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Southwestern Progress - 1900

Clippings from the Southwestern Progress - 1900

Submitted by: Mollie Stehno

February 15, 1900--Southwestern Progress—Bill Cook, who was sentenced in 1896 to 45 years in the Albany, N. Y., penitentiary has died of consumption. He was once one of the most noted desperadoes of the Indian Territory.


July 24, 1900--Southwestern Progress—A serious wreck occurred on the Rock Island at 2 o’clock last Friday morning at a point twelve miles south of Chickasha, between southbound passenger train No. 1 and northbound freight No. 98, which resulted in the killing of three people, the injuring of eight or ten others and the complete destruction of three engines and two trains. Engineer Norman an fireman George Mayers of the passenger engine and Lew Nichols of the freight were instantly killed. All three of the bodies were piled up under the engine and horribly mutilated.


November 16, 1900--Southwestern Progress—The government census takers who have just completed the official census of the various Indian tribes of the Indian Territory, report a number of long-lived people who reside in this section of the country. It is claimed that the Indians live to an older age than any other people on earth. Many of them have attained the age of 125 years, while a 100 year old Indian is nothing out of the ordinary. Here are a few of them and some facts about their lives:
White Horse, a medicine chief of the Otoe, is now 101 years old and says he feels as well as he did when he chased cowboys and soldiers under Geronimo fifty years ago. To prove his assertion he is now planning a trip across the country to visit some of his warrior friends. He is a great medicine man among the Otoe and is their ambassador to the Great Spirit where he makes frequent trips, according to himself. He also leads in the violent medicine dances and takes medicine the same as he did when a young chief.
Another aged Indian is Looking Glass, a Cheyenne warrior. He is 104 years old and will soon be 105. He was with Sitting Bull, the great Sioux warrior in most of his raids and has passed through seven Indian wars. He says he does not remember how many white people he has killed, but that it must be over a 100. His eyesight is keen and his hearing is excellent. He does not speak the English language.
Nancy Jacobs is a Choctaw Indian woman 100 years old. She lives near Antlers. She was a cook for the white soldiers during the civil war and remembers all the big generals and commandeers of the southern forces. She has a married daughter 65 years of age who lives near by. The old woman has outlived three husbands and still does her own housekeeping.
Among the Apache there are ten or twelve old women who have passed the 100 marks. One of the cruel features of the Apache home life is that a woman has passed her period of usefulness about the house she is taken into the country and left by the roadside to die. The white people have talked the Apache nearly out of this way of treatment to the old people, but the custom is still practiced.
November 23, 1900--Southwestern Progress—United States Marshal Bennett has issued instructions to al his deputies prohibiting them from making any arrests on warranted issued by United States commissioners except in cases where the penalty is provided for by the United States statures.

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