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1890 El Reno Directory

El Reno, Oklahoma Territory

1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory

Transcribed and submitted by: Bob Chada

Acuff, John, wks section, bds R I House
Adams, Dr J H B, physician and surgeon, druggist, McDonald
Adams, L G, McDonald
Aspey, Amos, brickmaker, bds R I House
Baker, Geo, wks Commercial Hotel
Bank of El Reno, S W Sawyer pres. E J Sawyer cashr, Woodson
Becker, P S, carpenter, --
Beers, C W, propr Bon Ton Livery, N Barker
Bennett, H G, wks Bon Ton Livery, N Barker
Bernstein, Ike, wks depot
Bierwalter, J G & Co (J G Bierwalter and J Esser), Wade and Choc
Brewer, J W, carpenter, r N Barker
Brewer, W A, carpenter, r N Barker
Brooke, T H, agent R I R R, r S Choctaw
Brooke, Miss Flora, wks RI depot
Bunge, W, bds Commercial HoelBurr, Frank, blacksmith, N Choctaw
Campbell, J, real estate, r S Choctaw
Carr, A, laborer
Carter, Frank, restaurant, Choctaw and Woodson
Cassell, James H, butcher, r Bickford ave
Chalmers, James D S, real estate broker, r N Choctaw
Chalmers & Springs, real estate brokers, N Choctaw
Chamberlain, E H, works Beer's livery
Chapman, F S, works Herald
Christian Church, Rev E T Russell pastor
Clayton, Wm, wks Railroad
Clifton House, Mrs Hattie Lane, N Choctaw
Clute, Frank, night watchman R I depot
Cottan, J A, wks M D Wright, Bickford
Commercial Hotel, Mrs C A Longfelloe, propr, cor Choc and Rus
Congregational Church, Rev Thos W Minnis pastor
Connelly, James, wks stction, bds R I House
Connelly, James T, wks section, bds R I House
Cotter, W R, carpenter, r Choctaw
Crawford, W S, clerk Wedemeyer, Clay & Co, Bickford avenue
Davidson & Case, lumber dealers, J G Tompkins mngr, Choctaw
Davis, L S (Whiteside & Davis), Evans
Dickinson, E C, laborer, bds McNamara's
Doty, D H, transportation agent, quartermaster's department
Dryer, Z E, flour and feed, Choctaw and Woodson
Dunn, James, teamster
Dunn, James, laborer, bds McNamara's
Edwards, W J, brickmaker, bds R I House
El Reno Feed , Flour and Coal Co, W H Ranson propr, cor Wade
	and Choctaw
El Reno Herald, Wm J Grant ed and prop, D W Scott asst editor,
	published every Thursday
El Reno Buss & Cab Co, F R Williams prop, office Bon Ton Livery
El Reno Crystal Ice Co, Lew S Davis & Co, orders promptly filled
Elterman, E (Wedemeyer, Clay & Co), Bickford ave
Emins, J B, baker, r S Choctaw
Erwin, J W, Contractor and Builder, Choctaw
Esperson, Neils, farmer
Esser, Joseph (Bierwaltr & Esser), cor Wade and Choctaw
Farnham, A A, Barker ave
Fischer, Frank F, real est broker and police judge, bds Com'l House
Fisher, J M, wks Hockaday & Co, Bickford and Hays
Frass, Miss Emma, Commercial Hotel
Fryberger, W, clk Wedemeyer, Clay & Co, Bickford
Graham, H T (Lyeth & Graham Lumber Co), Evans
Grant, Wm J, editor and propr Herald
Gray, E B, bds Commercial Hotel
Gray, Thomas, section foreman, bds R I House
Haines, L N, carpenter
Hall, B F, bds Commercial Hotel
Hamilton, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Evans
Hardy, W T, mngr Stanley's livery stable, Wade & Bickford
Huggins & Kelso, dry goods and clothing, Bickford
Hughes, J W, hardware and tinware, Bickford
Hughes Bros (W M and J Hughes), liv'y and feed stable, Bickford
Hockaday & Co (E and JW Hockaday), h'dware, Bick and Hays
Hickox, R R, postmaster, R I and Woodson, r sw 4-12-7
Hickox, Harry, --
Hickox, J O, --
Hickox, T J,--
Jackson, Dr A H, physician and surgeon, r se 9-12-7
Jensen, Frank, messenger Western Union Telegraph Co
Jalonick, I jr, real estate and insurance, cor Bickford and Woodson
Jensen, T, U S Commissioner, r n e depot
Johnson, G W, restaurant, Bickford
Jorgan, Peterson, baker, N Choctaw
Kennedy, Sargent, U S A, r S Choctaw
Kerfoot Bros, (M M and C D Derfoot), groceries, Bickford
Knapp, Geo, cook, Choctaw
Lane, Mrs Hattie, propr Clifton House, N Choctaw
Lawson, Peter, wks section, bds R I House
Lawton, Robt, blacksmith, Choctaw
Lee, S S, carpenter, --
Light, W R, operator Rock Island depot
Longfellow, Miss Ada, Commercial Hotel
Longfellow, Mrs C A, propr commecial hotel, cor Choc and Rus
Longfellow, Miss Mable, Commercial Hotel
Longfellow, Miss Maud, Commercial Hotel
Losiniecki, Ignace, BARBER, Bickford
Lyeth & Graham Lumber Co (H C Lyeth and H T Graham),
	lumber, sash, doors, hair, cement, etc, Evans
Maney, J, bds Commercial Hotel
Masterman, A F, drugs, books and jewelry, Bickford
McClelland, M C, carpenter
McDonald, Thos, laborer, bds R I House
mcIntosh, Mr. Crpenter, bds N Choctaw
McLemore, L F, restaurant and fruit, S Choctaw
McNamara, C M, freighter, bds McNamara's
McNamara, J W, restaurant, Choctaw
Mcpherson, E E (Patterson & Co), cor Choctaw and Woodson
Meegan, Edwd, wks R I R R
Meegan, James, wks R I R R
Mercer, M, teamster, Barker ave
Minnis, Tev Thos W, pastor Congregational Church
Miller, J H, stonemason, N Choctaw
Mitchell, E F, stock dealer, bds Commercial Hotel
Mize, Soloman F, blacksmith, N Barker
Moore, Ira, laborer, bds R I House
Morgan, Miss Freddie, N Choctaw
Morris, Wm, flour and feed, Bickford ave
Nawall, A F, tinner, N Choctaw
Nawall, Ed, Choctaw
Nawall, Fred, Choctaw
Nawall, Mrs Mary, Choctaw
Mawall, Walter, Choctaw st
Nevitt, T J, carpenter, North Barker
Newell, A F, contr tin and iron wk, with J W Hughes, Bickford
Newell, joseph, city marshal
Nutt, Wm, farmer
Owens, Wm, surveyor, r North Choctaw
Pardun, A M, bds Evans
Pardun, W W, harness and saddlery, Evans st
Patterson, J M & Co, furniture and undertaking, Choc and Wood
Patterson & Co, durgs and medicines, cor Choctaw and Woodson
Preece, James, clerk W H Ranson
Price, Frank R, butcher, Choctaw st
Ranson, W H, propr El Reno Feed, Flour and Coal Co, r 17-12-7
Reynolds, T B, wks Herald
Rhoades, A L, Bickford ave
Ricker, H K, real estate, North Choctaw
Riley, G W, station service, R I
Riley, Geo W, clerk depot, R I
Ritchie, H C, jeweler, Choctaw st
Rittenhouse, L E, cigar manufacturer, bds Tusten Hotel
Roberts, James, wks McNamara's restaurant, Choctaw
Rock Island House, James Thomas propr, S Choctaw
Roe, Richard, laborer, bds Rock Island House
Runge, Wm, wks Davidson & Case, S Choctaw
Russell, Rev E T, pastor Christian Church
Stanley's Livery Stable, M L Stanley propr, Wadw e Bickford
Sawyer, E J, cashier Bank of El Reno,Woodson
Sawyer, S W, pres Bank of El Reno and Sawyer Lmbr Ci, Woodson
Sawyer Lumber Co, S W Sawyer, Woodson
Scales, J P & Co, real estate, Choctaw n Russell
Schee, C E, painter, bds McNamara's
Schermerhorn, F D, real estate, loan and insurance, Woodson
Schewizer, real estate, , bds Commercial House
Scott, D W, associate editor Herald
Scott & Scott, drugs and stationery, postoffice building
Shirk, J, blacksmith, N Barker
Simpson, E J, atty, Evans
Sisson, Geo, clk Wedemeyer, Clay & Co, Bickford
Smith, Jim, wks Lyeth & Graham Lumber Co, Evans
Springs, Alvah C, real estate broker, N Choctaw
Stanley, J F, clothing and shoes, 111 McDonald
Stotz, C C, photographer, McDonald
Suderman, --, bds Commercial Hotel
Sutherland, J A, transfer and express
Taylor, Geo, wks McLemore's, S Choctaw
Thomas, Jas, propr Rock Island House, S Choctaw
Tinkelpaugh, B D, flour and feed, Choctaw and Woodson
Tusten, H W, propr Tusten Hotel, r same
Tusten House, The, H W Tusten propr, cor Woodson and Barker
Tompkins, J G, mgr Davidson & Case
Wallig, Jake, wks McLemore's, S Choctaw
Wardwell, J W, stonemason and bricklayer, Evans
Wedemeyer, Clay & Co, general merchandise, Bickford
Whiteside & Davis (D B Whiteside and L S Davis), ice, Evans
Williams, M, Bickford
Williams, Mrs Mattie, Bickford
Williams, F R, propr El Reno Bus and Cab Co, office Bon Ton Livery
Wright, M D, groceries, dry goods, clothing, etc, Bickford
Wolfe, D W, wks Commercial Hotel
Wolff, Frank, laborer, bds R I House
Wood, R D, dry goods, boots and shoes, cor Bickford and Woodson
Wurm, Benj, jereler, manager J F Stanley, McDonald

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