Boudinot aka Brewer Cemetery

Known as the Boudinot Cemetery it was founded by the original land owner John Brewer about 1840. William Penn Boudinot traded another piece of property for it in 1869 and lived there until 1883. The original Brewer burial plot is about fifty feet square with a native stone wall enclosure about four feet high. It is located about 150 yards East of HW 10, three miles North of Braggs.

Thomas F. Brewerborn August 23, 1833died October 27, 1876 
George W. Brownborn January 11, 1831died February 14, 1868age 36 years
Johnneyborn October 24, 1857died October 10, 1868age 11 years
son of Richard and Martha G. Wofford
George M. D. Starrborn October 10, 1844died August 26, 1886 
Mary A. Walkerborn August 17, 1736died August 8, 1886 
George W. Goodall  aged 37 years
About 25 other graves outside of the stone enclosure are unmarked or have no inscriptions.

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