Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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J Surnames

Jackson,Fannie A. Collinsb.7-3-1926 d.10-1-1986See pic
Jackson,Bernice b.12-14-1910 d.9-17-2002See pic
Jackson,Bulear H.b.10-10-1909 d.1-3-1996See pic
Jackson,Cliffordb.12-15-1915 d.12-22-1995See pic
Jackson,Dorotheab.1-9-1912 d.10-23-1982See pic
Jackson,Ethel Leeb.9-20-1926 d.10-27-2001See pic
Jackson,Rev. Forrestb.1-2-1916 d.8-4-1983See pic
Jackson,Frank B.b.12-28-1917 d.12-31-1974TEC 4 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Jackson,Justineb.5-7-1922 d.1-5-2002See pic
Jackson,Lillianb.6-28-1918 d. See pic
Jackson,Phillip Leeb.7-14-1920 d.2-21-1990See pic
Johnson,Dinnahb.1852 d.1-1-1914See pic
Johnson,Iletha Sissyb.4-3-1920 d.1-21-2002See pic
Johnson,Marie LaRoseb.11-21-1926 d.6-2-1981See pic
Johnson,Nancy See pic
Johnson,Nettieb.5-27-1896 d.1-29-1997See pic
Johnson,Velma H.b.10-31-1912 d.4-22-1956See pic
Johnson,Williamb.11-30-1922 d.3-22-1969OKLAHOMA TECUS ARMY WORLD WAR II
See pic
Jones,Essieb.2-15-1905 d.6-2-1970See pic
Jones,Evelynb.8-16-1924 d.11-13-1980See pic
Jones,Lucy Maeb.5-4-1911 d.3-7-1969See pic
Jones,Pennieb.11-29-1866 d.12-26-1945See pic
Jones,Sandyb.11-21-1898 d.9-24-1982See pic

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