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1902 Official Report of Logan County Schools
1902 Official Report of Logan County Schools
by J. R. Campbell, Superintendent
to Governor T. B. Ferguson

Submitted by: Jennifer Ammons and transcribed by: Tammie Chada

Logan County Schools

W. S. Calvert, Superintendent

Logan county has 96 districts and 13 parts of districts belonging to adjoining counties employing 162 teachers in 111 school houses. The educational interest has kept pace with other sections of the Territory during the past two years. The school population of the county by its last scholastic census is 8.648, which fact plainly shows the great need of a compulsory educational law to enforce the attendance of the 4,000 pupils who stayed at home daily during the school term. It is with great pride that we can mention the fact that the average daily attendance for the past year increased over the preceding year by 325, and the preceding year showed a healthy gain in attendance over the year before. Great efforts were made by our teachers and patrons the past two years to stimulate attendance and interest in our schools 2with splendid results. Some districts reporting as many as 20 per cent of this enrollment as being neither absent nor tardy during the term. Monthly and Term Award cards with grade report cards have been used with marked beneficial effects.

Township Meetings

Township meetings were held in each township of the county during the past year in which the teachers, patrons, pupils and the superintendent took part. The meetings were well attended and the cause of education was greatly stimulated thereby. We feel under great obligations to Territorial Superintendent Baxter, President Umholtz of the Edmond Normal, Superintendent J. R. Campbell of the Guthrie City Schools and professor G. A. Dickson of the Guthrie High School for valuable assistance in these meetings. We have found these Township meetings to be the most effective method of reaching the patrons of the schools. The Annual Meetings of this year (1902) have shown by an increase in levies, lengthening of terms, increased pay for teachers the importance of this feature of the work. The increase in interest we find also to be resulting in several new school houses. Repairing and refurnishing others with apparatus and modern appliances in instruction and beautifying of houses and grounds; fencing school lot, planting trees, etc. etc. This increased interest has no doubt also resulted in the voters of the county voting the establishing of a county High School by a large majority, Logan county being the first county in the Territory to vote favorably on this proposition.

Township Graded Schools

Efforts have been made in a few instances by some of our districts to form Township Graded or High Schools, but in each case have failed to interest the voters sufficiently for the measure to carry. Several of our districts containing small towns or villages are maintaining graded schools and are employing from two to four teachers each. These schools are becoming quite popular with surrounding districts which are sending many of their advanced pupils to these schools for the superior benefits such schools give over the ungraded district schools.

Pupils Examinations

The results of the examinations held for the graduation of pupils from rural schools have been highly satisfactory. Examinations were held at eleven different points of the county in 1902 and were in charge of two reliable teachers at each point. Two hundred and twenty-three pupils took these examinations in April of this year and one hundred thirty-eight made passing grades and were issued diplomas by the Territorial Board of Education. The above number is more than the entire number of such graduates in the county since the introduction of the plan of such graduation. These graduates are at this time quite largely doing better or more advanced work in the high schools or the Territorial institutions of higher learning.
We found on visiting one school in October of this year six of these pupils away from the district in high school or college. Experience has also taught that when this graduation scheme is kept constantly in view of the pupils by teachers and County Superintendents, every child will attend school with this end in view. No trouble has been experienced in securing the co-operation of teachers in reaching this end and they gratuitously assist in the examinations and grading of papers without any remuneration whatever. No fee of any nature or kind was charged applicants in these examinations.

County Normal Institute

The County Normal was held in 1901 in June. The enrollment reached 138. One hundred ten teachers were examined and ninety-nine certificates were issued. In 1902 the enrollment reached 181, One hundred nine teachers were examined and ninety-one certificates were issued. Splendid work was done by instructors and teachers in both sessions of the institute. The institute was in session for four weeks each year and each succeeding year seems its best.

Teaching Force

This office has used every honorable means to encourage successful teachers to remain in the work and has aided many worthy and successful teachers from other states to find positions in our county thereby strengthening our teaching force which at this time we consider the equal of any county in the Territory or county in the United States.

Separate Schools

These schools have been a source of much contention in the past but we are happy to rreport that the seventeen districts in our county maintaining such schools for the separate education of the races have commodious and comfortable building for the education of the class of children in the minority, equal school advantages being offered to the children of each race. Eight new houses will be finished for schools this year and eight others will be built new entirely for children of these schools by the taxpayers of the county at an expense of about $9,000. The entire cost of these schools including buildings and teachers' wages for 1902, will approximate $18,000.


Change in time of annual meeting from July to 1st Tuesday in April on account of July being our harvest period and our rural people cannot afford to lose time to attend the meetings.
A compulsory school law with sufficient penalties to enforce attendance of persons of school age for at least 75 per cent of the school term, physical or legal disabilities excepted.
A blanket tax of not less than two mills to be levied annually for the support of the school and apportioned as other funds.
The repeal of the law regarding the issue of not more than two third grade certificates to the same person, so as to allow their issue without regard to number and for not more than six months at a time.
The compulsory attendance at Normal Institutes, Teachers' Associations and Reading Circle work, and length of certificates to depend upon the teacher's doing such professional work, or in other words, certificate to be renewed with examination if applicant does satisfactory professional work.
The establishing and maintaining a county High School in each county of the Territory where a Territorial school is not maintained at the expense of the Territory as other such institutions are maintained.
Enforcing law already enacted compelling by penalty County Superintendents to hold public meetings.

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