Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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C Surnames

Caldwell,James T.b.10-31-1920 d.5-28-1968TEXAS PFC QUARTERMASTER CORPS WORLD WAR II BSM
See pic
Carpenter,H.T.b.2-24-1912 d.10-12-1993See pic
Carpenter,Omegab.5-16-1914 d.11-16-1986See pic
Carter,Willie See pic
Caruthers,Vickie L.b.3-2-1968 d.7-3-2001See pic
Cement Slab See pic
Cement Slab See pic
Chaplin,Lavernb.2-18-1958 d.10-3-1981See pic
Chaplin,Perry Wayneb.2-17-1953 d.3-31-1995PV2 US ARMY
See pic
Chaplin,William Sr.b.12-26-1919 d.2-22-1987See pic
Chaplin,Wilma J.b.8-8-1926 d.5-18-1998See pic
Clark,Charles C.b.1863 d.5-18-1939See pic
Clark,Mary C.b.1872 d.5-18-1969See pic
Clark,Sarah Annb.12-1894 d.9-1958See pic
Clark,William Walterb.12-1-1889 d.11-23-1964See pic
Clemons,Rose Marie6-1917See pic
Cobb,Beatrice M.b.1900 d.1971See pic
Cobb,David C.b.1887 d.1962See pic
Cobb,John b.1-1-1876 d.7-19-1936See pic
Coffey,Loyd Jr.b.6-26-1943 d.1-10-1986See pic
Cole,Craigb.4-11-1961 d.3-17-1998See pic
Cole,Doyleb.10-23-1906 d.6-26-1997See pic
Cole,Jessie Doyleb.8-19-1923 d.5-18-2006See pic
Cole,Samuelb.1-5-1959 d.6-16-1993US NAVY
See pic
Cole,Craigb.4-11-1961 d.3-17-1998See pic
Collins,Annieb.1911 d.1977See pic
Collins,Charles C.b.5-11-1900 d.12-30-1974See pic
Collins,Commodoreb.1-22-1915 d.1-23-2003See pic
Collins,Corineb.4-19-1921 d.12-13-2004See pic
Collins,Delaneyb.2-18-1919 d.4-1-1999US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Collins,Elgeneb.12-24-1941 d.3-22-1984SP 4 US ARMY
See pic
Collins,Essie M.b.4-16-1908 d.4-18-2001See pic
Collins,Essieb.6-1-1914 d.11-9-1986See pic
Collins,Herbertb.5-5-1913 d.7-3-1993See pic
Collins,James S.b.10-6-1931 d.2-25-1999See pic
Collins,Nannie See pic
Collins,S.T.b.11-13-1872 d.3-16-1969See pic
Collins,Stanleyb.1911 d.1977See pic
Connery,William Douglassb.4-18-1916 d.4-16-1966OKLAHOMA PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Corns,Pearl See pic
Cotton,Lusettab.8-17-1931 d.11-25-2004See pic
Couchman,Clarenceb.1910 d.1912See pic
Craven,C.D.b.12-2-1918 d.8-22-1941See pic
Cruford,Lou?b.1895 d.1933See pic
Cullom,Audrey Fayeb.1-24-1951 d.7-6-1989See pic
Cullom,Annb.8-6-1876 d.11-2-1966See pic
Cullom,Dewey B. Sr.b.3-9-1911 d.7-26-1961See pic
Cullom,Elijah H.b.1920 d.1943See pic
Cullom,Fredoniab.9-30-1904 d.12-31-1966See pic
Cullom,Gayle Royb.3-11-1938 d.8-8-2004See pic
Cullom,Herman J.b.5-6-1901 d.4-1-1977See pic
Cullom,Hoy Sterlingb.6-9-1935 d.3-6-2004See pic
Cullom,John H.b.2-9-1913 d.5-27-1913See pic
Cullom,John L.b.3-2-1937See pic
Cullom,John Vaughnb.2-13-1936 d.10-26-1969OKLAHOMA SPC CO B 1 ARMD BN 6 INF 1 ARMD DIV
See pic
Cullom,Michael Eugeneb.2-4-1965 d.5-14-1993US MARINE CORPS
See pic
Cullom,Novis G.b.3-6-18949 d.9-18-2005See pic
Cullom,Otis Jr.b.5-5-1946 d.8-10-1967See pic
Cullom,Paul Sr.b.3-31-1918 d.7-6-1991See pic
Cullom,Teresa "Jo"b.8-8-1955 d.3-22-1995See pic
Cullom,Wynter M.b.11-15-1979 d.3-9-1981See pic
Culver,Beatriceb.4-27-1912 d.8-10-1993See pic
Curl,Melvinab.2-9-1904 d.3-7-1996See pic
Curns,Carolyn L.b.1885 d.1962See pic
Curns,John F.b.6-18-1885 d.9-18-1955See pic
Curns,Roscoe C.b.4-30-1917 d.10-23-1964See pic
Curns,Military See pic

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