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1972 Juniors of Langston University

1972 Juniors
Langston University
Langston, Logan County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Pat Heyveart, transcribed by: Tammie Chada

ALLEN, Robert Chicago, Illinois
AVERY, Thaddeus Memphis, Tennessee
BARNETT, Mary Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BLACK, James Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BUTLER, Lizzie Tulsa, Oklahoma
BOWIE, Norva Tulsa, Oklahoma
BROOKS, Wilma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BUCKNER, Carl Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BARNES, Jerry Tulsa, Oklahoma
CALDWELL, Billy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
CARTER, Rita Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
CHAPMAN, Linda Los Angeles, California
COLBERT, Belinda Guthrie, Oklahoma
COMBS, Harold Clearview, Oklahoma
COOKS, Clifford Vallejo, California
CORNELIUS, Leona Boley, Oklahoma
CRUTCHER, Brenda Tulsa, Oklahoma
CUDJOE, Clara Okemah, Oklahoma
DOUGLAS, Ralph Henryetta, Oklahoma
DRAKE, Bernard Clearview, Oklahoma
DUMAS, Diane Tulsa, Oklahoma
DUMAS, Karolyn Tulsa, Oklahoma
FISHER, Bruce Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FREEMAN, Leonard Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
GAINES, Pauline Lawton, Oklahoma
GALBREATH, Kevin Guthrie, Oklahoma
GAMBLE, Johnny Langston, Oklahoma
GARDINER, Clarabella Nassau, Bahamas
GARRISON, Jerome Jones, Oklahoma
GAY, Carolyn Chicago, Illinois
GHOLSTON, Mary Idabel, Oklahoma
GOFF, Frank Bixby, Oklahoma
GOODMAN, Nathaniel Memphis, Tennessee
HAMMOND, Loveta Bristow, Oklahoma
HARRIS, James Richmond, California
HARRIS, Sharon Gary, Indiana
HENDERSON, Thomas Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
HENLEY, Wardell Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
HILLARD, Cheryele Tulsa, Oklahoma
HINES, Herman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
HINTON, Alex Langston, Oklahoma
HINTON, Barbara Langston, Oklahoma
HOGGATT, Betty Bartlesville, Oklahoma
INGRAM, Larry Chicago, Illinois
ISAAC, Susan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
JAMES, Clarence Jr. Okmulgee, Oklahoma
JERRY, Michael Memphis, Tennessee
JONES, Luttrell Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
JOHNSON, Laverne Spencer, Oklahoma
JONES, Otis Langston, Oklahoma
JORDAN, Tommy Muskogee, Oklahoma
KEMP, Audro Guthrie, Oklahoma
KILPATRICK, Leon Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KIRK, James Tulsa, Oklahoma
KNOX, Jerome Marietta, Oklahoma
LEE, Norma Tulsa, Oklahoma
LEWIS, Cornelius Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
LOVE, Janice Spencer, Oklahoma
LYONS, Mark Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MARSHALL, Linda Tulsa, Oklahoma
MARZETT, Velma Langston, Oklahoma
MAXWELL, Ronald Guthrie, Oklahoma
MAYS, Louis Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MOSLEY, Chris Boley, Oklahoma
MOSLEY, Herbert Spencer, Oklahoma
PARKER, Willetta Tulsa, Oklahoma
PARKS, Francis Guthrie, Oklahoma
PATTON, Karen Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
PAYNE, Kenneth Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
REYNOLDS, Ronald Chicago, Illinois
RHYME, Leroy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
RICHARDSON, Jacqueline Los Angeles, California
ROBERTS, Deborah Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ROBERTSON, Verlinda Ardmore, Oklahoma
ROSS, Sherman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SCOTT, George Lubbock, Texas
SHAMBRA, Betty Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
SHANNON, Joyce Muskogee, Oklahoma
SHAW, Regina Memphis, Tennessee
SHOMADE, Latifat Langston, Oklahoma
STARLAND, Clifford Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
STEWART, Katherine Little Rock. Arkansas
SYVOM, Brook Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
TICER, John Los Angeles, California
TIETZ, Keith Stillwater, Oklahoma
THOMAS, Burt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
THOMAS, Reba Tulsa, Oklahoma
THOMPSON, Barbara Boley, Oklahoma
VICK, Alfred Langston, Oklahoma
WALKER, Anthony Boley, Oklahoma
WALKER, Arthur Lawton, Oklahoma
WATSON, Tiller Tulsa, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Anthony Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Daniel Tulsa, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, James Jr. Guthrie, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Joel Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Lenora Langston, Oklahoma
WILLIAMS, Mary Boley, Oklahoma
WILSON, Cornelia Coyle, Oklahoma
WILSON, Linda Tulsa, Oklahoma
WILSON, Michael Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
YOUNG, Ivory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
YOUNG, Terry Tulsa, Oklahoma

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