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1971 Freshmen of Langston University

1971 Freshmen
Langston University
Langston, Logan County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Pat Heyveart, transcribed by: Tammie Chada

ABNER, Erma Spencer, Oklahoma
ADAMS, Robert Frederick, Oklahoma
ALLEN, Leroy Langston, Oklahoma
ALLEN, Michael Chicago, Illinois
ANDERSON, Andrew Tulsa, Oklahoma
BALL, Alfred Tulsa, oklahoma
BAKER, Vicki L. Guthrie, Oklahoma
BATES, Margaret Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BATTLE, Joan Seminole, Oklahoma
BENJAMIN, Deborah Chicago, Illinois
BENNETT, Jacqueline Guthrie, Oklahoma
BENSON, Larry Memphis, Tennessee
BONNER, Pamela Guthrie, Oklahoma
BRAXTON, Patricia McAlester, Oklahoma
BROOKS, Cedric Chicago, Illinois
BROOKS, Eunice Memphis, Tennessee
BROWN, Anthony Muskogee, Oklahoma
BURDINE, Clark Boley, Oklahoma
BURLESON, Brenda Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BURRIS, Darryle Langston, Oklahoma
CAMPBELL, Gwendolyn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
CARAWAY, Dwaine Dallas, Texas
CARSON, Ananias Tulsa, Oklahoma
CHAMBERS, Sharon Guthrie, Oklahoma
CLARK, Norman Ardmore, Oklahoma
CONYERS, Charles Camden, New Jersey
COOPER, Carlos Broken Bow, Oklahoma
CORNELIUS, Wanda Boley, Oklahoma
CURTIS, Ricardo Memphis, Tennessee
DAVIS, Alphonso Jr. Memphis, Tennessee
DAVIS, Denise Chicago, Illinois
DAVIS, Matthew Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
DAVIS, Stevie Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
DELONEY, William Chicago, Illinois
DIXON, Donald Boley, Oklahoma
DUMAS, Columbus Tulsa, Oklahoma
DUNN, Barbara Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ELLIS, Clarence Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
EPHRAIM, Lester Tulsa, Oklahoma
EVANS, Patricia Guthrie, Oklahoma
FINCH, Arhur Lawton, Oklahoma
FITCH, Zandra Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FONTENOT, Austin Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FRANKLIN, Ellis Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FRANKLIN, Oscar Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
GAGE, Roy Abbeville, Louisiana
GAMBLE, Addie L. Muskogee, Oklahoma
GOLDEN, Barbara Coyle, Oklahoma
GRAVES, Roy Las Vegas, Nevada
GREEN, Benjamin Guthrie, Oklahoma
GRIMES, Willie E. Tulsa, Oklahoma
GROSS, Ruby L. Langston, Oklahoma
HALL, Curtis Jr. Las Vegas, Nevada
HANNA, Alex II Memphis, Tennessee
HANEY, Clifton Chicago, Illinois
HARBIN, Brenda J. Kansas City, Kansas
HARKINS, Clarence Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
HAYNES, Melvy R. Tulsa, Oklahoma
HENDERSON, Denise Pomona, California
HILL, Erma Little Rock, Arkansas
HILLIARD, Andrinee Tulsa, Oklahoma
HINTON, Barbara Langston, Oklahoma
HOOKS, Launa Tulsa, Oklahoma
HOUSE, Nettie Langston, Oklahoma
HOUSE, Serita Guthrie, Oklahoma
HOUSTON, Maeoma Meridian, Oklahoma
HUMPHREY, Charles Tulsa, Oklahoma
JACKSON, Constance Porter, Oklahoma
JACKSON, Jerome Detroit, Michigan
JACKSON, Julius Memphis, Tennessee
JEFFERSON, Shirley Muskogee, Oklahoma
JOHNS, Carol Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
JOHNSON, Daryl Tulsa, Oklahoma
JOHNSON, Larry New York, New York
JOHNSON, La Wanda Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
JOHNSON, Marilyn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
JONES, Charlie L. Memphis, Tennessee
JONES, Leroy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
JONES, Wayne Spencer, Oklahoma
JORDAN, Rosie Okmulgee, Oklahoma
KEENER, Sandra Guthrie, Oklahoma
KING, Wanda Guthrie, Oklahoma
LANG, Gloria Okmulgee, Oklahoma
LEACH, Joyce Guthrie, Oklahoma
LEWIS, John Okmulgee, Oklahoma
LEWIS, Stanley Vallejo, California
MACK, Windell Guthrie, Oklahoma
MALONE, Alice Memphis, Tennessee
MARZETT, Earnestine Castle, Oklahoma
MARZETT, George Castle, Oklahoma
MASON, Matthew Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MASON, Rhoderick Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MAYBERRY, Don Coyle, Oklahoma
MAYFIELD, Gary Memphis, Tennessee
MAYSE, John Lubbock, Texas
MIDDLEBROOK, Steve Memphis, Tennessee
MYERS, Alan Memphis, Tennessee
McBRIDE, Carl Wichita Falls, Texas
McCARROLL, Sherry Langston, Oklahoma
McDANIEL, Craig Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
McELROY, Herman Tulsa, Oklahoma
McFRAZIER, Margaret Muskogee, Oklahoma
McKINNEY, Sherell Chickasha, Oklahoma
NEPHEW, Sharon Guthrie, Oklahoma
NEWTON, Deloris Muskogee, Oklahoma
NIXON, Evelyn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
NORWOOD, Preston Muskogee, Oklahoma
NUNN, Viola Guthrie, Oklahoma
ODELL, Donald Memphis, Tennessee
PARKER, Fayetta Tulsa, Oklahoma
PATTERSON, Thurman Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
PAYTON, Preston P. III Detriot, Michigan
PAYNE, Kenneth Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
PENN, Verona Langston, Oklahoma
PENNY, Carolyn Waukegan, Illinois
PETERS, Carolyn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
POINDEXTER, Prinson Memphis, Tennessee
PORTER, Gail Okmulgee, Oklahoma
REED, Denoval Muskogee, Oklahoma
REED, Essetta Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
RIDER, Alphonso Tulsa, Oklahoma
RICHARDSON, Stella Idabel, Oklahoma
ROBINSON, Anthony San Antonio, Texas
ROLAND, Gwendolyn Chicago, Illinois
SANDERS, Margaret Guthrie, Oklahoma
SCOTT, Susan Compton, California
SCOTT, William B. Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
SHAW, Gregory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
SHELTON, Sylvia Boley, Oklahoma
SMITH, Jessye Muskogee, Oklahoma
SPRATT, Robert Castle, Oklahoma
STEELE, Louis Memphis, Tennessee
STEPHNEY, Michael Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
STEWART, Serinthia K. Memphis, Tennessee
STIDHAM, Patricia Council Hill, Oklahoma
STRASSNER, Barbara Tulsa, Oklahoma
SULLIVAN, Brenda Guthrie, Oklahoma
SUMMERS, Raymond Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
THOMAS, Lee Muskogee, Oklahoma
THORNTON, Arthur Memphis, Tennessee
TOMLIN, Elaine Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
TURNER, Reid Ardmore, Oklahoma
TYCE, Renaye Spencer, Oklahoma
WALKER, Eva Lawton, Oklahoma
WALKER, Patricia Muskogee, Oklahoma
WALKER, Shirley Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WARD, Ira Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WASHINGTON, Earma Idabel, Oklahoma
WIGLEY, Bobby Guthrie, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Cheryl Tulsa, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, David L. Henryetta, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Denny Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WILLIAMS, Gerard A. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Janice Henryetta, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Corlissie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WILLIAMS, Jessicilia Haskell, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Robert Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILLS, Benjamin Vallejo, California
WILSON, Jayna L. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILSON, Lamar Chicago, Illinois
WILSON, Roger Tulsa, Oklahoma
WITHERS, Dedrick Memphis, Tennessee
WOLFF, Gary Detroit, Michigan
WOODS, Bruce Wichita Falls, Texas
WRIGHT, Annette Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WRIGHT, Linda Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WRIGHT, Peggy Tulsa, Oklahoma
YARBROUGH, Antonio Tulsa, Oklahoma
WYATT, Ramona Guthrie, Oklahoma
YOUNG, Richard Waukegan, Illinois

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