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1890 Edmond Directory

Edmond, Oklahoma Territory

1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory

Transcribed and submitted by: Bob Chada

Adams, Mrs C E, r 3d and Railroad
Adams, J W, foreman coalhouse S F R R, r 3d and Railroad
Allen, Miss D A, --
Almond, C A, carpenter, wks Eades Bros
Ammons, Chas, carpenter, r cor Broadway and 2d
Ammons, David, carpenter, r cor Broadway and 2d
Angerman, Wm, wks Foster's gocery, r sw 30-14-2
Anthony, Mrs Louisa M, r 2d  w Railroad
Aughey, Rev John H, pastor Presbyterian Church, r E Main
Baird, C C, clk Siler house, cor Broadway and 2d
Baker, N A, dry goods, boots and shoes, Broadway s 1st
Bank of Edmond, John Pfaff pres, John L Mitch cashr, S Bdwy
Basford, J W, plasterer, r S Broadway
Baxter, Hirah, (West & Baxter), cor 2d and Railroad
Bennett, G H, dairyman, r nw 6-13-2
Billingsley, Geo, blacksmith, near 1st and Broadway
Bozark, Grant, bds 3d w Broadway
Brown, A L, carpenter, 3d and Railroad
Brown, Joseph, carpenter, 3d and Railroad
Brigham, J W, bds Eagle Chief Restaurant
Brown, James jr, wks James Brown & Co, 1st and Railroad
Brown, James & Co, lumber, coal, cement, etc, 1st and Railroad
Brown, J Son & Co, (J and Harry Brown and John R Young),
	groceries, Hardware and implements, postoffice block
Brown, Mrs Mary, widow, 3d and Railroad
Brown, Mrs Minnie, Railroad and 3d
Burns, J A, 3d and Railroad
Burns, Mrs Mattie, W Railroad
Burton, N J, boot and shoe maker, Broadway s 1st
Carey-Lombard Lumber Co, (M Walker mngr), lumber, hardware
	and furniture, cor Bdwy and 1st
Case, Chas, N Broadway
Case, Mrs Mary, widow, N Broadway
Christian Church, Rev J F Fout, pastor, services fourth Sabbath
	each month
Clark, John C, laborer, r 3d w Broadway
Classen, A H, attorney at law, r sw 25-14-3
Cole, James T, clerk T F Cole, W 1st
Cole, T F, groceries, boots and shoes, W 1st
Collins, M F, wks J J Hunt's store, W 1st
Corbet & Co, lumber dealers, 3d and Railroad
Cox, Dr Geo T, r nw 33-14-3
Crenshaw, C S, cook Grand Central Hotel
Crowfoot, Wm, bds Eagle Chief
Crutcher, V B, trader
Cry, John, wks section
Daily, S A, proprietor Eagle Chief Restaurant, cor 2d and Railroad
Dake, C A, photographer, r S Broadway
Drake, Miss Pearl L, r S Broadway
Drake, S E, r S Broadway
Davis, Mrs Alice R, r S Broadway
Davis, John M, plasterer, r S Broadway
Day, Miss Anna, cook Siler House, cor Bdwy and 2d
Dawson, F J (Taylor & Dawson), r W 2d
Dawson, F J, livery and ice, bds Grand Central Hotel
DeFord, C H, dry goods, boots, shoes and clothing, r S Bdwy
DeFord, H B, mngr C H DeFrod's store, r S Bdwy
Degarmo, Mrs Ida, r N Broadway
Degarmo, Walter, farmer, r N Broadway
De Hoss Hotel, Taylor & Dawson proprs, livery and feed, W 2d
Deludolf, Elbert, r 2d near railroad
Deludolf, Miss Emma, r 2d near Railroad
Deludolf, Miss Tillie, r 2d near Railroad
Dickerson, R H, wks coal chute, bds J W Adams
Dickie, W J, r -
Disney, O A, r North Broadway
Doane, Rev L A, pastor M E Church
Donavan, W J, agent A T & S F, r Cottage
Donavan, Mrs A M, r R R Cottage
Doverspike, Peter, feed store, r se 13-14-3
Dorrity, H, bds Eagle Chief Restaurant
Driscoll, John, North Broadway
Eased Bros (J F and J E Eades), bl'ksmiths and wagonmak'rs, W 2d
Eagle Chief Restaurant, S A Daily propr, cor 2d and Railroad
Edgerton, C E (Tullis & Edgerton), cor 1st and Broadway
Edmond Sun, W W Reyonlds ed and propr, pub'd every Thursday
Eggleston, A F, carpenter and painter, South Broadway
Eggleston, CR, South Broadway
Eggleston, E H, South Broadway
Erisman, E W, tinner, South Broadway
Farwell & Moore, druggists, Broadway n 1st
Farwell, R B (Farwell & Moore), Broadway n 1st
Fielding, Edw, wks G C Foster's grocery, cor Broadway and 2d
Foster, G C, groceries and feed, cor Bdwy and 2d, r sw 31-14-2
Galbreath, Robt, real estate, bds Eagle Chief
Galbreath & Walters, real estate, cor Bdwy and 1st
Green, F L, postmaster, cor 1st and Railroad
Greiner, Frank, wks James Brown & Co, 1st and Railroad
Goodrich, Geo, wks section
Grand Central Hotel, M B Thatcher propr, 1st e Railroad
Hebing, C H, restaurant, 2d w Bdwy
Hite, G W, carpenter, r 3d and Railroad
Hollister, Moses, bds Eagle Chie Restaurant
Holmes, R H, carpenter, bds Eagle Chief Restaurant
Howard, E B, wks Sun office, r ne 11-14-3
Howell, S G, clk Grand Central Hotel, r same
Hunt, Mrs Jessie F, milliner and dressmaker, W 1st
Hunt, J J, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, W 1st
Hunt, J W, wks J J Hunt's, W 1st
Hurst, A M, dairyman, r ne 6-13-21
Jackson, Mrs Annie, r N Bdwy
Jackson, Geo, --
Jackson, W H, r N Bdwy
Jayne, E E, brickyard
Jenkens, Mrs Clara, laundress, Main w Railroad
Jenkins, Geo, laundry, Main w Railroad
Jennings, A, farmer, r S Bdwy
Kelly, Harvey, wks section
Kelly, Wm, wks section
Kibby, F D & Bro, hardware and implements, S Bdwy
Kibby, R (F D Kibby & Bros), S Bdwy
Killin, James, real estate, bds Eagle Chief
Kirlhan, Daniel, section foreman, r 4th w Bdwy
Kirwin, J J, bds Grand Central Hotel
Lawler, Miss Bessie, 2d w Railroad
Lawler, Mrs Susan, 2d w Railroad
Mackey, John J, bds Eagle Chief
Marston, Rev Arthur, --
Martin, James, bds Grand Central
Mayfield, Chas M, farmer, ne 17-14-3
McCollum, J A, section foreman, r section house
McCollum, Mrs Mattie M, r section house
McCormick, Miss Ollie, teacher, r Deep Fork
McDonald, A, blacksmith, bds Grand Central Hotel
McFayden, John, s s 2d
McFayden, Mrs Sade, ss 2d
McGee, Chas, wks Corbet & Co, 3d and Railroad
McGee, James (Corbert & Co), 3d and Railroad
M E Church, Rev L A Doane pastor, services 3d Sab each month
Meeks, Mrs M
Meeks, S S
Miller, J G, real estate, bds Grand Central Hotel
Miller, Mrs M, lunch room, 2d near Railroad
Mitch, John L, cashr Bank of Edmond, r S Broadway
Monagan, Mrs J, r S 2d
Montgomery, Hugh, r E 1st
Montgomery, S S, groceries and provisions, cor Bdwy and 2d
Morgan, S G, wks F D Kibby & Bro, r S Bdwy
Morrison, Chauncy, r E 1st
Morrison, Mrs Fannie, r E 1st
Morrison, H, carpenter, r E 1st
Morrison, H, wks Carey-Lombard Lumber Co, cor Bdwy and 1st
Moon, W S & Co, druggists, S Broadway
Moore, E, carpenter, r N Broadway
Moore, Dr F M (Farwell & Moore), physician, r Bdwy n 1st
Moore, John, carpenter
Moose, Miss Edith P, r 4th e Broadway
Moose, H H, lawyer and real estate, cor Bdwy and 2d, r 4th e Bdwy
Moose, Mrs Kate, r 4th e Broadway
Moose, Miss Katie, r 4th e Broadway
Mungor, E E, night operator W U Tel Co, bds Grand Central
Myers, Henry, wks section
Neighbors, L B, clk N A Bakers, Broadway s 1st
Overton, W B, deputy U S marshal, bds Siler House
Owen, Miss Alice E, 1st w Railroad
Owen, W C, 1st w Railroad
Palmer, Miss Millie, N Broadway
Parker, Robt, machinist, r ne 11-13-3
Paulk, J K, carpenter, se 1-13-3
Peck, Dr F S ( W S Moon & Co), phys and surg, S Bdwy, r E 1st
Peck, Miss Libbie, E 1st st
Penick, J C, wks L G Wahl & Co, S Broadway
Pfaff, John, president Bank of Edmond, S Broadway
Potts, R B, surveyor, r sw 4-13-3
Powell, Mrs, B A, 2d w Broadway
Powell, J A, butcher, 2d w Broadway
Presbyterian Church, Rev John H Aughey pastor, services first and
	third Sabbaths in each month
Prickett, P R, clk A T & S F, bds Railroad Cottage
Quein, J C, wks Sun office, r sw 31-14-2
Reed, John H, tinner, S Broadway
Reynolds, Edwina, r ne 30-14-2
Reynolds, M W, editor and propr Edmond Sun, r nw 30-14-2
Ricketts, A J, wks Tullis & Edgerton, cor 1st and Bdwy
Ricketts, J, --
Riddle, Ruth E, r 1st w Railroad
Riddle, Wm, 1st w Railroad
Roman Cathlic Churck, Rev Father Scanlon pastor, E 1st
Rose, C L, billiards and pool, W 2d
Ross, Miss Ida, r 3d and Railroad
Shermerhorn, E, wks Carey-Lombard Lmbr Co, cor Bdwy and 1st
Shaw, J J, barber
Shampnor, T, Club House, r ne 31-14-3
Siler, D W, bds Siler House
Siler, E L, propr Siler House, cor Bdwy and 2d
Siler House, E L Siler propr, cor Bdwy and 2d
Smith, Alex, wks section
Speiker, Henry, wks section
Springer, Miss Nora, wks Railroad Cottage
Stein, Albert, wks Taylor & Dawson's, W 2d
Stein, Shep, wks taylor & dawson's, W 2d
Stein, John, engnr Water House, A T & S F
Stewart, Wm, bds Eagle Chief Restaurant
Sutley, Fred, 2d w Railroad
Sutley, Miss rose, 2d w Railroad
Taylor & Dawson (J R Taylor and F J Dawson), livery and feed
	stable, W 2d
Thatcher, Miss Blanche, Grand Central Hotel
Thatcher, Miss Edna, Grand Central Hotel
Thatcher, Miss Ethyl, Grand Central Hotel
Thatcher, Miss May, Grand Central Hotel
Thatcher, M B, propr Grand Central Hotel, r same
Thatcher, Mrs M D, Grand Central Hotel
Thatcher, R, Grand Central Hotel
Tullis & Edgerton (M M Tullis and C E Edgerton), hardware and
	implements, cor 1st and Broadway
Vennard, Mrs A E, widow, r North Broadway
Vennard, Mrs F E, r North Broadway
Vennard, Willis, Wks Santa Fe, r North Broadway
Vest, T J, laborer, r South Broadway
Vinnard, Willis, wks section
Wahl, L G & Co (L G Wahl and A H Classen), groceries and dry
	goods, South Broadway
Walker, M, mngr Carey-Lombard Lumber Co, cor Bdwy and 1st
Walker, E E, house and sign painter
Warrick, James, farmer, Main e Broadway
Webster, Chris, wks section
West, Henry (West & Baxter), cor 2d and Railroad
West & Baxter (H West and H Baxter), groceries, cor 2d and Rld
Whaley, John, wks section
White, Chas, wks section
Wilderson, Miss Elsie, r S Bdwy
Wilderson, P W, carpenter and contractor, r S Bdwy
Wilson, J, livery stable, cor Main and Little
Wodson, Dr, N Bdwy
Wolverton, R, barber, n s 1st
Young, John I, wks postoffice, cor 1st and Railroad
Young, John R, wks Brown's' grocery

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