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Coyle School 1950


Coyle School
Coyle, Logan County, Oklahoma


Submitted by: Don Tharp

These listed names were extracted from the 1950 Coyle, Oklahoma Bluejacket year book.
Most of the names also have individual pictures except for the 1st through 8th grades.Those names with ** are not pictured.
                            COYLE SCHOOL YEARBOOK 1950

DODSON, KEITH               B.O.E.           DISNEY, DONNA          Seventh-Eighth Grade
GRAHAM, OTIS                B.O.E.           MOSS, BEN              Seventh-Eighth Grade
MOORMAN, ALVIN              B.O.E.           SULLINS, MARY LOU      Seventh-Eighth Grade
THOMAS, DARREL              B.O.E.           DOWNEY, RICHARD        Seventh-Eighth Grade
DANIEL, W D                 B.O.E.           BIGGS, FAYE            Seventh-Eighth Grade
COKER, JACK                 B.O.E.           STAFFORD, BARBARA      Seventh-Eighth Grade
                                             MAJORS, TRULA          Seventh-Eighth Grade
GREGORY, N F                Teacher          MAJORS, ROBERT         Seventh-Eighth Grade
DANIEL, W D                 Teacher          WOODARD, ELIZABETH     Seventh-Eighth Grade
HENTHORN, RUTH              Teacher          DAWSON, SAMMIE         Seventh-Eighth Grade
NAY, LAURA                  Teacher          LEONARD, DELDA         Seventh-Eighth Grade
HITT, ESTHER                Teacher          DUNAGAN?, MAX          Seventh-Eighth Grade
BLACKBURN, VICIE            Teacher          BUCKE, ANNA            Seventh-Eighth Grade
LEGG, MERL                  Teacher          MAJORS, WESLEY         Seventh-Eighth Grade
WILSON, W A                 Teacher          COWGER, HAZEL          Seventh-Eighth Grade
SHAW, LOWELL                Teacher          BAZE, VIRGINIA         Seventh-Eighth Grade
BENSON, MARY ELLEN          Teacher          MOORMAN, DONALD        Seventh-Eighth Grade
MIKESELL, VERA              Teacher          ROUNDS, CLARK          Seventh-Eighth Grade
HEDGECOCK, MARTHA           Teacher          STEWART, JERRY         Seventh-Eighth Grade
                                             DAVIS, MAX             Seventh-Eighth Grade
TROMPLER, CLORIS            Seniors          BROWN, MARILEE         Seventh-Eighth Grade
WILLIAMS, MARY              Seniors          BIEBERDORF, DONALD     Seventh-Eighth Grade
MAJORS, RUTH                Seniors          DOMSTEAD, LEON         Seventh-Eighth Grade
NOBBE, WENDELL              Seniors          DOWNEY, JOE            Seventh-Eighth Grade
FREUDENBERGER, CAROLYN      Seniors          HAY, BOBBY             Seventh-Eighth Grade
SMITH, BONNIE               Seniors          BOWEN, CAROLEE         Seventh-Eighth Grade
COKER, BETTY                Seniors
BUCKE, MILDRED              Seniors          SHELLHAMMER, NANCY     Fifth-Sixth Grade
DURGAN, JESSIE              Seniors          ADAMS, NORMA JUNE      Fifth-Sixth Grade
SMALLEY, KEITH              Seniors          DOBSON, PATRICIA       Fifth-Sixth Grade
HAMILTON, HELEN             Seniors          MAJORS, ETHEL          Fifth-Sixth Grade
CARNES, FREDDIE             Seniors          DOWNEY, ROSE ANN       Fifth-Sixth Grade
FRANKLIN, WILMA JEAN        Seniors          MINNICH, KATHERINE     Fifth-Sixth Grade
                                             BIEBERDORF, CAROL JO   Fifth-Sixth Grade
BARNES, EUELLENE            Junior           DOBSON, KATHRYN        Fifth-Sixth Grade
DOWNEY, CHARLES             Junior           WILLIAMS, JOHNNY       Fifth-Sixth Grade
BENTLEY, FANNIE             Junior           HIGGINS, KENNETH       Fifth-Sixth Grade
SMALLEY, PAT                Junior           COFFMAN, ARLETA        Fifth-Sixth Grade
HENDERSON, CHARLENE         Junior           INGLE, OBERT           Fifth-Sixth Grade
WHITMORE, BILL              Junior           ROBERTS, MARGARET      Fifth-Sixth Grade
LONGAN, BONNIE              Junior           COWGER, RAY            Fifth-Sixth Grade
BAILEY, JACK                Junior           BIGGS, LLOYD           Fifth-Sixth Grade
HUNT, BETTY                 Junior           FREUDENBERGER, JAMES   Fifth-Sixth Grade
ERWIN, BILL                 Junior           MOORMAN, BOBBIE        Fifth-Sixth Grade
REED, PATTY                 Junior           HAY, EDA BELLE         Fifth-Sixth Grade
PYLE, DAVIE                 Junior           SHELLHAMMER, KATHRYN   Fifth-Sixth Grade
CHURCHILL, DONNA LOU        Junior           HAMBROOK, THOMAS       Fifth-Sixth Grade
SCHNEIDER, J W              Junior           BUCKE, EVA             Fifth-Sixth Grade
DAVIS, DONNA                Junior           WILLIAMS, JIMMY        Fifth-Sixth Grade
WATKINS, EARL               Junior           SHELLHAMMER, DOROTHY   Fifth-Sixth Grade
DOMSTEAD, LANORMA           Junior           WARREN, MAX            Fifth-Sixth Grade
ALLISON, LYLE               Junior           MATHESON, BOBBY J      Fifth-Sixth Grade
SEXTON, JOE                 Junior           CREAGER, DAVID         Fifth-Sixth Grade
INGLE, CLEDYTH              Junior           CREAGER, DICK          Fifth-Sixth Grade
KINNEY, SAMMY               Junior           PARK, WILLIAM          Fifth-Sixth Grade
BIBY, ONETA                 Junior           SMITH, PARK            Fifth-Sixth Grade
HICKS, RAYMOND              Junior
THOMAS, JOANN               Junior           LONG, JIMMY            Fourth-Fifth Grade
LUSTER, DON                 Junior           DOWNEY, MARY           Fourth-Fifth Grade
DRY, MARY                   Junior           LONG, WARREN           Fourth-Fifth Grade
CARRIER, PERCY              Junior           COBURN, LLOYD          Fourth-Fifth Grade
PEARCE, FRANCES             Junior           BECK, LENA             Fourth-Fifth Grade
WARREN, DORIS               Junior           BARNES, SUE            Fourth-Fifth Grade
GOBLE, EUGENE               Junior           SEXTON, PATSY          Fourth-Fifth Grade
                                             LONG, NANCY            Fourth-Fifth Grade
LOGAN, J D                  Sophomore        CANTRELL, LEWIS        Fourth-Fifth Grade
ALDERSON, JUNE              Sophomore        BOYCE, ESTHER          Fourth-Fifth Grade
FORD, EDWARD                Sophomore        STEWART, RONALD        Fourth-Fifth Grade
ERWIN, CECIL                Sophomore        BROWN, LONNEY          Fourth-Fifth Grade
PARK, BETTY                 Sophomore        GRAHAM, VIRGINIA       Fourth-Fifth Grade
MIKESELL, HARRY             Sophomore        PALOVIK, JIMMY         Fourth-Fifth Grade
SEXTON, BOBBY               Sophomore        STEWART, SAMMY         Fourth-Fifth Grade
SHELLHAMMER, O K            Sophomore        PARSEL, SHIRLEY RAE    Fourth-Fifth Grade
MCCAMEY, CHARLES            Sophomore        STAFFORD, HENRY        Fourth-Fifth Grade
SMITH, HERBY                Sophomore        ROBERTS, DONALD        Fourth-Fifth Grade
ROBERTS, MARY               Sophomore        HAY, MARY JANE         Fourth-Fifth Grade
MAJORS, BEULAH              Sophomore        MCCAMEY, RONNIE        Fourth-Fifth Grade
MAST, NEILA                 Sophomore        COFFMAN, RAYMOND       Fourth-Fifth Grade
STAFFORD, OPAL              Sophomore        BIRDSONG, BOBBY        Fourth-Fifth Grade **
STEWART, COLLEEN            Sophomore        GRAVES, JIMMY          Fourth-Fifth Grade **
HUNT, MARGARET              Sophomore
COWGER, GEORGE              Sophomore        EVANS, CHARLES M       Third-Fourth Grade
ARNETT, CHARLES             Sophomore        HIGGINS, GARELD        Third-Fourth Grade
FLASCH, JOHNNY              Sophomore        LONG, RUTH             Third-Fourth Grade
SILVERS, LORETTA            Sophomore        DOBSON, SUSIE          Third-Fourth Grade
                                             LOWE, PATRICIA         Third-Fourth Grade
BAILEY, BONNIE              Freshman         FLASCH, KATHRYN        Third-Fourth Grade
SORRELS, BENTIE             Freshman         FLASCH, LINDA          Third-Fourth Grade
FLASCH, MARY                Freshman         PARK, ROBERT           Third-Fourth Grade
SMITH, ELANE                Freshman         GRAHAM, MELVIN         Third-Fourth Grade
BARNES, MARION              Freshman         FREUDENBERGER, JEANNE  Third-Fourth Grade
CANTRELL, CARL              Freshman         PAGE, BILLY            Third-Fourth Grade
NORTON, RALPH               Freshman         HENSON, DEANNA         Third-Fourth Grade
THOMAS, PATRICIA            Freshman         COWAN, CAROLYN         Third-Fourth Grade
BAZEAU, MARY ANN            Freshman         BUCKE, THELMA          Third-Fourth Grade
WHEELER, EVA                Freshman         MOORMAN, LARRY         Third-Fourth Grade
STANBROUGH, BARBARA         Freshman         MAJORS, CHARLES        Third-Fourth Grade
YIENGST, MERLE              Freshman         HAMBROOK, GERALDINE    Third-Fourth Grade
WAGONER, DEWAYNE            Freshman         MORGAN, GERALDINE      Third-Fourth Grade
SWAIN, ROSS                 Freshman         BAZE, SAMMY J          Third-Fourth Grade
RASSMUSSEN, DAVID           Freshman         BUCKE, VELMA           Third-Fourth Grade **
BLACKBURN, WILL R           Freshman         LONGAN, NEVA           Third-Fourth Grade **
CARRIER, LAWRENCE           Freshman
FLASCH, JOAN                Freshman         CROWDER, WAYNE         Second Grade
CARNES, DON                 Freshman         BERGUNDTHAL, DALTON    Second Grade
SMITH, VIRGINIA             Freshman         CLARK, ARTIE           Second Grade
FLYNT, BETTY                Freshman         PARSEL, BEVERLY        Second Grade
RENAKER, MARY JANE          Freshman         MAJORES, ORAMEL        Second Grade
SCHNEIDER, LEROY            Freshman         DANIEL, JANA           Second Grade
BOYD, PAUL                  Freshman         HIGGINS, DANAH         Second Grade
SHERMAN, BOB                Freshman         BECK, JOHNNY           Second Grade
DOBSON, RUSSELL             Freshman         MATHESON, DEAN         Second Grade
CANTRELL, DEWELTON          Freshman         MAJORS, RAYMOND        Second Grade
COFFMAN, DON                Freshman         DOWNEY, DOLLY          Second Grade
INGLE, JUANITA              Freshman **      RASMUSSEN, DARRELL     Second Grade
MCNAMER, JULIA              Freshman **      FOSTER, MAX            Second Grade
                                             WHITMORE, ROENA        Second Grade
                                             ADAMS, CHARLES         Second Grade
                                             SEXTON, GEORGE         Second Grade
                                             ARNETT, DOUGLAS        Second Grade
                                             LONGAN, LARRY          Second Grade
                                             GUNKEL, CHARLES        Second Grade
                                             WARREN, ALICE          Second Grade
                                             BENTLEY, GLENNDA       Second Grade
                                             BENTLEY, DONNA         Second Grade **
                                             BIRDSONG, SHELIA       Second Grade **
                                             FLASCH, ROSALIE        Second Grade **
                                             DISNEY, BETTY          Second Grade **

                                             PAGE, JOHN             First Grade
                                             MAJORS, MARY           First Grade
                                             HAMBROOK, IRVING       First Grade
                                             VANCOVERING, LINDA     First Grade
                                             LOWE, LARRY            First Grade
                                             SILVERS, CONNIE        First Grade
                                             SHELLHAMMER, RONNIE    First Grade
                                             HUTCHINSON, BECKY      First Grade
                                             CROWDER, GENE          First Grade
                                             CLARK, BARBARA         First Grade
                                             GRAHAM, VERNON         First Grade
                                             LONG, LUCY             First Grade
                                             ROBERTS, JACKIE        First Grade
                                             GUNKEL, RICKY          First Grade
                                             CAMPBELL, KAY          First Grade **
                                             VASSAR, GEUENE         First Grade **

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