Doyle Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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P Surnames

Parker,John T.b.4-22-1916 d.6-2-2000See pic
Parker,Minnie H.b.2-16--1916 d.3-20-2004See pic
Perkins,Reannab.1-3-1914 d.11-6-1964See pic
Perry,Aaronb.9-16-1909 d.8-29-1953See pic
Perry,Elzetab.1879 d.1952See pic
Perry,Sarahb.8-5-1914 d.10-23-1953See pic
Phillips,Azaleeb.2-11-1911 d.2-8-2008See pic
PouncilEtechedSee pic
Pouncil,Clifford Sr.b.10-4-1922 d.11-14-1991See pic
Pouncil,Ethelb.1-19-1887 d.1-19-1981See pic
Pouncil,Hattieb.8-9-1915 d.11-30-1953See pic
Pouncil,Hattie Maeb.1-24-1912 d.4-11-1993See pic
Pouncil,Jacksonb.2-14-1881 d.7-30-1955See pic
Pouncil,Lee R.b.1-15-1909 d.12-29-1989See pic
Pouncil,Lottieb.7-29-1893 d.7-28-1948See pic
Pouncil,Pearlb.3-12-1921 d.12-17-1986See pic
Pouncil,Ruby Bellb.11-11-1924 d.8-18-1965See pic
Pouncil,Warren G.b.3-12-1934d.2-6-2002US ARMY
See pic
Pouncil,Whitt Jr.b.4-15-1945 d.6-23-1979See pic
Pouncil,Whitt P. b.12-23-1889 d.1-23-1979See pic
Powell,Bobby Joeb.7-23-1945 d.9-29-1976See pic
Powell,Joann Bookerb.12-23-1948 d.5-1-1991See pic
Powell,Quincy Texb.9-8-1940 d.1-9-2004See pic
Powell,Regina Darlenneb.8-4-19640 d.7-11-1974See pic
Powell,Sandra Kayb.4-6-1947 d.5-24-2005See pic
Powell,Willie Sr.b.2-7-1919 d.10-1-2005See pic

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