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1896 City of Guthrie Directory
Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma

Many thanks to the Oklahoma Territorial Museum for allowing us
to copy this directory from their collection for use on this web site.

Transcribed by: Pete Mann

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- A -

Ackerman, S G, res 323 e Perkins
Ackley, Mrs Mary, teacher, res 517 e Harrison
Adam, Al, laborer, res 622 e Harrison
Adams, B L, laborer, res 422 s Division
Adams, John, laborer, res 602 e Warner
Adams, Mrs. Sallie, washerwoman, res 1206 e Grant
Adjutant General's Office, room 14, Lyon blk.
Adkins, Mrs Burline, domestic, r 812 w Mansur
Adler, Felix, wholesale liquor, res 124 e Noble
Aken, Conner, laborer, res 321 e Oklahoma
Alexander, John, carpenter, res 401 e Logan
Alexander, Mrs., seamstress, res 1123 e Grant
Alexander, Mrs Lulu, domestic, res 1003 w College
Alexander, Neil, farmer, r 1005 w College
Alexander, Thomas, millwright, rms 1123 w Cleveland
Allen, Andy A, laborer, res 901 w Perkins
Allen, FP, saloon, res 513 e Harrison
Allen, Horatio, cabinetmkr, res 313 n Seventh
Allen, Mrs. Mary L, missionary, res 418 e Grant
Allen, --- ---, farmer, res 619 s Vine
Allison, J M, pawnbkr, res 520 s Division
Allison, Mrs Mary A, dressmkr, res 520 s Division
Alloway, Allison, termster, rms 813 w Mansur
Alsdorf, C, tailor, 706 w Noble; res 708 w Noble
Anderson, Amiel, boardinghouse, 208 s Fourth
Anderson, Newton, fireman, rms fire house
Anderson, Fred, pressfdr, res 407 w Washington
Anderson, George, pressfdr, res 407 w Washington
Anderson, Mrs Frances, res 220 s Fourth
Anderson, Jackson, res 505 e Grant
Anderson, Miss Jane, domestic, 1002 w Logan
Anderson, John, carpenter, res 611 n Division
Anderson, R, laborer, r 1124 e University
Anderson, Miss Rosa, res 1002 w Logan
Anderson, Wm, real estate agt, res 407 w Washington
Ankeny, E G, driver, res 123 s Fifth
Ankoff, Jennie, domestic, res 218 e Oklahoma
Ames, Jonathan, retired, res 511 e Washington
Andrews, Louis, farmer, res 907 w Logan
Andrews, Wm, laborer, res 123 w College
Applegett, M N, paver, res 515 w Oklahoma
Arcade Sample Room, 313 w Oklahoma
Ardery, H.F., Loan Office, room 22 Lyon blk; rms same
Arkansas Lumber Company, corner Vilas and Division
Arkansas City Milling Co., Vilas and right-of-way
Armstrong, C W, farmer, res 404 e Mansur
Arnett, J A, farmer, res 817 w Warner
Arnold, I B, blksmith, 223 s Second; res 313 w Vilas
Arnold, J, miller, 519 e Warner
Arrell, D B, Sr, res 501 e Warner
Arrell, D B, Jr, clerk, res 501 e Warner
Arrell, S H, grocer, 110 e Oklahoma; res 413 e Grant
Arlington Hotel, 118 n Second
Asp, Henry E, attorney, res 520 e Logan
Asp, Shartel & Cottingham, Lawyers, rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Victor blk.
Ashcraft, Rev J B, res 1304 w Warner
Aston, J E, grocer, res 1101 w Logan
Atkins, J G, clerk, rms 101 e Oklahoma
Austin, Mrs Amanda, washerwoman, res 601 e Twelfth
Austin, Rev T J, res 516 w Mansur
Avery, Washington, janitor, res 503 w Grant
Axtell, E A, printer, 224 w Oklahoma; res same

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- B -

Babcock, Charles, horseshoer, 224 s Division
Babcock, Edward, Carpenter, 724 w Noble; res 902 w Noble
Babcock, Edward, pressman, rms Arlington
Babcock, R W, farmer, res 1024 w Oklahoma
Baggett, T A, bookkpr, res 220 e Vilas
Bailey, Ben F, farmer, res 516 e Oklahoma
Baker, B R, secondhand dealer, r 617 w Warner
Baker, James, laborer, res 705 w College
Ball, J E, law and loan office, McNeal blk; res 413 n Borad
Ballard, T M, painter, res 517 s Capital blvd.
Bamford, E M, law and loan office, Bamford blk, res 1402 w Warner
Bank of Indian Territory, U C Guss, President, 101 w Oklahoma
Banks, Wm, farmer, 1301 e Noble
Banks, Moses, section hand, res 115 e Perkins
Bankston, ----, laborer, res 1124 w Mansur
Banner Hotel, 322 w Harrison
Banner School House, Warner and Tenth
Barbeau, C J, millwright, Hotel Dally
Barker, Dr E O, office 204 w Harrison; res same
Barnaby, M, lather, res 624 s Fourth
Barnard, H, porter, Cottage Hotel
Barnes, M. E. Chapel, 624 w Mansur
Barnes, A B, painter, rms over 114 e Oklahoma
Barnes, C M, law and insurance, 115 w Oklahoma; res 411 E Noble
Barnes, E P, painter, rms over 114 e Okla.
Barnes, J J, laborer, res 624 e Noble
Barnes, Miss Nancy, domestic, res 620 n Park
Barney, H C, water commissioner, res 506 s First
Barrett, Benj, grocer, 224 e Oklahoma; res 805 e Vilas
Barton, James, laborer, res 919 w Noble
Bassett, Frank, policeman, res 401 s First
Bassett, Paul, trader, res 218 e Oklahoma
Bates, J O, jeweler, res 112 s Drexel blvd.
Bates, Mrs. Alma, dressmkr, res 421 e Oklahoma
Bates, O, grocer, 413 e Oklahoma
Bates, S R, Jr, clerk, r 519 w Grant
Bates, S R, Sr, water wagon, res 519 w Grant
Baugh, Anthony, shoemkr, res 708 s Second
Baughn, W B, carpenter, res 514 s Third
Baxter, Alva C, commission merchant, res 617 e Vilas
Baxter, W H, chief of police, res 617 e Vilas
Beadles, L N, loan and real estate, room 31, Beadles blk; res 611 e Springer
Beach, Jay, clerk, res 322 w Vilas
Beal, Miss Lena, housekpr, res 523 w Okla.
Beamer, Col H C, real estate, r 317 s Third
Beasley, Adam, laborer, res 814 w Vilas
Beasley, Ephraim, laborer, res 1001 w Oklahoma
Beasley, J P, fruit stand, 206 ˝ w Harrison
Beatty, C W, clerk, res 216 S Broad
Beatty, Mrs C W, dressmkr, res 216 s Broad
Beauchamp, T J, teamster, r 902 w Logan
Beck, Armin, jeweler, 118 w Harrison
Beecher, J E, cold drinks, 123 w Oklahoma
Bee Hive Clothing House, 122 w Oklahoma
Beland, Louis, lumber dealer, res 416 e Harrison
Bennett, Warren, rms 401 e Cleveland
Benson, George, porter at Royal; res 1020 W Perkins
Bentley, A E, City Bill Poster, res 177 n Broad
Bergess, Miss E L, domestic, res 920 w Logan
Berkey, Ben F, Implement Dealer, 214 n Division; res 723 e Noble
Beyer, Arthur, clerk, res 423 e Vilas
Bick & Ritterbusch, saloon, 113 s Division
Biggs, J P, blaksmith, res 419 s Park
Big Five Hotel, 114 w Harrison
Bishop, David, printer, res 811 e Harrison
Bilby, Dr J F, physician, r 608 e Harrison
Bilby, Miss Etta, music teacher, r 608 e Harrison
Bilby, Miss Ora, music teacher, r 608 e Harrison
Billings, S, prop. Hotel Okla, 206 w Harrison 
Billingsley, Charles, bank cashier, res 211 n Broad
Billingsley, George E, president Capitol bank, res 211 n Broad
Birch, W R, teamster, res 1105 w Warner
Bishop, A C, merchant police, res 210 e Springer
Black, Mrs Hettie, washerwoman, res 702 w Oklahoma
Black, M V, cook, res 219 Railroad ave.
Black, R W, Bottling Works, corner Fifth and Vilas
Blackman, E J, real estate, 201 w Oklahoma; res 706 e Springer
Blackwell, Miss Birdie, res 215 s Third
Blackwell, Miss Mae, res 215 s Third
Blake, J T, carpenter, res 1111 w Noble
Blatz Beer Depot, 314 w Cleveland
Blesh, Dr A L, physician, res 924 w Warner
Blincoe, Wm, school land commissioner, res 202 n Broad
Blodgett, Mrs. Nettie, washerwoman, res 414 s First
Bloomer, J F, pharmacist, res 414 e Oklahoma
Blubaugh, Miss Effie M, clerk, rms 623 e Cleveland
Boettcher, J E, cold drinks, res 418 s First
Bolden, Elijah, laborer, res 1013 w Lincoln
Bolden, Mrs. Jane, pensioner, res 1017 w Lincoln
Boles, J J, law office room 1, 115 s Second; res 304 e Vilas
Bonnell, W A, farmer, 805 e Harrison
Booker, Nero, carpenter, res 920 w Grant
Boone, Mrs Jane, restaurant, 217 s Second
Booth, H A, printer, res 402 n Second
Boston Store, 115 w Harrison
Bosworth, A H, clerk, res 502 n Broad
Bosworth, C M, bank clerk, res 502 n Broad
Bosworth, Miss Sara L, County Supt Schools, res 404 e Washington
Bosworth, Rev W A, res 502 n Broad
Bowden, Mrs H, housekpr, res 107 n Capitol blvd.
Bowden, Ben, laborer, res 1121 e Grant
Bowers, Stephen A, farmer, res 1401 w University
Boyd, John, pensioner, res 411 w Washington
Boyd, P, laborer, res 105 e College
Boyer, J L, printer, rms 402 s Third
Boyer, Rev T A, res 109 e Washington
Boyle, H A, stationer, res 408 e Harrison
Bracken, Mrs Ellen, washerwoman, res 701 w Lincoln
Bradley, Squire, res 1024 e Lincoln
Bradford, Larkin, laborer, res 911 w Harrison
Brahm, John, stonecutter, res 915 w Logan
Brahm, Mrs Kate, washerwoman, res 410 n First
Braithwaite, Arthur, clerk, res 404 e Warner
Braithwaite, C E bakery, 104 w Noble; res same
Branham, Miss Ethel, domestic, res 411 e Cleveland
Branham, Miss Minnie, clerk, r 1302 e Oklahoma
Branham, R L, laborer, res 1302 e Oklahoma
Breden, P S, laborer, res 1119 w Perkins
Brewer, C W, collector, res 109 e Washington
Brewer, J E, printer, res 109 e Washington
Brewer, M T, second hand dealer, 106 n Division; res 109 e Washington
Brickner, J T, contractor, 109 n First; r 616 e Warner
Bridges, Capt L L, attorney, res 612 e Perkins
Bridges & Scothorn, law office, room 8 Lyon blk.
Briggs, Edward, laborer, res 1201 w Grant
Briggs, Mrs Russell, dressmkr, res 518 e Cleveland
Briggs, R Stewart, clerk, res 518 e Cleveland
Brioles, Lucy, laundry, 322 w Logan
Brown, Alex, laborer, res 618 s First
Brown, D G, farmer, res 718 w Mansur
Bown, G W, cattle buyer, res 402 n First
Brown, Jackson, laborer, res 501 s Capitol blvd.
Brown, John, capitalist, res 407 w Springer
Brown, Mrs. J W, res 811 e Springer
Brown, M A, res 110 e Logan
Brown, O C, farmer, res 1302 w Washington
Brown's Restaurant, 315 w Oklahoma
Brown, T W, farmer, res 820 w Grant
Brown, W A, printer, res 718 w Mansur
Brown, W A, stonemason, res 117 e Vilas
Brown, Wm, porter, res 1019 w College
Brownlee, John, carpenter, res 701 s Division
Bronson, Miss Amanda, domestic, res 515 s Fourth
Bronson, W M, Loan and Abstract office, 107 s Division; res 301 e Vilas
Brooke, Bishop Francis, res 420 e Washington
Brooks, Caleb R, U S attorney, res 606 e Noble
Brooks, J M, merchant, res 621 e Vilas
Brooks, O L, Tailor, 203 w Harrison
Broomfield, W M, laborer, res 705 e Perkins
Bruce, G W, policeman, res 324 w Springer
Brummage, B R, stonemason, res 1304 w Harrison
Brunner, W H, Blacksmith Shop, 202 n Second; res 115 e Noble
Bryant, S A, blksmith, res 706 w Cleveland
Buchanan, Rev W W, res 1123 w Cleveland
Buckner, C L, attorney, res 315 e Vilas
Buckner, D W, attorney, res 315 w Vilas
Buckner, Emery R, teacher, res 215 e Noble
Buckner, G W, attorney, res 315 e Vilas
Buckner, Rev J D M, res 215 e Noble
Buckner & Son, law office, room 4 over 105 w Harrison
Buckley, Ed T, clerk, res 417 s Third
Buckley, Miss Mildred F, housekpr, res 417 s Third
Budweiser Saloon, 101 s Second
Bunch, W V, miller, r 606 n Division
Burch, A P, broommkr, res 1122 w Grant
Burch, Miss E Maud, musician, res 1122 w Grant
Burden, Calloway, Jr, farmer, res 1023 w Perkins
Burden, Calloway, Sr, farmer, res 1023 w Perkins
Burfield, H M, U S special agent, res 409 s First
Burgess, ----, res 1209 w Vilas
Burke, Alonzo, farmer, res 530 e Springer
Burke, J D, clerk, res 411 e Cleveland
Burke, J S, insurance, res 815 e Noble
Burke, Thomas, laborer, res 409 n Broad
Burke, W T, teacher, res 1006 w Perkins
Burlingame, E P, attorney, res 212 n Broad
Burns, Ed, capitalist, res 313 w Cleveland
Burns, Mrs M A, res 601 e Cleveland
Burns, Rev, res 517 w Washington
Burright, J W, plasterer, res 1218 w Mansur
Burroughs, Mrs. Elizabeth, res 718 e Harrison
Burton, Miss Ada, cook, res 818 w Cleveland
Burton, Miss Martha, cook, res 818 w Cleveland
Burton, Mrs Rebecca, washwoman, r 818 w Cleveland
Busenbark, J A, confectioner, 208 w Okla.; res same
Bush, Leslie, clerk U S land office, rms 315 e Vilas
Butcher, Moses, laborer, res 803 e Lincoln
Butler, Madison, laborer, r 1413 w University
Butler, M C, laborer, res 1410 w Lincoln
Butler, Thomas, farmer, res 1401 w Perkins
Butler, Thomas H, farmer, res 1413 w University
Buxton, Dr L Haynes, office 120 w Oklahoma; res 309 e Harrison
Byers, Charles, clerk, rms Cottage Hotel
Byrd, W H, tailor, rms 111 w Oklahoma
Byrne, Francis, driver, res 805 e Springer
Byrne, John, farmer, res 805 e Springer
Byrne, Miss Maggie, teacher, res 805 e Springer

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- C -

Caldwell, Mrs Winnie, pensioner, res 812 w Grant
Calhoun, J C, laborer, res 1216 w Perkins
Callin, J A, bnk clerk, rms 417 n Division
Callin, J S, letter cr, res 210 s Drexel blvd.
Calligan, Mrs A M, res 521 s First
California Blacksmith Shop, 104 e Cleveland
Calvert, J L, attorney, res 1321 w Warner
Calvert, Thomas, housemvr, res 512 w Oklahoma
Calvin, Jake, laborer, res 1105 w Lincoln
Cameron, C H, painter, 113 n Division; res 906 w Warner
Cammack, John, liveryman, 209 s Second; res 220 w Springer
Cammack, Mrs D C, res 513 w Warner
Campbell, Donald, miner, res 511 w Grant
Campbelle, Shelby, laborer, res 1223 e Grant
Canning, Harry, harnessmkr, rms 113 w Oklahoma
Cannon, Mrs M E, res 801 w Cleveland
Cannon, Raish, laborer, res 1012 e Lincoln
Capers, J W, grocer, 1001 w Perkins, res 1109 w Harrison
Capers, Ameline, domestic, 1104 w Vilas
Capital Barber Shop, 101 w Oklahoma
Capital City Business College, over 115 s Second
Capital Lumber Company, 103-111 e Vilas
Capital Blksmith Shop, 114 n Division
Capitol National Bank, Geo E Billingsley, Pres., 224 w Oklahoma
Carey, Rev M C, res 714 s Walnut
Carlisle, Alex, rms Arlington Hotel
Caroll, J, tailor, rms Hotel Okla.
Carson, Miss Alma, teacher, res 413 e Perkins
Carson, Augustus, clerk, rms 412 e Springer
Carter, J C, laborer, res 1201 e Grant
Carter, J R, tailor, rms 203 w Harrison
Carter, Mrs M A, brdhouse, 604 s First
Carter, N M, agt W-P Oil co, res 524 w Mansur
Carter, W H, bookkpr, res 604 s First
Cass, J W, laborer, 517 s Division
Cash, T C, clerk, res 516 n First
Cassidy, Michael, contractor, 1023 w Mansur
Cassidy, Miss Rose, roomghs, 121 n First
Castanien, C Y, retired, res 123 e Vilas
Castanien, Charles,  hack line, res 123 e Vilas
Castanien, Frank, hack line, 123 e Vilas
Castanien, Plynn, transfer, res 123 e Vilas
Castanien Bro's. Hack and Trsfr Barn, 112 e Vilas
Catholic School Bld (colored) cor Grant and Tenth
Catholic Church, 524 e Warner
Crane, Wm, salesman, rms over 111 w Oklahoma
Cease, E A, Dairyman, res 923 w Logan
Cease, F L, farmer, res 923 w Logan
Chadwell, Henry, engineer, rms Arlington Hotel
Chadwick, George, constable, res 313 w Washington
Champs, George, farmer, res 416 s Broad
Chapin, J P, piano tuner, rms Hotel Dally
Cheap John Bargin House, 106 w Harrison
Cheatham, John, prop plaing mill, 513 w Harrison, res 517 w Harrison
Chedwick, Squire, Grocer, 905 w Noble, res same
Cherry, Mrs K L, res 122 n First
Cherry, M B, Stenographer, res 610 e Cleveland
Chester, E M, clerk, rms 702 w Noble
Chestnutt, Wm, farmer, res 1013 w Lincoln
Chrisen, L, painter, 111 n First; res 421 s First
Chrissey, Riley, farmer, res 1101 w Oklahoma
Chrisby, George, blksmith, 218 e Springer; res 216 e Springer
Clark, E G, carpenter, res 922 e Perkins
Clark, ---- ----, farmer, 501 e Grant
Clark, Harry, real estate, res 314 s First
Clark, Lorenzo, real estate, res 710 e Harrison
Clark, M W, res 602 e Springer
Clark, William, housemvr, res 412 s Third
Clayton, Eliza, domestic, res 523 s Division
Clemens, Peter, porter, res 318 s First
Clemmons, Louis, drayman, res 1003 w Harrison
Clerk Dist Court Office, over 103 w Harrison
Cleveland Ave Bakery, 414 e Cleveland    
Cobb, Mrs Eliza, janitress, res 1404 e Grant
Cochran, Miss Victoria, res 1020 w Warner
Cohen, H L, tailor, 214 w Oklahoma; res 320 n Second
Cohran, Rev J H, res 407 e Vilas
Coker, Mrs Mary, housekpr, res 1013 e Harrison
Cole, H A, carpenter, res 714 e Vilas
Cole, C H, roofer, rms 603 s First
Cole, Miss Bertha, clerk, res 714 e Vilas
Cole, Rev W H, res 603 s Capitol blvd.
Colibert, Miss Maggie, dressmkr, 121 n First
Coleman, G O, grocer, res 402 e Oklahoma; res same
Coleman, Lola, domestic, res Hotel Okla.
Coleman, S C, laborer, res 617 e Springer
Coleman, W T, stockbyr, res 1201 e Noble
Coleman, --- ---, peddler, res 1202 e Oklahoma
Collins, Lizzie, domestic, res 1004 w Vilas
Collar, M, implemts, 212 s First; res 214 s First
Collar, Kate L, music tchr, res 214 s Second
Co'lar's Second Hd Store, 116 s Division
Colton, Lee, printer, rms 420 w Springer
Comer, L C, butcher, rms 122 s Second
Conley, B J, fedrl jailor, res 206 e Mansur
Conn, Mrs Mary, 811 e Springer
Conner, L E, lawyer, rooms 19 and 20 Beadles blk; res 719 e Cleveland
Connolly, Wm, mail cr, res 316 w Vilas
Cook, Daniel, laborer, 502 w Washington
Cook, E, oil agt, res 716 w Washington
Cook, Marguerite, laundress, res 523 s First
Coone, James, Café, 121 s First, rms same
Cooper, Ed, brick contr, res 412 s First
Cooper, J O, meat market, 122 e Oklahoma; res 502 e Springer
Cooper, Miss Flora, teacher, res 412 s First
Cooper, O P, butcher, res 502 e Springer
Cooper, William, brick mason, res 412 s First
Cooper, Miss Viola, clerk, res 502 e Springer
Cooper, W S, brick contr, res 801 w Lincoln
Copeland, Jacob, laborer, 1019 w Lincoln
Corbett, Jacob, clerk U S land office, res 1011 e Noble
Corbett, T H, recvr U S land office, res 1005 e Noble
Coefield, Theodore, butcher, res 1107 w Lincoln
Corkins, A J, Santa Fe freight agt, res 701 e Vilas
Cottage Hotel, cor Harrison and Santa Fe rt-of-way
Cotteral, Dr C F, physician, McNeal bk bld; res 603 e Vilas
Cotteral, John H, lawyer, res 516 e Cleveland
Cottingham, James, lawyer, res 416 e Mansor
Cotton, George, carpenter, res Banner hotel
County Court House, 303 and 305 e Harrison
County Jail, 417 w Vilas
Covert, William, stonemason, res 1124 w Logan
Cowan, James, res 502 s Third
Cowles, R L, florist, res 622 w Harrison
Cox, Dr John, physician, res 801 e Noble
Coyle Mercantile Co., 208 s Second
Coyle Elevator, cor Vilas and R R right-of-way
Coyle, W H, merchant, res 723 e Springer
Crabb, A H, real estate, res 1009 w Warner
Crawford, B B, attorney, res 318 w Vilas
Crawford, Douglas, farmer, res 418 w Perkins
Cravens, printer, res 421 e Vilas
Cravens, W M, merchant, res 224 e Perkins
Croslin, Mary, domestic, res 414 n Division
Crowley, Miss Juba, clerk, res 511 n Division
Crozier, Major, money to loan, 203 w Harrison; r same
Crump, L, carpenter, res 1401 e Springer
Culpepper, Mrs Jennie, domestic, res 419 w Perkins
Cunningham, Charles, city engineer, res 114 n First
Cunningham, Geo S, lawyer, res 1404 w Noble
Cunningham, Harper S, lawyer, 114 n First; res same
Cuppage, Miss Jennie, teacher, res 406 n First
Curl, J N, loan agt, rm 2 over McNeal bk bld.
Curtis, T B, clerk, res 405 e Lincoln 

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- D -

Dabine, ------, carpenter, res 701 w Lincoln
Dabner, Mrs Amelia, domestic, res 507 w Warner
Daivs, Miss Amy, domestic, res 115 n Broad
Dale, Hon Frank, Supreme Justice, res 624 e Springer
Dally, J W, prop Hotel Dally, res 301 s First
Damon, Edward, clerk, rms 402 s Third
Dana, J C, prop The Rush, res 113 e Noble
Danderine Barber Shop, 115 w Harrison
Daniel, F C, engineer, res 416 w Mansur
Daniels, John, loan office, 103 ˝ w Oklahoma; res 316 n Division
Daniels, Mrs. Jennie, washerwoman, res 410 e Lincoln
Darringer, J B, shooting gallery, res 214 e Springer
Davidson, Freeman, porter, r 124 e Mansur
Davidson, Prof D D, teacher, res 714 e Harrison
Davis, E, laborer, res 401 e Mansur
Davis, Ed, manager, Palace Hotel; rms same
Davis, H, barber, 718 w Noble; res same
Davis, J S, loan agent, McNeal blk; res 512 e Mansur
Davis, John T, stencilctr, res 109 e Warner
Davis, Lenn, laborer, 524 e Cleveland
Davis, Miss Mary, cook Hotel Dally
Davis, Mrs John T, tailoress, r 109 e Warner
Davis, W H, farmer, res 503 w Mansur
Davis, Walter, laborer, res 207 e Oklahoma
Davis, Washington, laborer, res 704 e Univeristy
Dawson & Aston, Grocers, 816 w Noble
Dawson, C T, grocer, res 1123 w Washington
Dawson, Rev Wm, res 1224 e Perkins
Dawson, W M, pensioner, res 1024 w Logan
Day, Alonzo, plasterer, res 1207 w Warner
Day, George W, farmer, farmer, res 513 e Lincoln
Day, Seeley, 1319 e Springer
De Witt, Al, dep District Court Clerk, res 704 e Vilas
Deal, Joe, clerk, 411 e Noble
Deal, T M, salesman, res 913 e Harrison
Decker, Henry, teacher, res Banner Hotel
Decker, S D, lawyer, 319 e Lincoln
DeGroff, George, City Clerk, res 204 e Mansur
Delaney, L R, agent Santa Fe, rms 201 w Harrison
Delay, Frank, stenog, res 324 n Broad
Dennis, Lewis, laborer, res 1217 w Lincoln
Derr, Frank, bookkpr, res 315 e Springer
Deter, M V B, retired, res 707 s Division
Devereaux, John, attorney, res 321 n Vine
Dickens, Andy, farmer, res 1423 w Lincoln
Dickerson, Mrs Millie, res 508 w Mansur
Dill, E P, brakeman, res 324 w Vilas
Dill, Frank, engineer, res 319 e Mansur
Dillahunty, C F, jeweler, 106 n Division; res 602 s 4th
Dilley, B A, laborer, res 323 n Drexel blvd.
Dilley, Mrs P J, 329 n Drexel blvd.
Dillon, Bud, clerk Cottage hotel
District Court Room, over 103 w Harrison
District Judge Office, over 101 w Harrison
Doane, Bert, laborer, res 1003 w Logan
Dobbins, Mrs Kate, laundress, res 921 w College
Dodson, Geo H, regstr of deeds, res 424 e Springer
Dodson, Henry, laborer, res 1302 w Mansur
Dodson, U E, dep regstr of deeds, rms 424 e Springer
Dolcater, Frank, bookkpr, res 715 e Vilas
Dolcater, Fred, bookkpr, res 315 e Springer
Donald, J D, laborer, res 514 e Harrison
Donnelly, E S, druggist, 116 w Oklahoma; res 316 n Broad
Donnelly, Henry, rms over 109 w Oklahoma
Donoho, G S, P O clerk, rms 309 e Harrison
Dooley, James, real estate, res 106 w Cleveland
Dooling, James, harnessmkr, rms 315 w Oklahoma
Doty, Chas J, salesman, res 101 s Capitol blvd.
Dougherty, J H, stonectr, res 720 e Harrison
Dougherty, W B, photo studio, 110 w Oklahoma; res 720 e Harrison
Doughty, _____, salesman, rms Arlington hotel
Doughty, E J, salesman, res 418 e Logan
Douglas, J E, carpenter, res 1109 w Warner
Douglas, James, prop Arlington hotel, 118 n Second
Douthitt, J P, veterinary sgn, 218 s Division; res 321 s First
Downy, Henry, laborer, res 619 e Perkins
Drake, C H, furrier, res 1315 w College
Drake, Miss Rose, milner, r 107 ˝ w Oklahoma
Drake, Mrs H D, res 401 e Perkins
Drennan, H J, bricklayer, res 624 e Warner
Drennan, Henry, laborer, res 623 e Warner
Drysdale, Miss Tilda, teacher, res 614 w Logan
DuBois, J D, lawyer, over 201 s First; res 516 e Harrison
DuBois, J T, clerk, res 516 e Harrison
Duman, Randall, laborer, res 319 n First
Dunbar, C M, merchant, res 1014 e Springer
Dunbar, J D, laborer, res 205 e Springer
Dungan, George, bricklayer, res 512 e Grant
Dungan, Mrs Blanche T, res 605 e Noble
Dunham, John, laborer, res 1312 e Oklahoma
Dunham, Samuel, liveryman, 205 e Cleveland
Dwiling, J V, miller, res 120 e Cleveland
Dwinnell, W J, clerk, res 1005 w Mansur
Dwinnell, W T, loan agt, res 1005 w Mansur
Dye, Eli, fruit, 327 ˝ w Oklahoma; res 706 e Lincoln

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- E -

Eagle Drug Store, 109 W Harrison
Ebright, Harry H, bookbinder, res 414 e Springer
Eby, Rose, domestic, 405 n Vine
Editorial Rooms Daily Leader, over 107 w Harrison
Edwards, B, laborer, res 411 s Sixth
Edwards, Noel, printer, res 616 e Vilas
Edwards, Robert, laborer, res 301 w College
Eisenschmidt & Weckel Shoe House, 118 w Oklahoma
Eisenschmidt, Chas F, merchant, res 402 n Broad
Elkin, Fred, attorney, office r 2 and 3 McKennon blk; rms 418 s Second
Elliott, J E, farmer, res 1001 w Warner
Elliott, Wm, teamster, res 924 e Lincoln
Ellis, Joe, laborer, res 1424 e Vilas
Elm, John, harnessmkr, rms over 201 w Oklahoma
Empire Bakery, 311 s Second
Engler, John, farmer, 710 e Oklahoma
English Kitchen Hotel, 204 e Oklahoma
English, J J, tree salesman, res 1323 e Springer
Etheridge, S C H, teacher, res 523 n Broad
Etter, Mrs Belle, seamstress, res 323 n Seventh
Eubanks, G T, carpenter, res 210 e Perkins
Evans, T J, machinist, res 323 n Seventh
Ewing, Frank, painter, res 723 w Vilas
Ewing, Robt M, clerk, res 419 n Vine
Ewing, S R, pensioner, res 723 w Vilas

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- F -

Fadden, Max, laborer, res Second and Warner
Fairfiled Coal and Transfer Co, 512 w Harrison
Farley, Edward, laborer, res 708 s First
Farmer, Thomas, laborer, res 405 w College
Farmer's Restaurant, 108 n Division
Farquharson, A O, City Mayor, res 319 e Harrison
Farrington, Dr C, physician, rm 16 Gray bld; res 509 e Perkins
Fawbush, Mrs S E, prop Banner hotel, 324 w Harrison
Federal Jail, cor Second and Noble
Fees, Edgar, carpenter, res 1110 w Logan
Fegan, O R, attorney, rms 6 and 7 Gray bld; res 711 e Springer
Fellows, David, laborer, res 1116 w Grant
Fellows, Samuel, laborer, res 604 s Third
Felts, Will S, bookkp, res 421 e Cleveland
Fenley, Elsis, domestic, res 1223 w Springer
Ferguson, Luke, peddler, rms 315 w Oklahoma
Ferrier, J W, Jeweler, 109 w Harrison; rms same
Fickel, Wm, farmer, res 821 w Noble
Fielding, H M, contractor, res 508 e Noble
Fields, Wm, farmer, res cor Washington and Elm
Filson, Charley, bootblk, res 622 e Harrison
Finch, C O, asst mgr W-P Oil Co, res 706 w Warner
Finch, Elmer, clerk, res 614 w Logan
Finch, Jesse, harnessmkr, res 614 w Logan
Finch, Miss Flora, clerk, res 614 w Logan
Finch, P R, driver, res 614 w Logan
Finley, Elvira, laundress, res 711 w Cleveland
Finley, J T, farmer, res 902 w Perkins
Fire House, 216 s First
Fisher, Charles, farmer, res 1202 e University
Fisher, Miss Ida, student, res 701 s Division
Fitzgerald, P T, shoe shop, 109 e Oklahoma; res same
Flemens, Sallie, domestic, res 1323 e Springer
Fleming, B S, laborer, res 605 s Broad
Ford, Chas, clerk, res 416 s Division
Ford, Dr M Edith, physician, res Hotel Dally
Ford, Geo E, clerk Hotel Dally
Forrester, Cal, res 412 e Harrison
Foster, John, laborer, res 1302 e Springer
Foster, Miss Martha, domestic, res 702 e Lincoln
Foucart, Joseph, architect, room 8 over 115 w Harrison; res 623 s Fifth
Foucart, Miss Augustine, domestic, res 411 e Noble
Fowler, A M, grocery, 115 s Division; res 412 e Cleveland
Fraction, Mrs Sallie, laundress, res 209 s First
Fraction, Pleasant, laborer, res 1103 w Washington
Franklin, George, cook, res 619 e Cleveland
Franklin, L A, teamster, res 509 e Cleveland
Franklin, Rev D G, res 523 w Lincoln
Franklin, S T, grocer, 110 e Oklahoma; r 807 e Noble
Frautroy, Rev A D, res 506 w Noble
Frazier, G M, cattle buyer, res 518 e Vilas
Frazier, J H, meatshop, 122 s Second; res 401 e Noble
Frazier, Kelly, butcher, res 702 w Washington
Frazier, S, trader, res 118 n Second
Frazier, Will, wholesale grocer, res 317 n Broad
Freel, Jennie, cook, rms 108 s First
Freel, John, rms 111 w Oklahoma
Freeland, F L, printer, res 417 e Oklahoma
Freeman, John, packer, res 1004 w Grant
Frey, G W, baker, res 104 w Noble
Frierson, B N, laundry, res 114 e Springer
Frink, Andy, Restaurant, 111 s Second; r 723 s Division
Fryerson, Wm, Cook, res 613 n Vine
Funston, Charles, laborer, res 516 w Warner
Furrow, Dr W E, Dentist, 124 w Oklahoma; res same
Furrow, E H, Florist, 520 e Harrison; res same
Furrow, J W, florist, res 520 e Harrison
Furrow, M B, dentist, res 520 e Harrison 

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- G -

Gabner, W H S Thomas, laborer, res 507 w Grant
Gano, T Bantz, clerk, res 509 w Grant
Gardner, Chas, laborer, res 215 e Harrison
Gardner, George, Attorney, rooms 23 and 25 over 218 w Oklahoma; res 413 e Cleveland
Gardner, Miss Anna, domestic, res 1106 w Noble
Garman, M, carpenter, res 709 w Mansur
Garner, Mrs Martha, laundress, res 1314 e Perkins
Garrett, Florence, dressmkr, res 904 w Washington
Gatewood, Austin, laborer, res 1101 w Vilas
Gatschell, F P, clerk, res 121 w Springer
German Evangelical ch, Ditel, Rev G, pastor, res 421 e Springer
Gibson, Charles, drayman, res 705 w Cleveland
Gilbert, John A, conductor, res 402 e Harrison
Gillinan, W H, laborer, res 703 s Division
Ginn, D N, carpenter, res 424 e Lincoln
Glassper, Henry, driver, res 1120 w Perkins
Glover, Mrs Emma, laundress, res 721 s Tenth
Golden, M, money loaner, res 405 n Vine
Goldy, W C, Star Grocery, 104 w Oklahoma; res 211 e Cleveland
Goliday, Adam, laborer, res 1020 w Springer
Goode & Nutter, grocery, 201 w Harrison
Goode, D H, grocer, res 501 e Springer
Goodrich, C W, attorney, res 408 e Cleveland
Goodseal, L R, laborer, res 709 s Sixth
Gordon, J E, clerk, res 603 w Lincoln
Gorton, Frank, fireman, res 112 w Vilas
Gothauer, Henry, carpenter, res 421 n Division
Governor's Office, rms 17 and 18, Lyon block
Graham, B, stonemason, res 1311 e Grant
Graham, Mrs Anna, laundress, res 412 e Oklahoma
Graupner, Edwin, res 513 e Oklahoma
Graupner, Miss Lurella, stenographer, res 513 e Oklahoma
Graupner, Mrs Katie, dressmkr, res 513 e Oklahoma
Graves, Moses, laborer, res 212 s Seventh
Graves, Mrs A W, res 411 e Vilas
Graves, Rev., M E church, res 923 w Vilas
Gray, Geo E, dry goods, 109 s Division; res 415 e Cleveland
Gray, Henry, laborer, res 609 s Drexel
Gray, S L, clerk, res 709 e Vilas
Gray, W H, capitalist, res 612 e Noble
Greadington, Mrs Cindie, laundress, res 1222 e Grant
Green & Strang, lawyers, office over old postoffice
Green, Geo S, lawyer, rms over DeFord bldg.
Green, Hattie, domestic, 515 s Broad
Green, Henry, laborer, res 424 s Second
Green, Leroy, laborer, res 707 e Noble
Green, Mrs Ruth, res 124 s Vine
Green, Sergeant Bailey, U S A, res 601 s Division
Greene, James, laborer, res 805 w College
Greenleaf, J B, teacher, bds 204 e Oklahoma
Greer, C F, printer, rms 520 e Harrison
Greer, Frank, editor Capital, res 402 W Vilas
Gregory, James, mail carrier, res 918 w Warner
Gregory, Wm, engineer, res 615 w Harrison
Griffin, John, laborer, res 604 s Second
Griffith, M H, nurseryman, res 615 e Cleveland
Griffith, Mrs J, res 323 e Logan
Griffith, U F, painter, res 1220 w Cleveland
Griffith, W H, groceryman, res 1220 w Cleveland
Grimes, W B, carpenter, res 1207 w Noble
Griswold, C H, stenographer, res 324 e Noble
Growe, W R, plasterer, res 413 e Harrison
Gruber, W C, city fireman, res 209 s First
Gubser, Miss Mary, domestic, res 313 e Warner
Guilse, Martin, section hand, res 902 w Mansur
Guss, U C, pres Bank of I T, res 619 e Cleveland
Guthrie Electric Light Plant, 123 e Harrison
Guthrie Grocery Co, 803 w Perkins
Guthrie Liquor Co, Felix Adler, prop, 109 w Oklahoma
Guthrie National Bank, J W McNeal, pres, 202 w Oklahoma
Guthrie Planing Mill, Harrison and Santa Fe right-of-way
Guthrie Printing Co, L F Leach, Jr, prop, 105 and 107 s Division
Guy, Harry, hotelkpr, res 324 e Oklahoma
Guy, Joseph, hotel clerk, res 324 e Oklahoma

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- H -

Hackman, H, cigarmkr, res 1305 w Oklahoma
Hadley, Merrill, book-kpr, res 505 s Division
Hadley, Miss Florence, stenogphr, res 505 s Division
Hadley, Mrs E J, teacher, res 505 s Division
Hadley, Mrs J, res 508 s First
Hagan & Paine, Loan Office, rms 18, 19 and 20 Gray building, 101 w Oklahoma
Hagan, G, clerk postoffice, rms 217 s First
Hainer, B T, city attorney, res 509 e Logan
Hainer, B T, Law Office, 114  w Oklahoma, Bamford bldg.
Hainer, P H, clerk, res 514 s Broad
Haines, Irene, furnished rms, 117 n First
Hale, J M, U S marshal's office, res 502 e Logan
Hale, J R, contractor, res 618 e Perkins
Hall, C S, laborer, res 724 s Oak
Hall, J S B, bottler, res 110 w Cleveland
Hall, T R, section foreman, res Grant and Santa Fe right-of-way
Halsell, O D, wholesale groceries, res 609 e Cleveland
Halstead, Burdette, second hand, res 802 w Mansur
Halston, Hattie, domestic, res 1024 e  Lincoln
Hamblet, Rube, laborer, res 901 w Lincoln
Hamilton, J, laborer, res 623 e Harrison
Hamilton, Nanie, laundress, res 505 w Warner
Hamilton, Oscar, saloonist, res 108 w Vilas
Hamilton, Wm, farmer, res 615 s Twelfth
Hamlin, W B, Barber Shop, 307 w Oklahoma; res 722 s Walnut
Hamm, farmer, res 801 w Grant
Hanenkratt, D V, pharmacist, res 326 w Harrison
Hanna, P G, res 519 n Division
Hansel, Geo D, harnessmkr, rms 201 w Oklahoma
Hardy, Mrs Benj F, res 402 e Logan
Hargis, G C, real estate office, 109 s second; res 911 w Warner
Harlow, Miss Rose, clerk, res 107 n Capitol bvd.
Harmon, H D, mason, 611 w Harrison
Harold, Miss Cynthia, printer, rms Cottage Hotel
Harper, C M, Barber Shop, 107 e Oklahoma; res 907 w Mansur
Harper, W M, laborer, res 1223 w Lincoln
Harriman, Mrs A, private rooming, 620 e Mansur
Harris & Fraction, Grocery, 318 w Oklahoma
Harris, A A, clerk, res 523 e Perkins
Harris, Ed, cook, res 823 e Cleveland
Harris, F O, clerk, res 523 e Perkins
Harris, Henry, farmer, res 212 w Washington
Harris, Wm, laborer, res 922 w Harrison
Harrison, Rose, res 511 s Capitol bvd.
Hart, Ike, farmer, res 1204 w Noble
Hart, T J, res 523 w Olklahoma
Hartley, B P, printer, rms 402 s Third
Haupt, Julius, cabinet mkr, res 505 s First
Havighorst, Carl, clerk, rms 411 e Noble
Hawk,  J W, deliveryman, res 313 e Mansur
Hayers, Mrs Laura, laundress, res 508 e Grant
Hayes, Ike, laborer, res 321 w Lincoln
Hecker, William, bakery, 311 s Second; res same
Heilman, P J, Harness, 123 w Oklahoma; res 401 e Cleveland
Heim Beer Depot, 424 w Oklahoma
Hekash, John .. (This name is not in the original record and was added
   only as a cross-reference. See note under Kekash, John.) 
Henderson, Jennie V, prop Santa Fe House, 115 s Fifth
Henderson, Wm, laborer, res 524 s Drexel
Henry, Geo, barber, res 923 w Springer
Henry, Thomas, farmer, res 507 e Lincoln
Henry, Thomas, farmer, res 507 e Lincoln
Henry, William, farmer, res 520 s Broad
Hensen, D R, farmer, res 412 w Mansur
Herell, Columbus, farmer, res 816 w Lincoln
Herndon, Geo, printer, res 420 w Springer
Herod, Cordelia, clerk, res 507 e Springer
Herod, Geo W, clerk, res 507 e Springer
Herod, John, laborer, res 1318 w Lincoln
Herod, Miss Kate, milliner, res 507 e Springer
Herod, W B, lawyer, res 507 e Springer
Herod, Widmer & Overstreet, law office, 104 w Harrison
Heron, G H, laborer, res 403 e Oklahoma
Hester, H C, farmer, res 618 s Vine
Hetsch, David, Shoeman, 201 w Oklahoma; res 117 e Noble
Hewitt, F W, cashier Bank of I T, res 423 e Washington
Heywood, Mrs Jane, laundress, res 413 n First
Hiatt, Dr L J, physician, office 108 w Oklahoma; res 505 e  Noble 
Hicklin, Miss Blanch, student, res 811 e Springer
Hicklin, Nellie, domestic, res 401 e Cleveland
Higgins, Thomas, grocer, 113 e Harrison; res 408 e Vilas
High, N H, huckster, res 204 e Vilas
Hikes, Miss E S, teacher, res 708 e Cleveland
Hikes, W H, nurseryman, res 708 e Cleveland
Hildebrand, H L, carpenter, res and shop 517 e Vilas
Hill, Ed, laborer, res 505 s Drexel blvd.
Hill, James F, farmer, rms over 202 w Oklahoma
Hill, James Jr, barber, res 420 e Perkins
Hill, James, barber, res 420 e Perkins
Hill, Miss Mattie, clerk Hotel Royal
Hill, Mrs J, res 612 e Harrison
Hinchsiff, W D, C S healer, res 801 w Mansur
Hine, Mrs Emma E, res 1306 w Noble
Hinkle, A M, meat market, 121 w Oklahoma
Hinkle, Mrs A M, Restaurant, 109 s First; r same
Hirschi, E L, hardware, 323 e Springer
Hirzel Bros, Grocers, 111 n Second
Hirzel Bros, wood yard, 202 n Second
Hixon, A C, court officer, res 1003 w Noble
Hixon, H O, stenog, res 417 e Vilas
Hixon, J W, court officer, res 104 w Vilas
Hodges, N E, bookkpr, res 522 e Noble
Hoenscheidt, W J, salesman, res 406 w Vilas
Hoffman, Roy, asst U S Dist Atty, over 107 w Harrison; res 607 e Harrison
Holbrook. G W, farmer, res 314 n Second
Holcomb, H C, res 722 e Oklahoma
Holcomb, W O, painer, res 722 e Oklahoma
Holland, C C, law office, room 4, Beadles blk; res 410 n Broad
Hollenworth, S J, attorney, res 407 s First
Hollie, H C, carpetlyr, res 1002 w Perkins
Hollinsworth, Martin, laborer, res 308 e Harrison
Holmberg, A S, nurseryman, res 802 e Perkins
Holmes, Miss Millie, domestic, res 515 s Broad
Holt, Cole, city scavenger, res 408 s Seond
Holt, Rev L H, res 1308 n Vine
Homsher, L M, Barber Shop, 103 s Second; r 402 s Third
Hood, J C, salesman, room 7 and 8, over 214 w Oklahoma
Hooks, Adeline, domestic, res 210 e Warner
Hooks, B H, county jailor, res 617 s Third
Hooks, Mrs Adeline, laundress, res 513 n Second
Hopkins, E H, farmer, res 410 e Noble
Hopkins, Geo, Grocer, 224 s Second; res 313 s First
Hopkins, Wm, laborer, res 224 s First
Hopson, Joe, shoemkr, res 623 w Lincoln
Hornberger, Mrs, rminghouse, 224 s First
Hornor, C G, attornery, res 512 e Springer
Horton, E G, teacher, res 508 w Mansur
Hotel Dally, (O Ford), 301 s First
Hotel de Hoss, (Richmond & Son), 523 w Harrison
Hotel Royal, ( Col H H Perry), 116 e  Harrison
Houghton, F E, Grocer, 702 w Noble; res 1002 w Warner
House, Adah, domestic, res 1024 w Springer
House, Alex, janitor, res 1024 w Springer
House, D D, laborer, res 1017 w Vilas
House, Geo, driver, res 702 w Grant
Howard, Allen, driver, res 414 s Eighth
Howbs, I S, laborer, res 914 w Perkins
Hoxsey, J Frank, printer, res 617 e Mansur
Hoxsey, Mrs M E, res 617 e Mansur
Huff, Chas, merchant, res 313 w Oklahoma
Huff, Henry, laborer, res 123 e Springer
Huggins, F, clerk, 421 n Vine
Hughes, Aaron, laborer, res 1123 w College
Hughes, G A, dentist, rms 1, 2 and 3, Gray blk.
Hughes, John, farmer, res 607 s Drexel
Humble, Ben, carpenter, res 1119 w Logan
Humphrey, A A, Rental Agent, 107 w Oklahoma; res 821 e Warner
Hunt, Miss Hattie, stenog, res 221 n Second  
    (Note: Spelled Punt in record but that is no doubt a typo
    as found in alphabetical order  under  H's). 
Hunter & Son, real estate, 108 w Oklahoma
Hunter, D C, loan agent, res 422 e Cleveland
Hunter, George, laborer, res 1101 w Lincoln
Hunter, Jas, clerk, res 1216 w Logan
Hunter, Jesse, clerk, res 422 e Cleveland
Hunter, Miss Emma, domestic, res 1023 w Springer
Hunter, Mrs Lizzie, res 1101 w Lincoln
Hunter, S R, Grover, 224 e Harrison; r 1216 w Mansur
Hunter, W L, laborer, res 522 n Broad
Hunter, W S, loan agent, res 822 e Cleveland
Hunter, William, grocer, 815 w Perkins; res same
Hurlburt, M T, mngr W U Tel, rms 206 e Warner
Hurry-Up restaurant, 306 w Oklahoma
Hurst, F M, stereotyper, rms 520 e Harrison
Hurst, Jacob, stonemason, res 115 s Fifth
Huston, A H, County Attorney, res 703 e Warner
Huston, Mrs Ella, rmghouse, 225 W Oklahoma
Huston, R B, attorney, res 710 e Cleveland
Hutchison, J, farmer, 723 e Lincoln
Hutsel, J H, grocer, 710 e Oklahoma; res same
Hyde, Mrs E R, res 603 s First

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- I -

Ingham, W E, tel operator, rms 117 e Noble
Ingram, Mrs, res 319 e Cleveland
Irwin, J, farmer, res 515 e Springer
Isom, Wm, laborer, res 1102 w Harrison
Israel, J, farmer, res 120 w College
Israel, Miss Maud, student, rms 1304 w Warner

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- J -

Jackson, A E, teacher, res 515 w Mansur
Jackson, E, laborer, res 1215 w Lincoln
Jackson, Ed, laborer, res 602 s Twelfth
Jackson, George, laborer, res 714 s Tenth
Jackson, Jack, plumber, rms 303 s Second
Jackson, Jacob, farmer, res 921 w Perkins
Jackson, James, laborer, 423 e Lincoln
Jackson, L B, tinner, 121 e Oklahoma; res 316 s Broad
Jackson, Ned, laborer, 605 s Twelfth
Jackson, T D, justice peace, 116 s Division; res 411 w Vilas
James & Smith, blksmith shop, 118 s Division
James, E B, blksmith, res 701 w Warner
Jamison, J C, Terri Adj Gen, res 503 w Lincoln
Jamison, Miss Blockie, res 503 w Lincoln
Jared, C S, asst st com, res 604 e Grant
Jay, E, farmer, res 316 w Washington
Jay, W T, farmer, 316 w Washington
Jenkins, J, tinner, res 821 w Warner
Jennings, W W, barber, 119 w Oklahoma; res 305 n Second
Jillson, F E, carpenter, res 1021 w Washington
Johnson, A T, laborer, res 401 e College
Johnson, Alex, machinest, res 520 w Mansur
Johnson, Georgie, doestic; res 421 e Cleveland
Johnson, Job, teamster, res 822 w Grant
Johnson, L A, cigar std, 114 s 1st; res 520 w Mansur
Johnson, Laura, domestic, res 207 e Oklahoma
Johnson, Mrs Estella, cook, res 701 s Capitol blvd.
Johnson, N J C, dpty co clerk, res 415 s Park
Johnson, Perry, laborer, res 516 s First
Johnson, Peter, laborer, res 511 s Tenth
Johnson, porter Hotel Royal; res 717 s First
Johnson, R H, laborer, res 1015 w Springer
Johnson, Samuel, domestic, 521 w Noble
Johnson, Sophia, domestic, 407 e Grant
Johnson, T K, druggist, res 216 n Broad
Jones W M B, farmer, res 909 w College
Jones, A G, street comr, res 723 w Mansur
Jones, Alfred, laborer, res 202 e Perkins
Jones, B W, driver, res 323 w Washington
Jones, Bert W, press corresp, res 723 w Mansur
Jones, C R, clerk, res 318 w Washington
Jones, Edgar W, Terri Librarian, rms 312 n Vine
Jones, Edward, scavenger, res 1111 w Lincoln
Jones, Frank, farmer, res 623 s Capitol blvd.
Jones, Franklin, laborer, res 706 e Grant
Jones, Homer, loan office, rm 32 Beadle blk; rms 401 e Cleveland
Jones, Isah, farmer, res 901 w Grant
Jones, J H, driver, res 323 w Washington
Jones, Miss Francis, dressmkr, res 624 e Oklahoma
Jones, Miss Pearl E, bookkpr, res 723 w Mansur
Jones, Miss Ruby, telephone exc, res 723 w Mansur
Jones, Mrs Amanda, res 1207 e Perkins
Jones, S, grocer, 309 w Oklahoma; rms 312 w Harrison
Jones, Sherman, laborer, res 605 s Drexel blvd.
Jones, T S, lawyer, 107 n Second; res 312 n Vine
Jones, Wm, laborer, res 706 e Grant
Jordan, H S, shoe shop, 119 e Oklahoma; res same
Jordan, Rev A P, 1023 w Grant
Jundt, Paul, mgr Pabst ice plant, rms 224 s First
Justice Peace Office, 116 w Harrison

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- K -

K C Barn, 218 s Division
Kane, James, clerk U S Marshal, rms 117 e Noble
Kane, Mrs, Susan, res 420 n First
Kaylor, W H, merchant, 624 e Oklahoma; res same
Keaton & Cotteral, Lawyers, rms 1, 2 and 3, over 214 w Oklahoma
Keaton, J R, attorney, res rooms 4, 5 and 6, over 241 w Oklahoma
Keeler, Henry, laborer, res 909 w Lincoln
Keeler, Prof teacher, rms 403 e Harrison
Keene, H H, barber, rms 718 w Noble
Keffer, M B, electrician, res 216 e Vilas
Keith, J W, carpenter, res 420 e Springer
Kekash, John, harnesmkr, res 408 e Grant - Note: Spelled Hekash in original record
     which is a probable typo as found in alphabetical order in K's in position shown.
     I therefore changed it to Kekash. 
Kelley, Ed P, deputy U S marshal, res 216 n First
Kelley, J R, carpenter, res 118 e Noble
Kelley, Taylor, driver, res 522 w Oklahoma
Kennedy, Miss Jennie, teacher, res 221 n Second
Kennedy, Peter, mason, res 606 e Mansur
Kennedy, Squire, laborer, res 304 e Logan
Keotsch, Miss Marie, stenographer, res 402 n First
Kerns, C W, Lawyer, res 304 e Oklahoma
Kerr, H B, grocer, 104 n Division; res 319 e Cleveland
Kerr, J T, poultry fmr, res 806 e Oklahoma
Kesler, A G, Feed, Flour, Barn and Scales - Telephone 99, Division Street,
     from Cleveland to Noble
Kesler, A G, res over 301 north Division
Killion, David, farmer, res 1301 w College
Killion, Enoch, farmer, res 1301 w College
Killion, Miss Alice, domestic, res 421 s First
Kimball Grocery Company, 118 e Oklahoma
Kimball, L E, grocer, res 821 e Noble
Kimberly, Dr W T, physician, 119 n First; res same
Kinard, Wm, farmer, res 701 s Broad
Kincaid, A, merchant, res 510 e Springer
Kincais, Miss Gladys, music tchr, res 510 e Springer
King, A M, loan agt, res 120 e Noble
Kinkead, W H, clerk, res 803 e Cleveland
Kinnan, E W, rms 401 e Cleveland
Kirkpatrick, Julia, domestic, res 423 e Noble
Kissinger, R L, bookkpr, res 913 e Grant
Knauss, P H, mgr Oklahoma Bicycle Co, 113 e Oklahoma; res same
Knight, G W, farmer, res 314 e Logan
Know, James, laborer, 1008 w Vilas
Knowles, Sam, farmer, cor Third and Mansur
Knowles, W M, carpenter, res 307 s First
Knowlton Danderine company, 119 w Harrison
Knowlton, E W, pres Dand Co, res 514 n First
Knox, J, laborer, res 315 e Perkins
Kolburn, Wm, miller, res 723 w Cleveland
Koons, A M, clerk, rms 1110 w Cleveland
Krebs, A, Leader circulr, res 309 s Second
Kughn, ethel, domestic, res 623 n Broad
Kuykendall, J M, real estate, res 323 e Vilal 

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- L -

Laferty, J T, U S spec pens ex, 517 s Division
Lagan, Mrs Jennie, laundress, res 219 s First
Lahue, W H, teacher, res 1201 w Harrison
Lamb, Mrs M A, dressmkr, res 405 n First
Lamb, S J, teamster, res 405 n First
Lampe, Miss Lizzie, domestic, res 320 n Second
Lancaster, Miss Marry, laundress, res 616 s Broad
Lancaster, Wm, farmer, res 616 s Broad
Lange, Wm, saloonist, res 623 w Noble
Larwell, J H, postmstr, rms 612 n Broad
Lauman, G W, bottler, res 624 w Vilas
Laux, Charles, clerk, res 508 e Cleveland
Laux, Frank, bank clerk, res 508 e Cleveland
Laux, Miss Lillyan, bookkpr, res 508 e Cleveland
Laux, N, hotelkpr, res 508 e Cleveland
Laverty, A B, pressman, res 103 e Washington
Laverty, L F, farmer, res 1201 w Logan
Lawless, Jennie, domestic, res 1215 e Perkins
Lawrence, S S, probate judge, res 512 e Washington
Lawrence, W T, res 409 e Perkins
Laws, E D, real estate, res 611 s First
Leach, L F, Jr., printing, 105-7 s Division; res 517 e Springer
Leach, L F, Sr., printer, res 517 e Springer
Leach, W A, carpenter, res 807 w Mansur
Leader Grocery, 108 e Oklahoma
Lecrone, S J, carpenter, 701 w Mansur
Lee, Mrs Huldah, domestic, res 611 s Drexel blvd.
Leek, Thomas, laborer, res 1105 w College
Lennox, Rev A M, rms 1123 w Cleveland
Lentz & McMillan, pt shop, 113 n First
Lentz, D M, painter, res 524 w Warner
Leonard, H N, Armour Pk Co., res 323 e Cleveland
Leonard, Herbert, clerk, res 1014 w Mansur
Leonard, W M, laborer, res 723 n Broad
Levy, C, saloonist, 1044 e Oklahoma; res 401 n Broad
Levy, I B, Clothier, res 201 n Broad
Lewis, Elijah, farmer, res 1210 e University
Lewis, Ella, domestic, res 206 e Vilas
Lewis, H C, shoe shop, 615 w Springer; res same
Lewis, J F, manufactr, res 403 s Fourth
Lewis, James, porter, 1210 e University
Lewis, Thomas, laborer, res 422 n First
Liebhart, J G, baker, res 506 n First
Liebhart, Miss Amelia, clerk, res 506 n First
Lilley, J J, plasterer, res 420 w Warner
Lillie Drug House, 204 w Harrison
Lillie, F B, druggist, res 1409 w Oklahoma
Lindwall, C O, tailor, res 502 n Division
Lingenfelter, Miss Lizzie, res over 214 w Oklahoma
Linn, Chas, shoes, 117 w Harrison; res 614 e Harrison
Liston, Mrs Sarah, teacher, res 621 w Warner
Little Jim Barn, 520 w Oklahoma
Littlejohn, Miss Laura, teacher, res 1121 w Oklahoma
Lockett, Martha, laundress, res 1219 w Oklahoma
Lockhart, Ed, student, res 901 w Washington
Loftus, Edward, clerk, rms over 109 w Oklahoma
Lone Star Meat Market, 723 w Noble
Long, D H, carpenter, res 522 s Capitol blvd.
Lonz, Green, laborer, res 1423 w Perkins
Lott, Mrs Paralee, Housekpr, 423 n First
Lowe, Sam, janitor, 1224 e Cleveland
Lowe, T J, Terri Secy, res 224 e Vilas
Lowry, H S, res 902 w Warner
Lucas, F B, bookkpr, res 208 e Washington
Lundon, J L, blksmith, res 1010 w Perkins
Luse, R S, gardner, res 112 e Cleveland
Lyle, Harper, blksmith, 213 w Vilas; res 606 s Division
Lynch, Virgil, clerk, rms 304 e Vilas
Lynds, G H, rental agent, 201 w Oklahoma; res 503 e Springer
Lyon, J S, impts, 101 e Oklahoma; res 722 e Cleveland
Lyons, S D, farmer, res 718 e Oklahoma
Lytle, Mrs Melvina, nurse, res 1207 e Perkins

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- M -

Mables, Andrew, laborer, res 1320 e Vilas
Madara, Wm, shoemaker, 121 s Second; rms same
Magann, CC, capitalist, res 1403 w Oklahoma
Mahara, Mrs M S, dressmkr, rm 3 ov 212 w Oklahoma
Maine, Bert, clerk, res 614 e Springer
Maine, Charles, printer, res 614 e Springer
Maine, S, merchant, res 614 e Springer
Maloney, John, night watch, res 624 w Warner
Malroney, Ellen, brdghouse, 801 e Harrison
Malroney, James, pressfdr, res 801 e Harrison
Mamon, Adah, cook, res 505 s Capitol blvd.
March, J N, canvasser, res 315 n Vine
Marker,  Mrs T, dressmkr, res 704 e Vilas
Markham, A D, farmer, res 416 e Springer
Marsh, Mary, res 504 s Third
Marshal, A J, printer, res 518 s Second
Marshal, James, dyer, res 518 s Second
Martin, Cole, lawyer, 206 w Oklahoma; res 1321 e Lincoln
Martin, D W, farmer, res 616 e Harrison
Martin, Geo J, real est, res 1321 e Lincoln
Martin, Robert, lawyer, res 310 n Broad
Martin, Sam, farmer, res 214 e University
Martin, Viney, domestic, res 717 s First
Mason, John, porter, res 123 e Springer
Massey, John, grocery store, 215 w Harrison; meat market, 206 s Second
Matchett, L H, clerk, res 617 e Warner
Mater, Frank, printer, res 102 e Cleveland
Mathias, C W, fisherman, res 718 w Cleveland
Mathis, W J, gunsmith, rms 210 s Division
Matthews, H C, feed barn, res 423 w Noble
Matthews, J W, barber, res 601 e Perkins
Matthews, L M, feed barn, 423 w Noble
Matthews, Q, laborer, 124 e University
Maulding, A M, Hotel Noble, 323 w Harrison
Maurice, J D, res 401 w Springer
Maxey, Harry, clerk Co Treas, res 514 e Noble
Maxey, Mrs Ellas, res 514 e Noble
Mayer, Dr Ignatz, surgn, rms 122 w Oklahoma
Mayer, Mrs Dr, rms 403 e Harrison
McBrine, John, salesman, res 1020 w Warner
McCabe, E P, real estate, res 404 n Division
McCann, F H, electrician, es 409 n Division
McCann, Hugh, chile peddler, res 524 w Harrison
McCarthy, Miss H, teacher, res 624 w Oklahoma
McCarver, W H, attorney, res 423 s Drexel
McClain, Albert, laborer, res 324 w University
McConnell, John, stonemason, res 722 w Mansur
McConnell, Miss Hattie, res 502 e Springer
McCormack, J, engineer, res 611 w Springer
McCormick, L, electrician, res 405 e Harrison
McCrary, Hugh, livery, res 110 w Vilas
McCubbin, R S, farmer, res 223 s Fifth
McDonald, M W, grocer, 124 e Oklahoma; res 115 n Broad
McDowell, A D, carpenter, res 824 w Noble
McDowell, H F, engineer, res 824 w Noble
McFetridge, G M, drayman, res 612 n Vine
McGee, Mack, farmer, res 1009 w Springer
McGee, Marshall, pensioner, res 606 e Lincoln
McGill, Enoch, laborer, res 1117 w Harrison
McGill, Louis, laborer, res 1117 w Harrison 
McGill, Wesley, laborer, res 1117 w Harrison
McGillivray, Rev A J, res 609 e Noble
McGoldrick, Miss Bessie, domestic, res 121 n First
McGrew, Olmstead, farmer, res 1009 w Perkins
McGuire, E L, barber, 116 s First
McGuire, Joseph, farmer, res 1116 w Springer
McGune, Edward, laborer, res Twelth and Cottonwd.
McKay, D S, promoter and investor, res 622 e Cleveland
McKay, J Stewart, bookkpr, res 622 e Cleveland
McKay, Mrs D S, artist, res 622 e Cleveland
McKeand, A W, laundry, res 617 n Broad
McKeand, J, laborer, res 624 n Broad
McKee, Ellen, domestic, res 802 w Grant
McKee, Harvey, res 802 w Grant
McKinnen, J F, lawyer, rms Nobel Hotel
McKinney, Mrs A E, res 505 w Washington
McLain, Miss Dora, domestic, res 617 w Warner
McLean, J H, farmer, 524 s Division
McLean, W F, carpenter, res 502 e Harrison
McMasters, Miss Anna, teacher, res 621 w Warner
McMillan, C C, painter, res 616 e Warner
McMurray, J, painter, rms 121 n First
McNair, J M, farmer, res 824 w Mansur
McNamara, Jas, section foreman, r 514 s First
McNames, Mrs Z S, dressmkr, res 222 n First
McNames, Peter, carriage trimmer, res 222 n First
McNeal, George, laborer, res 606 s Fourth
McNeal, J L, laborer, res 610 e University
McNeal, J W, banker, res 1422 w Oklahoma
McPheeters, Rev W M, res 116 e Washington
McReynolds, Mrs S C, laundress, res 117 e Noble
McVay, L, farmer, res 602 w Washington
McWethy, A V, carpenter, res 106 w Vilas   
Meacham, A A, printer, res 616 w Washington
Meacham, A G, pens atty, 714 w Noble; res 1002 w Washington
Meade, C E, butcher, 205 w Harrison; res 224 n First
Meade, L B, butcher, res 224 n First
Meal, A H, plumber, res 716 e Noble
Means, F J, farmer, res 412 e Lincoln
Means, Matilda, domestic, res 616 n Drexel blvd.
Medcalf, W, carpenter, res 701 s First
Meek, M M, clerk, rms 405 e Lincoln
Meek, Miss Emma, student, res 1017 w Logan
Meek, N N, farmer, res 1017 w Logan
Melton, Miss Bertha, clerk, res 702 e Oklahoma
Mercer, N F, carpenter, res 923 e Grant
Merlin & Ginn, carpenter shop, 328 w Harrison
Merten Commission Co, 322 w Oklahoma
Merten, J, clerk, res 1424 w Washington
Merten, W H, commis mercht, res 1424 w Washington
Metz, John, butcher, res 501 w Noble
Metz, Oscar, meat ctr, res 501 w Noble
Meyer, Fred, merchant, 112 s First; res 114 s First
Miels, Frank, drayman, res 1202 w Vilas
Mihram, Amil, grocer, 331 w Oklahoma
Miller & Walters, real est, over 114 w Oklahoma
Miller, Della, res 616 e Mansur
Miller, H C, confectr, 108 w Oklahoma; res 511 e Vilas
Miller, H L, real est, 704 e Warner
Miller, Horace, clerk, rms 1014 w Perkins
Miller, J W, lawyer, 105 n Second; res same
Miller, Louis, ruler, res 317 w Cleveland
Miller, Miss Katie, res 332 w Harrison
Miller, W G, confectr, res 511 e Vilas
Miller, Z, res 712 e Lincoln
Millikan, Thos F, stenog, res 603 n Vine
Mims, Sarah, domestic, on Cottonwood blvd.
Mistletoe Bar, 102 w Oklahoma
Mitchell, E M, laborer, res 1411 w Vilas
Mitchell, John, laborer, res 1224 e Lincoln
Mitchell, Robert, laborer, res 912 w Grant
Mitchell, Z M, carpenter, res 921 w Washington
Mitchum, Mrs S C, cook, res cor Tenth and Cleveland
Mitts, Edward, printer, rms Arlington hotel
Mock, H, clerk, res 420 n Broad
Mock, M L, pension atty, res 420 n Broad
Mock, Miss C M, bookkpr, res 420 n Broad
Model Bakery, 203 w Oklahoma
Model Roller Mills, 623 n Division
Moffitt, W R, res 323 n Division
Montgomery, J M, guard U S jail, res 717 w Oklahoma
Montgomery, O R, mail cr, res 724 w Logan
Mooney, Joseph, carpenter, res 601 n Division
Moore, Bertha, domestic, res 1024 w Harrison
Moore, Harriet, domestic, res 218 s Fourth
Moore, J A, clerk, res 411 w Mansur
Moore, Martin, merchant, res 722 w Vilas
Moore, Mrs Francis, domestic, 1105 w Oklahoma
Moore, X, res 317 s Division
Moorman, W T, carpenter, res 1020 w Washington
Morehouse, A B, farmer, res 824 e Warner
Morehouse, H C, printer, res 824 e Warner
Morehouse, T H, farmer, res 824 e Warner
Morgan, Fred R, lawyer, res 511 e Oklahoma
Morgan, H R, clerk, res 624 e Oklahoma
Morgan, H, laborer, res 811 w Washington
Morris, Anna, domestic, res 1123 w College
Morris, D J, miller, res 701 w Cleveland
Morris, David J, lawyer, res 622 n Elm
Morris, Dock, laborer, res 505 s Broad
Morris, George, barber, rms 314 w Harrison
Morris, M T, hardware, res 319 n Broad
Morrison, K, carpenter, res 809 e Springer
Morse, W H, jeweler, 206 w Oklahoma; res 622 e Warner
Morton, M A, laborer, res 1018 w Springer
Morton, Mrs V A, grocer, res 1024 w Perkins
Morton, Thomas, laborer, res 1118 w Perkins
Mosley, M A, Terri Oil Inspt, rm 15 Lyon blk; rms same
Moten, Mrs J C, dressmkr, res 416 e Perkins
Mottley, George, barber, res 424 e Perkins
Mottley, Joshua, barber, res 424 e Perkins
Mount Zion Bapt Ch, cor Seventh and Perkins
Mudd, John, laborer, res 1319 e Vilas
Mundy, Geo E, merchant, res 322 w Oklahoma
Mundy, Mrs H C, res 322 w Oklahoma
Mundy, Mrs H H, res 411 e Vilas
Murlin, Joseph, carpenter, res 323 e Grant
Murphy, E C, stonemason, res 702 e Oklahoma
Murray, Mrs F L, res 421 e Cleveland
Murtha, J S, laborer, res 316 e Oklahoma
Myer, R W, dep marshal, res 411 e Mansur….. Note:  Spelled Myer as shown in original).
Myers, F M, carpenter, res 423 e Warner
Myers, Matilda, domestic, res 1310 w Lincoln
Myers, Will, clerk, rms 115 n Broad

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- N -

Nagle, Pat, U S Marshal, rms 117 e Noble
Narington, Geo, quarryman, res 605 s First
Neal, J N, farmer, res 120 e Grant
Nelson, J A, wks ice plant, res 611 w Warner
Nelson, J J, dep sheriff, res 523 w Grant
Nelson, J J, meat cutter, rms 801 e Harrison
Nelson, Mrs. Mary, res 703 e Warner
Nesbitt, A, laborer, res Mansur and Second
Ness, Samuel, carpenter, res 902 w Lincoln
New York Clothing House (H L Cohen), 214 w Oklahoma
New York Hardware Company ( Farquharson & Morris) 216 w Oklahoma
Newman, P, tailor, 123 w Oklahoma; res 301 n Second
Newsome, J W, farmer, res 321 S Broad
Newton, Chas, landlord, res 408 e Harrison
Niblack, L G, editor Leader, rms 607 e Harrison
Nicholas, Rev A B, res 306 e Noble
Nicholas, Rev Samuel, res 517 w College
Nichols, C R, tinner, res 605 s Broad
Nichols, Edward, druggist, res 414 e Oklahoma
Nichols, Rev George, res 910 w Springer
Niece, A P, shoemaker, res 717 w Noble
Nix, E D, grocer, res 421 e Cleveland
Nix, Halsell & Co, Wholesale Grocers, 501 w Oklahoma
Nix, S S, capitalist, res 402 e Washington
Nixon, Wm, printer, rms 204 e Oklahoma
Noble Hotel, 321 w Harrison
Nooe, Henrietta, cook, res 724 w Grant
Norrell, J E, laborer, res 716 e Grant
Nowland, Maryland, laborer, res 1207 e Springer
Nutter, J L, grocer, rms 201 w Harrison

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- O -

O'Brien, W S, bartender, res 801 e Vilas
O'Neill, Frank, depot clerk, res 623 e Cleveland
Oden, Elisha, laborer, res 714 s Second
Ohmart, Miss Belle, dressmkr, rms 809 w Noble
Oklahoma Carriage Works, 322 s Division
Oklahoma Post, over 103 s Second
Oklahoma Representative, (Leo Vincent, editor) over 111 w Harrison
Oklahoma State Dispensary, 326 w Harrison
Oklahoma Trading Company (B R Baker), 102 e Harrison
Olde, James, barber, 214 w Harrison; res 508 w Mansur
Oldham, Junius, dep marshal, res 309 n First
Oldham, Richard, dairy, res 1 ˝ m west ne cor Guthrie
Olds, H C, printer, rms, 302 e Harrison
Olds, Walter, printer, rms 302 e Harrison
Oliver, Alex, laborer, rms 1101 w Springer
Olmstead, J, laborer, res 909 w Perkins
Olney, Miss Louise, teacher, res 403 e Harrison
Olney, Mrs Ellen, res 403 e Harrison
Olsmith Arms Company, 210 and 212 s Division
Olsmith, Frank, Police Judge, res 524 e Perkins
Opera House, (H W Pentecost), McKennon Block
Orner, Bert, clerk, res 1021 e Noble
Orner, Cal, dep City Assessor, res 1021 e Noble
Orner, Clyde, clerk, res 1021 e Noble
Overbay, Frank, clerk, res 515 e Noble
Overbay, Harry, clerk, res 515 e Noble
Overbay, John, dep marshal, res 515 e Noble
Overbay, John, Jr, clerk, res 411 n Division
Overbay, Miss Retta, clerk, res 515 e  Noble
Overbay, Walter, clerk, res 515 e Noble
Overlee, Lloyd, driver, res 315 w Cleveland
Owens, G H, butcher, 116 e Okla; r 1110 w Cleveland
Owens, H, laborer, res 1115 w Harrison
Owens, J W, carpenter, res 1124 w Noble
Owens, T J, Butcher, res 1102 w Cleveland
Owze, Henderson, laborer,  res 1005 w Springer

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- P -

Pabst Ice Plant, Noble and Santa Fe right-of-way
Pace, Mrs E J, tailoress, 117 s Second; r 119 s Second
Packer, N D, clerk, res 723 e Noble
Page, Mrs Carolina, res 602 e Lincoln
Paine, Verder B, loan agt, res 504 e Vilas
Painter, Ferd M, bookkpr, res 419 e Cleveland
Painter, Harry W, Deputy Sheriff, res 419 e Cleveland
Painter, W W, Sheriff, res 419 e Cleveland
Palmer, Mont, clerk, rms over 201 w Harrison
Palmer, Rev J F, res 405 e Logan
Palmore, H M, laborer, res 906 w Grant
Paris, George, restrntr, res 709 w Lincoln
Parker, J W, contractor, rms 115 s Fifth
Parker, Miss E W, teacher, res 308 n Vine
Parrish, T, gardener, res 701 w College
Parsons, Jasper, clerk, res 724 w Oklahoma
Parsons, Miss Elizabeth, stenog, res 511 e Noble
Patterson, Miss Sallie, milliner, res 114 w Harrison
Patterson, Mrs N H, music tchr, res 617 e Mansur
Patton, E T, dry goods, rms over Boston Store
Patton, L L, retired, res 602 w Mansur
Patton, Sherman, sexton, res 921 w University
Payne, John, hostler, res 523 w Harrison
Pearson, Mrs Jennie, housekpr, Cottage hotel
Pease, A D, harnessmkr, res 618 w Mansur
Peck, Thos J, laborer, res 311 w Logan
Peel, D W, carpenter, res 724 e Vilas
Penland, A M, grocer, 811 w Noble; res 809 w Noble
Pentecost, Edward, mgr A C Mill Co, res 324 e Noble
Pentecost, H W, mgr opera hs, res 613 e Noble
Pentecost, James, res 613 e Noble
Pentecost, Joseph, res 112 w Cleveland
People's Store, 624 e Oklahoma
Peoples, Dr D A, dentist, 201 e Oklahoma; res 221 n Second
Perkins, E D, salesman, rms 111 e Noble
Perkins, G N, lawyer, 522 s Second; res same
Perkins, Thomas, mechanic, res 402 w Washington
Perkins, W P, driver, res 402 w Washington
Perry, Col H H, Landlord, Hotel Royal
Perry, Gilbert, laborer, res 211 s Second
Perry, Mrs Julia, laundress, res 921 w University
Perry, S, laborer, res 1320 w Lincoln
Peters, King, farmer, 1209 e Cleveland
Peterson, Benj, laborer, res 619 w Vilas
Pfendler, Fred, Attorney, rm 7 over 105 w Harrison; rms 521 e Noble
Phillips, Alfred, laborer, res 1402 w Perkins
Phillips, John, hardware, 118 w Harrison; res 924 e Cleveland
Phillips, Thomas, clerk, rms Hotel Dally
Pickett & Co, druggists, 708 w Noble
Pickett, W M, druggist, res 924 w Mansur
Piersall, Alfred, porter, rms Arlington hotel
Pillow, Hardie, laborer, res 1013 w Perkins
Pinkham, J P, nightwatch, res 716 e Warner
Pitmore, Henry, janitor, res 1424 e Lincoln
Pitts, Louis E, clerk dist court, rms 401 e Cleveland
Planing Mill, 624 w Noble
Platt, H A, mgr Daily Leader, res 206 n Broad
Platt, Rev J E, Terri S S Supt, res 414 n Broad
Poe, Miss R A, res 504 e Noble
Poe, R R, U S special agt, res 504 e Noble
Poland, J G, grocer, 302 w Oklahoma; res 921 e Harrison
Poland, Walter, clerk, res 921 e Harrison
Police Court, in City Bld, 216 s First
Pontious, Mrs M, res 702 w Washington
Pope, F H, W U Tel Co messngr, rms 206 e Warner
Porter, Jack, laborer, res 319 s First
Porter, Lucinda, domestic, res 423 s Second
Porter, Mrs Louisa, dressmkr, res 1023 w Warner
Portwood, A P, barber, res 1114 w Perkins
Potete, Andrew, laborer, res 624 s Division
Powell, M L, farmer,  res 722 w Washington
Powell, Wm, laborer, res 823 w Logan
Power, W F, plumber, res 701 e Noble
Preston, Wade, Jr, laborer, res 1401 w Vilas
Preston, Wade, Sr, laborer, res 1302 w Springer
Prewett, R A, implemts, res 709 s Division
Price, Elmer, laborer, res 316 e Springer
Price, G L, drayman, res 316 e Springer
Price, Henry, blksmith, 106 e Cleveland; res 403 e Cleveland
Price, James, cook, res 624 e Lincoln
Price, Miss Martha, domestic, res 109 w Cleveland
Pringle, Perry, yard boss Kesler's feed barn
Provolt, Mrs Z, res 310 e Oklahoma
Pullin, Miss Musie, res 523 s Second
Pulse, B W, engineer, res 924 w Oklahoma
Pulse, Mrs T W,  res 404 e Warner
Pumyea, J S, salesman, res 519 e Cleveland
Purcell, Miss Florence, waitress, Hotel Royal
Purcell, Miss Maggie, waitress, Hotel Royal
Purcell, Mrs Maggie, restaurant, 713 w Noble
Purdum, F, salesman, res 410 w Springer
Purvis, J, res 1124 w Vilas

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- Q's -

Queen, Rev C N, pastor Plymouth Congregational church, res 305 e Cleveland

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- R -

Rafferty, Mrs M C L, artist, res 508 e Cleveland
Raible, Wm, cigarmkr, rms Hotel Dally
Ralston, Miss Jennie, domestic, res 312 s Second
Ramsay Bros, Dry Goods, 210 w Oklahoma
Ramsay, Robert, dry goods, res 517 e Cleveland
Ramsay, Wm, res 322 e Logan
Randall, E, upholsterer, res 905 w College
Ransom, John K, printer, res 611 e Vilas
Ransom, Mrs R, dressmkr, res 611 e Vilas
Rasure, F N, laborer, res 618 w Warner
Ray, Harry, section hand, res Grant and right-of-way
Ray, J W, City Assessor, res 324 n Broad
Ray, Teague, attorney, 202 w Oklahoma; res 609 w Springer
Reaves Brothers, pool room, 104 w Harrison
Reaves Brothers, Saloon, 123 s Second
Reaves, Geo, poultry raiser, res 214 w Washington
Reaves, Richard, saloonist, rms 123 s Second
Reaves, W H, saloonist, res 215 s Second
Rector, Sarah, cook, res 715 w Perkins
Redwood, J, saloonist, res 423 e Noble
Reece, R E, section hand, res 823 w Logan
Reed & Dooley, real estate, 111 e Oklahoma
Reed, Geo, farmer, res 1324 w University
Reed, Geo, tinner, res 623 w Warner
Reed, Joe, laborer, res 514 s Third
Reed, R, real estate, res 705 e Cleveland
Rees, Fred, res 121 e Springer
Rees, Miss Margaret, teacher, res 1014 e Cleveland
Rees, Miss Rachel, housekpr, res 1014 e Cleveland
Refro, C R, Druggist, 204 w Oklahoma; res 308 e Vilas
Regan, Allen, farmer, res 1424 w Lincoln
Renfrow, W C, Governor of Oklahoma, res Lyon blk.
Rettick, Mrs Bettie, domestic, res 506 w Washington
Reynolds, Joe, dep marshal, res 414 w Logan
Rhodes, W L, furniture, 106 e Oklahoma; res 521 e Noble
Rice, J, laborer, res 1415 w Springer
Rich, E D, gardener, res 1002 w Harrison
Rich, Mrs C P, photographer, 118 e Oklahoma, r same
Richard, Miss Anna, domestic, res 303 e College
Richards, Joshua, pensioner, res 808 w Logan
Richardson, Prof C E, musician, res 205 e  Washington 
Richey, John C, blacksmith, res 212 e Grant
Richmond, A H, second hand, 113 s Second; res 623 w Cleveland
Richmond, F B,  hostler, res 518 w Harrison
Richmond, W A, liveryman, res 518 w Harrison
Ricketts, Mrs. A, res 118 e Noble
Riker, Frank, carpenter, res 806 w Cleveland
Riley, Frank, cook, res 1104 w Harrison
Riley, Henry, farmer, res 1104 w Perkins
Riling, Jas, baggageman, res 123 w Springer
Rittenhouse, Miss Belle, stenog, res 221 n Second
Ritter, Mrs J, binderygirl, res 510 s First
Ritterbusch, Fred, saloon, 115 w Oklahoma; res 117 e Cleveland
Ritterbusch, Henry, saloon, 115 w Oklahoma; res 117 e Cleveland
Ritterbusch, Wm, driver, res 115 e Cleveland
Ritzhaupt, Wm, baker, res over 113 w Harrison
Rivers, Miss Ella, res 401 s Second
Riverside Feed Barn, 423 w Noble
Roads, Joe M, machinist, 110 n Division; rms same
Roberts, Mrs M, domestic, res 310 e Harrison
Robertson, R W, express agent, res 606 e Harrison
Robinson, Albert, farmer; res 1202 w Washington
Robinson, Henry, porter, res 712 e Lincoln
Robinson, John, railroad porter, res 907 w Logan
Robinson, M J, res 219 s First
Robison, J, laborer, res 505 s Broad
Rodney, J L, clerk, rms over 109 w Oklahoma
Roe, Chas S, engineer, res 111 e Noble
Roe, Miss Nellie, dressmkr, res 111 e Noble
Roe, Miss Ollie, dressmkr, res 111 e Noble
Roe, Mrs Sarah A, res 111 e Noble
Roecker, John, harnessmkr, res 1014 e Springer
Rogers, Frank, cook, res 1023 w College
Rogers, John A, solicitor, res 613 e Cleveland
Rogers, Mrs Lizzie, domestic, res 1023 w College
Rogers, Mrs Lou, milliner, 115 e Oklahoma; res 704 e Nobel
Rohrer, W W, carpenter, res 424 s First
Romero, Pedro, tailor, res 103 n Capitol blvd.
Rosenbaum, Major Phil, res 605 e Oklahoma
Ross, Sam, laborer, res 421 w Springer
Ross, W N, carpenter, res 1012 w Logan
Rowley, Samuel, farmer, res 1011 w Harrison
Royal Barber Shop, (J B Towers, prop.), 116 s First; Little Victor blk.
Royster, B A, hostler, res 624 e Vilas
Ruffin, Chas, laborer, res 916 w Harrison
Rufus, Wm, laborer, res 913 w Lincoln
Rupe, J B, farmer, res 524 s Broad
Rush, W S & Co., electricians, 206 w Oklahoma
Rutherford, Eugene, farmer, res 619 s Twelfth
Rutherford, Robert, farmer, res 621 s Twelfth
Ruthven, Mrs Ellen, dressmkr, res 315 n Vine
Ryan, Mrs J, teacher, rms 519 e Harrison

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- S -

Sabine, George, short order restrt, 121 w Harrison; res 108 s First
Sabine, Mrs S, restaurant, 207 w Harrison
Sadler, E J, lawyer, res 419 w Warner
Salla, A R, machinist, res 509 s Division
Sampsel & Carlin, rental agts, 216 w Harrison
Sampsel, J A, lawyer, res 224 s Second
Sanders, Henry, shoemkr, res 624 s First
Sargeant, Dr, physician, res 621 w Cleveland
Sarsycki, Joseph, tailor, res 210 e Vilas
Satterlee, D C, clerk, res 607 w Warner
Satterlee, Miss May, student, res 607 w Warner
Saunders, A P, harness, 113 w Oklahoma; res 420 n Division
Saunders, Geo, well driller, res 1002 e Springer
Saunders, Joseph, secy townst bd, rms over 101 e Oklahoma
Saunders, L D, grocer, 1101 w Noble
Saunders, Mrs A P, millinery, 107 ˝ w Oklahoma; res 420 n Division
Schickram, Louis, carriagemkr, res 117 w Springer
Schmidt, John, meat market, 112 w Oklahoma; res 414 n Division
Schnell, A C, real estate, res 215 n Broad
Schnell, Andrew C, bailiff, res 215 n Broad
Schnell, Anson C, collector stm lndry, res 215 n Broad
Schnell, Miss Alice, music tchr, res 215 n Broad
Schofield, C E, farmer, res 1218 w Noble
Schofield, Zenas, res 1218 w Noble
Schoner, Paul, policeman, res 120 n Second
Schulte, Carl,  billiard hall, res 524 w Oklahoma
Schultz, Henry, laborer, res 623 s Broad
Schultz, J F, hdware, 719 w Noble; res 723 w Noble
Schwartz, Harry, night clerk, Hotel Royal
Schweizer, Carl, cabinetmkr, rms Hotel Dally
Scott, J A, hotel clerk, res 204 e Oklahoma
Scott, Lewis, prop English Kitchen, 204 e Oklahoma
Scott, Miss Birdie, teacher, res 204 e Oklahoma
Scott, Thomas, laborer, res 116 e Grant
Scott, W O, laborer, res 401 w Springer
Scribner, Miss Gertrude, laundress, r 724 e Oklahoma
Scribner, Miss Laurel, laundress, res 724 e Oklahoma
Scribner, S A, contractor, res 724 e Oklahoma
Scrutchfield, Charles, merchant, res 203 e Vilas
Scrutchfield, Miss Olga, stenog, res 417 e Perkins
Scrutchfield, Mrs Lou, dressmkr, res 417 e Perkins
Scrutchfield, Mrs Nancy, res 203 e Vilas
Scrutchfield's Second Hand Store, 106 e Harrison
Searcy, W E H, Jr, clerk Ind offi, res 718 e Cleveland
Seaton, A, druggist, res over 206 w Oklahoma
Seatonian Drug Company, 206 w Oklahoma
Seeds, S Y, carpenter, res 521 e Vilas
Seeds, Silas, carpenter, res 605 e Warner
Seidenspinner, Fritz, saloonist, res 333 w Oklahoma
Selstrom, John, salesman, rms 224 s First
Seman, J, baker, res 1123 w Cleveland
Serber, Frank, mail cr, rms 304 e Vilas
Sessor, Mrs Lillie, seamstress, res 919 w Perkins
Seton, Capt Chs, retired, 510 e Logan
Severns, Joseph, retired, res 724 w Warner
Sevring, Miss Rose, domestic, res 310 n Broad
Sewell, J F, res 1106 w Noble
Sexauer, Wm, baker, res 414 e Cleveland
Sharp, Geo, section hd, res Grant and right-of-way
Shartel, John W, attorney, res 612 w Harrison
Sharum & Co, grocers and dry g, 102-4 w Harrison
Sharum, G M, grocer, res 709 e Cleveland
Sharum, W C, grocer, res 709 e Cleveland
Shaw, W T, machine agt, 202 e Oklahoma; rms same
Shelby, Henry, grocer, res 624 w Perkins
Shelton, Thomas, laborer, res 315 e Oklahoma
Shepherd, Miss Minnie, artist, res 709 n Broad
Shepherd, Miss Nettie, teacher, res 709 n Broad
Shepherd, Rev J N, res 709 n Broad
Shepherd, S J, trav salesman, res 222 n First
Shepherd, Simon, farmer, res 1306 w Lincoln
Sherriff, W D, clerk, res 519 e Oklahoma
Sherriff, W E, grocer, 519 e Oklahoma; res same
Shields, P H, carpenter, res 1121 w Oklahoma
Shird, John, shoemkr, res 424 e Vilas
Shoenhair, Miss Anna, dressmkr, res 402 e Cleveland
Shoenwald, David, clerk, rms 211 w Harrison
Showalter, J T, laborer, res 721 w Lincoln
Shultz, Bessie, domestic, res 805 e Vilas
Siar, N J, laborer, res 802 e Grant
Siddens, Emerson, barber, rms 511 w Mansur
Silver Dollar Saloon, 202 w Harrison
Silver King Saloon, 333 w Oklahoma
Simmons, Joel, laborer, res 1201 e Grant
Simons, Calvin, res 1001 w Springer
Simpson, Eveline, domestic, res 612 w Lincoln
Sims, Daniel, laborer, res 1124 w Cleveland
Sims, Eliza, domestic, res 1202 w University
Skaggs, Jacob, farmer, res 602 n Division
Skinner, Chas, laborer, res 413 w Logan
Sleeper, Fred, teleg operator, res 718 e Vilas
Slocum, Dr D D, dentist, 105 s First; res 314 e Mansur
Slusser, Dr Henry, physician, res 1316 w Warner
Small, John, laborer, res 722 s Broad
Smalley, Wm, laborer, res 218 e Oklahoma
Smallwood, R L, huckster, res 1123 w Perkins
Smallwood, Tony, laborer, res 1219 w Springer
Smart, Dr F M, physician, rm 19 Oswego bld.
Smart, J, res 423 w Mansur
Smith & Robinson, second hand, 312 w Oklahoma
Smith & Salisbury, grainbuyers, 214 n Vine; stable 202 e Cleveland
Smith, Clarence, pressfdr, res 206 n Broad
Smith, Dr Chas, physician, rm 12 Gray bld; res 524 e Cleveland
Smith, Dr D J A, res 1203 w Mansur
Smith, Dr H L, 122 w Oklahoma; res 511 e Cleveland
Smith, Dr Hila w, res 618 w Oklahoma
Smith, F, laborer, res 123 e Lincoln
Smith, Henry T, clerk, res 305 n First
Smith, James, second hand, res 206 e Springer
Smith, John B, bridge carpenter, res 206 e Springer
Smith, Miss Lydia, laundress, res 512 w Oklahoma
Smith, Miss Maria, domestic, res 414 s Fourth
Smith, Mrs Mattie, res 622 s First
Smith, O E, bill distributor, res 112 s Twelfth
Smith, Orvill, harnessmkr, rms 123 w Oklahoma
Smith, P B, laborer, res 622 s Capitol blvd.
Smith, P V, clerk, rms 519 w Mansur
Smith, R V, physician, res 410 e Cleveland
Smith, Rev A D, res 208 e Perkins
Smith, Robert W, feed stable, res 514 w Oklahoma
Smith, T G, merchant, res 305 n First
Smith, W H, blksmith, res 519 w Mansur
Smith, W H, grocer, 117 s Second; res 515 s Fourth
Smith, W S, attorney, res 713 e Mansur
Smith's Barber Shop, 325 w Oklahoma
Smithson, W H, asst secretary, rms 210 w Oklahoma
Snyder, J W, real estate, res 621 s First
Speed, Horace, attorney, rooms 19 and 21, Beadles blk; res 513 n Division
Speer, Miss Demas, clerk, res 318 w Vilas
Spence, J A, carpenter, res 509 e Lincoln
Spencer Hardware Company, 124 w Oklahoma
Spencer, D C, blksmith, 615 e Oklahoma; res 810 w Grant
Spencer, W S, hardware, r 318 e Noble
Spencer, Will, blksmith, res 810 w Grant
Spiva, W J, tinner, res 506 w Mansur
Spraings, G H, laborer, res 1215 w Cleveland
Spurlock, W M, loan office, 202 w Oklahoma; res 606 e Cleveland
St John, Miss Pearl, milliner, rms 704 e Noble
Staley, J M, laborer, res 1424 w Mansur
Stanley, J B, officer S A, res 218 e Harrison
Stapleton, Willard, Livery, 105 e Cleveland; res same
Star Bazaar, (Waller Bros) 120-122 w Harrison
Stark, G P, green grocer, 107 s First
Starr, S C, grocer, res over 328 w Oklahoma
State Capital Printing Company, McKennon blk.
Steam Laundry, (A W McKeand), 520 n First
Stearns, Edwin, dry goods, res 424 e Vilas
Stearns, J C, harnessmkr, res 313 e Grant
Stephens, Mrs Hattie H, res 1201 e Springer
Stevens, Dr D, over 206 w Oklahoma; res same
Stevens, Ernest, depot clerk, res 117 e Noble
Stevens, J A, real estate, res 723 w Warner
Stevens, J L, real estate, res 512 e Oklahoma
Stevens, Miss Bianaca, stenog, res 512 e Oklahoma
Stevens, Miss Cora, music tchr, res 512 e Oklahoma
Stevens, Mrs C E, tailoress, res 202 ˝ w Oklahoma
Steward, F, grocer, res 1013 e Vilas
Stewart, John T, clerk, res 509 w Grant
Stewart, Mrs J, res 913 w Warner
Stewart, Rufus, printer, rms 806 w Noble
Stiles, W F, capitalist, res 424 e Mansur
Stinson, S F, lumber yard, 211 n First; res 112 e Washington
Stitt, Britton, laborer, res 607 s Third
Stock Exchange Saloon, 123 w Harrison
Stockdale, J, money loaner, res 605 w Mansur
Stokes, Mingo, carpenter, res 609 s Second
Stone, John F, lawoffice, over 105 w Harrison; res 501 n Division
Stone, Nelson, clerk, res 304 e Vilas
Story, Gus, laborer, res 717 s Tenth
Stowe Hardware Company, 111 w Oklahoma
Stowe, C H, hardware, res 511 n Division
Stowers, Miss Fannie, domestic, res 416 s Second
Strader, M, carpenter, res 609 e Oklahoma
Strang, Judge J C, res 623 e Noble
Stratton, Jas, farmer, res 1403 w Noble
Strearns, D W, harness shop, 119 w Oklahoma; res 313 e Grant
Strock, C H, student, res 313 e Vilas
Strode, Rev Tony, res 909 w Oklahoma
Stroebel, Geo, saloonkpr, res 518 s First
Strong, J, laborer, res 624 s Third
Strong, Jones, farmer, res 306 w Logan
Strough, G B, clerk, res 412 s Broad
Strough, H L, carpenter, res 412 s Broad
Stumpf, Miss Lula, tailoress, res 204 e Grant
Sturgeon, J, laborer, res 615 w Vilas
Sturgis, Rev Geo B, res 306 e Noble
Summers, M V, domestic, res 220 s Second
Sutton, J W, marble yard, res 409 w Cleveland
Sutton, Mrs J W, boarding, 109 w Cleveland
Swan, Chas S, dairyman, 702 w Logan
Swearingen Art Studio, over McNeal block; res 512 w Perkins
Swedenborg, Mrs Nannita Daisy, res 620 w Perkins

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- T -

Tandy, Capt C H, attorney, res 1409 e Perkins
Tarlton, A, miller, 516 w Springer; res 208 n Broad
Tarlton, F M, miller, res 208 n Broad
Tarrants, T H, Transfer Line, res 316 e Vilas
Taylor, Captain, treas. townsite board, res 319 s Second
Taylor, George W, Contractor, res 221 e Harrison
Taylor, J W, clerk, res 316 s Drexel blvd.
Taylor, Mrs C R, dressmkr, res 517 s First
Taylor, Mrs Joe, domestic, res 401 e Mansur
Taylor, Mrs M A, grocery, 1101 w Perkins
Taylor, Peter, laborer, res 1324 e Oklahoma
Taylor, Sam'l, farmer, res 1101 w Springer
Teach, Jacob, blksmith, 112 e Vilas
Teague & Brown, grocery, 606 w Noble
Teague, S L, grocer, res 609 w Noble
Teal, Miss Hattie, laundress, res 210 n Fourth
Territorial Secretary's Office, 210 w Oklahoma
Territorial Superintendent Public Instruction, rooms 10 and 11, Lyon Block
Terry, Miss A E, res 616 w Washington
The Daily Leader, 107 w Harrison
The Fair, Dry Goods (J G Seddelbach, prop.), 114 w Oklahoma
The Rush, Dry Goods (J C Dana, prop.), 120 w Oklahoma
Thomas, A D, carpenter, res 319 n Seventh
Thomas, H A, dep marshal, res 909 e Springer
Thomas, Mrs Alice, res 720 w Harrison
Thomas, Mrs M E, res 902 e Noble
Thomas, Richard, blksmith, 823 w Perkins
Thomas, Richard, cook, res 602 s Second
Thompson & Blincoe, lumber, 117 e Harrison
Thompson, G F, laborer, res 523 n Division
Thompson, G W, farmer, res 911 w Grant
Thompson, W H, salesman, res 411 n Broad
Thorne, W H, capitalist, res 419 n Borad
Thornton, E, grocer, 717 w Noble; res same
Thorpe, J D, Jeweler, 204 w Oklahoma; res 206 e Vilas
Thorpe, Vira, student, res 206 e Vilas
Thurston, H R, lawyer, 124 n Second; res 405 e Walshington
Thwing, F H, money loaner, 106 w Harrison; res 311 n Broad
Tidball, Mrs Josephine, res 605 e Noble
Tidball, Mrs L L, res 605 e Noble
Tilghman, Frank, res 507 e Vilas
Tilghman, Miss Dottie, res 519 e Harrison
Tillman, James, grocery, 714 w Perkins; res 1014 w Lincoln
Tingle, Mrs T K, milliner, 111 s First; res same
Tingle, T K, Cigars and Tobacco, 123 w Oklahoma; res 111 s First
Tipton, Geo, bank clerk, r 314 e Vilas
Tipton, L P, res 314 e Vilas
Titus, E Y, dairyman, 1223 w Cleveland
Todd, H D, real estate, 104 ˝ s Second
Todd, Lucy, domestic, res 705 w Perkins
Todd, Mrs J, res 424 n Broad
Todd, W N, money loaner, Bamford blk; res 617 s Division
Tolliver, Henry, farmer, res 617 s Division
Tomlin, Mrs Fannie, domestic, res 318 s Division
Tontz & Hirschi, Hardware, 113 w Harrison
Touhy, Cornelius, bookkpr, res 712 w Cleveland
Towers, J B, barber, res 319 e Springer
Townsite Board No. 6, over 115 w Harrison
Traband, A, cigar factory, 205 w Oklahoma; res 224 e Oklahoma
Treaster, Emma, domestic, rms 108 s First
Trimble, W F, grocer, 602 w Noble; res 604 w Noble
Tripp, A M, broommkr, res 917 w University
Trotter, M P, loan office, 206 w Oklahoma; res 321 e Harrison
Troy Laundry, 114 e Springer
Truitt, Samuel, stonemason, res 815 w Noble
Tucker, W P, clerk, rms 715 w Noble
Tull, J, guard Federal Jail, rms Arlington hotel
Turne, Roland M, clerk, res 318 e Harrison
Turner, J, machinist, 111 e Harrison; r 108 n Division
Turner, M L, banker, res 110 e Oklahoma
Turner, Mrs Ellen, res 108 n Division
Tuttle, Miss T, res 602 e Springer
Tyson, Caesar, laborer, res 1409 w University

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- U -

United States Attorney's office, over 107 w Harrison
United States Marshal's office, over 101 w Harrison
Urban, J E, real est, 114 w Oklahoma; rms 118 e Harrison
Utz, Emil, miller, res 712 e Springer

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- V -

Vale, J, laborer, res 405 e Mansur
Vampner, N W, carpenter, res 1223 e Oklahoma
Van Dyne, H, farmer, res 203 e Harrison
Van Dyne, Miss Clara, dressmkr, res 203 e Harrison
Van Voorhees, S K, bookkpr, res 117 e Noble
Vanderpool, Edwin, drug clerk, 204 w Oklahoma
Vandervort, Dr M, physician, 118 n First; res same
Vanmeter, Chas, laborer, res 603 w Mansur
Varley, Martin, wagonmkr, res 602 w Warner
Vaughan, W V, music tchr, res 1310 w Mansur
Vienna Bakery, (Wm Ritzhaupt, prop) 111 w Harrison
Vincent, Frank, hostler, res 109 e Noble
Vincent, Leo, editor Representative, res 107 n Capitol boulevard
Vinson, T C, barber, 119 w Harrison; r 1213 e Harrison
Voss, S S, bookkpr, res 1217 w Noble

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- W -

Wade, Mrs Adah, domestic, res 920 w Harrison
Wade, Synica, blksmith, res 404 s Drexel blvd.
Wagner, Miss Anna, clerk, res 702 e Oklahoma
Walker, Amanda, laundress, res 616 n Drexel blvd.
Walker, Geo, laborer, res 821 w Grant
Walker, James, laborer, res 903 w Grant
Walker, John, farmer, res 606 e Lincoln
Walker, Mary, domestic, res 616 n Drexel blvd.
Walker, T S, farmer, res 1122 e University
Wallace & Muller, druggists, 212 w Oklahoma
Wallace, David, teacher, res 321 s Broad
Wallace, J N, druggist, res 618 e Springer
Wallace, J, laborer, res 710 e Lincoln
Wallace, V M, laborer, res 204 e Harrison
Waller, J M, merchant, res 124 e Washington
Walsh, Miss Mollie, bindery girl, res 115 n Broad
Walters, J, cook, res 121 n First
Walters, W J, real estate, res 416 e Oklahoma
Walton, Albert, farmer, res 1306 e Cleveland
Walton, Lizzie, domestic, res 404 s Second
Ward, Julius, lumberman, rms 103 e Vilas
Ware, J F, clerk, res 1220 w Cleveland
Ware, Payton, grocer, 304 s Second; res 1221 e Vilas
Ware, Rev E E, res 506 e Lincoln
Warner, J, stock br, res 917 e Noble
Warren, Mrs C L, rooming hs, 217 s First
Warren, Mrs Millie, res 314 w Logan
Warren, Samuel, fruit merchant, res 409 w Springer
Warren's Fruit Store, 121 w Harrison
Washington, Amanda, laundress, res 502 s Third
Washington, Curley, laborer, res 606 s Third
Washington, Geo, shoemkr, res 115 s Sixth
Washington, Mrs J, domestic, res 616 s Capitol blvd.
Washington, Rev G W, res 606 e Vilas
Washington, Wesley, laborer, res 905 w Lincoln
Washington, Wm, farmer, res 1006 w Washington
Washington's Shoe Shop, 323 w Oklahoma
Waters-Pierce Oil Co, 302 s Fifth
Watkin's Boarding Barn, corner Springer and Division
Watkins, Alex, laborer, res 723 w Lincoln
Watkins, Mrs Julia, laundress, res 317 n First
Watkins, Mrs M E, brdhouse, 519 e Harrison
Watson, Geo, laborer, res 123 s Sixth
Watson, Mrs D G, res 413 e Perkins
Watson, Samuel, farmer, res 701 s Capitol blvd.
Watson, Wm, laborer, res 718 w Oklahoma
Wattles, Carl, rms Hotel Dally
Weatherby, J, shoe shop, 105 b s Second; rms same
Weathers, J, carpenter, res 1003 e Grant
Weaver, Gaston, laborer, res 1309 w Logan
Webb, Andrew, gardener, res 601 e Springer
Webb, Mrs Addy, domestic, res 322 w Logan
Webb, S A, gardener, res 601 e Springer
Webster, G W, baker, res 506 n First
Weckel, F E, shoe merct, res 506 n First
Weeeler, W B, pharmacist, res 417 n Division…(spelling is as found in original)
Wehmeier, C H, baker, res 523 w Noble
Wehmeier, Miss Lydia, clerk, res 523 w Noble
Wehmeir, Miss Anna, clerk, res 523 w Noble
Wehmouth, John, pensioner, res 1323 w Washington
Weicker, Wm, mgr S Fe eatg hs, rms 507 e Springer
Weinberger, Moses, saloon, 211 w Harrison; res same
Weiss, Philip, farmer, res 313 e Warner
Welch, Mrs, tailoress, res 112 w Harrison
Welch, W R, bookbdr, res 601 e Cleveland
Welcome Grocery, 101-3 w Harrison
Wells, Eulice, laborer, 1121 w Harrison
Wenner, Fred L, journalist, res 623 n Broad
Wesley, Julius, laborer, res 1323 w Springer
Wesley, Mrs Nancy, domestic, res 604 e Lincoln
West Guthrie Roller Mill, 613-615 w Cleveland
West Side Colored Congregational Church, 802 w Warner
West Side Congregational Church, corner Ninth and Warner
West, H C, shipping clerk, res 401 w Logan
West, M H, proprietor Cottage Hotel
West, M I, real estate, 106 ˝ w Oklahoma; res 405 e Cleveland
West, R F, teacher, res 709 s Division
Westbrook, Eugene, janitor, res 417 e Harrison
Wharton, J S, laborer, res 916 e Springer
Wheeler, J, capitalist, room 16, over 117 s Second; res 417 n Division
Wheeler, James, money loaner, 106˝ w Oklahoma; res 324 n Vine
Whisler, C M, cigar factory, Bambord blk; res Hotel Dally
Whitbeck, Harry, bookkpr, res 618 e Cleveland
Whitcomb, A O, laborer, res 1406 w Logan
White Oak Saloon, 109˝ s Second
White, Adam, farmer, res 323 w Grant
White, C W, jeweler, 212 w Oklahoma; res 401 n First
White, Isaac, farmer, res 1120 w Lincoln
White, Michael, contractor, rms 115 s Fifth
White, Mrs Sylvia, res 919 w Perkins
White, Mrs. Susan, domestic, res 1222 e Grant
White, Priscilla, domestic, res 1005 w Vilas
White, Rev W A, res 305 s Broad
White, Washington, laundry, res 703 w Warner
Whiteside, Miss Nellie, domestic, res 311 e Perkins
Whitney, H P, carpenter, res 515 w College
Whorton, Madison, laborer, res 1124 e Lincoln
Wickman, L C, carriagemkr, res 123 e Grant
Widmer, D R, lawyer, res 503 e Cleveland
Wierman, J S, clerk, res 405 e Perkins
Wiggins, Murphy, laborer, res 1019 w Springer
Wigley, H P, laborer, res 510 s Division
Wigley, John, farmer, res 1104 w Perkins
Wilber & Leonard, agents Armour Packing Co, 328 w Harrison
Wilber, E J, Armour Pk Co, res 323 e Cleveland
Wilber, F E, Armour Pk Co, res 323 e Cleveland
Wilcox, A R, mgr Light and Power Co, res 417 e Springer
Wiley, G W, laborer, res 704 s Broad
Willard, J E, contractor, rms Hotel Royal
Willard, Mrs, music tchr, res 221 n Second
Williams, Arthur, porter Hotel Dally
Williams, Folly, laborer, res 313 s Eleventh
Williams, Fred, waiter, Hotel Dally
Williams, G, musical inst, res 615 w Logan
Williams, J F, laborer, res 603 w Noble
Williams, Joe, driver, res 815 w Warner
Williams, Miss Laura, milliner, res 704 e Noble
Williams, Mrs M F, dressmkr, res 806 w Noble
Williams, Mrs Mary, domestic, res 1302 e Harrison
Williams, N J, cotton and grain, 109 n Division; rms Hotel Okla.
Williamson, M E, laborer, res 810 w Washingtn
Williamson, W D, farmer, res 1223 w Warner
Willis, C A, driver, res 412 s Eighth
Willis, C S, laborer, res 1119 w College
Willis, Della, domestic, res 811 e Vilas
Willis, G H, tailor, 105 w Oklahoma; rms same
Willis, Joe, second hand goods, 115 s Second; res 515 w Lincoln
Wills, J W, rms Hotel Dally
Wilson, Fred, barber, 218 s Second; rms same
Wilson, G J, barber, res 314 w Vilas
Wilson, J W, lawyer, 122 w Oklahoma; res 423 n Broad
Wilson, John, farmer, res 709 w Warner
Wilson, Minnie, domestic, res 423 n Broad
Wilson, Mrs Kittie, domestic, 1102 w Cleveland
Wilson, Mrs Sallie, domestic, res 709 w Warner
Winch, Charles, painter, res 223 s First
Winch, Ira, carpenter, 223 s First
Windoffer, H B, tailor, 120 s Second; r 612 n Division
Windoffer, S A, tailor, res 612 n Division
Windsor's Barber Shop, 119 w Harrison
Wineard, Jacob, stonemason, rms 115 s Fifth
Winkel, Mrs Anna, res 122 n Second
Winn, Augustus, laborer, res 1015 w Harrison
Winn, W M, farmer, res 611 s Tenth
Winsota, Perry, cook, 915 w Harrison
Winton, J P, solicitor, res 722 e Noble
Wisby & Horner, lawyers, over 212 w Oklahoma
Wisby, Joseph, attorney, res 321 n First
Wisby, Sam T, clerk U S marshl offi, res 511 e Noble
Withers, E R, res 523 s Second
Withers, Mrs E R, dressmkr, 114 w Harrison; res 523 s Second
Withers, S P, laborer, res 1019 w Vilas
Witter, C M, bookkpr, res 322 w Oklahoma
Wittig, Fred, stonemason, res 1305 w Oklahoma
Wolf, Joseph, stonemason, rms 115 s Fifth
Woo, George, Laundry, 105 s Second; res same
Wood, L C, mechanic, res 606 e Harrison
Wood, Miss Mabel, telephone exchange, res 606 e Harrison
Wood, Miss Mattie, telephone exchange, res 606 e Harrison
Woods, Emmett, carpenter, res 1307 w Logan
Woods, H M, printer, 405 e Oklahoma
Woods, Silas, laborer, res 1423 e Vilas
Woodward, N, Miller, res 1310 w Oklahoma
Woody, Miss Anna, domestic, res 311 w Harrison
Woolf, Miss Mae, teaches dressmaking, res 524 s Fourth
Woolf, Thomas J, carpenter, res 524 s Fourth
Worden, Frank, section hand, res Grant and right-of-way
Workinger, Wm, plants and bulbs, res 417 w Noble
Wright, A W, laborer, res 1016 w Vilas
Wulff, Henry, carpenter, res 1420 w Logan
Wyant & McCrary, livery, cor Vilas and First
Wyatt, Church, farmer, res 1020 w Perkins
Wyatt, F M, saloonist, res 114 e Noble
Wyatt, Jack, laborer, res 1020 w Perkins
Wyatt, Mrs K B, dressmkr, res 312 w Cleveland

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No X's

- Y -

Yager, Fred, shoemkr, rms 201 w Oklahoma
Yates, C J, Real Estate, over Beadles block; res 713 e Vilas
Young Bros, wagon shop, 102 e Noble
Young, A L, artist, res 119 e Perkins
Young, F M, real estate, res 322 s Capitol blvd.
Young, J, grocer, 102 w Noble; res same  
Young, Miss Amelia, domestic, res 311 n Broad
Young, Miss Eva, domestic, res 310 n Broad
Young, Mrs A L, musictchr, res 119 e Perkins
Young, Newton, laborer, res 924 w Perkins
Young, P A, blksmith, res 802 e Warner
Young, T H, barber, res 524 s Third
Young, W E, student, 908 e Vilas

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- Z -

Zion Colored M E  Church, 314 s Drexel blvd.
Zirke, Konrad, shoemkr, res 624 w Washington 

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Guthrie Telephone Directory


  9    A, T & S F passenger depot
 54    Anheuser-Busch Agency, R W Black
 55    Anchor Saloon
 32    Arkansas Lumber Co.
 38    Arkansas City Milling Co.
 60    Armour Packing Co.
 56    Asp, Shartel & Cottingham, law office
 87    Auditor's Office


 34    Bank of Indian Territory
 54    Black, R W, bottling works
 44    Brooke, Bishop F K, residence
 30    Brooks, J M, residence


 57    Cammack, John, livery barn
 21    Capitol National Bank
  1    Castanien Bros, bus and baggage line
  6    Cheadle, N F, Ferd Heim Brewing Co.
  3    City Hall
 67    Clark, M A, groceries
 81    Clark, M A, residence
 69    Clerk of the Supreme Court
 65    Cooper, O P & Son, meat market
 41    Cotteral, Dr C F, residence
 64    Cottingham, J R, residence
100    County Building
 77    County Jail
 94    Coyle, W H, residence
 74    Coyle Mercantile Co, wholesale grocers
 63    Cunningham, H S, law office
 87    Cameron, E D,  Ter. Auditor


 20    Fairfield, J B, transfer and coal depot
 92    Fowler, M A, groceries
  6    Ferd Heim Brewing Co.
 22    Farquharson & Morris, hardware
 66    Franklin, S T, groceries


 50   Guthrie Club
 14   Guthrie National Bank
  4   Guthrie Steam Laundry
 90   Governor's Office
 76   Goode & Nutter, groceries


  8    Houghton, F E, store
 29    Hotel Royal
 42    Hewitt, F W, residence
 95    Hamilton & Co, saloon


 28    Jail, United States
 77    Jail, County


 99    Kesler, A G, flour, feed and scales
 97    Kaylor, W H, store
 35    Kimball Grocery Co.
 89    Knowlton Danderine Co.


 75    Leader Office
 68    Lowe, Hon T J, office
 88    Lowe, Hon T J, residence
  7    Lillie, F B & Co, drugs
 27    Lynds, G H, real estate, loans and rentals
 67    Leader Grocery
 69    Leader Editorial Room


 51    Model Roller Mills
 33    Merten Commission Co.
 78    Massey, John, grocery and meat market
 51    Morris & Bunch, Model Roller Mill
 95    Misletoe Bar
 72    McCrary, Hugh, livery stable


 69    Niblack, L G, editor Leader
 10    Nix, Halsell & Co, wholesale grocers
 23    New York Hardware Co.
 91    Nix, E D, residence
 45    Nagle, Patrick, U S Marshal


 18    Opera House, H W Pentecost, Manager
 16    Overstreet, Ardery & Horsfall, residence
 80    Olsmith, Frank, Police Judge


 52    Pabst Brewing Co.
 80    Police Judge, office
 18    Pentecost, H W, manager opera house 


 46    Rhodes, W L, residence
 36    Richmond, W A, livery stable
 90    Renfrow, Hon W C, Governor
 58    Reaves Bros, saloon
 52    Ruemmeli, Albert, ice plant


 37    Smith, Dr H L, office
 96    Seatonian Drug Co.
 93    Smith, Dr H L, residence
 53    State Capital Printing Co.
 84    Smith & Salisbury, boarding stable
  6    Stapleton, Willard, livery barn
 48    Smith, Dr Charles, residence
 59    Spencer Hardware Co.
 68    Secretary of Oklahoma, office
 73    Smith, W H, store
 49    Schmidt, John, meat market
  4    Steam Laundry
 70    Searcy, Wm E H, Jr, residence
 19    Shartel, John W, residence
 25    Stowe Hardware Co.
 11    Stinson, S F, lumber yard
 40    Sharum, G M, store


 83    Thornton, E, store
 98    Tarlton Milling Co, office
 62    Tontz & Hirschi, hardware


 45    United States Marshal, office
 28    United States Jail
 26    Utz, Emil, mill


 43    Williams, J N, feed store, grain and cotton
 15    Western Union Telegraph Co.
 79    Waters-Pierce Oil Co.
 67    Welcome Grocery
 26    West Guthrie Roller Mills
 86    Watkins, G W, livery barn

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