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Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1897

Excerpts from the Mulhall Enterprise 1897

Submitted by: Debby Cook

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, January 2, 1897
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Rambo a baby girl, Dec. 26, 1896.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, January 23, 1897
Married:--At Perkins, Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1897, William Rawlings and Miss Jennie Shannon of Lincoln county. Both parties are well known here and will be at home in their brick house in the north part of town. A ball was given in their honor in the Rawlings Building Thursday night. The Enterprise wishes them long continued happiness.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, January 30, 1897
Saturday night, Mrs. Goode gave a reception at the Palace Hotel in honor of the marriage of Wm. Rawlings and Miss Jennie Shannon. Fifty-seven persons partook of the refreshments, consisting of coffee, fruit, cake and confectionery. After supper the dining hall was cleared and those who felt inclined indulged in dancing. A cake containing a ring and a darning needle was cut and distributed among the young folks. Tora Bowman got the ring and hence is hooked for the next wedding. J.D. Imboden got the needle which dooms him to darn his own socks in lonely old bachelorhood much to the disappointment of a certain fair lady of this vicinity, whose name, out of consideration for her feelings, we omit to mention.

Rev. and Mrs. John H. Aughey pass
The 40th. Milestone of married
Life Jan. 22nd.
On the evening of the 22nd. Many of the friends of Rev. and Mrs. John H. Aughey united in a conspiracy to surprise them, it being the 40th. anniversary of their wedding. The surprise was a complete success, and when they returned from the Hotel Kemp where they had been invited for supper they found their home in possession of their friends who welcomed them with hearty good cheer. Considerable time was pleasantly spent in social intercourse, when refreshments were served. After partaking of the delicacies provided for the occasion, a brief program consisting of prayer, songs, reading and speechmaking were carried out. The many presents were brought forward and in a few words indicative of the high esteem of the donors for the recipients, they were presented, Rev. Aughey, for himself and estimaine wife responded with words that were an index of the kindly feeling entertained for the givers, when all joined in chanting softly "Shall we meet beyond the river?" After this song and a general handshake all round the company dispersed. Those present were Mesdames Mulhall, Burford, Keifer, Riley, Estus, Scarr, Kemp, Rotterman, Wise, Davis and Miss Jennie Brown; Messrs. Brown, Mordy, Barford, Estus, Rotterman, Scarr.
Rev. John H. Aughey was born in New Hartford, N.Y. May 8th, 1828 , graduated from Franklin College, New Athens, Ohio in 1851 and engaged in teaching in the South till 1856 when he entered the ministry as pastor of Bethany Presbyterian church at Iuka, Miss. He was married to Miss Mary J. Paden of Iuka, Miss. On Jan. 22, 1857. In 1862 he was arrested in northern Mississippi on account of his strong and freely expressed Union sentiments, and was sent to Geo. G.P.T. Beauregard at Tupelo, Miss. Where he was imprisoned for about 18 months. Finally condemned by Gen. Bragg to be hanged, he twice made his escape, the first time being recaptured and firmly manacled, he still succeeded after long and fearful suffering, in making his escape and reaching the Union lines carrying with him a trophy and which he still keeps, the iron manacles which bound him for a time to the Southern Confederacy. He afterward served two years as chaplain, first in the Army of the Potomac and later in the west.
Rev. Aughey came to Oklahoma as a missionary in January 1891 and has labored in this field ever since. He has probably organized more churches and done more to extend the cause of Presbyterianism in this territory than any other minister here. He has been pastor of the church at Mulhall since 1892 which position he still holds.
Three children were born of this marriage, one son and two daughters only one of which is now living-the wife of Dr. J.H. Stanton of Chariton, Iowa.
Maude, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dally died Sunday night and was buried Monday.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, February 6, 1897
On Thursday, January 28th, Mr. Francis Appleman and Miss Sadie Gaither were married. Rev. Gotrum officiating. Best wishes for them as down life's path they wander.
Dr. Wm. Hatfield of Mulhall, O.T. introduced a young gentleman to Mrs. and Mrs. Jasper Fitzpatrick last Tuesday morning, who has made it a point to make it his home ever since and his weight is 11 lbs.
Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, February 13, 1897
Hal Brown and Miss Gunie Dowell went to the capital city Thursday presumably to be united in the bonds of wedlock. The Enterprise extends congratulations.
Thursday morning, as the clock toiled three, another soul passed to try the realities of an unknown world. The deceased was Grandma Grey. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Keller of Mulhall.
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. Patton last Friday week, a girl.
Married:--at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williamson, on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1897, Mr. Gustave Friend and Miss Ida Cramer. Mr. Friend is a German boy who owns a fine farm on the Skeleton west of here and is well and favorably known in this vicinity and the bride is one of our best young ladies who has been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. Williamson for some time past. The hearty good wishes of the entire neighborhood are with them on the matrimonial sea. Justice S.S. Williamson of Payne Co. performed the ceremony.
We are very sorry to record the death of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Fitzpatrick's infant son. It died Wednesday very suddenly and was buried in the Mulhall cemetery Thursday.
M.J. Scott holds his head pretty high since his wife presented him with a 9-1/2 lb. boy last Tuesday morning.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, February 20, 1897
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Bowman; a fine baby girl, on Saturday night last. Mother and daughter doing nicely and Dan is busy looking after his chickens.-Orlando Herald
Orange Blossoms
Married:-by Rev. John H. Aughey at the residence of the bride's father John H'ron, Esq, Feb. 17, 1897, Charles W. Spangler and Miss Ottie S. H'ron. Only the relatives of the high contracting parties were present. After the ceremony and congratulations, all sat down to a bountiful repast. The Enterprise wishes a long and happy life to this worthy young couple. We throw after them, our old shoe and a shower of rice.
They've launched the matrimonial boat
Upon the boundless tide
To brave the storms of weal or woe
They'll battle side by side;
And let the skies be what they may
They'll weather every gale
While little ones who follow
Will be graduates of Yale.
You were right in your supposition that Hal Brown and Miss Guna Dowell went to Guthrie last week to get married.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, February 27, 1897
Herbert-Jones, By Rev. John H. Aughey, February 24, 1896, in Mulhall, Eugene A. Herbert and Mrs. Clara Jones both of Mulhall, O.T.
"Take her and let her n'er regret,
That e'er she gave her heart to thee,
Twining around thee like the vine,
Around it's chosen tree."

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, March 6, 1897
Born:--To Mrs. Carrie and Carl Potter of Tryon; Lincoln Co., Oklahoma; on March 7th, 1897, a seven pound Queen. The mother is getting along finely and the father is rejoicing over the new arrival. Grandpa Potter is too tickled for anything.
Orange Blossoms
Married:-- By Rev. John H. Aughey, Feb. 27, 1897, at the residence of G.W. Pettyjohn, Esq., Mulhall Ok., Mr. C. N. Pentecost of Walla Walla, Washington, and Miss Nora Alma Mizee of Mulhall, Ok. The bride and groom started on the evening train for their distant home.
"Though fools spurn Hymen's gentle powers,
We who improve his golden hours,
By a sweet experience know,
That marriage, rightly understood,
Gives to the tender and the good,
A paradise below."

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, March 20, 1897
Mr. Providence Harraman died of paralysis at his home on last Wednesday evening.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, April 3, 1897
Married:--on Mar. 28th, 1897, G.W. Taylor, and Ethe Gehr, both of Payne Co. Squire S.S. liamson officiating.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, April 10, 1897
April 3rd.-To Mrs. and Mr. Lewis Arrington, a girl.

April 5th.-To Mrs. and Mr. W. M. Russed, a boy.

April 7th.-To Mrs. and Mr. B.F. Wortman, a boy.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, April 17, 1897
Married:--at the home of Mr. J.C. Neher, his son, Edward, to Miss Effie (or Edie, very pale) Waltman on Sunday the 11th.
Born:--at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cordison, the 9th inst. A baby girl.
John Forbes and Mrs. H.C. McDaniel were married by Rev. J.H. Aughey, Sunday evening, Apr. 11th, 1897.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, May 1, 1897
Wm. Sylvester reports the arrival of a bouncing girl at his place April 23rd.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, May 8, 1897
Occupied at Last
That nice house on the hill that A.T. McMillan has been improving and furnishing during the spring, is at last occupied by its owner and his newly made bride. Arthur T. McMillan and Mary A. Seely were joined in marriage by Probate Judge J.C. Foster, in the Parlor of the Hotel Royal at Guthrie, Sunday evening May 2nd, 1897. Both bride and groom are favorably known here and the ENTERPRISE voices the sentiments of all in wishing that their lives may be pleasant and happy. A reception was held at the Kemp Hotel Monday night and everybody made merry in honor of the event.
Bethink, that in thy keeping thou hast taken
That which thou'st sworn by all above
To shield, protect and cherish,
The pure, unspotted tribute of a woman's love.
Let no rude breath of outward storm beside her,
Let not in haste thine auger e'er be stirred,
But should a breach arise, Oh! Grant to woman,
That bon to her so dear-the final word.
Married:--at the residence of P.J. Miller, 7 miles west of Mulhall, Sunday, May 2nd, 1897, Mr. James M. Newton and Miss Ada M. Miller of Logan Co. in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. After the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Chas. W. North, the company sat down to a bounteous wedding dinner. May their lives be one of peace and happiness.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, May 22, 1897
W.B. Hitchcock, the genial Agent of the Santa Fe, came into the Enterprise office, Wednesday with a smile all over his physiognomy, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which he informed us was for the boy recently arrived at his place.
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hitchcock, May 19, 1897, a son, weight 6 pounds.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, June 12, 1897
Married:--at the residence of the bride's parents in Logan Co., Ok., on the 10th day of June, 1897, Eld J.L. Caldwell and Miss Cora Chittim, both of Ok. Eld. J.W. Black of Mulhall, officiating. May much happiness and prosperity be their future lot, is the wish of their many friends.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, July 10, 1897
Born:--To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Karns, on Sunday, June 27th, a fine boy.
Born:--To Mr. and Mrs. G.L. McCune on Wednesday, July 7th, a son. Everybody interested doing well, and Jake feels a foot taller.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, August 7, 1897
Married:--By Rev. John H. Aughey, August 1, 1898, in Mulhall, Mr. Ephram W. Blakesley and Miss Grace Roseman, both of Mulhall.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, August 14, 1897
An eleven pound girl was born to Mrs. Niccodemus at Guthrie Sunday. T.J. and Mrs. Barnthouse drove down to visit the new arrival Sunday. Mrs. B. remained and "Grandpa" is batching since his return.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, August 21, 1897
At the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Bowers in Bismarck township, on Wednesday, August 18, 1897. Eddie Baskins and Miss Sadie Bowers were united in marriage by Rev. J.H. Mitchell. Both are well known to a large circle of friends. Mr. Haskins has been employed for several years in the large merchantile establishment of his brother-in-law, G.W. Pettyjohn of this place. They will make their home in Mulhall in what is known as the Black property on Sullivan Ave.
DIED:--Wille, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murray, on Thursday Aug. 12, 1897. Age 14 years. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Father of Hennessey and the remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery of that place. Death was caused by malerial and brain fever.
We miss thee from our home, dear Wille,
We miss thee from thy place;
A shadow o'er life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face.
We miss the sunshine of thy face,
We miss they kind and willing hand,
Thy found and earnest care;
Our home is dark without thee,
We miss thee, everywhere.
Charles C. Seely and Mrs. M.J. Hinchliffe were married at the Daily Hotel by the Probate Judge in Guthrie, Tuesday the 17th of August. Mrs. Seely proceeded to her former home at Mexia, Tex., where she will be joined by her husband shortly.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Sept. 4, 1897
Married:--at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Herbert, near Mulhall, on Aug. 29th, 1897, Mr. Eli W. Fowler and Miss Lottie Hyde both of Logan Co., Ok. Eld. J.W. Black officiating. May many happy years be their lot.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Sept. 11, 1897
Born:--to Mrs. and Mr. Theo Barnthouse on Friday Sept. 10, a baby girl. Also to Mrs. and Mr. Charley Blakesley a boy on the same date. The mothers are sisters and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Roberts.
On Sunday Sept. 5, David E. Hawes and Miss Bertha McNally were united in Marriage at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. J.H. Aughey. They departed the same evening for Quote, Mo., the home of the groom's parents, for a short visit.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Sept. 25, 1897
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis James, Saturday Sept. 18, a baby girl. It was a birthday present to Mrs. James, the 18 being her birthday. All parties concerned are doing well and we think Ellis will recover under the skillful management of Dr. Childers.
Born:--On the 17th day of Sept., 1897, the hearts of Mrs. Nora and B.E. Vanderford were gladened by the arrival of a daughter. She will bear the name of Moree Sattin.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Oct. 2, 1897
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Jones September 27, 1897, at their home in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a son. Weight ten pounds.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Oct. 16, 1897
Born:--to Mrs. and Elder J.W. Black, a 12 pound girl, Oct. 12.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Oct. 23, 1897
Maried:--in the parlor of the Palace Hotel, Mulhall Okla Ty,. On 14 Inst., Mr. James Fawbush of Orlando to Mrs. Francis Yates, of Orlando, O.T. by Rinaldo Brown.
On the 18th Inst. Occurred the marriage of Mr. Ford L. Marks to Miss Maggie A. Fowler, both of Mulhall, O.T. at the Residence of the brides parents near town, by Rinaldo Brown.
Mr. Henry M. Fowler was united in marriage to Miss Florence Reeves at the residence of the bride's parents in Mulhall Tp. On the 18th Inst. By Rinaldo Brown. The writer was engaged in trying a case when called on to perform the last ceremony, and it took but little argument to convince him that the Defendant had a just cause for continuance. After each ceremony the invited guests were treated to a fine wedding dinner. These young people are well known and appreciated in the society of Mulhall.
"As unto the bow the cord is,
"so unto the man is woman;
"Though she bends him, she obeys him;
"though she draws him, yet she follows;
"Useless each without the other"
Rinaldo Brown.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Oct. 30, 1897
Married:--Miss Rosa Lute was joined in marriage with Thomas Finnell on Sept. 9th by J.W. Hunt, Justice of Clear Creek Township in Payne Co. It will make Tom's old friends fairly blush to think he has ever dared to propose to a handsome young lady. May happiness and good fortune attend the bride and groom through all their lives.-Orlando Herald
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fasken, Sunday Oct. 24th, a daughter.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Nov. 20, 1897
Perry Rutherford and Mrs. Brown were married by the Probate Judge last week. They are living over the bank.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Dec. 4, 1897
DIED:--Wednesday. December 1, the infant daughter of Mrs. and Mr. John Fairess. Mrs. Fairess is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Woolverton of this city.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Dec. 11, 1897
Died:--Friday Dec. 3, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Holman.

Mulhall, Logan Co. O.T. Saturday, Dec. 25, 1897
Born:--to Mr. and Mrs. Jason Halleck, a son.

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