Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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H Surnames

Hall,Davidb.6-12-1917 d.10-1-2005See pic
Hall,Eddie Geneb.8-26-1940 d.3-19-2003See pic
Hamilton,Cleatb.4-23-1921 d.7-15-1997See pic
Hamilton,Lelandb.1-15-1919 d.&nbps;See pic
Hamilton,Emittb.9-8-1906 d.6-26-1986See pic
Hamilton,Kateb.4-25-1883 d.11-17-1984See pic
Hamilton,Lonnieb.12-10-1876 d.7-20-1966See pic
Hamilton,Robertb.8-10-1849 d.12-15-1925See pic
Hamilton,Wilieb.5-10-187? d.3-8-1924See pic
Hardimon,Anthonyb.1-16-1964 d.10-23-1996See pic
Harmon,Clarab.10-13-1882 d.9-10-1979See pic
Harmon,Edb.1-8-1884 d.1-8-1970See pic
Harris,Abeb.1881 d.1949See pic
Harris,Albert E.b.3-25-1890 d10-31-1962OKLAHOMA PVT 23 CO 163 DEPOT BRIGADE WORLD WAR I
See pic
Harris,Cleophusb.11-5-1948 d.1-4-2006See pic
Harris,Hattieb.7-14-1875 d.8-30-1921See pic
Harris,Ida Maeb.3-4-1917 d.3-6-1993See pic
Harris,Mary L.b.11-16-1893 d.2-23-1977See pic
Harris,M.T.b.7-18-1900 d.9-19-1937See pic
Harris,Royelleb.6-27-1924 d. See pic
Harris,Wllliam L.b.8-22-1914 d.6-7-1997See pic
Harrison,Henry D.b.1-12-1894 d.1-29-1979See pic
Harrison,Ernestine L.b.2-22-1894 d.11-24-1972See pic
Harrison,Williamb.1901 d.1934See pic
Harrison,Williamb.6-5-1931 d.7-20-1934See pic
Hightower,Clarab.8-3-1893 d.1-1-1932See pic
Hodge,Beatrice LaRoseb.4-1-1938 d.8-10-1986See pic
Hooker,Gerthia M. Cullom Oliverb.3-14-1914 d.1-13-1973See pic
Horne,Freddieb.11-1904 d.5-20-1915See pic
Howard,A.B.H.b.  d. See pic
Howard,Dadb.  d. See pic
Howard,H.b.  d. See pic
Howard,J.D.b.  d. See pic
Howard,J.M.b.  d. See pic
Howard,L.R.b.  d. See pic
Howard,Momb.  d. See pic
Howard,R.L.b.  d. See pic
Hunt,Georgetta C.b.10-19-1919 d.6-26-2007See pic
Hunt,Moses Jr.b.3-24-1930 d.4-5-194?See pic
Hunt,Mettab.1891 d.1964See pic
Hunt,Mosesb.1890 d.1959See pic
Hunt,Tyrusb.1908 d.1941See pic
Hutchison,Earlb.8-11-1891 d.7-6-1970See pic
Hutton,Betty J.b.4-23-1934 d.3-30-1998See pic

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