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1890 Stillwater Directory

Stillwater, Oklahoma Territory

1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory

Transcribed and submitted by: Bob Chada.

Azbill, J H, farmer, r N Lewis
Bailey & Rinker (J P Bailey and Geo L Rinker), groceries and
	feed, cor Main and 8th
Bank of Stillwater, J W Myton prest, A W Swope cashr, 
	cor Main and 9th
Barnes, John H, tinner, S Main
Block, Nathan N, atty, S Main
Boss, J G, mucis teacher, Lowery and 6th
Bourdette, Joseph R, confectioner, S Main
Brody, James T, school teacher, r E 9th
Brown, Ira M, fruit trees and shruns, N Main
Bryant, Oln, teamster, r S Main
Bullen, H B, lumber, sash, doors blinds, etc, S Main
Burnside, Geo, laborer, r E 9th
Burnside, Robt, freighter, E 9th
Clark Bros, (J R Clark and E F Clark), groceries, flour and
	feed, cor 9th and Main
Covert, T S, clk M S Metsgar, r w 8th
Cohn & Strauss (H L Cohn and B Strauss), clothing and 
	gents' furnishings, S Main
Conbgregational Church, Rev R B Foster pastor
Crawford, S H, contractor and builder, N Main
Crawford, J C, contractor and builder, N Main
Cromwell, Isaac, clk Metsgar's, N Main
Cochran, H D (Eyler & Cochran)
Davis, G B, harness, etc, N Main
Davis, N, carpenter shop, W 9th
Dean, A L, r S Main
Dickerson Bros (C I and James Dickerson), corn and grain
Dilsavor, Mary, baker and laundress, E 9th
Donart, Harry, teacher, r W 9th
Dupee & Higginbotom (R D Dupee and L P Higginbottom),
	groceries, flour and feed, S Main
Dupee, R D (Dupee & Higginbottom)
Duck, Frank, N Main
Evans, J, barber, Main and 7th
Eyler, O M (Eyler & Cochran), r W 9th
Eyler & Cochran (O M Eyler and H D Cochran), grocery
	and meat market, S Main
Fletcher, S B, freighter, r Lowry and 6th
Foster, Rev R B, pastor Congregational Church, bds Globe Hotel
Gardiner, S S, blksmith, E 9th
Gazette, The, D W Murphy ed and propr, N Main
Gilbert, M J, teamster, N Main
Globe Hotel, G W Perry propr, N Main
Greenshall, H, freighter, r N Main
Greenshall, J, freighter, r N Main
Hagar, W C, dairyman, r N Main
Hagar & McBride (E N Hagar and B McBride), bakery
	and confectionery, N Main
Ham, J, wks saw mill, r S West
Hamilton, Hays, whsale and ret grocer, cor Main and 9th
Harbinson, A J, laborer, r E 9th
Harman, J E, billiards, etc, N Main
Hays Bros (H and J H Hays), blacksmiths, W 9th
Harrison, H H, teamster, r W 9th
Haycraft bros(C C and L E Haycraft), furniture, S Main
Haycraft, C C (Haycraft Bros)
Haycraft, G P, carpenter, r Duncan and 10th
Haycraft, L E (Haycraft Bros)
Hetherington, Chas, teamster, r N Main
Hester, Dr R L, phys and surg, druggist, S Main
Higginbottom, L P (Dupee & Higginbottom)
Hilton, Bert, jeweler, N Main
Hodges, W J, wholesale flour and feed, N Main
Hodges, Mrs W J, bding house, N Main
Holliday, Prof J F, prin High School, r N Main
Holland, Dr G V, phys, E 9th
Hubbard, Rev J H, pastor M E Church, bds Globe Hotel
Hueston, T J, saw mill, r S Main
Huff, Joseph, teamster, r N Main
Hunt, Harry, r W 9th
Hunt, J S, clerk, r W 9th
Huyck, C M, bridge builder, r N Main
James, G, laborer, r W 9th
Jimison, Wm E, mngr M S Metzgar's store, r N Main
Johnson, --, r N Lowry
Keller, Henry, N Main
ketcham, D W, laborer, r N Main
Kinnons, F N, carp, r S Main
Kipp, Miss, dressmaker, N Main
Kipp, Jno (Willis & Kipp), N Main
Knoblock, C, City Barber Shop, cor Main and 9th
Lester, Harvey, laborer, r E 9th
Lester, T J, r E 9th
Liggitt, F, laborer, r W 9th
Linden, D J, hostler, r S Main
Linden, J A, teacher, r S Main
Lowry, Robt A, postmaster, S Main
Lynch, C C, laborer, r E 9th
Marion, James, laborer, r W 9th
Martin, J L, laundry, r W 9th
Martin & McConvill (Van Martin and J H McConvill),
	refreshments and drinks, N Main
McBride, B (Hager & McBride), N Main
McGraw, C W, dep U S marshal, bds Myers Hotel
M E Church, Rev J H Hubbard pastor
Merrifield, J W, ed and propr The Standard, N Main
Metzger, Joseph, carp, r S Lowry
Metzgar, M S, dry goods, N Main
Millard, Mord, carpenter, E 9th
Miller, Grant, laborer, W 9th
Milligna, P, sawmill, S West
Miller, Thos E, teamster, W 9th
Millhouse, T F, broker and trader in hogs, r S Lowry
Mitchell, Robt J, wagonmaker, E 9th
Murphy, Mrs A K, mlnr, N Main
Murphy, Daniel W, editor and propr Gazette, N Main
Murphy, Gew O, painter, shop S Main
Murphy, Dr J B, physician and surgeon, (with T H
	Varner & Co), S Main
Myers Hotel, W Myers propr, S Main
Myers, Lewis, propr Stillwater and Oklahoma stage and
	mail route, N Main
Myers, Rev S P, pastor Presbyterian Church, bds Myers Hotel
Myers, M, propr Myers Hotel, S Main
Myton, T W, prest Bank of Stillwater, cor Main and 9th
Owens, J E D, r S West
Perry, Geo W, propr Globe Hotel, N Main
Phillips, laborer, r W 9th
Pierce, Dr C W, physician and surgeon, S Main
Pierce, F J, painter, S Main
Pierce, James, carpenter, r S Main
Pinegar, M H, photographer, S Main
Popp, Geo M, hides, etc, N Main
Popp, Geo S, boots, shoes, S Main
Presbyterian Church, Rev S P Myers pastor
Ramey & Standley (B F Ramey and W L Standley), livery
	and feed stable, e 9th
Read, Miss Sue, wks Mrs A K Murphy, N Main
Reupert, E, genl mdse, S Main
Rinker, Geo L (Bailey & Rinker), cor Main and 8th
Ross, Geo W, teamster, r E 9th
Sater, J E, civil engineer, S Main
Seacat, F, farmer, r W 9th
Shaffer, Coe & Shaffer (J J Shaffer, C A Coe  & C D
	Shaffer), genl mdse, S Main
Smith, W H, laborer, r S Husb
Shaffer, C D (Shaffer, Coe & Shaffer)
Sniler Bros (W A and A T Sniler), hdw and gro, S Main
Snyder, A J, butcher, N Main
Standard, The, Joe w Merrifield editor and prop, N Main
Standley & Dupee, dressmakers, N Main
Starr, Geo W, mfr boots and shoes, cor Main and 9th
Steele, J M, cor Main and 9th
Stevenson, E O, cor Main and 9th
Stevenson & Steele (E O Stevenson and J M Steele),
	cor Main and 9th
Stillwater and Orlando Stage and Mail Line, L Myers
	propr, N Main
Stillwater Stage Line, Ramey & Stanley proprs
Swidensky, J B, teacher, N Main
Swope, A W, cashr Bank of Stillwater, cor Main and 9th
Swope & Son, (A W Swope and J H Swope), dru goods,
	clothing, etc, cor Main and 9th
Terrill, H, real estate, E 9th
Terrill & Wilson, well drillers, N Main
Thomas, Jacob, contr, S Main
Varner & Co (T H Varner and R A Lowry), drugs, S Main
Veath, Harry, shooting gallery, S Main
Vogle, L, City Restaurant, S Main
Watson, W A, laborer, r W 9th
Webb, J K, carpenter, r S Lewis
Welty, I, engr saw mill, r same
Wikoff, F J, atty, office E 9th
Wilcoxen, B, grocer, S Main
Willis & Kipp (C F Willis and John Kipp), capr, N Main
Wilson, Henry (Terrill & Wilson), N Main
Williams, Newton, carp, N Main
Wittum, O N, refreshments, S Main
Zahl, Wm, blacksmith, S Main

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