Elmgrove Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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Above Ground   See photo
Above Ground   See photo
Adams,Carrie M.10-12-18932-28-1939 See photo
Adney,Gary Dean9-27-196611-25-1992 See photo
Anderson,Georgia L.2-22-19512-6-2008 See photo
Anderson,Jack M.8-23-1950  See photo
Arestrom,Dorothy Thomas?-9-1907  See photo
Arestrom,Harry1907  See photo
Arestrom,John Thomas   See photo
Armstrong,Freddie2-5-1962  See photo
Armstrong,Gene Edward7-6-1952  See photo
Bales,Allie7-30-18923-18-1975 See photo
Bales,Luther S.8-20-18909-3-1961 See photo
Bales,Marie M.9-29-19235-14-1991 See photo
Bales,Rufus L.1-13-19257-30-1950 See photo
Bales,William E.11-2-191911-3-198? See photo
Barnes,Violet11-26-19413-5-1983 See photo
Bates, William D. Jr.1-28-19571-1-1982US ARMY
See photo
Baylor,Agnes P.3-1-192811-28-2001 See photo
Baylor,David L.6-20-195012-13-2008 See photo
Blankenship,Viola8-27-190812-30-1989 See photo
Blankenship,Gilford G.5-27-18932-14-1975 See photo
Brock,Frances M.3-13-18971-7-1975 See photo
Bradshaw,Baby 1-5-1935 See photo
Bradshaw,Willie D. Tate10-13-18824-11-1973 See photo
Brewer,Ada F.2-6-18906-1-1983 See photo
Brewer,Charlie1-10-19456-30-1978 See photo
Brewer,Charlie F.12-31-19119-8-1980 See photo
Brewer,John S.9-3-18892-22-1945 See photo
Brewer,Ollie May11-25-19155-27-1992 See photo
Brock,Alma Faye5-31-1950  See photo
Brock,Francis M.   See photo
Brock,George Wesley2-5-19219-24-1939 See photo
Brock,Mary Macoline1-6-19271-27-1927 See photo
Brock,Viola I.   See photo
Brock,Viola I.10-17-18941-13-1973 See photo
Broke   See photo
Broke   See photo
Broken   See photo
Brown,Charley18801911 See photo
See photo
Brown,Pearl Lena19011985 See photo
Burk,Dolly19021902 See photo
Burk,Grady19031905 See photo
Burk,Iva Lee11-12-192310-14-1984 See photo
Burk,Lemmie L.12-6-18826-9-1917 See photo
Campbell,Henry C.12-7-184412-24-1893 See photo
Carpenter,Bertha Mae7-10-191210-16-1983 See photo
Carpenter,Richard O.7-6-19083-12-1978 See photo
Carpenter,Don L.11-8-19358-23-1936 See photo
Carpenter,Iva Leon8-20-19292-27-1945 See photo
Carroll,Arval Leo4-28-19222-11-1996US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Carroll,Charles E.12-8-19198-9-1977 See photo
Carroll,Charles5-11-188012-23-1950 See photo
Carroll,Earl6-11-19245-8-1926 See photo
Carroll,Edith8-6-19219-1-1932 See photo
Carroll,Eveline6-7-18532-19-1928 See photo
Carroll,Garnie12-23-18886-15-1982 See photo
Carroll,James P.5-22-18831-29-1965 See photo
Carroll,Joseph C.5-11-188012-23-1950 See photo
Carroll,John F.18921946 See photo
Carroll,L.G. Jr.10-4-193610-4-1936 See photo
Carroll,Lester W.1-30-19131-28-1936 See photo
Carroll,May5-22-189011-6-1981 See photo
Carroll,Opal7-5-190712-27-1928 See photo
Carroll,Russell9-3-19301-9-1930 See photo
Carroll,Viva 9-20-19103-9-1927 See photo
Carroll,William L.4-27-185011-28-1907 See photo
Carter,Anderson12-2-18742-22-1963 See photo
Carter,Clarence1-22-19057-10-1931 See photo
Carter,Floyd L.4-4-19261-14-1981PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Carter,Florence 1-10-1910 See photo
Carter,Infant Daughters12-11-194312-11-1943Infant Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Carter
See photo
Carter,James Truman3-16-19091-8-1973 See photo
Carter,Lewis Truman1-23-19585-26-1985 See photo
Carter,Maude11-17-18883-20-1954 See photo
Carter,Nellie Lee Reese8-4-19146-5-1990 See photo
Carter,Pearl4-1-18851-1916 See photo
Carter,Retha Etta1-10-19151916 See photo
Carter,Robert   See photo
Casey,Baby5-5-19385-6-1938 See photo
Casey,Jennie1-29-19133-2-1994 See photo
Casey,Louie12-10-19065-3-1998 See photo
Casteel,James C.1-10-19216-26-1988 See photo
Casteel,Nora 8-3-18892-26-1981 See photo
Chandler,George10-6-18984-20-1920 See photo
Cobbs,Lorene19151987 See photo
Cobbs,Tommie19141986 See photo
Cole   See photo
Cole,Bettie12-31-18947-16-1960 See photo
Cole,Beulah Still Mode12-2-18876-11-1987 See photo
Cole,E.C.6-22-18919-16-1969 See photo
Cole,Elizabeth1-28-19261-9-1928 See photo
Cole,Morton3-16-18924-24-1981 See photo
Cole,Rachel8-21-186912-13-1956 See photo
Cole,Tom11-13-19183-7-2002 See photo
Cole,Wilson3-9-19111-27-1972 See photo
Cook,Juanita7-9-191611-24-1982 See photo
Cook,Ralph D.11-15-19118-13-1977 See photo
Cowan,Abaraham R.18711955 See photo
Cowan,Delia M.18891969 See photo
Cowan,Ruby Gertrude19111999 See photo
Cox,Frankie Ann11-11-19385-10-2004 See photo
Cox,Wayne11-17-1931  See photo


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