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Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1902

Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1902

Submitted by: Debby Cook

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 10, 1902
Mulhall and Vicinity.
Married, Wednesday, January 1, 1902, Mr. Harry Ford to Miss Lina Hunter at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hunter. The bride is an estimable young lady, who is well known in Mulhall and vicinity, and is worthy of a good husband. The bridegroom is a son of Will Ford and is a bright, energetic young man, and sure to succeed. THE ENTERPRISE extends kindest and heartiest wishes for the future happiness.
Mr. James Moore and Miss Leona Barnard were married at the home of the bride's mother near Mulhall Jan. 1, 1902, at 1 o'clock p.m. Only the immediate relatives being present. A sumptuous dinner followed in which all joyfully participated. A good resolution for New Years day.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 17, 1902
Mulhall and Vicinity.
Born, Friday morning, January 10, 1902, to Ralph Webb and wife, a bouncing boy. Mother, boy and Ralph doing first-class.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 24, 1902
Married. In Guthrie by Probate Judge Goodrich, on Wednesday Jan. 16, 1902, Mr. G.W. Ford of Mulhall, O.T., to Miss Minnie Sharpe of Standard, O.T. This couple needs no recommendation as everyone is acquainted with them. Their many friends extend life's many blessings to them and a long happy life.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, January 31, 1902
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Garrett, Friday, January 24, a ten pound boy, who looks just like his "pa" and was born on his birth-day. Mother and child is doing nicely and it is believed that W.H. will recover also.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, February 7, 1902
Weighed and not found wanting. Charlie Garrett says its an eleven pound girl at his house and all doing well.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, February 28, 1902
Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Sylvester Friday night, an eight pound son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Sylvester Friday, February 21, a boy.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hanna are parents of a bright baby boy born to them Saturday, February 22.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 4, 1902
Mr. and Mrs. Burr Wolford have a bouncing boy.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 18, 1902
A girl baby came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cisco Tuesday of last week.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, April 25, 1902
Mr. and Mrs. Stallman are the proud and happy parents of a fine baby boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Stallman are the parents of a new baby boy, born Tuesday, April 15.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 9, 1902
Minnie Kelly Tires of Life and
Tries to Leave this Cold
World by the Strychnine Route.
Tuesday just after the noon hour a messenger came from the Seeley home in search of a doctor, whose services were needed to save the life of Miss Minnie Kelly who had taken strychnine. Miss Kelly is an orphan child about 18 years old, and a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Seeley where she makes her home when in Mulhall. She is, to an observer, a well favored girl, possessing health, beauty and a voluptuous form, and apparently always happy. But how little one knows, from appearance, of the real condition and troubles locked in the heart of man.
Miss Kelly gave no reason for her rash act, other than that she wanted to die, and was tired of life.
The poison was taken in a cup of coffee at her noon meal, and after swallowing the coffee she told her aunt what she had done. Mrs. Seeley tried to have her take an antidote for the poison but she stubbornly refused and declared she took it to die and would not take the medicine. Mrs. Seeley could do nothing with her and sent for Dr. Childers who hastily drove out to the Seeley home. She refused to take medicine from the doctor and fought to keep from doing so but was held and an emetic forced down her throat.
The manner of taking the poison is perhaps the only reason for her recovery, for had the strychnine crystals been dissolved she would have died before medical assistance reached her bedside; and, too, had she taken the full amount intended she would have died, but a portion of the poison stuck to the side of the cup and what she swallowed was only sufficient to cause her severe contracting pains, and will keep her confined to the house for several days.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 16, 1902
Married, on Thursday, May 1, Miss Effie Henderson of Standard, Okla., to Mr. Harvey Smith of Deer Creek, Okla.
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Near Saturday May 10.
On the 8th Mr. and Mrs. Aimens were parents of twin girls. The little pair claim the undivided attention of the Aimens household.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 23, 1902
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Davis Monday May 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Bischoff are parents of an eleven pound girl born to them Thursday morning. Dr. Haning reports mother and child in fine health.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, May 30, 1902
Rev. M.O. Billings and wife are rejoicing over the arrival at their home yesterday morning of a baby boy weighing ten and a quarter pounds. Both the mother and babe are getting along nicely. - Wednesday's State Capital.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, June 6, 1902
Mr. and Mrs. Gleason have a new girl baby.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, June 13, 1902
A June Wedding.
At 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, June 15, 1902, at the Hubbell school house, ten miles west of Mulhall, Darwin A. Owen and Miss Mamie I. Waggoner were united in marriage, Chas. Hazelrigg, of Mulhall officiating.
The marriage ceremony took place immediately following the religious service which had been conducted by Rev. Russell of Orlando. Quite a number of persons witnessed the marriage service.
The groom, Darwin A. Owen, is a native of Illinois. He moved with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Owen, to Kansas, and about two years ago they came to Oklahoma purchasing a beautiful farm located in the Beaver creek valley, eleven miles west of Mulhall. Mr. Owen is a young man of sterling worth and comes to our territory well recommended.
Miss Mamie I. Waggoner, the bride, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Waggonery. Kansas is her native state. With her parents she came to the territory at its early settlement. Her father owns one of the choice Skeleton valley farms. Miss Mamie is accustomed to pioneer life. She has the qualities to reign as queen in the home.
An elegant supper was served at the home of the groom's parents. The occasion will be pleasantly remembered by those who were present. The young couple received several nice presents, and many well wishes to future happiness and success.
Mr. Bert Owens and Miss Mamie Wagoner, both of Mulhall, were united in holy matrimony at the Hubbell school house at 3 o'clock in the evening Sunday, June 15, Rev. Hazelrigg of Mulhall, officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Owens are two of our most promising young people and have the well wishes of their many friends in the neighborhood. They were charivaried by a crowd of men and boys at night.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, June 27, 1902
Dr. Hatfield reports the birth of a girl to Mr. and Mrs. T. Reynolds, Sunday the 22nd.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, July 18, 1902
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rutherford on July 12, a baby girl. Mother and child doing nicely.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 1, 1902
A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sherm Roy Thursday morning, July 25. Dr. Hatfield reports the little man stout and eleven pounds, the mother doing well.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 8, 1902
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Schultz a baby girl quite recently. Billy and child doing well.
Miss Clara Hagin and Mr. Stephen D. Kerns were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Thursday evening July 31, George Dent saying the words which made them man and wife. The contracting parties are favorably known by a large circle of friends, the most intimate of whom were present to witness the ceremony and say words of cheer, as well as to present the bride and groom with regards in very appropriate presents. A splendid supper was prepared and the wedding feast was heartily relished by the company. The Editor and Enterprise force were favored with a piece of the wedding cake for which we wish the happy couple boundless joy.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 15, 1902
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Peeler on Sunday August 3, a baby boy.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, August 22, 1902
Forrest Elliott and Miss Hattie Merydith were married at the home of the bride's mother, Wednesday evening the 20th.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Favors, a 10-pound boy August 14.
Born, to F.M. McCart and wife, on the 13th inst., a girl weighing nine pounds.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, September 5, 1902
On Sunday, August 31, at 12:45 p.m., Allie Gregg and Miss Bessie B. Cain were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. J.S. Bradley officiating. After the ceremony was over a sumptious dinner was served, with ice cream and cake as dessert.
The young bride and groom received many useful presents as well as congratulations and expression of friendly feeling. Over thirty persons were there and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the occasion. Who'll be the next.
The marriage of Mr. Arthur A. Wood to Miss Blanche L. Addington took place at the residence of the bride's parents, 3 miles southwest of Mulhall, September 3, 1902, at 8 o'clock p.m., Rev. M.O. Billings pastor of the M.E. church, officiating. This worthy young couple start life together with the good wishes of a number of friends. Mr. Wood was a soldier in the late war and saw service in the Phillipines, his wife is well known here as a capable and intelligent young woman. A number of their friends from town attended the wedding, including the Rough Rider band.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, September 12, 1902
Miss Nellie Phillips and Mr. Cutter were married in Guthrie Monday September 8.
Married, at the residence of Elder Leo Anthis, the officiating minister, Wednesday evening Sept. 10, Mr. Louis Faires and Miss Lesty Lewellen. These young people are well known in the community and will be congratulated and have the good will of all.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, September 26, 1902
Herman Mayer and Martha Shultz were united in marriage in the parlors of the Kemp hotel Wednesday evening, Justice Matthews officiating. They were charivaried immediately after the ceremony and responded by stepping to the parlor door when the groom invited the boys to smoke. Later in the evening the band assembled in front of the hotel and rendered several excellent selections for their benefit. They will be at home near Orlando to friends.
Tuesday of last week a baby boy came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dye.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Holcum are parents of a baby girl born to them Sunday the 21st.
A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Asa Phelps, Friday Sept. 17. Dr. Hatfield reports it a fine one and the mother in excellent health.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 3, 1902
A son arrived to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Beuchaw Tuesday the 23rd. Lew says he is a pure democrat
A baby boy came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Combs Tuesday, September 30, 1902. Will is growing accustomed to the name papa and the mother is proud of her possession.
Miss Lela Kemp and Mr. E.P. Barton were joined in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Monday evening at 9 o'clock, Justice W.H. Matthews officiating.
The home was tastefully decorated for the occasion and a large number of friends were present to participate in the joyful event which joined the lives and hearts of two of Mulhall's most prominent young people.
The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kemp, a lovable tempered, highly cultured lady who will truly be a help-mate both in home and social life, to the one in whom she trusts for better or for worse.
The groom is a bright minded young man with the world and many possibilities before him, a man of experience in commercial pursuits, just now entering business in Atlanta, Kansas, where, after a short wedding tour, he will take his bride to make a home and enjoy the fruits of their love and labor.
Numerous, handsome and costly presents were received from friends as souvenirs of respect and wishes for a happy, prosperous life down the avenue of time. The Enterprise joins their friends in hearty welcome to all that is good.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, October 17, 1902
A little girl arrived at the home of J.E. Baker Friday October 10.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 7, 1902
Mr. and Mrs. Link Story are the parents of a new girl.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, November 14, 1902
Mr. Wade gave a dance Monday night in honor of the marriage of his daughter, Lee, to James Wagoner.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilber an eight pound boy, Oct. 8.
Married, at the bride's home one half mile north of Mulhall on the evening of November the 7th, 1902, Mr. James P. Wagoner and Miss Sarah L. Wade, William Judd officiating. The bride is one of Mulhall's fairest young ladies, the groom is a young man of noble appearances. May the sea of life over which they sail ever by calm.
The way Willis Wilber struts around one would think he had been elected to office, but it is not that. He is smiling over a big boy that arrived Saturday morning Nov. 8.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 12, 1902
Resolutions of Respect.
At a regular meeting of Magnolia lodge No. 12, of Mulhall, Okla., the following resolutions were adopted.
Whereas, it has pleased God to call Brother P.H. McDermid, after a long and useful life, from his earthly labors, it becomes our painful duty to pay a fitting tribute to his memory.
Resolved, that in his death we lose a sincere friend and the lodge a useful members.
Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be published in our local paper and one sent to the official paper of Oklahoma and copies also to be furnished to the relatives of our deceased brother.
{F.M. Spangler
Committee {Tom B. Woosley

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 19, 1902
At high noon Tuesday, Dec. 16, 1902, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. Lloyd McPeek and Miss Alice Laura Hubbell were united in marriage, Rev. J.S. Bradley officiating. After the ceremony, which was very impressive, a sumptuous dinner was served. Following is a list of presents received by the bride:
One hundred piece dinner set by Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Hubbell, set of silverware consisting of six knives, six forks, six tablespoons, six teaspoons, a butter knife and sugar shell, by Mr. and Mrs. McPeek, table cloth by Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Hern of Denver, Colo., dresser scarf by Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McPeek, water set, consisting of pitcher, tray and six glasses, by Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Ahrnsbrake, table cloth by L. Hunt and daughter, parlor lamp by Miss Lottie Hubbell, rocking chair by Wintferd McPeek, berry dish and six individual dishes by Miss Daisy Rude of Burden, Kansas, fancy towel by Mrs. Perkins, decorated china spoon tray by Mrs. Dolly Hoylen of Winfield, Kansas, syrup pitcher by Rude McPeek, framed oil landscape picture and velvet rug by Rev. and Mrs. Bradley.
Friday morning at 2 p.m., Mr. James Kizer to Mrs. Elizabeth Brindley.
This event which has been looked for by the knowing ones for some weeks past, was consummated as above stated, in the presence of a few invited witnesses, by Elder Wm. Judd.
Mrs. Brindley had been east on a visit and was to have arrived on the 9:45 train, which however was several hours behind time. Mr. Kizer had made all arrangements for the wedding by having the minister and witnesses present at his home, which he has had fitted up and furnished for the reception of his bride. Thus is the odd hour accounted for and we get the opportunity of saying "All is well that ends well."
The Enterprise tenders congratulations and wishes for this couple many happy days together.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, Friday, December 26, 1902
Dr. Hatfield reports the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Hron Tuesday morning Dec. 23.

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