoma, stepped off the southbound noon passenger here Wednesday and there's a little story. He was returning from a trip to Oskaloosa, Kansas, where he had gone only a few days ago to get married. After THE ENTERPRISE man had been presented to the happy bride, the groom handed us the following account of the wedding, written by a relative present:
"A quiet wedding occurred at the home of the bride's uncle, J.S. Moody, May 1, 1900, at high noon, Rev. R.W. Estep officiating, the contracting parties being Miss Ella Moody, of Oskaloosa, and Richard Hicks, or Perkins, O.T. The bride was attired in an elegant costume of cream Henrietta, trimmed in all-over lace, white kid gloves and slippers. The groom was dressed in conventional black.
Miss Moody is a very popular and accomplished young lady. Mr. Hicks has owned and conducted for the last eight years a first-class hotel at Perkins, and owns valuable property also.
The happy couple left over the Santa Fe for their future home attended by the best wishes of many friends here."
On Sunday, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. Joseph Wells and Miss Sarah Gillard were married, Rev. J.C. Barker officiating. There were gathered a few of the neighbors to witness the ceremonies, together with a few friends of the groom who came from Luther. After the contracting parties were united a splendid dinner was served by the mother of the bride. All present enjoyed the occasion and unite in wishing the bride and groom a long and happy life.-Chandler News.
Elizabeth Jessup, died April 18, 1900, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chris Bachele, Mulhall, aged 68 years and 5 months.
Ed Green has been wearing a smile bigger than his hat for the past few days all on account of a big baby boy being presented to him by Mrs. Green on Sunday, April 22, 1900. Congratulations, Ed, old boy.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, May 11, 1900
John Crow, of Standard, died this week.
We were sorry to hear of the late news that came from the African war that a son of Jack Cress, postmaster at Crescent, was killed.
A new appearance at Armstead Williamson's this week in the shape of a bouncing boy. They think they will keep him if he is very good.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, May 18, 1900
George Gragg and Miss Hattie Mitchell were married last Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's sister. They have the good wishes of their many friends of this neighborhood.
Walt Binkley was over from Perkins Sunday.
Word reached here Saturday that Mrs. Dunlap had died that morning at Olathe, Kansas. She was taken to that place a short time ago with the hope of benefiting her health, but it proved of no avail.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, June 1, 1900
Married, on Saturday evening, May 26, 1900, at 6 o'clock at the Presbyterian manse, Miss Agnes Manning of Crescent City, to Norman Action of near Ponca City, the Rev. Curtis E. Long officiating.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, June 8, 1900
A marriage license was issued yesterday to Clinton Lowe, aged 26, and Miss Mattie M. Flannery, aged 18, both of Mulhall.-Tuesday's Capital.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, June 15, 1900
A marriage epidemic seems to have broken out within the last few days, and it seems to be confined in druggists. Mr. W.B. Scott of Scott & Norris seems to have been the first victim. In the Chatsworth, Illinois, Plaindealer, of June 1, we find the following:
On Monday, May 28, at high noon at the home of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Furr, south of this city, occurred the marriage of their eldest daughter, Miss Lollie B. Furr, to Mr. Wilbur P. Scott, of Mulhall, Oklahoma territory. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C.S. Davie, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Fairbury, and was witnessed by about seventy five of the relatives and friends of the contracting parties. The ring ceremony was used and the bride and groom were assisted in the ceremony by a number of their young lady and gentleman friends who composed the wedding party. After congratulations, the wedding breakfast was served. The windows were darkened and the rooms lighted with candles, the refreshments being served to the guests seated about the rooms. The afternoon was spent very pleasantly with social amusements and Mr. and Mrs. Scott took the evening train from here to Peoria, where the groom has relatives.
The second victim was Mr. Scott's partner, Mr. S.E. Norris, who was united in marriage to Miss Mattie Justice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Justice, on Wednesday evening, June 13, 1900, at 6:30, the Rev. W.A. Humphrey of Futhrie performing the ceremony. Miss Mattie has been a teacher in our schools here a number of terms and as a teacher has few superiors in Logan county. Mr. Norris is well and favorably known all over the county, coming hear about a year ago and engaging in the drug business. Both couples have the best wishes of THE ENTERPRISE.
Born, to Chas. Rhoades and wife, July 16, a baby girl.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Morris, Thursday night, a son. Both mother and babe are doing well.
Miss Lucy Bergman was married to Emmett Perkins, July 17, 1900.
Married, on Wednesday evening, July 25, 1900, Mr. Fred Scott to Miss Grace Lovell, at the home of Miss Lovell's parents at Marshall. The bride and groom are both well known in this county and high esteemed. They departed directly after the ceremonies on a short wedding tour, after which they will be installed in the groom's new home at Marshall.
Since our last letter to THE ENTERPRISE, the home of S.S. Williams and wife was made happy by the advent of a nice girl babe. It is the beauty and idol of the family.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, August 3, 1900
Married, at the residence of E.F. Dwyer, living three and one-half miles west of Mulhall, on Wednesday, July 26, 1900, Miss Effie McNeal to Mr. J. McPeak, Elder J.L. Caldwell performing the marriage ceremony. The bride is recently from Manila, Iowa, and has been teaching school in Logan county for some time. She is a highly educated and cultured lady, and makes scores of friends. The groom is a wideawake, hustling farmer, who owns a fine farm near Standard, where the new couple have already begun their married life. THE ENTERPRISE takes great delight in wishing them much happiness.
A few days ago, Mr. Moore's little child, about a year old, living three miles east of Whiterock, fell into a boiler of water and was drowned.
Wednesday at 2 o'clock occurred the marriage of Lewis Parker, of Washington, and Miss Anna Ahrnsbrake, of Marshall. An ice cream supper and dance followed at night.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, August 17, 1900
Wedding Bells.
Married, August 12, 1900, at the residence of Rev. John Sheppard, Miss Anna Lewis and Mr. James Kuhn, in the presence of a few intimate friends and relatives. The wedding party went from the minister's directly to the home of the bride's parents, where they were served with a bountiful dinner. The bride looked lovely in a pure white dress of fine soft material, covered with the finest of life. The bridegroom was dressed in dark. Each carried a bouquet of beautiful roses. Many friends join in wishing them a long and happy life.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, August 24, 1900
Born, to Lew and Lettie Harriman of Campbell, a baby boy, the first boy of the town. A corner lot would be a nice present to the newcomer. Don you think so, Mr. Guss?

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, September 7, 1900
Married, August 26, 1900, Joseph Micks and Mrs. Frank Alma. We wish them a long and happy life.
We wonder what makes Walter Baker walk so high nowadays. We guess it is because of the arrival of a 10-pound boy at his place quite recently.
Wedding near Lone Star.
Married, on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1900, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Reynolds, the parents of the bride, Mr. Charles Robert Sylvester and Miss Agnes M. Reynolds. The beautiful and impressive ceremony was performed by Rev. Ross, of Perkins, O.T. Mr. Sylvester has captured one of our most popular young ladies, and we join in wishing the happy couple a long and pleasant life together. The friends of the family, and several of the neighbors, were guests at the wedding. After the ceremony, which took place at 5 o'clock, the company was treated to a dainty collation of ice cream and cake. The bride was the recipient of a number of beautiful gifts. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Newberry, Mr. Eckman, Misses Della Newberry, Blanche Jester, Effie Lyons, Abbie Lyons, Kitty Elliott, Maude Blackwell, Nellie Crow, Edith Stoolfire, Bessie Stoolfire, Gladys Stoolfire, Gwenny Stoolfire, Alice Smith, Emma Leach, Mrs. Annie Hamel and daughter, Mrs. Lydia Van Valkenberg, Mrs. M.A. Eckman, Mrs. W.D. Curry and two children, Mrs. Will Sylvester and baby, Mrs. Chas. Stoolfire, Will and Henry Sylvester, John and Charles Eckman, Pryor and Volna Watkins, Bibb Kelley, Joe Sample, Chas. Stoolfire and Wm. J. Williamson.
Miss Ella Woodward and Charley Walters were married September 1. The young people had a fine time at their wedding dance. A long and happy life to you.
A Subject of Charity.
Some two weeks ago a family by the name of Patterson, who had been visiting relatives living at or near Pawnee, stopped to camp for the night I the grove of Mr. Estus, living one mile north of Mulhall. During their stay a little son, 8 years of age, became very sick. The family was very poor and unable to buy food or medicine. William Terrell, living a half mile north of town and almost across the road from the campers, went to their assistance, and on learning of the little fellow's case, went to Dr. Childers, who went to see him regularly and gave him medicine, but the fever had secured too strong a hold on the little boy. He was buried in Rose Lawn cemetery south of Mulhall, Mr. Terrell advancing the money for the expenses of burial. On Wednesday, Mr. Terrell called on the citizens to help him bear the load. They gave freely, and this is as it should be. The home of the family is in Texas, whither they are now going.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, September 14, 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Stout are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T., Friday, September 21, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Joyce, Wednesday September 19, a daughter.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Wallace, living six miles southwest of town, on September 8, 1900, a baby girl.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. S. Terrell, Wednesday, September 19, a boy.
Born, to Sam Galloway and wife, living a half mile north of town, on September 17, 1900, a girl baby.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 5, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Rawling a baby girl, Thursday, September 27. Will is as happy as a June bug.
Born, to the wife of Will Rawlings, Thursday Sept. 27, a girl. The girl favors her dad in several ways, vix. She is bald, has a red nose, takes to the bottle like a bumble bee to a lump of sugar and makes a lot of noise about nothing.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 12, 1900
A Wedding.
At the residence of the bride's parents on Monday evening, October 8, 1900, Robert F. Dunn and Miss Nancy B. Stalcup were united in marriage by Rev. Curtis E. Long, of Mulhall. Elegant refreshments were served. We extend hearty congratulations to the newly wedded couple.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 19, 1900
Made One.
Married, on October 17, 1900, at the home of the bride's parents, near Mulhall, O.T., Ottis Potter and Iva E. Fitzpatrick, W.S. Rehorn officiating. Quite a number of relatives and friends were present to enjoy the occasion.
After the ceremony, delicious ice cream, cakes, fruits and candies of different varieties were served and all spent a pleasant evening together. Both bride and groom are well and favorably known and the best wishes of many friends will follow them along the pathway of life.
Rinaldo Brown, formerly of this city, where he conducted a real estate office and brother of M.C. Brown of Perry, died at his father's home in Worth county, Mo., on the 6th, of quick consumption. He was highly respected and his death is much regretted. Perry Enterprise.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 26, 1900
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Hall Sunday, an 8-pound girl.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 2, 1900
At the residence of the bride's parents, nine miles west of Mulhall, on October 28, 1900, Mervin S. Hollingsworth, of Lillivale, O.T., and Miss Elizabeth Blackman were united in marriage, W.S. Rehorn officiating.
Married at the residence of the brides parents, near Mulhall, OT., on October 31, 1900, Fred Winter and Miss Emma Moritz, W.S. Rehorn officiating.
Quite a number of friends were present, a magnificent dinner was served and the occasion was a very enjoyable one.
The bride and groom were the recipients of quite a number of nice presents and many well wishes for their journey through life.
On Oct. 10, 1900, Justice Fred English spoke the words which united in marriage Charles C. Knutter and Miss Bailey, of Guthrie.
Also on the 26th he united in marriage, James H. Steel and Ida E. Nelson, both of Marshall.
Cupid's Doings.
At noon, Thursday, November 1, 1900, Clarence Reddy and Miss Villa Lemmon were married at the Farmers' Hotel. Rev. Curtis E. Long, of the Presbyterian church, was the officiating minister. The best wishes of many friends are extended to the young couple.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 2, 1900
A baby girl has come to Henry Ireton's house to board.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 9, 1900
A Magnificent Wedding.
It is universally conceded that all of the hospitable families in Oklahoma, that of our friend, Mr. Moritz's, heads the list. Imagine you see the child on a Christmas morning beholding his stocking full of candy; the little boy with his first pair of red-top boots; the first circus, etc. All these are scenes of joy beyond description. Of such the writer was reminded when entering the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Moritz. Mr. M., with his 4 by 8 foot grin, and his "How do you do, Mr. So and So, welcome, welcome," & c, & c. Why the cause of all this merriment? This vast concourse of people? This Delmonico table loaded down with the best in the land? The minister is here! Ah, here it is! The marriage of his daughter, Emma, to Mr. Fred Winters. You need not wonder at Mr. M. appearing as the happy boy with red-top boots, over the acquisition of so worthy a son-in-law as Mr. Winters
At precisely 1 o'clock p.m. while the wedding march was played by Miss Laura Hughes, the bridal couple appeared and were made husband and wife by Rev. Rehorn, one of our popular ministers.
After the usual congratulations we were invited to file out into the dining room where a table was loaded down with everything on earth, and very soon the waiters were bringing in just that much more. As Mr. Burford, our banker, call it (the same story): "Too much, too much to eat. The writer, after eating about three-quarters of hour, trying to eat everything, simply abandoned the task and closed the deal by eating five more pieces of the best pumpkin pie that you ever ate. The present were numerous and fine.
The readers no doubt would like a mention of those present. Did you ever, on a warm day, stand before a bee-hive and attempt to count the bees as they were in and out of the hive? The writer was unable to secure the names. Suffice it to say, it was the biggest wedding the writer has ever been permitted to attend.
We predict for this couple a life's pathway strewn with flowers, entertwined with love, harmony and prosperity.
P.S. Among the valuable presents we saw a 500-pound dinner bell. Ask Mr. Winters about the significance of the bell.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 16, 1900
A bright little girl baby made its appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mellody Saturday morning, November 10.
Married in New Mexico.
The following is clipped from the Gallup, New Mexico, Gleaner, and relates to a former Mulhall lady:
A quiet wedding took place at the home of Rev. and Mrs. P.A. Simpkin on Saturday evening last when Mr. Frank Bowers of this place and Miss Gertrude C. Detwiler of Mulhall, Oklahoma, were united in the bonds of wedlock, Mr. Simpkin officiating. Mr. Tom McGin and his sisters, Miss Kate, attended the bride and groom, the only other witness present being Mr. L.L. Ohlin.
Mr. Bowers is well and favorably known here having been am employee of the Crescent and Colorado Supply Companies for some years past and his manly qualities and genial disposition have won him a host of friends. Mrs. Bowers is a lady of fine character and training and to her and her husband The Gleaner extends with the community its best wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Bowers will be at home to friends at their residence at the Weaver mine in Gibson.
Segley-Seely Wedding.
On Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock in Oklahoma City, Miss Maude Seely of Mulhall, was united in marriage to Mr. Mont R. Segley, a young businessman of Oklahoma City. THE ENTERPRISE extends congratulations to the happy couple.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 23, 1900
Married, at Guthrie, Okla., Nov. 4, 1900, at the bride's home, Willis Osborne and Miss Minnie Shannon. They have moved to the Spangler farm, and have the best wishes of their many friends.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 30, 1900
On Tuesday, November 27, 1900, at the residence of the bride's parents, Charles William Lemmons' and Miss Margaret Maple, both of Mulhall, were united in marriage, Rev. Curtis E. Long officiating. A number of friends were present at the wedding. An elegant supper was served.
Our best wishes are extended to the happy pair, who will make their future home in Mulhall.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 7, 1900
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Blevens a pretty little girl baby on Sunday December 2.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 21, 1900
The family of John Beckman is made happy by the advent of a new baby girl. No name given.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 28, 1900
Almost a Christmas Present.
Logan county, Oklahoma boasts of a man 9 feet 13 inches tall worth six hundred and forty thousand dollars and eighty-four cents named B.C. Moritz, and father of a new 8-1/2 pound boy. Mother and son doing well. Father walking the floor with joy. Almost a Christmas present.
Wedding bells are ringing. Cupid has been shooting his arrows into hearts and sealed them with Hymen's seal within the last week. Marriage of Mr. Ernest Bocox and Miss Hettie Bush, two popular young people of this vicinity. The wedding was not a surprise for the courting began with early summer days and merged into love within a short space of time. The wedding took place at the capital, Dec. 24, 1900. All wish them a long, happy and joyous journey.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson, living 6 miles northwest of Mulhall on December 24, a eleven and one-half pound girl.

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