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Logan Co. Newspapers

Logan County Newspapers

The history of newspapers in Logan County is rough and tumble. There have been many papers, some lasting only weeks, others lasting many years. The Oklahoma Historical Society has an extensive archive of all the newspapers that have been printed in Oklahoma. Some of the following was taken from their holdings and some from the Guthrie Daily Leader:

State's First Newspaper
© Guthrie Register News
Sunday, April 17, 1955

On September 17, 1907, the completed state constitution was sent to the people of Oklahoma for ratification or rejection. It was approved by a large majority of voters, and Charles haskell of Muskogee, as leader of the ratification party, was elected the first goveernor for the state of Oklahoma.

Title Dates Town
Alfred Monitor 1890-1890 Alfred/Mulhall
Oklahoma Baptist 1890-? Guthrie
Oklahoma Medical Journal 1893-? Guthrie
Crescent City Courier 1894-189? Crescent
Crescent City Times 1895-1896 Crescent
Cimarron Valley Clipper 1900-1949 Coyle
Crescent Criterion* 1902-1903? Crescent
Logan County News 1902-present Crescent
Oklahoma Law Journal 1903-? Guthrie
Oklahoma Odd Fellow May 1906-? Guthrie
Crescent Times 1906-193? Crescent
Goodnight Department 1906-1906 Goodnight
Goodnight News 1906-1906 Goodnight
Guthrie Getup 1889-1889 Guthrie
Guthrie Republican 1889-1889 Guthrie
Oklahoma Capital 1889-1889 Guthrie
Oklahoma Optic 1889-1889 Guthrie
Oklahoma Daily Capital 1889-1890 Guthrie
Oklahoma Weekly Capital 1889-1890 Guthrie
Guthrie Weekly News April 22, 1889 - 1897 Guthrie
Oklahoma Farmer 1889-1924 Guthrie
Evening Democrat May 1889 - June 1890 Guthrie
Guthrie Democrat 1890-1890 Guthrie
Weekly Oklahoma State Capital 1890-1890 Guthrie
Daily Oklahoma State Capital 1890-1898 Guthrie
Real Estate Rustler and Business Men's Bulletin 1897-18?? Guthrie
State Register 1897-1902 Guthrie
Oklahoma State Capital 1891-1893 Guthrie
Oklahoma School Journal May 1891-? Guthrie
West and South 1891-1894 Guthrie
Oklahoma State Press* 1891-1??? Guthrie
Daily Leader 1892-1893 Guthrie
Guthrie Democrat* 1892-1893 Guthrie
Constitution* 1892-190? Guthrie
Oklahoma Leader 1892-1919 Guthrie
Oklahoma Guide 1892-1922 Guthrie
Guthrie Daily Leader 1892-present Guthrie
Oklahoma Populist 1893-189? Guthrie
Weekly Oklahoma State Capital* 1893-1911 Guthrie
Populist* 1893?-1??? Guthrie
Oklahoma Representative 1894-189? Guthrie
Oklahoma Safeguard February 2, 1905 - December 20, 1906 Guthrie
Oklahoma State Capital May 12, 1898 - March 28, 1911 Guthrie
Oklahoma State Register 1898-1938 Guthrie
Guthrie Daily News 1899-189? Guthrie
Southwest World 1900-1903 Guthrie
Farmers Union Advocate 190?-1910? Guthrie
Guthrie Progress 190?-19?? Guthrie
Observer 1901-1903 Guthrie
Guthrie Federal 1901-190? Guthrie
Avalanche* 1901-19?? Guthrie
American News* 1902-1903? Guthrie
Labor Advocate 1902-190? Guthrie
Taborian Guide ?-? Guthrie
Taborian Monitor Monthly 1905-1905 Guthrie
Guthrie Weekly Star 1907-1912 Guthrie
Daily Local Advertiser* 1907-19?? Guthrie
Oklahoma Farmer and Laborer 1909-191? Guthrie
Guthrie Sun* 1911-1916? Guthrie
Guthrie Daily Star 1911-191? Guthrie
Twice-A-Week Sun March 29, 1913 - December 4, 1913 Guthrie
Weekly Sun 1913-1914 Guthrie
Oklahoma Weekly Leader 1919-1938 Guthrie
Weekly Oklahoma Leader 1919-1956 Guthrie
Peoples Elevator 1922-1931 Guthrie
Guthrie Register-News 1938-1956 Guthrie
Guthrie Register-News and Oklahoma Weekly Leader 1956-1986 Guthrie
Guthrie Register News 1986-19?? Guthrie
Guthrie News 1996-present Guthrie
Langston City Herald 1891-1902 Langston
Living Age* 190?-1905? Langston
Western Age 1905-1909 Langston
Church and State 1911-1911 Langston
Marshall Tribune 1902-194? Marshall
Marshall News 1947-1971 Marshall
Community News 1973-1973 Marshall
Prairie City Piper 1973-197? Marshall
Meridian Eagle 1905-190? Meridian
Meridian Sun 1912-1913 Meridian
Mulhall Monitor 1890-1891 Mulhall
Mulhall Chief 1891-189? Mulhall
Mulhall Enterprise 1894-1911 Mulhall
Mulhall Tribune* 1902-190? Mulhall
State Journal 1902-1919 Mulhall
Mulhall State Journal 1919-192? Mulhall
Navina Leader 1910-191? Navina
Weekly Orlando Herald 1892-1898 Orlando
Orlando Herald 1898-190? Orlando
Herald 1900-190? Orlando
Orlando Clipper 1906-1935 Orlando
Banner Breezes* 1901-190? Pleasant Valley
Seward News 189?-1??? Seward
Endeavor ? Guthrie
Hatchet ? Guthrie
Odd Fellow's Journal 1891-? Guthrie

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