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Lovell Pioneers
Lovell Pioneers

Submitted by: Bob Chada
Dedicated to the Pioneers and Homesteaders
of the Land in and around the community of
Lovell, Oklahoma during the 1898-1948 era
This memorial is graciously dedicated in honor of homesteaders and other pioneer settlers of this area in recognition of their faith and courage to explore the unknown and to endure the great depression, two world wars, droughts and untold hardships; and in appreciation of the heritage of joy and thanksgiving they passed on to succeeding generations descendants of these pioneer families respectfully reaffirm our ancestors' reverence for freedom, family, and commitment to democracy.
These early settlers were among thousands of recent descendants of many foreign countries and varying nationalities who migrated to this area of Oklahoma seeking a new way of life on untilled land.
Some of these settlers homesteaded their land after filing a claim following the "run of 1889." Many acquired their farms or home sites at a later date. Either by Purchase or trade, living here with other homesteaders and pioneers to make a living and raise their families together they became the "Pioneer Families of the Lovell Community and the surrounding trade area" by their commitment. The foundation for our modern society was built.
This memorial was made possible by descendants and friends of these Pioneer Settlers who suffered many hardships to develop the area for those who followed.
These names appear on the back.
Abernathy, Eugene
Abernathy, Rachel
Abram, Andrew J.
Abram, Jack
Acton, Ellsworth L.
Acton, Osborn B.
Acton, Owen E.
Adams, Earl J.
Adams, George
Adams, H. M.
Adams, Richard
Addington, Goldie
Ahsmuths, Charles
Alexander, Jason W.
Alexander, Kizzie
Alexander, Ray & Sister Grace
Alexander, Reuben
Allen, Frank R.
Allen, John F.
Allen, Lloyd
Allen, Roy C.
Amick, W. S.
Anderson, Earnest
Anderson, Ruben
Anderson, Ruth Newbold Lovell
Andrews, Charles H.
Andrews, Frank E.
Anthis, Pearl E.

Baker, Bob
Baker, Edgar Henry
Baker, Emmett
Baker, Myron W.
Baker, Roy
Baldwin, M. C.
Ball, Virgil R.,
Barker, Charles
Barnes, Ben B.
Barnes, Marcus
Barnett, Betsy J.
Barnhill, Oury G.
Barnum, Alvah
Barnum, Ed A.
Bartlett, Ava T.
Bartlett, George H.
Bartlett, James L.
Bates, Charles J.
Beadles, J. B.
Beauchamp, Charles
Beauchamp, Darel
Beeby, Jack
Bell, Edgar T.
Bellis, Edith M.
Benson, Ruth H.
Berkley, Sam A.
Bernstein, Eli D.
Bigley, Arthur
Bird, Clarence A.
Bisbing, Jerred P.
Blackwell, Rev.
Blaleslee, Charles
Blaney, Tim H.
Blevins, Jacob N.
Bocox, C. A.
Boggess, C. H.
Bonar, Leah
Boston, James B.
Brant, John H.
Brewster, Oscar F.
Brown, Bill
Brown, Leonard L.
Browning, C. C.
Bryant, "Ma"
Buffington, J. M.
Burchardt, Elmer
Burchardt, Eugene

Caffey, Edgar D.
Cain, Joe
Cain, Joseph R.
Cane, C. F.
Carter, Cecil
Carter, Wesley
Castanieu, Musie E.
Chancellor, Joshua N.
Chartier, George W.
Christ, John S.
Christian, Francis
Cleveland, Hazel
Cline, Joe
Coats, WIlliam E.
Coffey, Ed
Cole, T. W.
Conagham, B. F.
Cook, John 
Cook, Walter
Corliss, Walter E.
Cover, Earl
Cox, Rebecca
Craig, Rebecca L.
Craigin, Harry
Crews, Ford
Criner, Hank W.
Criner, Matt
Crist, John
cromer, Joseph P.
Cromer, Louis
Cromer, Roy
Crossfield, Bruce B.
Crossfield, John Ike
Crossfield, Leroy
Crouch, Phares
Crow, Alfred J.
Crow, Berrell F.
Crow, John C.
Crow, Joseph C.
Crow, Robert T.
Crown, Joseph
Crowther, Lucy
Cue, John T.
Culbertson, Emily
Cummins, George
Cunard, Clora & Anita (sisters)
Cunning, Wilford
Cunningham, Earl
Cunningham, Fred L.
Cunningham, Ira
Cunningham, Rowe S.
Cutter, Albert H.
Cutter, Thomas B.

Dale, George H.
Daniels, Harrison
Darby, Henry
Daughtery, Madalene
Daury, Sarah
Davis, Charles A.
Davis, George O.
Davis, Gus
Davis, James J.
Davis, James Sampson
Davis, Max
Davis, Milt E.
Davis, Oliver T.
Davison, Aaron
Davison, Chris
Davison, Eugene
Davison, John H.
Davison, Lloyd
Davison, Roy
Day, Frank M.
DeJarnett, Earl
DeJarnett, Edward
DeJarnett, George
DeJarnett, Lawrence
DeJarnett, Orville
Denker, Fred B.
Dennis, Albert G.
Denny, Clyde W.
Denny, E. E.
Denny, Frank L.
Denny, James W.
Denny, William
Denton, George F.
Demitt, Alexander
Dewitt, Louis T.
Dewitt, William W.
Dickerson, Aaron
Dickerson, Nellie
Diedrich, Fred
Diedrich, Grove
Diedrich, Julius
Ditgen, John F.
Ditgen, Theodore
Dodson, Edwina
Dole, George
Donnelly, William
Downing, Harry T.
Downing, Susan J.
Draeger, Godfrey
Drury, William H.
Druse, Lydia
Dubois, Reuben & sister Blanche
Dubois, Matt L.
Dunning, Wallace P.
Durham, John
Dwyer, George H.
Dyche, T. A.

Easterly, Ida A.
Edwards, Asa L.
Eldridge, J. W.
Ellis, Dewey
Ellis, Ruth
Ellison, Helen E.
Elmore, Alva G.
Elmore, Gaines R.
ELmore, WIllie
Elrod Harman
Elrod, Ish W.
Elrod, Warner
Enmeier, Albert B.
Esby, D. A.
Evans, Nellie D.
Evans, Samuel E.

Farley, Laurence C.
Fast, Columbus
Fast, Forrest D.
Fate, M.
Feger, Charles H.
Ferguson, Angus
Ficken, Herman W.
Ficken, Peter
Fisher, John B.
Flemming, George
Fowler, Henry M.
Fowler, Quince
Fowler, Wade
Freeland, Willis
Fry, Fred & sister Lavina
Fry, John A.
Fry, Leonard R.
Fry, William W.

Gaffney, Edgar D.
Gaffney, George E.
Gaffney, John E.
Gardner, Jim S.
Garfield, Emery C.
German, Grover G.
Gesselle, T. C.
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gillen, H. E.
Ging, James H.
Goddard, Frank W.
Goddard, William H.
Good, C. M.
Goodnight, George
Goodnight, Lieu H.
Gorman, John
Gragedo, Antionio
Gragg, Aaron
Gragg, Callie
Gragg, Charles B.
Gragg, David B.
Gragg, Francis M.
Gragg, George W.
Gragg, John T.
Gragg, Samuel T.
Gragg, Walter S.
Graham, Joe
Gray, A. M.
Gray, Percy
Graybeal, Arthur
Graybeal, George W.
Graybeal, Henry A.
Graybeal, Marion Lee
Grayson, R. G.
Green, Mary Bailus
Green, William D.
Griffey, Paul
Griffith, John 
Grubb, W. S.
Guthrie, Charles V.
Guthrie, Samuel P.

Hager, J. Milton
Hall, J. T.
Hall, Reed
Hamel, William
Hamis, Dan
Hammer, John
Hansel, Elmer E.
Harak, Henry R.
Harak, Joe
Harder, Don C.
Harman, Bery L.
Harman, Bryan
Harman, Charles C.
Harman, Dexter L.
Harman, Gret
Harman, John F.
Harman, William J.
Harnden, Ellis J.
Harnden, John O.
Harnden, Samuel
Harned, Miles W.
Harris, Charley
Harris, Frank
Harrison, J. W.
Hart, A. A.
Hartz, Josephine
Harwell, W. M.
Haskins, George W.
Haughney, Edith
Havenstrite, A. Lincoln
Havenstrite A. Lincoln  Jr.
Havenstrite, Chester
Havenstrite, Fred E.
Havenstrite, Jacob
Havenstrite, John P.
Havenstrite, Keith
Havenstrite, Walter
Hawkins, Thomas L.
Hayman, Franklin
Hazard, Henry S.
Headrick, Ralph
Hearn, Arlie H.
Hearn, Edward L.
Hear, Hattie D.
Hearn, Jerome L.
Hedrick, Alfred C.
Heizer, Noah M.
Heizer, William A.
Helton, OScar E.
Helton, Stephen
Helton, Welford F.
Henning, Charles "Bud"
Henness, Otis
Henry, Hank
Henry, O. B.
Herriman, David B.
Herrington, Jeremiah
Heuszmann, William H.
Hickenbottom, Charles
Hickenbottom, J. E.
Hickman, SImon
Hindman, D. G.
Hinkley, Jessie A.
Hoffman, Jessie G.
Hogan, William
Holland, Arthur C.
Hollenbeck, John "Red"
Holliday, Bonner
Holliday, Roy
Holman, Ned
Holmes, Quincy
Holthaus, Maurice
Hoover, Jessie
Hopkins, John E.
Hopkins, Otto L.
Hormath, John
Horrocks, James F.
Houghland, Mary M.
Houghton, F. E.
Howe, William T.
Howell, Jule G.
Hubbard, John N.
Huffer, Howard H.
Hugenot, Abbie M.
Hull, Charles
Hull, Ed A.
Hume, E. L.
Hunt, Clyde
Hunt, Francis A.
Hyatt, Mr. & Mrs.

Irwin, George
Iven, Raymond
Iven, Sylvester

James John S.
James, W. D.
James, William L.
Jameson, H. M.
Janis, Charles
Jenks, Isla Sebring
Jewell, Tom
Jingley, J. E.
Johnson, Levi
Johnson, Madge E.
Johnson, Orin F.
Jones, Bennie
Jones, Clement L.
Jones, Forest A.
Jones, Jessie
Jones, Perry L.
Jones, Ralston L.
Jones, SHelt L.
Jones, Vernie C.
Jones, WIley B.
Jordan, Ephraim
Jordan, Mike

Kahls, Frank
Karns, John
Keck, Allen
Keck, Frank M.
Keck, Lee
Keck, Ulysses C.
Keck, V. Curtis
Keck, William
Keller, Buell
Keller, David L.
Keller, Idus M.
Keller, Issac M.
Keeler, James M.
Keeler, Ralph
Kemp. Lucius S.
Kendrick, Jacob B.
Kendrick, Samuel
Kendrick, William
Keown, John M.
Keys, V. O.
Kilby, Mr. & Mrs.
Kilgore, Elizabeth
Kirk, Pud
Knapp, Joseph J.
Knecht, Jacob W.
Knecht, Mike
Knecht, Paul
Knox, Charley
Korstjens, Pete
Kralick, Richard
Kraker, Mary
Kreiss, Joseph

Lambert, A. C.
Lambert, Sid
Lane, Rober L.
Lankin, Edward t.
Laurence, Joe
Leary, Daniel
Lesner, William
Lewis, A. W.
Lewis, Ernest L.
Lindsley, William
Lintz, Fred W.
Linville, Henry
Linville, John L.
Litson, David
Litson, George W.
Litson, John C.
Litson, Paul
Long, Ralph
Long, Robert S.
Longpine, James M.
Longpine, Lester
Longpine, Simon S.
Lovell, Cloyd
Lovell, Hazel Wood
Lovell, James W. & Mary
           Taliaferro - Founders
Lovell, John L.
Lovell, James Wood
Lovell, Luther S.
Lovell, Virgil
Lynch, Andrew

Mahan, Emma B.
Mahan, Matthew
Mann, William H.
Marine, Horue
Martinez, Franisco
Maupin, Rev. N. M.
Mayberry, Floyd
Mayes, Leslie
McArdle, John
McBride, Earl D.
McCall, F. A.
McCall, Moses C.
McCall, Nichlos C.
McCammon, Francis
McCammon, George W.
McCandless, Carl
Mccandless, Eddie
McCandless, Ferrell
McCandless, Guy E.
McCandless, John
McCandless, Woodrow
McClure, Hugh
McClure, Lawrence
McCollum, Charles
McCracken, Emma L.
McCue, Charles W.
McCully, Charlie
McDaniels, William
McGinty, Patrick S.
McGinty, Thomas R.
McGuire, Stanley
McKay, James W.
McKay, Robert
McKeown, Joseph H.
McKinley, William
McLaughlin, Bill
McLaughlin, Perry
McMahan, Edward
McPeek, Susan
McQuown, R. A.
Melville, Charles
Mendenhall, Charles
Mendenhall, William
Miles, Ida
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Dan "Dad"
Miller, Ollie
Mills, Tommy
Mills, William H.
Minor, Ira
Moore, David
Moore, Enoch T.
Moore, James B.
Moore, Robert J.
Moraine, Harve
Morris, Marion E.
Morris, Oscar
Morrow, A. H.
Morton, Emery
Moser, George G.
Moulton, William A.
Muilenburg, Neal
Murry, Alfred
Musgrove, Glen
Musil, Joe
Musil, John
Mutzig, Edward

Nance, Otto
Navratil, Frank
Navratil, Joe
Neal, George M.
Neal, Jennie
Nelson, Leonard
Newbold, Faye
Newman, Robert
Nicholas, Charles
Nicholson, John P.
Norman, Walter
Norris, Anna
Norris, M. Edgar
Norris G. Grove
Norris, John T.
Norris, Marion E.
Norris, N. M.
North, Moses T.
Nugent, Edward H.

Oehmann, Frank
Oehmann, John
O'Hern, Melvin
O'Hern, Pat G.
Oldham, John W.
Oldham, Lloyd M.
Oldham, Rahe L.
Olmstead, Loren
Oltmanns, Henry
Oltmanns, Willie
Onstott, J. W.
Orton, Miranda J.

Parker, Henry G.
Parkhurst, John
Parks, Nannie
Pata, Charlie
Pata, Jimmie
Pata, Rudolf
Patterson, James L.
Payton, Ben
Peckham, Willie W.
Pembro, Perry
Penneybaker, M. M.
Pennock, Earl A.
Pennock, Edward A.
Pennock, Ray
Phelan, Frank H.
Phelan, Leonard D.
Phelan, Maurice B.
Phelps, Franklin
Phelps, John T.
Pickering, Bessie
Pickinson, Leach
Pipla, Albert
Pipla, Albert Jr.
Platt, L. F.
Plumber, C. J.
Pohl, Nellie Rose
Poindexter, E. Christian
Poindexter, Samuel
Pollard, Alfred
Pollard, Dale
Pollard, Geroge I.
Pollard, Jack M.
Pollard, James E.
Pollard, John M.
Post, Edward M.
Post, W. Edgar
Post, Simon P.
Poston, James B.
Poston, John Ray
Poston, James T.
Poston, John "Towney"
Powell, A. D.
Powers, David
Prince, Franville
Price, Grover
Proctor, William

Quigley, Everett
Quigley, Jess H.
Quigley, John E.

Radcliff, James W.
Rahe, Clifford
Rahe, John W.
Ramsey, John J.
Ramseyer, William
Randels, W. M.
Ransford, John R.
Ray, Odessa
Ray, John H.
Ray, Robert H.
Ray, Wilbur
Redman, Glee
Reed, Mary & Irene
Reed, Robert
Reeves, Lemuel
Reynolds, Philip
Rhoads, Elmer
Rice, Sylan T.
Richardson, D. C.
Rigden, Mary J.
Rigdon, Goldie
Rigley, A.
Rissmeyer, Henry W.
Ritterback, Emil
Roberts, Elmer
Robertson, George
Robison, Oscar
Rogers, Ray E.
Rogers, Sid
Rose, George W.
Rose, Wesley
Roseberry, Harvey
Ross, George L.
Ross, Vinton R.
Rouse, Scott
Roxine, Lynn
Rudd, Charles
Rudd, George O.
Rutherford, W. R.
Rutledge, Josh

Sade, Albert F.
Sade, Arthur
Sade, Charles
Sade, Emmet
Sade, Frank
Sade, Frank P.
Samarka, K. A.
Sample, Louis
Sanders, Marvin E.
Sartain, Minnie J.
Saucerman, Samuel
Schaffer, Albert
Schnoors, Jim
Schoonover, Joseph
Scott, Bert E.
Scott, Fred J.
Scott, Milford A.
Seal, Bill
Sebranek, Joseph
Self, Ray
Sellers, Flem
Shanks, Ida Hattie
Shaw, Dorothy M.
Shelton, David
Shire, A. L. & Ruth
Shore, Albert C.
Shore, Ed
Shore, Ransom
Short, E. Frank "Hap"
Short, Tillot B.
Sigler, Charlie
Siler, Vola D.
Simpson, W. V.
Skieen, Fred E.
Skeen, Harvey
Skidmore, Joe
Slawson, Charles R.
Sloan, John W.
Small, Thomas W.
Smith, Ernest
Smith, John W.
SMith, R. L.
Smith, Warren H.
Smith, William C.
Snodgrass, Dewey H.
Snyder, Owen
Soles, Elmer F.
Spradlin, Ethel
Stalder, Fred W.
Stalder, Irwin
Stapelton, Chancey
Stapleton, Rollen
Stansbury, Jacob W.
Stebbins, Roy O.
Steel, James H.
Steen, Fred
Stephens, Albert B.
Stephens, Charles
Stephens, Esro
Stephens, Mark
Stewart, Denice A.
Stobaugh, Edward
Storey, Bill
Story, Charles W.
Story, Henry L.
Story, Jim H.
Story, Kido
Straley, John
Strange, George W.
Sumpter, Fred
Sunstrom, Gladys F.

Taliaferro, Delrain
Taliaferro, Lloyd
Taliaferro, Samuel
Taliaferro, Wright
Tallman, Willard
Tarrant, Leslie
Tarrant, Ralph
Tarrant, stella O.
Tate, Bob
Tate, James C.
Tate, Susan A.
Taul, R. C.
Taylor, J. I.
Taylor, Marvin H.
Taylor, Oscar C.
Terhune, Eldon S.
Teuscher, Frank D.
Thomas, Emmit E.
Thomison, C. W.
Thompson, William J.
Thornton, G. A.
Townsend, J. D.
Travis, Arthur
Travis, Erma Lee
Travis, Hester A.
Travis, Sam
Tressidor, W. C.
Trigg, Franklin
Turner, Pat
Turner, William/Wiley
Twitt, Thedore R.

Vadder, Edwin
Vadder, John
Vadder, Joseph
Vadder, Joseph B.
Vandergraff, H. M.
Van Hauen, O.
Van Hauen, Wesley

Waggoner, Glen
Walton, P. L.
Ward, Charles B.
Ward, G. W.
Wareing, George D.
Wareing, John W.
Waring, James D.
Watkins, Art B.
Weber, Rudolph A.
Wehrenberg, George
Wehrenberg, Herman
Welch, W. R.
Welden, Frank
Welden, F. D.
Welden, Fred M.
Wells, Luther A.
Wilber, Charles
Wilber, Roy A.
Wilbur, Willie
Williams, Bruce
Williams, Harvey C.
Williams, James
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Moses H.
Williams, Moses
Williams, Simon S.
Williams, W. E.
Williams, W. H.
Williams, William
Wilson, Christopher
Wilson, George H.
Wilson, Grace
Wood, Alexander
Wright, John W.
Wright, Terrell G.
Wright, William H.
Wyatt, A.
Wyckoff, James P.

Yaqua, Tugan
Yarborough, S. H.
York, Floyd R.
York, Fred
York, Lewis
York, Nathan D.
York, William A.
Young, Beulah
Young, W. B.
Lovell, Oklahoma in the 1920's
Lovell, first known as Perth, began as a U. S. Post Office (May 22, 1889) when the unassigned lands opened for settlement. The town became an agricultural trade center after the railroad route (later Santa Fe) from Enid to Guthrie opened in 1902. School began in 1905.
The name of the town was changed to Lovell in 1906 in Honor of James W. Lovell who developed the townsite. In 1907, at the time of statehood, Lovell had several stores, two cotton gins, two grain elevators, lumber yards, a bank, a hotel, a feed store, a large blacksmith shop, and a population of over two hundred. In the early 1920's oil was discovered near lovell and in the rich Roxana field (three miles northwest) soon many persons moved to Lovell. Bus and freight service increased and stores and homes were added.
In January 1928, fire destroyed eleven businesses on the east side of main street. Little rebuilding was done. The great depression and WW II followed.
The Lovell school closed in 1955 and the Post Office in 1957. Many kin of pioneer families live in the Lovell area.

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