Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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B Surnames

Baber,Jennieb.1873 d.1945See pic
Bailey,Levada Jeanb.1917 d.1951See pic
Banks,Genevab.1-17-1917 d.2-16-1968See pic
Barnett,Nathanielb.6-12-1926 d.12-31-1975STM2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Belcher,Walterd.3-18-1943See pic
Bell,Natee'Chee Joyceb.11-9-1981 d.2-3-2006See pic
Berry,Annie M.b.4-5-1905 d.12-17-1987See pic
Berry,Emoriab.9-9-1882 d.2-2-1974See pic
Berry,Eugeneb.10-5-1922 d.4-9-1966See pic
Berry,Johnb.3-2-1898 d.1-14-1969See pic
Beshears,Gracieb.10-30-1892 d.3-27-1904See pic
Bills,Mary Tateb.1914 d.2004See pic
Black,Earline M.b.8-4-1924 d.3-22-1989See pic
Bolwer,Alvinb.9-24-1909 d.12-19-1989See pic
Bowler,Clifford Jamesb.11-6-1902 d.8-8-1965See pic
Bolwer,Collieb.1908 d.1941See pic
Bowler,Frankb.2-22-1872 d.8-10-1848See pic
Bowler,Willieb.5-22-1913 d.6-11-1986See pic
Brick See pic
Brooks,Coy E.b.1-21-1921 d.7-15-1968OKLAHOMA TEC5 PRP G 9 CAVALRY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Brooks,Renab.1955 d.1955See pic
Brooks,Shirley Annb.9-9-1944 d.7-16-1945See pic
Brown,Annieb.10-11-1899 d.5-27-1991See pic
Brown,Flora Maeb.2-5-1922 d.11-28-1998See pic
Brown,Johnieb.7-30-1891 d.6-1-1976See pic
Burton,SilmaHard to readSee pic
Butler,Leewardb.4-17-1926 d.10-19-1957OKLAHOMA PFC 487 AVIATION SQ AAF WORLD WAR II
See pic
Byington,Isabellab.1901 d.1989See pic

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