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Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1895

Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1894

Submitted by: Debby Cook

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, March 23, 1895
Last Saturday afternoon a quiet and peaceful wedding occurred at the residence of O.P. Rury. The contracting parties were Mr. Frank S. Marks and Miss Agnes Hazlett. The young couple is well known here having lived here for several years. The Enterprise joins with their many friends to extending congratulations and hopes that all their troubles and cares may be little ones.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, April 27, 1895
Wm. Shaw and Miss Clara Skipper were married at the bride's parents Sunday evening five miles southeast of town. Mr. Shaw and wife will leave for his claim in the Iowa country at once.
Frank Macy an, of Noble county and Miss Eva Wade were married Wednesday evening at the bride's parents in this city. The young couple left Thursday morning for their fine claim. The Enterprise joins in with their many friends in extending congratulations.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday May 4, 1895
Wedding Bells
On the evening of the 24 ult. At 7 o'clock p.m. at the home of the bride's parents, in Mulhall, Mr. Frank Macy was united in marriage to Miss Eva Wade, in the presence of the members of the family, and a few invited guests. After which, we were ushered into the dining room, by our genial hostess, Mrs. Wade and were seated at a table covered with everything that could delight the palate of men. The table was also ornamented with beautiful beauquets of flowers, which gave it a very beautiful appearance. Mr. Frank Macy, is a rising young farmer of Noble Co. near Perry. Who has many friends in his vicinity. Miss Eva Wade is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Hon. J.S. Wade, member of the 3rd General Assembly. She possesses beauty and refinement, and that sunny temperament that seems to make all happy with whom she comes in contact. She goes to live with her husband on a farm near Perry, and will be missed by her many young friends in Mulhall. The congratulations and good wishes of many friends go with them, for their success and happiness in life.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday May 11, 1895
Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Bowman, Tuesday morning a 9 pound girl.
A.J. Whitmore living six miles east of town has a new boy which come to stay Wednesday.
P.P. Scott living northwest of town is the proud father of a girl which put in appearance last Saturday.
J.E. Glover and Miss Viola Peters, was married at Perry Wednesday. Rev. C.P. Brewer officiated. The young couple have the best wishes of their many friends.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, June 8, 1895
Marriage Bells
At the pleasant home of our fellow citizen, D.C. Dwinell, on June 4, 1895, occured the marriage of Mr. Wm. T. Dwinell of Guthrie, Ok and Mrs. Martha E. Tarble of North Vernon, Indiana.
The wedding was a quiet one, none but the immediate friends of the family being present. After the ceremony and congratulations, a recherce refection was served and bidding adieu, the high contracting parties left for Guthrie on the 10:30 pm south bound train. The Enterprise wishes them all possible happiness and a prosperous voyage o'er life's placid sea.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, June 29, 1895
June 18th, 1895
At Carral Williams, seven miles southwest of Mulhall at 6 a.m. there was rejoicing. It was a seven and a half pound girl. Will not pa and grandpa be glad it is pa's first grand child and grandpa's first great grand child. May the household blessing continue to grow.
Wm. Judd, M.D.
Born-To Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Scott on Sunday June 23rd a fine boy. All parties concerned are getting along nicely except Mont and he was so far recovered as to be able to come to town Monday and subscribe for the Enterprise.
We extend congratulations and welcome Master John Scott (for so he is christened) to his place in this busy world of action, and may that place be a high one.
Arrived at Samuel Atherton's on the 23rd, a bouncing boy. Sam says he will swell the Populists majority in 1916.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, July 13, 1895
We are sorry to note the death of old grand-pa Hull, which occurred July 3rd. We extend sympathy to the bereaved friends.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, July 20, 1895
Wedding Bells
Married at the home of the groom's parents, Sunday evening at five o'clock. Mr. David Maples and Miss Eliza West. Those present on the occasion were Misses Maggie Atkins, Sopha and and Emma Mortz, Maggie Fowler, Bessy Berry and Mrs. Smrise; Messrs. Luster, Parr, Fowler, Lee and Green. May their life be one long summer day.
Thirty Years Ago
On July 12th, 1865, Capt. J.M. Barnthouse and Barbara E. Miers were joined in the holy bond of matrimony. Last Sunday, July 14th, their many friends gathered at their home to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their wedding in royal style. A grand dinner was served to sixty persons and Jack, who always feels lost without "something to brace upon" treated all who felt inclined to beer and wine. In the afternoon a game of ball between Clarkson and Beaver Creek resulted in a victory for Clarkson of 17 to 13.
Among the host present we note the following: Wm. Gooch and wife, T.J. Barnthouse and wife, of Mulhall, M.C. Murell, wife and two daughters, Edna and Pearl, Winnie Hopkins and wife, Johnas Helman and two sons, H.E. Mount, Clint Hutchins, Chas. Dolesbury, Nellie Gooch Ellis, James and Theo Barnthouse.
Our last items should have read grand-pa Hull died July 2nd instead of July 3rd.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, July 27, 1895
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Y.E. Todd on Saturday, July 20, a fine boy.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday August 3, 1895
Born: -- To Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lemmon on Tuesday, July 31st, a fine baby, Dr. Childers was in attendance.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, August 10, 1895
Cottonwood District
Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, August 10, 1895

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, August 24, 1895
Last night the drouth was broken by a bountiful rain. We had the heaviest of thundering of the season. A sad accident occured two miles south and one east of Marshall, during the storm the other night, the house of Mr. House was struck by lightning killing both Mr. House and his wife. It was not discovered until in the morning. It seems as though they were attempting to go to the cellar for protection and as they were leaving the house or about to leave, the lightning struck the house close to the door, the wife falling back to the north side of the door and Mr. House to the south. He had on his right arm some bed clothing and she, two pillows and one comfort, they both were badly bruised.
MARRIED: -- At the M.E. church in Mulhall, August 22, 1895, by Rev. W.E. Jones, Mr. Charles Seaman and Miss Tena Brown. Now Charlie, begin right by subscribing for the Enterprise and you will never regret it.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, August 31, 1895
Hoyt-Brown:-- Wednesday, Aug. 8th, 1895, at the home of the bride's parents in Cherryvale, Kansas, Willard Hoyt of this city and Belle Brown of Cherryvale, Kansas, abandoned their little boats and launched together upon the sunlit waters of the matrimonial sea. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt are both well and favorably known to a large circle of friends in this place. Mr. Hoyt, though a young man, is a successful business man and a member of the Board of Trustees. Mrs. Hoyt will be remembered as a teacher in the public schools here last year. May the sun of their married life always be bright and their only troubles little ones.
The Enterprise was remembered with some very large slices of cake.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, September 7, 1895
Born:-- To Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Klaumann, Wednesday, Sept. 4th, a fine baby girl.
Born:-- To Mr. and Mrs. Bevis, Saturday, August 31st, a girl baby. Dr. McConnehey was in attendance and says the little stranger is fat and strong. All parties doing well except Ote who became so absentminded that he forgot to mention it to his friends when he went to Perry Monday morning.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, September 14, 1895
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Calvert died Friday and was buried Saturday in the Mulhall Cemetery.
The funeral of G.W. McCoy who died Friday of last, of stomach trouble, was largely attended, he was buried Sunday.
Mrs. Miller died Tuesday, September 10. We have been unable to learn any of the particulars concerning the demease. - Ed.
Since our last items, Death has claimed one in the person of G.W. McCoy, he died last Friday eve after being sick only one day. The physicians did all that was in their power to save him, but "Verily in the midst of life are we in death."

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, October 12, 1895
Ellis P. James and Lillie Hazel Lowe were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's parents, in the presence of many friends and relatives, Wednesday, September 18, 1895, Rev. Wm. Judd officiating. Ellis is well and favorably known by everybody in this locality having been among our citizens for a long time. While he is full of good natured fun, there is not a bad trait to his character. While the bride is one of the belles of society, she is respected and loved by all her associates and will be a never fading flower in the home of her husband. May success go with this couple, may their lives be spent in one long round of love, peace and usefulness and in behalf of their many friends, we wish them many happy days in their journey through life.
May their lives be full of joys and their greatest troubles, little boy.
It is with pleasure that we announced the arrival of a girl baby at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kincaid on Thursday, September 26, 1895. Frank wears a smile as broad as his gedial face will allow and says he always liked girls best anyway.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, October 12, 1895
Born: -- To Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Territ Wednesday a boy.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, October 19, 1895
Married. -- October 13th, 1895, by Rev. J.H. Mitchell, Mr. James M. Bocox and Miss Hattie B. Morris, all of Logan Co., Okla.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, November 2, 1895
Frank Walker and Miss Florence Chatfield were married Monday. We have not learned the particulars, but wish them a long and happy life.
Born: -- to Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Fitzpatrick on Saturday a girl baby, weight, three pounds.
Later: -- We are sorry to note that the little infant passed into the sweet Beyond Monday morning.
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maloney on Sunday, Oct. 27th, 1895, a sturdy boy. All parties are doing well except Tommy, and the doctor thinks that if he sets up the cigars all around he will recover in time.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, November 30, 1895
DIED: -- On Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 9 a.m., Mary Ann, daughter of Peter and Mrs. O'Flanagan, aged 7 yrs. And 3 mos. The remains were taken to Guthrie for interment on Wednesday.
Married: -- at Guthrie, OK Dec. 5th, 1895. William Prosser of this city and Clara A. Frank of Sheridan, Ok. "Dad looks twenty five years younger and sets up the cigars and confectionary like a boy of nineteen."

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, December 14, 1895
We understand that Rev. S.N. Jones is the proud father of a new bouncing baby boy.

Mulhall, Logan Co., O.T. Saturday, December 28, 1895
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Larsh a son.
Christmas gift - 11 lb. in weight - Dr. Hatfield officiating, a girl born to Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Glasgow December 25, 1895.
Santa Claus royally remembered Mr. and Mrs. Nicodemus Christmas morning by sending a fat seven pound baby boy to board with them.

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