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Roll of Honor - Guthrie - 1902

Roll of Honor - Guthrie - 1902

Guthrie Daily Leader

Submitted by: Bob Chada

Roll of Honor
Names of Logan County Pupils Who Have Neither Been Absent Nor Tardy
School district No. 2, Marshall Township
J. E. Wilson and Ethel Nugent, Teachers:
Phoebe Smith
Cecil Donley
Lucille Gray
Charlie Ramseyer
Goldie Adams
Cleve Risley
Edna Ewing
Ines Ewing
James Potter
Merle Ellum
Edward Meyas
Fannie Cummings
Daisy Moody
District No. 3, Marshal Township
Jordan Seagraves, Teacher
Wade Combs
Waldo Tarbox
District No. 4, Teacher Maud Allegra
Fern Stephenson
Maud West
District 5, Oakview Township
Teacher Stella Moore
Mytrie Stephens
District 6
Teacher Stella Noble
Mary Lovell
Virgie Noble
Edgar Ramsay
Byrtle Wareing
District 11, Crescent
Teacher K. D. Stroud
Thomas Fraxier
Eva Rogers
District 12, Crescent Twp
Teacher Millie Chandler and Olive Williams
Charles Hessler
Eugene Shreck
Lewis Shreck
Mytrle Sherck
Maudie Shreck
Orva Shreck
District 13, Crescent City
Teachers E. M. Hoag and Zela Bahruth
Roy Holliday
Eva Mock
Ethel Mock
Ava Kelso
Raymond Cress
Elsie Balrouth
District 14, Crescent Twp
Teacher George J. Martin, Jr
Hattie Baker
Etha Baker
Edward Baker
District 16, Cedar Twp
Teacher P. F. Whittaker
Claude Peters
District 19, Cedar Twp
Teacher F. C. Cooper
Ina Robinson
Fred Robinson
Arthur Brodie
Edna Brodie
Flora Collins
Otto Collins
Mary Bussard
District 20, Spring Creek twp
Teacher Neil Humphrey
George Townsend
Albert Townsend
Rosa Berry
District 26, Bismark twp
Teacher Nettie Johnson
Grover Price
District 27, Bismark twp
Teacher Sadie Woodworth
Bessie Hoisington
Emma King
Hilma Johnson
Lee Emery
Stella Carter
Mrion Hoisington
District 29, Rose Hill twp
Teacher Walter McNally
Russell Burris
District 31, Rose Hill twp
Teacher Christine Corlett
Mary Wilcox
Annie Wilcox
District 32, Woodland twp
Teacher Edith Sims
Armie Stowe
District 33, Woodland twp
Teacher Maggie Doolittle
Arthur Coon
Blanch Wilder
Tom Wilder
Alonzo Bahreuth
Clara Quier
Eva Quier
District 34, Woodland Twp
Teacher Helen Pruitt
Ethel Terhune
Lawrence Terhune
District 36, Iron Mound Twp
Teacher, Elva Wilie
Ida Wilson
District No. 40, Seward City
Teacher J. H. Bowersox
Freddie O. Jackson
District No. 41, Seward Twp
Teacher Elmer Sampte
Johnnie Leniger
Martha Peoger
District No 44, Orlando City
Teachers J. C. Woodruth, Hattie Lego, Pearl Haught
Nellie Roy
Marie Meagher
District No 46, Orlando Twp
Teacher N. C. Cable
Archie Richardson
Edith Murdoc
Hattie Scott
Laua Richardson
Lionel Wilford
Lillian Mills
Myrta Scott
Fred Walker
Distict No 47, No twp listed
Teacher, Ida B. Woosley
Mamie Gray
Bessie Gray
Gladys Ray
District 49, Mulhall City
Teachers, T. E. Genet, Lizzie Calvert, Stella Bradwell, Bessie Murdock
Stella Deihl
Bessie Buebele
Clarence Deihl
Maggie Meyers
Cleta Warren
Bessie Meyers
Mabel Deihl
Lee Meyers
Walter Kincaid
Stella Gracey
Bertha Taylor
District 50, Mulhall twp
Teacher, G. W. Gaffney
Reba Addington
Maggie Addington
District No 51, Mulhall Twp
Teacher Barnard
Morris Scott
Laura Scott
Distruct no 54, Laurie twp
Teacher A. C. Burton
Clyde Abrams
Swain Abrams
Rosa Kelly
Chester Allen
Seth Allen
District no 53, Laurie Twp
Teacher Nellie Anderson
Shirley Auckerman
May Metzer
District no 57, Laurie Twp
Teacher, Le Velle Busch
Jessie Baxter
District no 61, Guthrie twp
Teacher Pearl Gifford
Willie Purnance
District no 62, Guthrie twp
May Calvert
Paul Brent
District no 66, Springer Twp
Teacher Lorina Smith
Lester Brooks
District no 70, Langston City
Teacher Carrime Cabell
John Butler
District No 73, Bear Creek
Teacher Ora Walker
Timothy Jones
Asie Jones
Ester Jones
District no 76, Springvale twp
Teacher Etta M. Larmer
Dwight smith
Iry Prescott
Lou Hammerlund
Averill Rinehart
Alva Smith
Edna Kooken
Gracie Kooken
Vera Hummerlund
District no 77, Springvale twp
Teacher Jennie Harris Oliver
Paulie Rutledge
District No. 79, Springvale twp
Teacher W. E. Garlich
Floyd Burows
Richard Mayes
Minnie Mayes
District no 84, Coyle City
Teacher P. T. Cheeks, Gracia White
Beryle Parsel
Maggie Parsel
Ansie Porter
District no 89, Cimarrown Twp
Teacher Grace Summer Hiken
Grace Summer
Nora Summer
Mary Summer
Charles Sumer
Dora Rider
James Rider
District no 90, Cimarron Twp
Teacher, Kate Peters
Fay Church
District 90, Cimarron twp
Teacher Ella Sprain
Lizzie Brooks
District 93, Cimarron Twp
Teacher Chas. W. Baird
Grover Schaffer

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