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1972 Seniors of Langston University

1972 Seniors
Langston University
Langston, Logan County, Oklahoma

>Submitted by: Pat Heyvaert, transcribed by: Tammie Chada

ALEXANDER, Theodore Physical Education Bristow, Oklahoma Most Athletic
ANDERSON, Chester Business Administration Hoffman, Oklahoma  
ANDERSON, Linda L. Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
ANDERSON, Ruth L. Elementary Education Crescent, Oklahoma  
BACCUS, Cleo Business Administration Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
BARBER, Pamela T. Elementary Education Coweta, Oklahoma  
BARNETT, Oletha J. Math Morris, Oklahoma Friendliest Female
BELL, Linda Social Science Tulsa, Oklahoma  
BELL, Sharon English Langston, Oklahoma  
BENSON, Ester R. Physical Education Langston, Oklahoma  
BLAKE, James Business Administration Langston, Oklahoma  
BLUITT, Sharon ? ? Most Talented Female
BRAGGS, Glenda Physical Education Guthrie, Oklahoma  
BROOKS, Gregory History Chicago, Illinois  
BURCH, Archietta ? ? Best Personality
BURCH, Martha A. Elementary Education Idabel, Oklahoma  
BURNS, Donna Sociology Tulsa, Oklahoma  
CALDWELL, Reynal Biology St. Louis, Missouri  
CALHOUN, Joycelyn B. Sociology Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
CLEMMONS, Rance D. Sociology Muskogee, Oklahoma  
COHEE, William Sociology Langston, Oklahoma  
COHEE, Yvonne A. Elementary Education Chickasha, Oklahoma  
COLEMAN, Jacquelynn F. Elementary Education Spencer, Oklahoma  
COLLIER, Henry L. Physical Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
COLLINS, George R. Social Science Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Revolutionary
COMBS, Harold I A E Clearview, Oklahoma  
COMBS, Nathaniel T. Social Science Bristow, Oklahoma  
COOPER, Hazel A. Business Administration Bristow, Oklahoma  
COTTON, Erma Home Economics Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
CRAWFORD, Althea Social Science Langston, Oklahoma  
CUNNINGHAM, Herbert Social Science Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
DAVIS, Katawna Business Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
DAVIS, Madeline Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Most Revolutionary Female
DOAKES, Leonard Music Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
EDWARDS, Eugene B. History Tulsa, Oklahoma  
ERVIN, Roddy Business Administration Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
FAULK, Harding History Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Brilliant Male
FINCHER, Glenn L. Music Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Spirited Male
FULTZ, Larry E. Social Science Okmulgee, Oklahoma  
GAINES, Carl E. Math Lawton, Oklahoma  
GALLIMORE, Robert W. Chemistry Okmulgee, Oklahoma  
GARDINER, Clarabella Pre-med Nassau, Bahamas  
GHAZLO, Elizabeth A. Sociology Orange Grove, California  
GILMORE, Herman B. Music Langston, Oklahoma  
GLASPER, Rutha Physical Education Fairfax, Oklahoma Most Athletic
GOFF, Carmelitha ? ? Most Attractive
GRANT, Deborah A. Music Spencer, Oklahoma Most Versatile Female
GRANT, Dennis M. Music Muskogee, Oklahoma  
GRAY, Herbert R. Art Tulsa, Oklahoma  
GREADINGTON, Jesse L. Business Administration Tulsa, Oklahoma  
HAMMON, Hermelia V. Elementary Education Okmulgee, Oklahoma Best Dressed Female
HARRISON, Janis Social Science Haskell, Oklahoma  
HARRISON, Nicholas S. Social Science Baton Rouge, Louisiana  
HARVEY, Yolande Chemistry Chicago, Illinois Most Popular Girl
HIDER, Quincy L. Chemistry Guthrie, Oklahoma  
HILL, Larry I A E Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
HILL, Linda V. Office Management Little Rock, Arkansas Most Natural
HORN, Albert B. History Chicago, Illinois Most Likely To Succeed
HORNBEAK, Richard C. Physical Education Marietta, Oklahoma Most Natural
HORNE, Albert L. History Ponca City, Oklahoma Most Handsome Male
HOUSE, Patricia A. Burns Social Science Tulsa, Oklahoma  
HOWARD, Linda Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
HOWARD, Uearlene Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
HUNDON, Jimmy R. Social Science Guthrie, Oklahoma  
IRONS, Gwendolyn K. History Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Most Talkative Female
JERNIGAN, Sherra A. Home Economics Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
JOHNSON, Claudia Physical Education Langston, Oklahoma  
JOHNSON, Ira T. Sociology Arcadia, Oklahoma  
JOHNSON, Linda L. Mathematics Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Most Likely To Succeed Female
JOHNSON, Linda R. English Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Most Collegiate
JONES, Gwendolyn F. Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
JORDAN, Vernetta W. Bookkeeping & Data Processing Tulsa, Oklahoma  
KEE, Algerine Elementary Education Langston, Oklahoma  
LANG, Connelley Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
LEWIS, Jacqueline Business Education Wewoka, Oklahoma  
LEWIS, Janine Elementary Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
LEWIS, Rhuea R. Music Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
LIGGINS, Charles I A E Memphis, Tennessee  
LIGGINS, Sheryl A. Elementary Education Memphis, Tennessee Best Female Dancer
LONG, Larry Sociology Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
LYONS, Mack Art Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
MACK, Ida Jacqueline Business Administration Coyle, Oklahoma  
MACK, Roosevelt Social Science Wellston, Oklahoma  
MALOY, Elfred A. Elementary Education Langston, Oklahoma  
MANSOUR, Shaban M. Pre-med Amman, Jordan  
MILAM, Sandra Business Education Muskogee, Oklahoma  
MILLBEN, Michael J. Music Seminole, Oklahoma  
MONROE, Benjamin A. Biology Shawnee, Oklahoma Most Popular Male
MOORE, David L. Pre-med Langston, Oklahoma  
MORBLEY, Penny E. English Perry, Oklahoma  
MURRAY, Marcia Sociology Cambridge, Massachusetts  
McCALL, Rosa L. Social Science Slick, Oklahoma  
McFADDEN, Elmer History Idabel, Oklahoma  
McGREGOR, Michael L. I A E Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
McKINNEY, Herbert C. Physical Education Chickasha, Oklahoma  
McLAURIN, Maretta M. Home Economics Guthrie, Oklahoma  
MILLHOUSE, Earnest Jr. Physical Education Chicago, Illinois Most Brilliant Male
MORBLEY, Penny ? ? Most Spirited Female
NELSON, Beverly English Gibson, Oklahoma Most Brilliant Female
OLIVER, Jammie C. Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
PATTERSON, Samuel L. History Guthrie, Oklahoma  
PEOPLES, Judith E. Physical Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
PETE, Zollie N. English Tulsa, Oklahoma  
PORTER, Brenda J. Math Okmulgee, Oklahoma  
PORTER, Maria Social Science Muskogee, Oklahoma  
POWELL, Brenda Business Education Ponca City, Oklahoma  
REED, Omar T. Elementary Education Yeadon, Pennsylvania Most Dependable Male
ROBERTS, Reginald C. Math Ardmore, Oklahoma Friendliest Male
ROBINSON, Gregory I A E Shawnee, Oklahoma Best Dressed Male
RODGERS, Netty Business Administration Tulsa, Oklahoma  
ROPER, Orville M. Elementary Education Guthrie, Oklahoma  
RUSSELL, Betty J. Elementary Education Idabel, Oklahoma  
SCHNEIDER, Ada E. History Coyle, Oklahoma  
SHANNON, Juel L. Elementary Education Sapulpa, Oklahoma  
SHAWNEE, Gloria History Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Most Charming
SMITH, Artie Pre-med Memphis, Tennessee Most Debonair
SMITH, Dorothy J. Home Economics Langston, Oklahoma  
SMITH, Larry Darnell Bookkeeping Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Talkative Male
SMITH, Monzella M. Business Administration Tulsa, Oklahoma  
SMITH, Ozzie Music Memphis, Tennessee Most Talented Male
STAMPS, Leonard E. History Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Versatile Male
STEVENSON, Jerome I A E Wewoka, Oklahoma  
STEWART, Violetta Elementary Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
TARLETON, Willie Sociology Ardmore, Oklahoma Most Collegiate
TAYLOR, Beulah Office Management Tulsa, Oklahoma Most Dependable Female
THOMPSON, Charlesetta Physical Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
THOMPSON, Joseph E. Chemistry Langston, Oklahoma  
TUNLEY, Evelyn C. English Okmulgee, Oklahoma  
UNDERWOOD, Watson Elementary Education Langston, Oklahoma  
VANN, Bonnie L. Elementary Education Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma  
WALKER, Johnetta ? ? Most Humorous
WALTER, Odie Home Economics Langston, Oklahoma  
WARD, Yolanda V. Elementary Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
WASHINGTON, Vincent Physical Education Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  
WATKINS, Hazel Sociology Duncan, Oklahoma  
WATTS, Jacqueline Music Newark, New Jersey  
WEATHERALL, Clentis W. Physical Education Hugo, Oklahoma  
WESTBROOK, Helen Sociology Langston, Oklahoma  
WILLIAMS, Clarice A. Business Education Guthrie, Oklahoma  
WILLIAMS, David Sociology Bridgeton, New Jersey  
WILLIAMS, James L. Sociology Idabel, Oklahoma Most Humorous Male
WILSON, Braque H. Social Work Houston, Texas  
WILSON, Dwight T. Biology Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Best Personality
WILSON, Karen A. Business Education Tulsa, Oklahoma  
WOOD, Gilbert Mathematics Ardmore, Oklahoma  
WOODFORK, Carol Chemistry Tulsa, Oklahoma  
WOULARD, Cynthia M. Sociology Watonga, Oklahoma  

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