Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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F Surnames

Farr,Virginia?No DatesSee pic
Fennell,Annie Leeb.1931 d.1994See pic
Fennell,Earnestb.1-10-1925 d.3-27-1996See pic
Fennell,Elroy Jr.b.4-1-1942 d.3-31-1943See pic
Fennell,Henryb.2-1-1918 d.12-1-1986See pic
Fennell,James P.b.3-27-1888 d.6-15-1947See pic
Fennell,Louis W. Sr.b.3-31-1950 d.3-26-2005 See pic
Fennell,Minie L.b.1-28-1894 d.4-8-1972 See pic
Fennell,Winnie Raeb.8-18-1918 d.3-13-1983See pic
Fields,Jesse Leeb.1-20-1944 d.2-2-2006SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
See pic
Fields,Raymond Eugene Jr.b.10-10-1960 d.7-19-2007 See pic
Finch,Anner Millerb.1940 d.1967 See pic
Finch,Sheila Willisb.1956 d.1967 See pic
Foley,Ellisb.11-18-1900 d.10-9-1991 See pic
Fox,Frank J.b.12-22-1963 d.3-10-1985 See pic
Fox,Henryb.1909 d.1983 See pic
Fox,Keith D.b.1971 d.2004 See pic
Fox,Ruthie M.b.12-24-1912 d.12-20-1997 See pic
Franklin,Earlb.1920 d.1940 See pic
Franklin,Eddieb.12-11-1887 d.1-6-1978 See pic
Franklin,Everettb.1923 d.1934 See pic
Franklin,Fannieb.1861 d.1916 See pic
Franklin,Jesse Gouldb.4-14-1910 d.12-23-1985US NAVY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Franklin,J.W.b.1882 d.1925 See pic
Franklin,Leorab.1893 d.1962 See pic
Franklin,Marthab.1889 d.1940 See pic
Franklin,Richard Sr.b.1856 d.1944 See pic
Franklin,Terryb.1907 d.1934 See pic
Franklin,Tobyb.4-27-1893 d.8-15-1948OKLAHOMA PVT 804 PIONEER INF WORLD WAR I
See pic
Franklin,Zante W.b.3-6-1895 d.2-28-1961 See pic
Freeman,Clifton T. Jr.b.5-3-2001 d.4-22-2002 See pic
Funeral Home MarkerWore OffSee pic
Funeral Home MarkerWore OffSee pic
Funeral Home MarkerWore OffSee pic

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