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Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1901

Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1901

Submitted by: Debby Cook

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 4, 1901
The following Mulhall people were issued marriage licenses at Stillwater last week: George Taylor and Grace Madison; Henry Davis and Ida Jester.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 18, 1901
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mayfield, Wednesday, January 16, 1900, a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baskins are the proud parents of a baby boy. The little one arrived upon this mundane sphere Monday, and at once began crowing for Coyle and his happy home. All concerned are reported as doing well. Charley Lee says Ed rushed up to the hardware store and wanted to take the wagon scales down to his house to weigh the new arrival. It being the first, Ed imagined the little fellow would weigh a ton.-Coyle Clipper.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 25, 1901
George Snyder's are proud of their fine girl who lately arrived at their house lately.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, February 1, 1901
Mrs. Odell, matron of the children's home at Kansas City, Kas., arrived in town Tuesday noon and had with her, Little Ester, a beautiful 3-year old child, which she left at Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Spangler's who will adopt the little one.
Thomas Dixen and Miss Sarah Alterson were united in matrimony at Stillwater, January 21, 1901. We wish them much joy and a long and happy life.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, a son on January 26, at 7 o'clock in the evening. The little stranger tips the scale beam at 7-1/2 pounds.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, February 8, 1901
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Pickard on last Sunday evening, a wee baby girl.
Born, on Sunday, February 3, to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Havenstrite, a girl. Mother and child are doing well.
Born, two weeks ago, to Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Havenstrite, twins-a boy and girl. All doing well at this writing.
Publication Notice
Mattie L. Bay, plaintiff vs. George Bay, defendant for divorce.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, February 22, 1901
Mrs. Banks' father died last Thursday of stomach trouble. He lived with Mr. and Mrs. Banks.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, March 8, 1901
Mr. and Mrs. Burright are the proud parents of a ten pound girl.
(Cut off) Hartman, of Guthrie, and Min- (cutoff) ndis, of Acton, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on February ?0th, at 4 p.m.
Married - On March 5, 1901, Samuel (cutoff), of Marshall, and Carrie Wall-(cutoff), of Mulhall, Justice C.F. English, officiating.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, March 22, 1901
Born, on March 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Price McCully, a little son.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, six miles west of Mulhall, on Sunday, March 17, 1901, a 10-pound boy.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, March 29, 1901
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Langley on March 22, a 10-pound girl.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 5, 1901
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Barnes, a baby girl on March 22.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 12, 1901
Miss Dollie Hamiel and Silas Montgomery were married last Friday, and started for Missouri Monday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller on Saturday April 6 a baby boy.
Married at the home of the bride's parents, Thursday, April 4, at 4 p.m., in the presence of friends and relatives, Mr. Jas. Arthur Duree of Orlando and Miss Osha Lenora Coulson of Mulhall. Rev. R.L. Morton, of Orlando, performed the ceremony.
The costume of bride was a lovely cashmere, with trimmings of white satin over lace and applique.
Dinner was served immediately after the ceremony. The bride is a refined and accomplished young lady and is a well known teacher of Logan county. The groom is also of high character and a popular and successful school teacher.
The bride and groom received a number of nice presents among them being a beautiful rocking chair from Miss Bessie Kelly with an astonishing condition attached.
The happy couple took the evening train for Perry where they will visit friends a few days.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 19, 1901
Mitchell-Chittum Nuptials.
Married at the residence of the bride's parents April 12, 1901, W.L. Mitchell and Miss Emma Chittum. Eld. J.E. Rowland, of Hennessey, was the officiating minister.
The bride is the daughter of J.T. and Harriett Chittum and is a well respected young lady and has scores of friends.
The groom is general agent of the J.L. Nicholls Publishing Company of Atlanta Georgia.
The parents gave them a nice dinner, as which many friends were present. They received several present. All join in wishing them a long and happy life.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 26, 1901
Jesse Cox, formerly of Mulhall, but now at Guthrie as an employer of the Santa Fe, was married on April 21, 1901, at Oklahoma City to Miss Tillie Taylor, formerly of Orlando. Jesse's friends here can demand a treat from him when they meet him.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 17, 1901
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Meisner living six miles east of Mulhall Sunday May 12 a 12 pound boy.
William E. Wesley and Miss Ada Wortman, of Mulhall, have been granted a marriage license by Probate Judge Goodrich.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 17, 1901
A little girl has come to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Soule. She arrived Wednesday morning and her weight was reported to be eleven pounds.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, July 5, 1901
On Sunday, June 30, at 5 p.m., the Rev. Richard M. Toms, of the Presbyterian church, united in the bonds of holy matrimony, Mr. R. Alva, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fleener, properietor's of the Farmers' Restaurant, to Miss Mary Estella, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G..L. Conaway.
After the ceremony in the parlors of the hotel the numerous guests adjourned to the spacious dining room where an elegent supper was served to which the forty-five guests did ample justice. Among the guests were the following:
Dr. Haning and wife.
E. Kuhlman and wife.
Miss Laura Hughes.
S.D. Lemmons, wife and daughter.
Miss Gertrude Daily.
Ohio Miller, wife and son.
S.F. Garrett and wife.
A.T. McMillan and wife.
O.W. Lobdell and wife.
W.B. Scott, wife and family.
N.J. Hallock, wife and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Conaway.
Misses Lucy, Etta and Jessie Conaway.
John Beachaw.
Miss P. Nally and Mr. Corey, of Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fleener made most excellent entertainers and every one had a good time. The gifts to the young couple were numerous and useful. The following are the names of some of the donors:
Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Lemmons and daughter, glass dessert ware; Worley Conaway, silver spoons; E. Kuhlman and wife, rocking chair; Dr. Haning and wife, china dessert ware; Ohio Miller and wife, toilet set; S.F. Garrett and wife, bed linen; A.T. McMillan and wife, silver tableware; O.W. Lobdell and wife, rocking chair; W.B. Scott and wife, bed linen; N.J. Hallock and wife, clock; G.L. Conaway and wife, kitchen-ware and cash; R.W. Fleener and wife, bed room set; Miss Lucy Conaway, water set; Chas. Ware and Miss Etta Conaway, table linen; Miss Patsey Nally, glassware; John Beuchaw, table cuttlery; Mr. Corey and W.B. Scott, parlor lamp.
Mr. Fleener will continue to assist his father in the management of the hotel. THE ENTERPRISE joins with the community in the best wishes for the future success of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Fleener.
Died, Thursday morning, July 4, 1901, Mrs. Ed Dyche of puerile fever. Her child expired soon after.
It is reported that Miss Clara Knight and Ben Hallock were married Wednesday. If so, they have the best wishes of their friends.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, July 19, 1901
A boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Black's Friday, July 12.
Mrs. Hannah Grooms and Leslie Brass, of Coyle, were married one day last week. They came from Coyle Saturday evening to visit with the bride's father, Rev. J.W. Black. Mrs. Grooms made her former home here, and has many friends who wish them joy in the future life.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 2, 1901
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ready, Wednesday, July 31, a girl weight 7 pounds. Clarence is the happiest man this side of the new country.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 9, 1901
William Crews and Miss York, both of Guthrie, were married by Rev. William Judd, at 8 o'clock yesterday evening, at his residence in town.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 23, 1901
A little girl arrived August 11, to bright the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Draper.
A.J. Champion is the happy father of a 9-3/4 pound boy born Thursday morning at 6 a.m.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 30, 1901
Wm. Queer returned last week from Wellington, Kan., where he was called quite recently by a telegram that his son, Frank, was lying at the point of death. He was accidently run over by a threshing machine. Everything was done in the way of medical aid but he died before Mr. Queer reached there. He was buried in the Wellington cemetery. This community extends its sympathy to the bereaved family.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, September 6, 1901
Grocer Johnson Very Unsuspectingly Becomes
a Benedict.
Mr. G.D. Johnson and Miss Edna V. Roberts were married at the Palace Hotel parlors Wednesday at midnight, Rev. Chas. Hazelrigg performing the ceremony which joined them in wedlock. The wedding would have occurred earlier in the evening had the night passenger not been late. Mr. Johnson went to Perry on the evening train to meet his bride, accompanying her from Perry, going immediately from the station to the hotel parlors where they were quietly married in the presence of witnesses only.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert of Schoolcraft, Michigan, where Mr. Johnson became acquainted with her. She was a teacher at Schoolcraft and a favorite in society. THE ENTERPRISE takes pleasure in bidding the bride welcome to Mulhall, and trusts they will always find it pleasant to live here.
The groom is also a native of Michigan, but strayed from the bleak north to try his fortunes in the sunny south. About three month's ago he came to Mulhall and purchased the store of C.S. Brown & Co. He immediately enlarged the stock and he has now one of the neatest and best stocked groceries in Mulhall. He is popular and well liked and is laying the foundation for a successful business career. The new couple will occupy rooms for the present in the rear of the store. THE ENTERPRISE offers hearty congratulations to the happy couple.
Miss Sadie Show and Mr. Ed Roberts were united in marriage at Marshall, O.T., on Tuesday August 27. The groom lives several miles southeast of Marshall.
No wonder that Col. Shaffer is wearing such broad smiles when there are twin boys at his house.
Tom Reynolds and Miss Cora Garrett were married Sunday evening at 4 o'clock by the Justice of the Peace Chas. North. Mr. Reynolds has a good farm in the Pleasant Valley district where they will make their future home. The boys met Tuesday night and gave them a grand serenade. The door was opened and the boys were treated with plenty of candy and wine.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, September 20, 1901
The Editor a Benedict.
At 6 o'clock Sunday evening, September 16, 1901, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzpatrick, Miss Bessie Robert Kelly was united to marriage to Thomas Butler Woosley. The officiating clergyman was Elder Charles Hazelrigg, supply pastor of the local Christian church and editor of the Oklahoma Christian. Only the parents, sisters, brothers and grandmother of the bride, and the parents and sister of the bridegroom were present. Immediately after the ceremony supper was served.
So far as telling our readers who "we" are, it is deemed unnecessary. The bride has grown from young girlhood to womanhood but a few miles from Mulhall, and there found, wooed and won by Mr. Woosley.
After a four-years' residence in Mulhall as publisher of THE ENTERPRISE, the bridegroom needs no introduction. If the number of good people who have offered us kindly congratulations this week is a criterion, we have an abundance of good, loyal and faithful friends.
"We" are at home to our friends at our residence, the late Van Aken home, after November 1, 1901.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 4, 1901
Born, to D.C. Stoddard and wife one day last week, a fine eight pound boy. The little fellow is a socialist and is welcomed by the entire family.
An infant son of John Blevins died yesterday. (child's name Cecil)

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 25, 1901
Messrs. White, Mat Black and Charlie Stikes went to Acton Saturday, to attend the funeral of little Roy McGill, who was a grandson of Mr. White.
Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Scott are the happy parents of a new boy, born this morning; weight nine pounds. Mr. Scott says the boy is just fine and proves his assertion by his happy countenance.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 1, 1901
Mr. Charles Fraser United in Marriage to
Miss Mary Estus
Married, at Oklahoma City, O.T., Friday, October 25, 1901, Miss Mary McCleland Estus to Mr. Charles Albert Fraser, both of Mulhall.
The bride, Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Estus, who reside on their splendid farm just north of Mulhall, is well and most favorably known in Mulhall and vicinity. She received her education here in the Mulhall schools principally, and attended St. Joseph's Retreat at Guthrie one year. She comes of a splendid family, is bright, intelligent, and active in church circles and society, and will, THE ENTERPRISE predicts, make Mr. Fraser a wife of whom he may well be proud of.
The bridegroom is a young business man who cast his lot among us here at Mulhall about two years ago; embarked in the drug business for himself and has been eminently successful. In his business ventures he has been backed by energy, ability and business sense. He has had his ups and downs like all of us, but withal he has come through all right. He is well-liked, a prince of good fellows, and will make, we feel sure, a dutiful and exemplary husband. THE ENTERPRISE takes special delight in extending to this young married couple its most earnest wishes for a long, happy and prosperous wedding life.
They have recently purchased the Cochrell property in north Mulhall, where they will be at home to their many friends after November 15, 1901.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Ninemyers, Sunday October 27, a boy.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lewellen a baby girl October 22, 1901. Mrs. Lewellen is reported very sick.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 8, 1901
A Wedding.
W.J. Spiva and Mrs. Sarah Robinson, both well known people of Mulhall were married at the residence of the latter at eight o'clock, Wednesday evening November 6, 1901. Charles Hazelrigg officiated. The best wishes of a host of friends are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Spiva.
Sylvester-Crow Wedding.
In a quaint little parsonage at Stillwater on October 31, 1901, were united in marriage by the Rev. DeBoise, Miss Nellie Crow, daughter of J. H. Crow, and H. Sylvester both of Clarkson township. Those present were Daniel Crow and wife, Jacob Crow and daughter. After the ceremony the wedding party returned to the Yoast Hotel. They received many congratulations. Much good music was enjoyed by all. Mr. Sylvester and wife will still remain among us. Mr. Sylvester has a nice home in which to take his young wife. Miss Crow, the bride, was the pride of her home, and was loved by all who knew her. May joy and peace go with them.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J.S. McCormick, Tuesday November 5, 1901, a fine boy baby. Weight, ten pounds; name, James, after his papa.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 22, 1901
Wedding Bells.
Mr. William Godard of Columbia, and Miss Emily McCue were united in marriage at the bride's home near Mulhall, Sunday November 17, 1901, Rev. Bradley officiating.
Immediately following the ceremony a sumptuous repast was served. The bride and groom are numbered among our most popular young people and the good wishes of the community attend them in their new relationship.
They will make their home near Columbia.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Skippers, Thursday night, November 15, 1901, an eight-pound boy.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 29, 1901
MARRIED-At Guthrie, O.T., Wednesday afternoon November 27, 1901, Miss Mae Ford to Mr. Will Combs, both of Mulhall. This couple is too well known here to need an introduction. They will reside in the English residence. THE ENTERPRISE extends heartiest congratulations.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J.S. York, a fine pair of twin babies.
Mrs. Lewis, living east of Mulhall, died Tuesday of this week and was buried in the Clarkson Cemetery Wednesday afternoon.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 6, 1901
Miss Ada Hawkins of Mulhall and Ben Lee of Goodnight were married on November 24.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 13, 1901
Married, at Chickasha, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Sunday, December 1, 1901, Mr. Harry Elliott to Miss Anna Freeman. The bride is a charming young lady, whose home has been at Chickasha. Here Mr. Elliott wooed and won her for his wife. There's very little use for THE ENTERPRISE to say anything introductory of the bridegroom. Everybody near Mulhall knows that Harry is one of the best all-round fellows in this part of the hemisphere, and worthy of a good wife, which we hope he has secured. Harry, old boy, here's our ---------------.

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