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1890 Purcell Directory

Purcell, Indian Territory

1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory

Transcribed and submitted by: Bob Chada

Purcell was in IT, but since it was just across the river, and the only large town at the southern tip of OT, I believe that is why it is included in the Directory.

Ainseley, W W, dep U S marshal
Bank of Purcell, G R Beeler pres, J F Beeler cashr
Barnes, A H, Billiard House
Beeler, J F, cashr Bank of Purcell
Belknap, Dr F, vet surg, office Wilson & Payne's livery
Benett, Frank, barber
Beringr, J L (Kigg & Beringer)
Bilan, Louis, gunsmith
Blanchard, J A (Piatt & Blanchard)
Brown, G W, dealer in ice
Brown, G W (Richardson, Brown & Co), lumber
Campbell, C L, stockman
Gapesius & Goedert, butchers
Capesius, P (Caspesius & Goedert)
Carter, O, hardware
Carr, W H, deputy U S marshal east district Texas
Chamberlin, J P, Coml House
Chastain, G R, mngr Richardson, Brown & Co's
	lumber yard
Chickasaw Bank, H P Farrar pres, L N Coburn cashr
City Hotel, S S Essex propr
Clifton Hotel, H H Perry propr
Coburn, L N, cashr Chick Bank
Coml House, J A Willis propr
Cook, Nat, dep U S marshal east district Texas
Crawford, James, butcher
Critcher & Farmer, livery
Critcher, T J (Critcher & Farmer)
Croslen, Mrs S, boarding house
Cuddeback, J W, restaurant
Curtis, S (Remington & Curtis)
Dunn, Dr A A, phys
Dunn & Steade, phys and drugs
Edwards, Rev J, pastor M E Church South
Elkins, James, barber
Elliot, L C, notion house
Essex, S S, propr City Hotel
Farmer, R A (Critcher & Farmer)
Ferry, F, New Eng chop house
Ferry & McEvers, New England chop house, w depot
Frederick, A, grocer, P O bldg
Gibbons, J E, harness
Goedert, H (Capesius & Goedert)
Hall, A S, Lmbr Co, C D Wentworth mngr
Hall, J I (R G Hall & Son)
Hall, R G & Son, groceries and dry goods
Harness, D F, gen'l mdse
Hocker, J W, U S commissioner
Houghton, R A (Houghton & Upp)
Houghton & Upp (R A Houghton and W S Upp), gen'l mdse
Houghton, T R (Houghton & Raney)
Houghton & Raney (T R Houghton & A I Raney) undertakers,
	furniture, sadlery and harness
Jennings, A J, dept U S marshal, dist Ind Ter
James, H J, yd mastr, A T & S F & G C & S F
John, Amasa, mgr Windsor Hotel
Johnson, Mrs L M, Windsor Hotel
Jones, C C (G F Jones & Co)
Jones, G F & Co, druggists
Kendrick, Rev Wm, pastor Presbyterian church
Kigg & Beringr, hdw, seeds and implements
Kigg, A R (Kigg & Beringer)
Krancethor, Jacob
Krancethor, Sam'l
Krancethor Bros, genl mdse
Lenny, W J, (Lenny & Sawyers)
Lenny & Sawyers, photographers
McCord, Mrs Jennie, bdng house
Mangum, R Y, postmaster, books and stationery
McCulloch, H B & Co, contrs and bldrs
M E Church South, Rev J Edwards pastor, services 2d and
	4th Sabbath each month
McEvers, T L, (Ferry & McEvers)
Myers, J F (Myers & Shannon)
Myers & Shannon, gen'l mdse
Murray, J A, drugs and wall paper
Oldham, E W, dep U S Marshal
Partridge, W A (Wm Partridge & Son)
Partridge, Wm & Son, hardware and implements
Payne, Jeff (Wilson & Payne)
Perry, H H, propr Hotel Clifton
Piatt, A C (Piatt & Blanchard)
Presbyterian Church, Rev Wm Kendrick pastor, services Sab
	11 am and 8 pm, YPSCE 7 pm, S S 10 am
Piatt & Blanchard, genl mdse
Presbyterian Mission School, held in church bldg, Prof H M
	Shields prin, Latin and Spanish taught
Purcell Register, R Y Mangum
Purcell Restaurant, J W Cuddeback propr
Raney, A I (Houghton & Rainey)
Remington, J M (Remington & Curtis)
Remington & Curtis, druggists
Richardson, Brown & Co, lumber, G R Chastain mgr
Robertson, B L, cashr A T & S F and G C & S F
Robertson, Mrs S D, millinery and fancy goods
Sacra, Alex (Sacra Bros)
Sacra, R C (Sacra Bros)
Sacra Bros, livery, feed, etc
Sawyers, W L (Lenny & Sawyers)
Simpson, E W, blacksmith
Shannon, W T (Myers and Shannon)
Shields, Prof Harvey M, principal Presbyterian Mission School
Sneed, John, genl mdse
Snyder, N R, jeweler
South Tex Lbr Co, J R Wells mgr
Steade, Dr J M, phys and surg
Stevens, F D, agt S T & S F and G C & S F and W F Ex Co
Swain, John, dep U S marshal
Turk, I Spitzer (Turk Bros & Co)
Turk, Sam'l (Turk Bros E Co)
Turk, Simon (Turk Bros & Co)
Turk Bros & Co, genl mdse
Upp, W S (Houghton & Upp)
Villiard House, A H Barnes prop
Wallace, M, groceries, flour, etc
Weisehann, G W, City Bakery
Wetzenhoffer, B, rest and bakry
Wentworth, C D, mgr A S Hall Lumber Co
Wilkins, R M, barber
Wells, J R, mgr S Texas Lmbr Co
Whiteman, W A, mgr W U T Co
Wilson, J (Wilson & Payne)
Willis, J A, barber
Wilson & Payne livery
Windsor Hotel, Mrs L M Johnson proprietress
Wirth, Herman, barber

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