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C. S. Reynolds

C. S. Reynolds

Crescent, Logan County, Oklahoma

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The article below was typed exactly as it was written in the Guthrie Leader January 12, 1939.
© Guthrie Leader
Submitted by: Bob Chada

Crescent Death

Salesman, With Throat Cut,
is Found Slumped in Auto

Investigators Advance Murder and Suicide
as Possible Causes in Reynolds Case

Mystery shrouding the death of C. S. Reynolds, 56-year-old Crescent salesman, found slumped with a fatal throat wound under the steering wheel of his auto, was being investigated late Thursday afternoon by county officers.
Evidence pointing toward both possible suicide and murder was uncovered in the investigation, and a coroner's jury impanelled had reached no verdict.
The body of Mr. Reynolds, who made his home about one-half mile west of Crescent, was found about 7:30 a. m. Thursday by two Negroes walking along a frequently-traveled by road where the salesman's car had been driven.
County Attorney Hugh J. Adams, Sheriff Glen Farquharson and Deputy Sheriff Bill Smith were aiding in the investigation.
It was estimated by a Crescent undertaker that Mr. Reynolds had been dead for about 10 hours prior to the time the body was moved to this establishment. This unofficially affixed the time of death at about 11 o'clock Wednesday night.

Car Moved After Wounds Inflicted

No weapons of any description which might have been used in inflicting the fatal wound, either in the car, or around the scene where the machine was discovered, first gave rise to the murder theory, said Adams.
The auto was found about three miles west and a mile south of Crescent.
Tracks indicated the machine was driven north and then east about a half mile to where it was discovered, said Adams.
The finding of a safety razor, a blade, and an empty aspirin bottle shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday, was reported by Adams.

Had Aspirins in Mouth

The articles were found about one-half mile west of the scene where the auto was found. The razor was identified by Herman Arnett, Crescent merchant, as one sold to the food and extract salesman about two months ago, said Adams.
A quantity of aspirin was found in Mr. Reynold's mouth, apparently taken to alleviate pain following inflicting of the fatal wound.
Clothing of Mr. Reynolds was blood-stained, as was the front seat and floor broads of the auto. No blood-stains, however, were on the razor blade later discovered, it was reported.
Adams said that a damaged front fender on the car indicated the machine was driven after the throat wound was inflicted. The wound extended from the nape of the neck to the middle of the throat on the right side.
C. A. Sanderson, Crescent peace justice, said Mr. Reynolds ordinarily carried a billfold and sometimes considerable money.
No billfold nor money was found on the man's body when searched Thursday.

Three Negroes Held on Suspicion

Three Negroes, reportedly seen at a house about a mile and a quarter from where Mr. Reynolds' body was found, were arrested on Suspicion a few hours later.
One of the Negroes was being held in the Crescent jail. and the other two in the county jail here. The Negroes were reported as being "tough characters' and were throwing a "wild party" when seen about Wednesday noon, said Sanderson.
The peace justice said Mr. Reynolds right hand was "bruised" when his body was found, indicating he was attacked and a possible struggle resulted.
One of the Negroes held in custody was arrested following the finding of a pair of gloves, a bucket and water basin, all containing bloodstains, at his home.
"He claimed that the blood resulted from butchering hogs Wednesday, but we took him into custody until we could check up on his story," explained Sanderson.

Was Well Known Through Visits

Reynolds visited all sections of the county in his capacity as a salesman, and often was away from home overnight, said the peace justice. He was well-known throughout the county as a result of his house to house sales.
Sanderson said the operator of a filling station about a mile south and one-half west of Crescent apparently was the last known person to see Mr. Reynolds alive.
The operator informed Sanderson that Mr. Reynolds stopped and purchased two gallons of gas about 8 o'clock Wednesday night.
A pipe which Mr. Reynolds was reported to have smoked constantly was clutched in his right hand resting on the front seat.

Had Lived At Crescent For About 25 Years

The door on the left side of the car, an old model green sedan, was standing open, and the victim's left foot was resting on the running board, it was reported.
He had lived in Crescent about 25 years.
Mrs. Reynolds was reported prostrate with grief Thursday, and was under care at the home of a friend.
He also is survived by two sons, Darrell, of Oklahoma City, and Howard Davenport, and two daughters, both of Oklahoma City.
Adams said his investigation showed the sale mans was not wealthy, and that property he owned had been advertised for sale at public auction next Saturday.

The article below was typed exactly as it was written in the Guthrie Leader January 13, 1939.

Funeral For Reynolds To Be Saturday

Coroner's Jury Returns Verdict of Suicide in Death of Crescent Man.

Funeral services for C. S. Reynolds, 56-year-old Crescent salesman, will be conducted at the Crescent Christian church at 2:30 p. m. Saturday.
A coroner's jury returned a verdict about 5 p. m. Thursday that Mr. Reynolds, who traveled throughout the county as an extract and commodity salesman, ended his own life by slashing his throat.
Mr. Reynolds' body was found in his automobile on a county road about three and a half miles west and a mile south of Crescent Thursday morning.

No Weapon Near Car

No weapon or instrument was found in the car or in the immediate vicinity, and it was at first feared the salesman had met with "foul play," said Sheriff Glen Farquharson.
A safety razor, identified as having belong to Mr. Reynolds, however, later was found about 100 yards from the automobile.
The blade was missing from the razor, and could not be located, said the sheriff.
A re-examination of the body at the Crescent funeral home disclosed that a cut had been inflicted on the left wrist, said Farquharson.

Worried Over Finances

"Both the cut on the wrist and the throat wound appeared to have been inflicted with a razor blade, " Farquharson explained.
"We made a thorough investigation, and there's no doubt in my mind, but that it was suicide," he declared.
Farquharson explained that several persons told him Mr. Reynolds had been worrying recently regarding finances.

Negroes Released

Three Negroes placed in custody "on suspicion" that they might have knowledge concerning the death of the salesman, were released late Thursday.
Besides his wife, Mr. Reynolds is survived by two sons and two daughters.
Burial will be in the Mount Hope cemetery near Crescent under direction of the Adams Funeral Home.

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