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Diary of Delia Salome Thayer Hemstreet

Submitted by: Donna Dreyer



FROM FEBRUARY 4, 1893 TO MARCH 8, 1893

Identification of Principal Figures

  I -- Delia Salome Thayer Hemstreet

 Albert -- Albert Nelson Hemstreet, Delia's s husband

 Eugene (Gene -- Eugene Gardner Gardner Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

 Bertha -- Bertha May Hemstreet Wilkinson, daughter of Delia and Albert.

 Maudie -- Maud Gracina Henstreet Andrews, daughter of Delia and Albert.

  Sherman -- Sherman Leland Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

  Baby (Sidney)-- Sidney Earl Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

  Will -- William Harvey Thayer, Delia's brother

  Mag -- Margaret Lucinda Conard Thayer, Will's wife.

  Pa (Father) -- Gardner Thayer, Father of Will and Delia.

  Ma (Mother) -- Mary Pauline Harrington Thayer, Gardner Thayer's secont
    stepmother of Will and Delia.

  Edd -- Edd Conard, Mag's brother

  Emma -- Emma Bell Henstreet Conard, Albert's sister, Edd's wife.

 Feb 4th Saturday
 Weather has been very warm and Bright. the children have been having a
great time. Albert fixed up an old sled
and hitched up our Old ned horse & they went down to Grandmas & she came
home with them & staid until after
supper. Eugene is 11 years old tonight. Albert cut posts this afternoon. pa
was here for dinner. I have Bread and chored
round all day. have washed some for the Baby. Maudie helps me lots through
the day. se is six past & is learning fast.

 Feb 5th Sunday
 Cloudy & windy. we staid at home all day. had no compamy today. we spent it
in reading.

 Feb 6th Monday
 weather very cold with some snow in morning & Eugene went to school &
Albert staid indoors & helped tend
the Baby & Make him a blouce to cut hedge in. I fastened the buttons on
Berthas and shermans Shoes.

 Feb 7th Tues
 weather clear & cold. I have been sewing on some little dress for the
little boys. the children went to school this
after noon & Albert cut hedge & Maude helped me. Mr Gossard was here to day
& his little Deer came with him.

 Feb 8th Wednesday
 Cold & stormy. Albert cut hedge this fournoon & I have been tending Baby
Sidney. he was feeling bad today.
we had a call from Mr Millegan. Bertha & Eugene went to school. I made some
little cakes for the children to night.

 Feb 9th Thursday
 windy. Albert hedge & went to help pa draw some Hay & I Baked Bread & took
care of baby most of the day &
Maudie Churned. Bertha & Eugene went to school & Sherman spent the day in

 Feb 10th Friday
 weather warm. Albert went to Bartlett with posts. the children went to
school & I have washed out the white
clothes. Had a call from Mr Pollard.

 Feb 11th Saturday
 weather cloudy & warm. Albert & Eugene went to Bartlett with hay for Mr
Bendure. I have been finishing my
washng & got Dinner at 3 oclock. we got a letter from Edd & Emma & her
Children. Cecil wrote a little letter to
Sherman. the children are playing around the table & Albert is reading &
rocking Baby. it is quarter past 7 oclock.

 Feb 12th Sunday
 weather clear & warm & we stayed at home all day and read papers.

 Feb 13th Monday
 warm rainy. the children wint to school & Albert hauled up wood. I Baked
Bread & Maudie churned. Little
sidney has been quite fretful for a couple of days.

 Feb 14th Tuesday
 today has been cold & windy with rain in the morning. the children went to
school & I sewed some. had two
callers today Mr Milligan  & Mr Chambers.

 Feb 15th Wednesday
 cool & clear. Albert has husked corn. Gean helped in forenoon. both
children went to school to day. I have
moped to day. the children are all in bed except Sherman. it is most 9

 Feb 16th Thursday
 cool & cloudy with a slight rain. Albert has husked corn and chored around
& has cut some hedge. children
went to school & Maudie has made a little sled for her and Sherman. I have
baked Bread & Ironed some & Moped out
one of the Bed rooms.

 Feb 17th Friday
 weather clear & Bright most of the day. Albert went down to the creek & cut
some poles & drawed up a load
for Mr Chambers. I have been washing. the Children went to school. Maudie
has been tending Baby & getting her
lessons. she can read & spell quite well & write & read writing some.
sherman can say most of his letters now. the
children are all in Bed Asleep. It is half past eight oclock. Albert is
 Feb 18th Saturday
 weather & warm most of the day. Bertha & I got part of our Cleaning done
and the Churning done in the fore
noon & Albert & Gene Brought a load of hay from the field. we had dinner &
then wills folks came. will stay with to

 Feb 19th Sunday
 clear & warm. I and the Children went down to Fathers after wills went
down. they were still thare when we
came. Albert kept house at home.

 Feb 20th Monday
 clear & warm most all day. the children went to school all day. Albert went
to the Nation for Coal. he will buy
of Will and stay at his House to night. I have Baked Bread. pa called for a
few Minutes. sherman Played with Maudie
out of doors today. he is siting By me cutting Paper. Eugene & Bertha are
reading over their compositions that they
Have just finished. Quarter past 8 oclcok P. M.

 Feb 21st Tuesday
 clear and cool. Albert got Home at 1/2 past 2 oclock. I have been sick all
day. the children went to school. Mr
Millegan was here twice to day.

 Feb 22nd Wednes
 clear & cool. Albert has been helping me & been Down to Mr Ellensworth.
Eugene has been over to Mr
Mulligans And to school. I have been sick most all day but have made a pair
of little Slippers for sidney. I had a chill to
day. Albert has Churned and Made a nice Custard & done up the dishes. Albert
began his farming today. he Broke
Some stalks & plowed some.

 Feb 23rd Thursday
 weather clear & bright. Albert went to a sale at Mr Ponds & Bought a wagon
and one cow. I have been very
busy all day. Bertha had a chill to day & was quite sick most of the day.
she is better to night. I have Made light Bread
& Albert tending to the Baking of  it. we got our first Duck Eggs. got 3 &
16 hen Eggs.

 March 8th Wednes
 weather changeable. I  & Mag & the children went up to Mr Saches & stiad
untill after dinner & then came
home. will come up & so Mag went home with him. to day was Shermans
Birthday. he is 3 years old. Albert killed a
hog today. would weight about two hundred. the children are all asleep &
Albert is nodding in his chair.

       Delia Hemstreet.







MAY 2, 1893


APRIL 14, 1894

Identification of Principal Figures

  I -- Albert Nelson Hemstreet

 Delia -- Delia Salome Thayer Hemstreet, Albert's wife

 Eugene (Gene -- Eugene Gardner Gardner Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

 Bertha -- Bertha May Hemstreet Wilkinson, daughter of Delia and Albert.

 Maudie -- Maud Gracina Henstreet Andrews, daughter of Delia and Albert.

  Sherman -- Sherman Leland Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

  Baby (Sidney)-- Sidney Earl Hemstreet, son of Delia and Albert.

  Will -- William Harvey Thayer, Delia's brother

  Mag -- Margaret Lucinda Conard Thayer, Will's wife.

  The old gent (old man Thayer) -- Gardner Thayer, father of Will and Delia

  Mrs. Thayer (Grandma) -- Mary Pauline Harrington Thayer, Garnder Thayer's
second wife, stepmother
          of Will & Delia

  Edd -- Edd Conard, Mag's brother, busband of Albert's sister Emma

  Eugene (April 14th entry) -- Francis Eugene Hmestreet, Albert's brother
 May 2, 1893
  Start on, get to Spencer Creek. it is So high cant cross, have to got 8
miles around to go on.

 May 3
  go on this morning. We got Within 5 miles of Claremore tonight.

 May 4
  pass Claremore to day noon & Stop at a pond near Verdigris river.

 May 5
  We hitched up, Went to ferry. it is so muddy We cant cross. We pull back,
camp some place tonight.
terrible heavy rain tonight.

 May 6
  Went to ferry and got across at last about noon. camped at a Srping,
passed Catoosa, camped 3 miles

 May 7
  Horses all Strayed off, kept me busy all day till 5 o clock, they was 3
miles West. misty, rainy all day.

 May 8
  Start at 10 o clock. Very muddy roads. Cleared off. Warm, pleasant at
noon. We are camped 4 miles
East of  tulsa tonight on Coal Creek. all Well.

 May 9, Tuesday
  Went on through tulsa, camped at noon. Stay here all night. Weather fine.
river high.

 May 10, Wednesday
  Crossed the ferry at noon. camped for night about 5 miles West of river in
big pasture. Lot of Texas
cattle on it. all Well.

 May 11, Thurs.
  rained in the morning. did not Start till noon. Went out on road West
about 4 miles. Fine Wood, grass, &
Wather plenty. Our cow Star was fresh today. Clear tonight.

 May 12, Fri.
  Started on. very hilly, rocky roads. did not make only about 8 miles
today. Sold jug vinegar at noon &
camped on a high hill top tonight. all very tired. Good grass, Wather not
very plenty.

 May 13
  Went on. very rocky roads, hilly in fore nooon, some better in afternoon.
Crossed big Salt Creek and
little Salt Creek & camped in timber tonight. I Went out to hunt Some and
Saw Where two Deer had been. they say
that there are Deer and turkey in here. it is hilly Wooded tract of country,
once in a While a ranch, other Wise not
Settled at all. cloudy tonight. it looks like rain.

 May 14, Sunday
  rainy in morning. Wet, cold, cleared off at noon, very Warm. I saw the
first turkey today. have not seen
any Deer yet. looks like rain tonight.

 May 15, Monday
  noon. very rocky, hilly roads. Stopped for noon on a little prairie. Saw a
deer this morning When out
looking after the horses. We are 4 miles South of the mouth of the Cimarron
river or about that. We camped on
Buckeye Creek tonight. I shot at a deer tonight. Was with Mr Was Worthy. We
bot Shot but did not get it. clear,

 May 16, Tues.
  did not Start till noon. Delia Washed. I hunted, Saw 4 deer, shot at.
camped tonight on creek two miles
East of Sack fox line. had crossing her, creek up. clear, fine Weather.

 May 17, Wednesday
  Went on about 10 miles, camped on Eucha Creek tonight. been very Warm
today. lost 4 miles travel
around a pasture. We are in 5 miles East of Cushing tonight.

 Wrong date last week

 May 17 Thursday
  Went on throught Cushing. fine farms in here, all settled up in here..
camped 5 miles West Cushing.
Lots company tonight, come to chat with us. miled letter to Wills today. all
Well. had three pad pulls up creek banks
this afternoon.

   2 calves 2 = 5
   7 cows  7 =        75
   1 bull  1 = 5
   5 heifers 5 =        25

 May 18, Friday
  Went on about 5 miles to brush creek, had pull up a hill, camped for noon.
Stay here tonight. Looked
around some. nice Weather, very Warm. mr howell here to lat me a job of
breaking for a colt.

 May 19, Sat.
  Camped here all day. I went out to see Cap Bain & took dinner there. Saw
several different men but did
not make any trade. I heard of two men wanting to sell their crop out. Will
See one of them tomorrow. Clear, Warm.

 May 20, Sunday
We are Still camped on brush creek. I went over north to a Store & Mr.
mefarlane in company With mr howells.
We did not find any thing. I saw several men today. nearly all advised me to
sell my cows an account of the fever next
fall. Some tell me I Will Lose them if I keep them. been Warm & Windy all
day. Delta is visiting a family this Evening.

May 22, Monday
We went on today. crossed Sand Creek & two others. Sold our cow Star & calf
& her yearling heifer for $0.00 to
a mr Wilson. We stopped a little at mr Bains & camped tonight on the
cimarron river 2 miles South of perkins,
Oklahoma. our cow we call bunt brought a fine heifer calf tonight. turned
very cool tonight. all Well.

A. Hemstreet Mulhall

May 23, Tuesday
We are Still camped on cimarron. I went up to perkins 2 miles, nice little
town, in fore noon. This Evening I
have been talking With Some Indians about leasing Some land here. It is
pleasant and Warm. I went & fished a While
but did not catch any. all Well.

May 23, Wednesday
We are Still in camp on cimarron. I Some men about leasing in fore noon and
after noon. Went to Perkins. i been
Warm & Windy. all Well.

 May 24, Thurs.
I fixed my load over in the Wagon in fore noon in after noon We Went on
through perkins & camped miles West
on north Side of river. Crossed on the bridge at perkins. all Well. Clear,
cool. We are camped tonight on the ground
where the cyclone Went one month ago. there is Stuff Scattered all over the
prairie yet. three of the nearest houses Was
blown down & 4 folks killed in this neighborhood. the timber is broken down,
Some Stripped off every limb. one ridge I can  looks like a
Stalk field after it has been fed down. We have been on the road last one
month today.

May 25, Fri.
 this morning I traded 3 calves & 2 cows for a fine young horse & a good
Saddle valued at l5 dollars, horse at, 60
dollars. Went on after noon 3 miles. tried to buy Some cattle of a man.
camped Early. did not buy any. like the new
horse fine  We See the Effects of the cyclone Every Where along the road.
Cool, pleasant tonight. all well.

May 26, Sat.
We Went on this morning, did not Stip till one o clock at a Spring & camped
tonight about 8 Miles East of
Hu.hall at a creek or rather two creeks. heavy rain tonight. killed 3 quial
today. nice farms along through here. Wheat
looks Well & corn very favorable. cool, cloudy. all Well.

May 27, Sunday
  clear, Warm. We stay here all day. I Went fishing awhile, did not catch
any. Very quiet here to day. only
one man came to talk a little. I have been feeling bad most of the dayh. did
stir around much. clear, nice tonight.

May 29, Monday
  We did not leave camp till non. old ned ran off 2 miles, got in a mans
oats, cost me a quarter & half a
day hunting for him. We are camped tonight 1/2 mile South of Mulhall on
beaver creek. I went up town tonight & got
Some things. nice town. Every thing booming. lost of people here Working &
Waiting for the Strip. I cant find any
chance of any kind yet. pleasant, clear. all Well.

 May 30, Tues.
  it rained Some this morning. We did not Start till late. Stopped on Otter
Creek tonight about 7 miles
West of town. had some terrible bad hills to pull up & go over. talked With
a mr Shaffer here. I Shall Stay in camp here
and look around Some. I like it very well here if I had a chance of Some
Sort. it is full of boomers here. cloudy like
tonight. all Well.

May 31, Wednesday
  I went to town Withe the larson bros. made a contract With Chris, got a
load lumber & broke Wagon
Wheel. borrowed Wagon, got home after dart. Delia Started to move up to
place. Got Stuck a jut. I came down. We
stay here all night. paid out on house today 17.20 for nails & lumber. lent
fred 1 dollar today. Clear Weather. all Well.

 June 1, Thurs.
  I Went to town, took borrowed Wagon home, came back at noon. moved Lumber
& Stuff across creek
on hill West & fixed to comemce building tomorrow. been warm day, pleasant.
looks like rain tonight. all Well.

June 2, Friday
  We began house this morning. Fred & myself Worked all, got frame up &
Sheeting on. read for
Shingling. been pleasant, Warm. looks like rain tonight.

 June 3, Saturday
  We Shingled the house today, fixed Window in & moved in tonight. lack some
boards for door. been
Warm today. looks like rain tonight. We have hurried to get ready for rain
tonight. all Well.

June 4, Sunday
  been nice day. chored around Some. fished little after noon, caught 5
little fish. Some woman visiting
Delia. looks like again tonight. all Well. cloudy, Warm.

June 2, Fri.

 been a very busy day. put up the house. ready to Shingle. fred helped me
all day. loked like rain nearly all day.
clear tonight. filed saws this morning & Delia & children Went over where We
camped, got Some things With the
team. Clear tonight. all Well.

 June 5, Mon.
  pleasant & We began making some garden. planted & Worked at it all day. I
helped Chris dig some
potatoes for a man.

June 6, Tues.
  Warm. We Wroded at garden & can patch all day. Got cane Seed of a mr
McKinley. coll tonight. all

June 7, Wednesday

  been Warm today. I went to Some of the neibors in fore noon. fished ahile
in after noon. Got a good
load of Wood & chored around. a mr. Sullivan Was here to night to trade for
a horse. I Will to up tomorrow & See his
stoc. clear, cool. all Well.

 June 8, Thurs.
  clear, Warm. chored around & Went up to mr Sullivans to look at Some cows
& colts. did not trade with
him. helped Fred dig Some potatoes after noon. all Well. hard South Wind all

 June 9, Fri.
  Went to town With chris larson. paid out $1.15 more on house lumber &
nails. been Warm. he got 400
Sweet Potatoe plants. I mailed one letter to GeSourk & one to Edd Conard

June 10, Sat.
  I traded Bally & bill to Sulivan for 3 cows & two colts 3 & 4 years old, &
gave him $5.00 to boot & I
lent Chriss $5.00 for a week. been Warm. all Well. We Went up & got two of
the cows this Evening. Will keep the
balance there for perhaps a Week or two.

June 11, Sunday
  Been Warm today. this afternoon Went over to Marrion Sharps a while. Every
one Says it is very dry
Weather here for this place, but ground dont Seem dry. We are all Well.

June 12, Mon.
  I fixed door in the house & after noon Worked on the Well. We had a hard
time getting out the Water. I
am tired tonight. one of our new cows Sucks herself. I fixed a Stick on her
neck. they seem to be good cows. ver Warm
today. flies getting bad now.

June 13, Tues.
  I worked on the Well. been Warm, breezy day.

June 14, Wednesday
  We Worked on Well most of the day. been very Warm all day. folks are all
cutting Wheat here today. all

June 15, Thurs.
  Been very warm today. I went over to mr. Michals to see ouke of oxen. he
Was not at home. talked With
Several men. Saw a mr crayton & e. rained little Shower in forenoon. all

 June 16, Fri.
  rained Some in night. rainy by Spells all day. I & Chris cut down an oak
tree for posts. both got wet
through. I Went over to Mr Nealis's a little While tonight. Cloudy, cool,
all Well.

June 17, Sat.
  been Warm today. I Set out Some onions in fore noon. helped Chriss make
posts in after noon. made
about 25 posts. hot, clear.

 June 18, Sun.
  been at home all day. Very Warm, little breezy. We got a letter from Wills
filks last night. mr. Nealiss
brought it out from town. all Well.

June 19, Mon.
  been very Warm, breezy. I Went up to mr Sullivans at noon. helped him
Shock Wheat this afternoon.
brought the Sorrel pony home with me. I thnk She will be Easy to break to
Work. I have a Sort of rash or itching tetter
of Some Sort on me that is terrible.

 June 20, Tues.
  Warm, Windy. I have been Working Sorrel pony & mare Some today. She drives
nice & quiet. drove
over to mr Sharps this Evening. all Well.

 June 21, Wednedsay,
  I drove up to Orlando today. Took 4 head of horses With me. had a hard
rain tonight at dark but I kept
dry in the Wagon. Wind blew very hard. I am camping all alone tonight.

June 22, Thurs.
  Clear & Wet on the ground this morning. I drove down to Mulhall today.
Stayed in town till 4 o clock.
traded all my horses off, one team morg & Sorrel pony for yoke of big
cattle, chain & yoke, then old net & "roda" for a
White mule & a little Spanish burro. drove home tonight. all Well.

 June 23, Fri.
  I fixed on a Wagon Whee; of the old Wagon part of day. Went up to mr
Sharps after noon awhile. Mrs.
Marrion Sharp Was down here and Somed Some on machine today. Stayed to
dinner. been very Warm With hot Wind
today. corn leaves roll up some at noon. all Well.

 June 24, Sat.
  I Wet up to mr Sullivans this morning & got Daisy, the other pony. Eugene
Went up on his Jack to help
me. Come back at noon. Very hot all day, hot Wind. I rode Daisy a little
this Evening. Seems gentle. all Well.

June 25, Sun.
  Been Warm all day. I Slept most of day. to hot to do any thing or Stir

June 26, Mon.
  I Worked for fred larson, my self & oxen today moving corn crib. Very
tired. Came back tonight. Warm

June 27, Tues.
  heavy rain last night, very Wet this morning. Stove full of Water. I rod
daisy over to picnic grounds in
fore noon. my back lame, did not do any thing in afternoon. Warm, pleasant,
all Well.. Sherman 3 years old.

 June 28, Wednesday
  rained last nioght. I have been at home all day nearly. rode the pony down
to mr mcnallys. Warm,

June 29, Thurs.
  I Saw mr maurice about building him a house. hauled up Some Wood With the
Oxen. Warm tonight,
With heavy rain in the night.

June 30, Fri.
  I rode Daisy to town today. it has been very Warm. bought myself & Eugene
Straw hats, bertha pair
Slippers. all Well. hot tonight.

July 1, Sat.
  I Worked for Sullivan stacking Wheat today. Cool in forenoon. all Well.

July 2, Sun.
  rained hard With heavy Wind at midnight. We have been at home all day.
been Warm, cloudy tonight.
all Well.

July 3, Mon.
  I helped Fred take the heiffers up to mr Sullivans & in after noon helped
Sullivan Stack Wheat. WArm
in after noon. all Well.

July 4, Tues.
  We Spent the day at Morraines Grove. I drove my oxen down  & we all had a
very good time but there
Was not much of a Speech or many Sports except racing. Warm, Windy. all

July 5, Wednesday
  I took my cattle u to Mr Morris's to pasture today & helped Eugene in
garden some. been very Warm
Wind. all Well.

July 6, Thurs.
  I Went over to mr Sam Morris' to Work on house today. it has been Warm &
Windy today. all Well.

July 7, Fri.
  I worked on morris house today. been very Warm With hot Winds. all Well.

July 8, Sat.
  Worked on morris's house all day. very hot to day. I think the Warmest day
of the Season So far.

July 9, Sun.
  Very Warm, Dry. We Staid at home all Day. Some appearance of rain tonight.
all Well.

July 10, Mon.
  I have been Working on house all the all the Week. been very Warm Dry
Weather. Sent to town by mr
morris after some things Saturday. I put in full Week Ending July 15.

July 16, Sun.
  Very Warm today. All at home. had a call from mr Bailiell in fore noon.
hot, hot, Dry. No rain for 3
weeks nearly.

July 17, Mon.
  Cloudy, Drizzly day. I Worked half a day on morris house. our White Faced
cow Was Fresh yesterday
Evening. Up to mr Sullivans. looks like rain Some tonight. I heard of 7 head
of Stock that died of the fever one mile
West During the past Week. all Well.

   5.00  2.50
   3.50  2.50
   ------  -----
   8.50  5.00

July 18, Tues.
  rainy Some in fore noon. I Wroked on morris's house all day Except about 2
hours in fore noon.

July 19,Wed.
  hurt my ankle this morning when I Sadled up the pony & Went over to
morris. Worked 2 hours, had to
come home. my ankle Swe;;ed So bad I had to cut open my boot to get it off.
better tonight. Clear, Warm.

July 20, Thurs.
  Warm all day. I Staid at home all day. my foot is Some better, is not
Swelled So bad. no Signs of rain.

July 21, Fri.
  I went up to mr Sullivans this morning to See about our fresh cow up
there. I foud her all right & on my
way back calle at Mr Walgrens & mr morris & Sharps. traded Whited mule to mr
Walgreens for a horse named "bob".

July 22, Sat.
  Warlm Sultry day. I Went do to mr Sam morris a little While in morning &
up to mr ramseys in
Evening. no Sighs of rain.

July 23, Sun.
  Warm this morning & pleasant. at home all day. no rain. all Well.

July 24, Mon.
  Went to mulhall today. recieved 700 cash from morris on acct. got Some
leather & collars & groceries.
CCame home With mr Price. a very little rain this Evening.

from July 25 to 30, Sunday
  been Warm all Week. been at home. So hot I did nothing much Except go
around some. all Well. no
Signs of rain. awfull Dry. corn all drying up, badly hurt. hot, hot. Went to
meeting tonight. Salvation army man

July 31, Mon.
  hot today. I been at home. mr cooper came up in after noon to look at
cattle. he has a pair of mules to
trade. did not trade. all Well.. Delia's birthday.

 Aug. 1, Tues.
  cooler today. I went down to Cooper's. Came back in after noon. looks Some
like rain tonight.

Aug 2. Wed.
  I have been at home all day. fixed old Wagon Some. Warm, breezy. all Well.
mr Sullivan Was here this

Aug 3, Thurs.
  I Went up to Mr Sullivans this morning. Staid to dinner. rained a very
little today. tonight is cooler. I
Was up to mr Archers awhile this Evening.

Aug 4, Fri.
  I Was over to Sam Morris. did not work any at the house. Staid to dinner.
not so Warm today as usual.
all Well.

Aug 5, Sat.
  I built a Chimney for Sam morris to day. been there at Work all day. Very
Warm all day. Sent after mail
today. did not get any. all day has been Warm.

Aug 6, Sun.
  Warm this evening. No signs of rain. Went to block School house to meeting
tonight. cogswell

 Aug 7, Mon.
  been Warm today. I Was up to Sullivans this Evening. did not trade.

 Aug 8, Tues.
  Been at home all day. looked like rain. Some all day, but did not.

 Aug 9, Wed.
  I Went down to mr coopers today. Staid to dinner. did not tarde With him.
been breezy & cool. all Well.

Aug 10, Thurs.
  been at home to day. Mr I M Braddock & Wife came up from South & Stopped
here. rained hard all
after noon. I rode up to School house with Mr Renfrew. Cool, cloudy. all

Aug 11, Fri.
  I went down With mr Braddock to mr coxs & ate Water melons. they are still
camped here.

Aug 12, Sat.
  I & Braddock Went to Mulhall today. I rode his texas mare. got home before
night. I Saw Morris in
town. he paid me ballance Due me, 350. got Some Dry goods & groceries. Sent
them home by Chris Larson.

Aug 13, Sun.
  mr Braddocks folks Went on this morning. & I & Chris had a talk about them
Stopping here. I am
thinking of Selling out and going on. all Well..

Aug 14, Mon.
  I helped plant potatoes for Chris 1/2 day. Went over to mr Coxs this
Evening & got two melons of him. I
Saw mr garrison there. pleasant Weather.

Aug 15, Tues.
  I rode over to mr mckinleys & we went down to look at a pony at Coxs
place. We did not trade yet.
Delia is not feeling Well today.

Aug 16, Wed.
  Warm, Sultry. I have been at home all day. Delia is complaining Some.

 Aug 17, Thurs.
  I Worked 3/4 day in broom corn for mr Nealiss. Warm today. rained today

Aug 18, Fri.
  We had hard rains During night. Every thing very Wet. did not work to day.
cool. Delia not very Well.

Aug 19, Sat.
  We Went down to Coopers. Delia had a Chill. cool tonight.

Aug 20, Sun.
  I Was to Coopers afternoon. Delia had a chill today. I heled her With
Work. Cool.

Aug 21, Mon.
  I Worked in fore noot in broom corn. Delia had another cill after noon. I
am not very well my self today.

Aug 22, Tues.
  I had a chill this fore noon, been sick all day. Delia is better. she did
not have chill today. been Windy,

Aug 23, Wed.
  I have been very Sick in bed all day. mr cooper came up this Evenign & We
made the trade We had
talked of So long. I get mules & harness $ 4.00 for oxen, 3 cows, & heifer.
he took oxen home tonight. Delia is better. I
am very bad Sick. high fever. Children well.

Aug 24, Thrus.
  I am Still sick abed. heavy rains this morning. Cooper came after noon for
cows. Delia is over her Sick
Spell. Children Well. pleasant tonight. I have not Sat up any today.

Aug 25, Fri.
  We sent to Mulhall to day, did not get a letter. got some things. I am
some better today. Sat up most of
day, but feel bad tonight. Delia is quite Well. children Fairly Well. I ate
a little, the first for 3 days.

 Aug 26, Sat.
  I am Sick today all day. the rest all Well.

 Aug 27, Sun.
  I am a little better this afternoon. don't sit up any much. nice Weather.

Aug 28, Mon.
  I sent Gene to Dr. mcpeaks after some medicine. am very sick. Sold my
Saddle to Sharp for 10.00.

Aug 29, Tues.
  not much better, if any. I can Sit but little, Eat harldy any. rest family
Well. nice cool Weather. got letter
from mrs Thayer.

Aug 30, Wed.
  I am about Same, very Weak but no fever now. Slept a little last night.

Aug 31, Thurs.
  I feel Some better today. Walked around a little. Eat some. nice Weather.
rest all Well.

Septt 1, Fri.
  I feel better to day, but Very Weak. dont Sit up much. nice cool pleasant
day. the rest Well.

Septt 2, Sat.
  I am better. We greased the harness & I chored around Some. rest all Well.

Sept 3, Sun.
  We begun to get redy to go down to Wills folks. packed up boxes and put
Wagon together. I am feeling

Sept 4, Mon.
 We Started out about 2 o clock, camped at mulhall tonight on the hill.
Warm, pleasant.

 Sept 5, Tues.
  traded old horse & cow "Whitey" to mr mckinley for the blind pony. We
camped about half way
between Mulhill & perkins. pleasnat. all Well. road very hilly.

Sept 6, Wed.
  We passed through perkins, campled for night 4 miles North West of "Nora"
post office. I feel Some

Sept 7, Thurs.
  Went om, got to Wills folks at noon. found Will Sick With Sore Eyes. I am
not feeling very well.

Sept 8, Fri.
  I am Sick today. have laid Wagon nearly all day. can't Sit up. nice
Weather. rest Well Except Wills
Eyes. he is bad.

Sept 9, Sat.
  fell Some better. Helped s bishop on fence today. feel bad tonight.

Sept 10, Sun.
  Helped on fence Some today.

Sept 11, Mon.
  finished fence & Started to Strip at 3 o clock, camped on cimarron river
tonight. rode till 10 o clock.

Sept 12, Tues.
  We reached Stillwater. awfull crowds. We Stay here all night. fire in

Sept 13, Wed.
  We Went up to booth a 4 o clock, about 2000 ahead. took our place in line,
are about 1/5 of the Way up
line at Dark. crowd all happy. I & Will have been to Supper. both feel very
well. have blankets her to Sleep on the
ground on. Warm, pleasant.

Sept 14, Thurs.
  We Stood in ;ine till half past 3 o clock, got our papers, came out tired
& hungry & covered With Dust.
Went out this Evening to take Will Kimner & "ready" boy to booth. it is a
hard place. crowd not quite so big tonight. I
am feeling Well.

Sept 15, Fri.
  I Will Write a card to Delia. We have been to break fast. Nice Weather. I
am hearty & gues the chills
have left me.

  Sept 16, Sat.
  We went up to line and got ready & at the signal shot away. We Went run
about a mile. Wills
horse fell on him hurting him badly. I helped him back on & We came on &
will stopped on a claim & I
ran on & got on a claim. there are 2 men on the claim besides my self.
pleasant weather big crowd. I never
saw such a race, but very little noise Was made. everybody seemed in dead
Earnest. one lady fell of
but got on and came on.
  Sept, 17
  I want out. to claim after helping Will to start for his claim. I found a
new man on my claim. the other
has gone some Where. I planted a post and made a little foundation #.

  Sep 18
  We Works on claim to day. been hot. my man is still on claim With me. he
Works on the north & I on
the South. We are on good terms. Wills arm is rather painful. We are talking
of pulling for home tomorrow. I am very
tired tonight.

  Sep 19, Tues.
  We are still at Work on claim. I fixed up a post, put my name on it  nice

  Sep 20, Wen.
  W. put up some posts on Wills claim for stables & fixed around & started
for home at 3. o' clock  Staid
in Stillwater at martins house & camped in yard.

  Sep 21, Thurs.
  Started on early this morning & Eat dinner at cimarron river & reached
home at 6 o'clock tonight. all
Well, locks some like rain.

Sep 21, Fri.
  We have been at Work getting ready to start back all day. Started about 4
o'clock & went 4 miles. looks
like rain tonight. Wills folks are getting ready to Start for kansas
tomorrow, his shulder is getting better. Delia has
chilled yesterday & today. She is feling bad but dont have any fever after
it. camped by a mr Dvis1s place. give 35 cts
for sack corn & 2O cts 2 Dozen Eggs.

  Sep 23, Sat.
  We Started on, crossed the river about 2 o' clock but we Eat Dinner near
plum creek p. o. & saw two of
Mcfarlanes boys. We have had heavy rains this after noon. camped tonight 2
miles north of Clayton. rained some in

  Sep 24, Sun.
  We Just had time to get breakfast When it began to rain, it rains very
hard. We are all keeping fairly dry.
Delia had a chill yesterday. rest all Well, rain, rain . . .

  Sep 25, Mon.
  We Went on through Stillwater & camped tonight on long branch creek. cool,

Sep 26, Tues.
  I stuck in creek and had to get  a man to heop me out. got up to our claim
at noon & found Wills folks
there awaiting us. they went out to their claim after dinner & I have been
over to See them.

Sep 27, Wen.
  I & Will Went ot perry. today it is a fly town. Every thing is booming. We
got home late tonight. all

Sep 28, Thurs.
  We all started home this morning. We made about 12 miles today. camped on
a creek 3 miles West
pawnee agency.

Sep 29, Fir.
  rained all night & nearly all fore noon. We Went on & camped tonight 3
miles West of irver on pole
creek. cloudy, looks like rain. all Well.

Sep 30, Sat.
  We Went on, crossed river, came on near gray horse stores. muddy, Wills
mare sick. put in pony to

Oct 1st, Sun.
  We Went on about 15 miles, camped at Osage agency. Sunday night, looks
like rain. let Will $2.00

Oct 2nd, Mon.
  Started late this morning & did go very far & camped for night at a Soft
Water Spring Creek. very cool.
tell us it is 30 miles to caney ville. all Well.

Oct 3, Tues.
  Went on this morning. got to caney river at noon. 15 miles to town. corn
40 cts here. nice Weather.
prairie roads good South of here. Steep hill pull up. all Well. Camped 1 1/2
miles South of caney tonight.

Oct 4, Wen.
  Started on at 9 o'clock. had good roads & We passed thrugh Coffee ville.
Camped on river 1 mile East
of town. Very late. Camping tonight after dark. all Well.

Oct 5, Thurs.
  got Early Start, passed "Veleda", camped 2 miles East for dinner. 3 miles
to Edna from here. got home
to thayers at sundown. All stay all night.

Oct 6, Fri.
  Delia & I Washed today & Wills Went home to nation. Old folks went to
oswego. gene & bertha With

Oct 7, Sat.
  I helped Chambers thrash today

Oct 8, Sun to Oct 21, Sat.
  During this time I have been at thayers & helping Will trash & e. I
started for my claim in Strip. brought
some wheat to Edna to mill & camped 3 miles East of Coffee ville. Nice warm
evening. I shot at some Ducks today &
my gun bursted. one of the barrells, it gave me a hard shock but did not
hurt me. I got 100 lbs flour & 1.75 of bran at
the mill.

Oct 22, Sun.
  I Started at 7 o'clock, passed Coffeyville. Eat dinner half way to Caney
at a nice Spring house. passed
Caneyville this Evening. am 3 miles South of town tonight. been very Windy,
Dusty, but clear, pleasant, plenty of hay
near here. made 25 miles today.

Oct 23, Mon.
  Started Early, passed Caney river at 9 o'clock. good road, few campers.
Eat dinner on Soft Water Creek
or birch Creek. Camped tonight 3 miles East of gray horse store on creek
where horse did as we ccome up. Cool,
windy. clear, nice monlight Evening. 30 miles today.

Oct 25, Wed.
  Started on, went by gray horse stores at 9 o'clock, crossed the Arkansas
river, came Where We Staid
over night. 4 miles West river and Went by pawnee town this evening, camped
3 miles West of it, looks like rain. Went
28 miles.

Oct 26, Thurs.
  Went on this morning, got on Wrong road & lost 7 or 8 travel. Camped for
noon 2 miles West of Where
Was in morning. Come on & got to mr martins at sundown. Cool, Windy,
pleasant. I am at martins tonight. Cool night.
12 miles today.

Oct 27, Fri.
  I went up & saw mr graves this morning in regard to my claim. he cant tell
any news much. I went
nutting with mr Martin & Will afternoon & I unloaded my wagon box to night.
Clearn, nice.

Oct 28, Sat.
  Started Early this morning for Oklahoma. Stopped at perry till 4 o'clock,
then Went down to Orlando.
Staid here all night. With man in uthrie. cool, clear.

Oct 29, Sun.
  Went down to Mr Sullivans, Staid to dinner. Went to Chris hus & am at Mr.
nealis's tonight. pleansant,
nice Evening.

Oct 30, Mon.
  I got mr nealis to go over & help me load up this morning and got started
back at 11 o'clock. Went on to
Orlando, got feed & some meat & bread & did not stop for dinner, am camped
on creek in strip tonight. Got shot gun
of Nealis today. warm, Windy.

Oct 31, Tues.
  Came on this morning. Stopped fro noon at dripping springs on pawnee trail
& to to Martins grove
before Sundown, been awfull Windy today.

Nov 1st, Wed.
  I went up on the claim I took & on to prices & phelps & after noon Went
down to the Dripping Springs
& looked at some land near there, been warm & awfull Windy. Clear.

Nov 2, Thurs.
  turned very cold this morning & I unloaded my load & went over to Mr
Lindsay. Eat dinner there &
looked around some. Cold, Windy, heard of Some Claims here. Cold, cloudy.

Nov 3, Friday
  cold bleak morning. I went town With Mr Lindsay. I heard of another claim.
My number will be in
tomorrow. I think I must hurry around in the morning. it is cold, cloudy,
looks like rain. I feel very much like chilling
some tonight. Think it will rain.

 Nov 4, Sat.
  I have been booking claims all day, have not make up my mind yet. Mr
Lindsay has a man come on to
his claim With him today. Warm pleasant day.

Nov 5, Sun.
  I looked over my claim S E of 24, have concluded to take it & this
afternoon I & mr Lindsay went over
to mr Martins & got my load of stuff over here. We Was late home, got Every
thing Except fork over there. Warm

 Nov 6, Mon.
  I have been on claim at Work today, broke a little & cut Some poles & I
like the place very Well. Cool,

Nov 7, Tues.
  I cut a load of long Wood this fore noon & after dinner I broke some for
George Lindsay & loaded up
the Wood. been Windyh all day. Some cloudy tonight. it is very dry here not,
but there is plenty of Water in the springs.

Nov 8, Wed.
  I went to Perry, took load of Wood, Sold it for 1.25, the first load I
have hauled. fine, clear in after noon.

Nov 9, Thurs.
  I brought my things up from lindsays & been here all day. have cut &
loaded a lod of wood for Perry. I
have been out over claim this morning & I leke it better as I see around it.
I cook supper & some for break fast since
dark. am Well. fine & clear night.

Nov 10, Fri.
  I Went ot town With my load of Wood, got 1.25 & bought 5.25 worth of
lumber, 350 feet to build house
With. Been clear & windy. Got 30 ct nails.

Nov 11, Sat.
  I have Worked at my house all day. It has rained showers all afternoon &
tonight it is raining Steady. I
got Stove in tonight and have a good fire & am very comfortable. Have had
supper & Wish my bed Was in here instead
of the in the covered Wagon.

Nov 12, Sun.
  I have been at hole all day. I fixed on house in fore noon & this after
noon I loaded up a load of Wood
for Perry. cool, clear, after the rain. I am in better Shape for Stoms now.
am fixed up in house now. Stove Set up & I
Sleep in Wagon Cover.

Nov 13, Mon.
  I took load of wood to Perry, go 1.35, mailed letter to Delia & bought
some bacon & beef 30 ct, got
home Early, cuta load for tomorrow. Clear tonight, warm.

Nov 14, Tues.
  I took load of Wood to Perry, Sold it ofor 1.50, got letter from Delia &
the children. been very cool & is
going to freeze some tonight.

Nov 15, Wed.
  I have cut Wood most of the & helped george lindsay haul some logs for his
house. been nice Day,
pleasant. I have 2 loads cut ready to take to Perry. I wrote mr Bishop & to
mr nealis tonight.

Nov 16, Thurs.
  I went to Perry with load Wood, got 1.50 for it. been Windy, clear. Very
Windy tonight. I got a paper to
read, Pkge of Soda & yeast today. I am well.

Nov 17, Fri.
  I went to perry agian with Wood, got 1.50, bought 59 cts Worth of bacon.
it turned very cold this fore
noon & has been all day. N. West Win. I come home Early, fixed up harness a
little. It is cold & clear. Wind dont blow
quite So hard tonight. been a bad day.

Nov 18, Sat.
  I went to Perry today With load of Wood, got 1.50. Waited to file, but did
not. found out that there had
been a soldiers Dec filed on my place on the 14 of nov. Been nice day with
cold clear Wind.

Nov 19, Sun.
  I have been over the place some & loaded up a load of Wood for Perry
tonight. Was down to lindsays,
got my hair cut. George staid here last night. Warm & still tonight.

Nov 20, Mon.
  I went to Perry with load 1.50 of wood & I filed on the place today. It
has been a bad day, rained nearly
all day, began before daylight this morning. I managed to Sell my Wood &
stand in line & file at the right time. I got
Wet nearly through & suffered considerably with the cold but got through all
right. It is drizley & cold tonight. George
Lindsay filed on his claim today. I am very well pleased with the days Work.
been to supper. Got good fire. Wrote to
Delia today. Sent 1.00.

Nov 21, Tues.
  I began cutting some house logs this morning & lindsay come up to get me
to help him today. have
broke some for him & h elped on his house. got it up 7 logs high. been warm
& pleasant all day. nice Evening.

Nov 22, Wed.
  I let George lindsay take mules to go to Perry With load of Wood & I cut
some house logs. I cut about
15 logs & some Wood. I am tired tonight. it turned cold today & is cold &
Windy in N. W. tonight.

Nov 23, Thurs.
  I hauled Some logs & this after I have cut & loaded up a load for town &
cut another load. it has been
cold today. Was very cold last night. it froze nealy 1/2 inch thick of ice
on the Spring. I Suppose today is thanksgiving.
I did not think of it till now. full moon. Cool, clear. Supper over.

Nov 24, Friday
  I went to town With load Wood got 1.85 cash bought new axe Sack corn &
Dish pan. got letter from
Delia & children. Will nas it tonight. been cold, Windy all day, but clear.

Nov 25, Sat.
  I Went to Perry With Wood, got 1.50, sent 50 cts in stamps in letter to
Delia in letter. got Sack corn,
some lath paper & e. been cold. raw Wind With rain tonight.

Nov 26, Sun
  I have been at home all day Except awhiole Down to lindsay. it has been
rainy, misty, all day. I hunted a
little, cut a load of Wood for tomorrow if I go to Perry. dark, misty, Wind
changed to north tonight. All Well.

Nov 27, Mon.
  I went to Perry With Wood, got 2.00 cash, bought flour 25 lbs bacon 50 ct
shirt 75 socks 5 ct oli 5 ct
spider 75 rope 10 ct 5 cts left. it Wasl cold Wind in for noon but Warm nice
after noon. clear tonight. Wind in South.
no mail today.

Nov 28, Tues.
  I have cut & hauled Some house logs today. Worked at home all day. been
Warm & Windy I have not
got about two thirds Enough logs on the ground ready to begin on. I am
getting all Post oak & fine logs. Clear & Windy

Nov 29, Wed.
  I have been at home cutting & hauling logs. loaded up a load, ready for
Perry in morning. it has been
cold, Windy all day. clear tonight. Wrote letter to Delia & one to Sullivan

Nov 30, Thurs.
  thanksgiving day. I Went Perry With Wood, got 1.75, got some beef, lard &
peck of sweet potatoes.
turned cold about 3 o clock and is a regular norther tonight. I forgot to
mail the letteris I Wrote last night. I have had
my thanksgiving Dinner tonight for Supper, beef & Soup & Sweet potatoes &
Slap Jacks, teaa & e. Wind in north,
getting colder.

Dec 1st, Fir.
  It has been very cold today. I cut wood & got load ready for town. hauled
up Some logs. it was cold last
night, some Warmer, not very much. Wind in South.

Dec 2nd, Sat.
  I went to Perry today With Wood, got 1.50 cash, mailed letter to Delia.
Sent 46 cts in Stamps, also Sent
Sul;ivans letter out. Got letter from Delia & one from bishop. It turned
cold after noon & Snowed & blowed a regular
norther. I got home late but am very comfortable now. it is a bad night.
cold & stormy.

Dec 3d, Sun.
  cold Disagreable day. I went out hunting awhile & have been at all day. Mr
Lindsay came up & Spent
the Evening With me.

Dec 4, Mon.
  I have Worked at hewing my house logs today & Mr Lindsay had the mules to
go to Perry With Wood.
been Windy but not so cold. the snow that came Saturday went of today. orey
Lindsay is here tonight.

Dec 5, Tues.
  I & George Lindsay Worked at house logs part of forenoon. it rained &
after dinner We Went a hunting
over West & late this Evening loaded up a load of Wood for town if I go. it
is misty & rainy tonight. Wind in north

Dec 6, Wed.
  I Went to Perry With load of Wood. got 1.75 for it. I wrote a letter to
Delia, sent $1.00 in it today &
traded 1.25, got some beef & lard & molases & e. mr lindsay Was in to file &
rode home With me. been nice pleasant
day, ios still Warm & clear tonight.

Dec 7, Thrus.
  I Worked at home all day. Got out & hauled up some more logs for house &
some rock & I loaded a
load of Wood for Perry tonight. pleasant today & WArm tonight. Wind in

Dec 8, Fri.
  I Went to Perry With Wood, got 1.60 for it, got bottle of oil to burn. I
got home in time to load up a load
for tomorrow. George lindsay is here tonight. I got letter from Delia &
children today. they are well.

Dec 9, Sat.
  I went to Perry With Wood, got 150 cash. Bought f;our 25 lbs bakon 1/1/2
lbs Spool thread Some buck
shot. been nice day. Aurthor Lindsay is her tonight. no mail today.

Dec 10, Sun.
  I Went out hunting in forenoon With George Lindsay. Saw two Deer. did not
get a Shot at them. it has
been pleasant all day & is war & clear tonight. I have been to Supper. Am
alone tonight.

Dec 11th, Mon.
  been at home all day. Worked at house logs. Cut load of Wood. nice Warm
all day. Mr Lindsay took
mules to Perry today. Orrie staid her all night.

Dec 12, Tues.
  I & goerge lindsay laid up logs on house today. it turned cold last night
& been cold all day. mr lindsay
had mules to Perry today. is cold cloudy tonight. george l is here tonight.

Dec 13, Wed.
  I and George Worked at house Some in fore noon. Mr. Lindsay took a load to
Perry With the mules. I
helped cut Wod for them & a load of long Wood for myself this after noon.
been cloudy Y cool all day. will a letter to
Delia & Children this Evening.

Dec 14, Thurs.
  I Went to Perry With Wood, got 1.50. Sent 2.00 to Delia in letter, bought
3.65 lumber, 216 feet, some
ham & tea. Wrote a card to Bishop. Mailed Delias letter. Got a letter from
her. been Warm, Windy & cloudy.

Dec 15, Fri.
  I took Wood to Perry. Sold to Co. Sumner for 1.50. got bu oats, Some beef
and bought a box. been
Windy, cloudy, cool. clear tonight.

Dec 16. Sat.
  I Went to Perry With Wood & got 150 cash. bought overhalls, some shot & e.
I got a Protest made out
on my claim against hepburns Declaratory filing. paid Sumner 150 for it in
Wolld. hauled some lumber out for lindsay
tonight. clear, Some cool, but not cold. three monst today Since Strip

Dec 17, Sun.
  been home. hunted a little in fore noon. cut a load of Wood & laoded it.
been very Warm & pleasant all
day. Warm tonight.

Dec 18, Mon.
  I Went to Perry With Wood. Got 1.50 cash for it. bought sack bran, Some
meat & flour, come home,
loaded again for tomorrow. fine Warm day, clear.

Dec 19, Tues.
  I Went to Perry With Wood & got 150 cash. it has been Warm & pleasnat.
clear, cool tonight. got a
letter fromMr. Nealis today.

Dec 20, Wed.
  I been at home all day. George Mcraken took load Wood to town With the
mules. got 1.25 cash. I cut
Wood & tonight the old gent came in from kansas unexpectedly. been Warm all
day. Wind in South.

Dec 21, Thurs.
  I Went to Perry With Wood, got 1.45 cash. got Some rafters & some
sheating, $2.67, and Some Bacon,
3 lbs. been Warm & nice. I got letter from Delia todya. Sent one to her &
one to Nealis.

Dec 22, Fri.
  I and old gent cut Some Posts and mr Lindsay took post to town Withe the
mules and We Worked at
home. been Warm, nice today, clear. full moon tonight.

Dec 23, Sat.
  I made Posts and old get Went to Perry With Wood, got 1.50 cash. got some
tea. it rained in Evening
some. is rainy tonight.

Dec 24, Sun.
  We staid at home at home till noon. took Dinner at lindsays & I hunted
Some. been Warm & nice.
Windy, clear.

           Dec. 25, Mon.
  We have Spent Christmas Working on the house. lindsay helped and George &
and We got all the logs
up and We took diner at lindsays today. been cool. clear, frosty tonight.

Dec 26, Tues.
  I sent george mcracken with load Wood to Perry With the mules and I and
George lindsay Worked on
house in fore noon and made 56 posts in afternoon. looks like rain Some
tonight. I have all the logs laid up now ready
for the roof.

Dec 27, Wed.
  rained some today. I & olf gent Worked on house Part of the day. rained
quite hard in night. We got the
rafters up & the gables Ends today.

Dec 28, Thurs.
  I Went to Perry With Posts. Got some lumber & Shingles, come to 4.19. Was
late in getting home. been
nice day, clear, warm. cool tonight. lindsay got his lumber to finish his
house today.

Dec 29, Friday
  I and old gent worked at Lindsays house & lindsay took Wood to town with
the mules. We got the all up
and nearly done. his horse tired out and he did not get his load to town. it
has been Warm, pleasant. is cloudy tonight.

Dec 30, Sat.
  I worked on lindsays house and George took a load of Wod to town with the
mules. did not get any feed.
cold & clear.

Dec 31, Sun.
  the last day of the year. We took dinner at mr lindsays. I loaded up a
load of Wood for Perry tomorrow.
mr lindsay & George are here this Evening. cool, clear, wind in southwest.

Jan 1st, 1894, Mon.
  I Went to Perry With Wood. Sold to mr Sumner for 150. Paid 50 cts on acct.
bought some corn, meat,
Shingle nails, potatoes & e. been nice clear day With cool South Wind.

Jan 2nd, Tues.
  I Worked on the house and got a little of it Shingled and loaded up a load
of Posts this Evening. old get
dont feel Well Enough to Work. cool, Pleasant.

Jan 3d, Wed.
  I Went to Perry With Posts, got 2.00 cash. bought 1000 shingles and Some
nails. got a letter from Delia
and the children. it has been clousy, cold, most of day. Wind in north

Jan 4, Thurs.
  I took a load of cord Wood, got 135 cash. bought bu corn, Some meat & oil
& e. cold this morning but it
has been a fair day. clear, cool tonight. I sent letter to Delia today.

Jan 5, Fri.
  I & George Lindsay made posts & his father took mules to Perry With Wood.
drove his team to we
made 55 Posts. it has been cool & Foggy in the morning but clear & fine most
of day & this evening old gent felling

Jan 6, Sat.
  I & Lindsay made some Posts today. neither team went to town. I have about
140 Posts out now. We
Was down to lindsays awhile tonight. it has been cold all day & is coll,
cludy tonight.

Jan 7, Sun.
  been pleasant all day. been over to Lindsays & Shaved & Sheared the mules.
loaded up posts for town
tomorrow. cool tonight. Wind in the South.

Jan 8, Mon.
  We all Worked on the house, I & old gent, George & mr. Lindsay, most of
the day. Shingled one side,
chinked it all around. been good day. We all eat dinner at Lindsays. Warm,
Wind in South tonight.

Jan 9, Tues.
  I & George lindsay Went to Perry With Posts, 1.23, got 7.40 worth of
lumber for the house, 3 lbs shingle
nails, Some meat & e. Was very cold all after noon. is Still & cool tonight.
Sold to foster lumber co.

Jan 10, Wed.
  I & George Lindsay Worked on the house part of day & made posts a While.
old gent got the floor done.
lindsay took the mules to town with Wood. been pleasant. cool tonight,

Jan 11, Thurs.
  We finished Shingling the house. George helped Part of day & the mules did
not get back from Perry
until after dinner. lindsay staid in town last night. he got a sack of corn
for me. been fair most of day. cool, clear

Jan 12, Fri.
  I Worked on the house & old get Went ot town With Wood, got 1.25. bought
some meat, tea, syrop & e.
I fixed Window and Door frame. it has been pleasant most of day. I hauled a
barrel of water to mix mud With. clear,
cool. Wind in the South. got letter from Delia.

Jan 13, Sat.
  We both Worked at mudding up the house & got it done. We was down to
lindsay to Supper and Staid
the Evening. been cloudly mostly all day. Wind to the South.

Jan 14, Sun.
  been pleasant, Warm. We been at home. mr & mrs lindsay come up awhile.
George & I Went out &
caught a chicken. Warm, pleasant. We loaded up a load of Wood tonight.

Jan 15, Mon.
  I made Some Posts & cut Wood. George helped me in fore noon to Saw. old
gent Went to town With
Wood, got 1.25. bought sack flour, fixings for the Door & e. been Warm,
pleasant all day. Warm tonight.

Jan 16, Tues.
  I worked at home & old gent took Wood to Perry, got $1.00 cash & ball on
summers acct 50 cts. I
moved the things in the new house, hung the Door & e. been Warm, pleasant,
bought meat 50 cts, corn 45 cts.

Jan 17, Wed.
  We chored arund & I Went over to see the Dutchman about Posts, have about
75 Posts made.

Jan 18, Thurs.
  I made some Posts & tonight it rained.

Jan 19, Fri.
  rain, rain all day & all night. been at home all day. lindsay was up to
see us.

Jan 20, Sat.
  Wet this morning. I sold 150 posts to storekeeper Earnest richardson for
4.50. hauled them down today.
got some Supplies to go home with & 2.00 cash. are about ready tonight.

Jan 21, Sun.
  nice clear morning. We started home to kansas about 10 o clock. roads
muddy. We did not make very
good time. camped in the otes for dinner & are near ponca Agency tonight. it
has turned very cool tonight, cold, cold.

Jan 22, Mon.
  it has been very cold. Wind in north. all we can do to keep Warm. passed
through ponca, kildare Willow
Springs & new kirk & are camping just South of Arkansas City in a lane
tonight. Some WArmer but Still ver cool.
Wind in East nearly.

Jan 23, Tues.
  Stormy this morning. We Went throught the city, 10 miles East, Stopped at
Grouse Creek. to cold to
travel this after noon. We are at a mr tiptons house tonight.

Jan 24, Wed.
  Staid here till noon. Went on 12 miles & Stopped at a School teachers
house 12 miles West of Cedar
vale tonight. been very cold. We nearly froze today.

Jan 25, Thurs.
  Went on Early & passed Cedar va;e & Waunetta & are at a Swiss mans 5 miles
West of 15 ct Sedan.
cold all day. very tired, cold we are tonight. Wind in East. very cold all

Jan 26, Fri.
  passed Sedan & peru city & are camped at Caneyville tonight. been some
warmer today but kept us busy
to keep Warm. bought pork 35 cts, tobaco. are in Wagon tonight. clear, cool.

Jan 27, Sat.
  started Early & fed at noon 3 miles West of Coffeyville, passed through
town & stopped for night 7
miles East of Coffeyville. Warmer today, got along very well. Went about 30
miles. Warm tonight. are about 16 miles
from home.

Jan 28, Sun.
  we started Ear;y & got home at 1 o clock today. found hte house & nearly
all in it burned up but no one
hurt. found the all Well & living up to wills house. nice day. Warm,

Jan 29, Mon.
  I hauled some Water to Wash With & been at home all dy. killed the hog
after dinner. nice Weather.

Jan 30, Tues.
  We all helped bishop thrash today. been Windy but pleasant. Staid at
Hopkins tonight With the old gent.

Jan 31, Wed.
  I came home this morning & been Sick most of the day. they thrashed after
noon. I did not go over to
help today. turned cold this after noon. cool, cloudy tonight.

Feb 1st, Thurs.
  I helped thrash today. cool, pleasant. Seward paid me 1.75 cash. I have
felt better today. cool, clear.

Feb 2nd, Fri.
  I Went down to the nation With Will after coal. are loaded up tonight.
coll, cloudy.

Feb 3, Sat.
  We Worked in coal pit. is very Stormy & at noon gets Worse. We cant go
home today. Snowed about 3
inches, cleared of cold in night.

Feb 4, Sun.
  We come up home. today clar. We got home at 3 o clock With the loads of
coal. I frosted my feet today.
mr. milligan Was over tonight. cool, clear. maudie has the mumps, We think,

Feb 5, Mon.
  I have been at home, fixed childrens shoes. Went to Ellingsworth, got the
Stove & got load of corn &
other things. cool, cloudy. maudie got the mumps.

Feb 6, Tues.
  I and old gent Went ot nation With 2 teams after corn. Will took coal to
Chetopa. cloudy & Some

Feb 7, Wed.
  We hauled 3 loads of corn to bartlett, 77 10  bus in all. Very muddy. the
Went ot nation & I came up
home. roads very bad. I got Some staples to fix harness. been very warm &
cloudy all day. looks like rain.

Feb 8, Thurs.
  I fixed harness today & done chores. We Went down to get Grandmas turkeys
tonight. could not catch

Feb 9, Fri.
  I & grand ma took chickens & turkeys to Edna today. She sold them for
11.65. been cold Disagreeable
day. Very cold wind.

Feb 10, Sat.
  cold. I fixed a box to put on the Wagon. Will & old gent come up home at 3
o clock. is Snowing Some
tonight. Wind in n. E.

Feb 11, Sun.
  it si snowing & blowing all day, very bad Storm. We are all at home. it is
hard on the Stock. We are all

Feb 12, Mon.
  it is Snowing & Sleeting & cold. We have not done anything but chores.
been old, Snowy. all Well.

Feb 13, Tues.
  Some clearer. we have hauled up Straw & chored around. is Snowing again
tonight. is about 5 inches
deep & Drifted bad in places. cold & Wind in  n. E. still, the Worst Storm
we have had in years.

Feb 14, Wed.
  some Warmer, but Still cold. I chored around. cold tonight.

Feb 15, Thurs.
  cold, clear, thawing lots today. Snow gone very fast. I Was out hunting

Feb 16,  Fri.
  Warm, clear, but hard Winds. Snow nearly all gone. Was at home all day.

Feb 17, Sat.
  I Was down to mr Hanegans. His son Bart died at 4 o clock tis morning. I
staid till 2 o clock. funearl
tomorrow. cool, windy.

Feb 18, Sun.
  I went to nation With Wills mares & the mules after a load to held Will
get done.

Feb 19, Mon.
  I and Will helped Joe tomey Ditch bank after noon. WE loaded up. cold,
cloudy all day.

Feb 20, Tues.
  WE come up to mr. hivleys with coal & corn & got up home at 3 o clock.
been cold, Disagreeable all
day. my feet are very Sore.

Feb 21, Wed.
  been at home all day. worked on the Wagon box & went out hunting. cold,

Feb 22, Thurs.
  I shod the mules & pony. Will went to (unreadable) . been cold, Windy all

Feb 23, Fri.
  Will shod his horses & I fixed on the wagon most of the day. cold but not
So bad as it has been. Bertha
is mite sick.

Feb 24, Sat.
  chored around. put on Wagon cover. Joe tomeys folks come up tonight Some.
bertha Sick. Warmer.

Feb 25, Sun.
  we visited with the tomeys folks & some others come to see us. it has been
Warm, pleasant.

Feb 26, Mon.
  We all Wroked at old man thayers house. got frame up. it has been warm,
pleasnt. bertha some better.

            Feb 27, Tues.
  We finished the laods & Started after noon. got about 8 miles, are at a
good camp. lots of feed & a Well
& e. been very Warm all day. raods bad. it has been a lot to get Started.

Feb 28, Wed.
  We got Started at 8 o clock. passed Edna & are camped 5 miles East of
Coffey ville on county line.
roads are baed, but nice Warm day. clear, pleasant. made 15 miles today.

March 1st, Thurs.

                    We made about 15 miles, passed Coffeyville at noon &
camped 6 miles West on creek. Warm nice day.
Will sold calf for 15.00. roads better today.

March 2, Fri.
  We passed Caney ville & are aoubt 3 miles South tonight. been warm, nice
all day. made 15 miles. good
roads. all Well.

March 3d, Sat.
  We started Early & got to caney river at noon & camped for night on birch
creek at the old misson
camping ground. roads been good today. nice Warm day. Wind in South. cloudy
tonight. make Eighteen miles. all

March 4, Sun.
  We Started & it soon began to rained & it Showered at times all day till 3
o clock. We did not make
over 10 miles. a colored fmily been along today & their Wheel broke & We all
camped together. mag Stuck in a creek,
broke reach & We have had a time getting fixed to go on. heavy rain & hail

March 5, Mon.
  We helped fix up the Darkeys Wagon Whell. did not start till noon. got to
osage agency & creek to high
to cross so We camped here. it has cleared of cool tonight. made 5 miles
today. lots of movers camped here. one man
had is team to get drowned here this morning. creek is falling fast. all
Well. cool, clear.

March 6, Tues.
  nice day. Started Early, made about 19 miles & are camped on creek East of
gray horse. no bad luck
today. all Well.. cool, clear, Some muddy.

March 7, Wed.
  We passed gray horse store & Stopped at the river for noon & are camped
tonight some 6 miles north of
pawnee. roads rather bad after noon, a fine bridge over the river Where we
crossed 5 miles West of gray horse store. it
was cold Wind this morning but pleasant day. cool, clear tonight. all Well.

March 8, Thurs.
  We got to pawnee at Eleven o clock, camped for dinner. left Wills there &
We camped on a creek 6
miles West at a bad crossing. I fixed some. it is pleasant tonight. all

March 9, Fri.
  We Started Early & got home at noon. foundEvery thing all Well. got moved
in & are very comfortable.
clear, pleasant.

March 10, Sat.
  We, George & me, took 2 loads of posts to Perry. I got 2.00 for my share.
been [leasant. Wrote letter old
folks, 2 cards, one to Will, one to Nealis.

March 11, Sun.
  pleasant, Warm. mr lindsayh come up, staid all afternoon. looked up the
lines some on south Side. burnt
of the place some. nice, clear, Warm. all Well

March 12, Mon.
  I Set out fruit trees & chored around & George lindsay took posts to town,
paid me 75 cts for them. been
Warm, peasant. got my plow home & fixed it tonight. all Well.

March 13, Tues.
  I broke about 3/4 acre, planted it to corn, melons, radishes, turnips.
been Warm, nice. We have been
busly all day. Children all went barefooted.

March 14, Wed.
  I & gene Went to Perry with 76 posts for lindsay. he Went along. I got 150
out of load. Sent letter to
Christ Larson. Warm, clear, Windy. all Well.

March 15, Thurs.
  I broke Some & cleared Some today & been at home. We burnt brush. tonight
mrs lindsay & geroge
Was her this Evening. Warm, nice all day.

March 16, Fri.
  I & George Lindsay took 127 posts to Perry 4 miles West on a farm. I got
2.25 for my days Work. been
Warm, nice. I got 100 pounds flur & feed & e.

March 17, Sat.
  I plowed Some for lindsay & cut two or three posts tress this Evening. it
rained hard at 4 o clock. cool,
cloudy. Wind in South. all Well. I have a Sore mouth.

March 18, Sun.
  We have been at mr lindsays & at mr mccracens awhile today. been cloudy &
Warm. coller tonight.

March 19, Mon.
  I broke an acre & this Evening gene & I cut Some post timber. been cloudy,
cool most of day.

March 20, Tues.
  made posts part day. broke an acre & Sawed Some. been nice day. cloudy.
all Well.

March 21, Wed.
  George lindsay took mules to town With posts. got 1 1/4 bu corn. 25 cts
pork for us. I made 85 posts.
been clear, cool tonight.

March 22, Thurs.
  made posts & broke 1/2 acre. been cool today. Windy.

March 23, Fri.
  I took 51 posts to Perry, got 5 cts apiece. still cool. got 3 chickens,
some beans & e.

March 24, Sat.
  Cold disagreeable day. We cut 3 trees for posts & after diner I Went 6
miles South to see a cow.  did not
trade. cold tonight.

March 25, Sun.
  Cold, Windy all day. We all at home all day. no callers. claer & cold
tonight. all Well.

March 26, Mon.
  I Split Some posts & loaded a load & Sawed Some. been cold all day, but
clear tonight.

March 27, Tues.
  took 76 posts to Parry. got 305 cts. boufht corn, meat & e. been cold,
Windy all day. cold tonight.

March 28, Wed.
  Cold, Snowed Some. Windy, bad day. Split Some wood, Sawed Some, have a
load ready for Perry in
morning, part wood & posts. cool, moderating Some. all Well.

March 29, Thurs.
  I took load of posts & blocks to Perry. got 2.00 cash. bought Window & 2
hens. was Subpeoned on a
Suit in town today. Windy, cool all day. clear.

March 30, Fri.
  put Window in & lindsay, george & myself made 100 posts for mr Pool. he
got 40 rhis after noon. been
Windy all day. Some cloudy.

March 31, Sat.
  I Went to Perry to Suit as Witness, but of till May 15 again. Lindsay took
mules & roy With Wood. gent
Went to. paid me Sack flour, 75 cts. been Windy & Warmer tonight.

April 1, Sun.
  Nice day. Lindsays folks come up & We looked over our farm & Surveyed
Some. all Well.

April 2nd, Mon.
  chored around. broke Some & put on a load of posts. been cool today. I did
not do very much.

April 3, Tues.
  Sawed Some Wood, fixed plow, did not break any today. Was going to town
but looked like storm &
did nt go. Warmer, nice this Evening. all Well.

April 4, Wed.
  I took posts to perry. 55, got 5 cts. bought 6 hens, Some other things,
Sack corn & e. been Windy, cool.

April 5, Thurs.
  made garden today & broke Some besides. Some Warmer today. Sold ridge
poles & posts, 65 cts. Wind
in South. cool, clear.

April 6, Fri.
  I broke Some & cut Some poles & loaded load of Stove Wood & Poles for tow
tomorrow. been clear,

Arpil 7, Sat.
  I & Gene Went to Perry With Wood. got 190 all told. bought pair of shoes
for bertha. Some groceries,
Sack corn & e. been Windy, clear, Warm. all Well.

April 8, Sun.
  Windy, cloudy, little rain in Evening. We rode around down to Smiths & Eat
Supper at lindsays. come
home after dark.

April 9, Mon.
  I made posts. 60 in fore noon. & broke Some after noon. haued up posts
this Evening. Windly, col all
day. nice Still Evening. miss Jayes called.

April 10, Tues.
  I made posts, 50 in fore non, & plowed after noon. hauled up load this
Evening. it is Warm & nice. clear
all day

          April 11, Wed.
  I took 60 posts to town. got 2.65. bought a planter, flour & corn, & e.
been Warm, Windy & clear. very
dry now.

April 12, Thurs.
  planted corn part of day, plowed after noon. been Warm, Windy. have done
first corn planting today.

April 13, Fri.
  I have planted corn & also a cane patch. have 1 bu corn planted now. been
cloudy all day. fine heavy
rain this Evening. doing lots of good as it was pretty dry for crops.

April 14, Sat.
  I Went to Perry With posts, 53, got 2.00. bought Some groceries, corn & e.
got a letter from Eugene.
Some cloudy & cool, clear tonight. bought Pencils, tablet & e.

A. N. Hemstreet.

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