Elmgrove Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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Daniels,Mable5-13-19323-10-1995 See photo
Davis,A.E.   See photo
Davis,Ronald "Dirk"4-30-19518-12-1992 See photo
Dikes,Billy W.18621945 See photo
Dikes,Robert10-16-190210-10-1913 See photo
Dikes,Victoria F.18621947 See photo
Dillon,D.W.   See photo
Dillon,John T.9-12-18697-14-1929 See photo
Dillon,Joseph B.18761915 See photo
Dillon,Mary L.1-4-18685-30-1927 See photo
Dobbs,Leroy L.5-19-193211-24-2004 See photo
Dugan,Infant 9-3-1898 See photo
Dugan,James W.2-17-191110-14-1996 See photo
Dugan,Jess1-25-19138-24-1968 See photo
Dugan,John19151917 See photo
Dugan,John Stanley6-20-19155-8-1993 See photo
Dugan,Melvin Foster8-8-194711-30-1991PO3 US NAVY VIETNAM
See photo
Dugan,Ronald "Dean"12-17-19416-24-2008 See photo
Dugan,Thelma1-24-19139-4-2007 See photo
Dugan,W.G.18791932 See photo
Dunn,Henry W.19151964 See photo
Dunn,Mary Jane11-5-18864-11-1983 See photo
Dunn,Wiley D.3-3-18843-9-1953 See photo
Eaker,Julice19262003 See photo
Easter,Curits E.19271981US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Eliott,James 7-29-1894 See photo
Ellington,Ell Nora8-9-192310-9-1923 See photo
Ellington,Lee Nora8-9-19238-16-1923 See photo
Elliott,   See photo
Ellis,Carl12-1-19109-12-1992 See photo
Ellis,Irene4-18-191810-9-2005 See photo
Epperson,Delbert5-22-19482-10-2006 See photo
Epperson,Melva1-1-195711-27-2006 See photo
Evans,Charles Boyd1-9-19186-12-2001 See photo
Evans,Ruth Marjorie2-13-19241-25-1988 See photo
Fell,Cora E.18651899 See photo
Fell,Etta18851899 See photo
Fell,Marcus Edford3-3-18935-9-1967 See photo
Fell,Oscar18901899 See photo
Fell,Rena Jean7-31-196212-1-1909 See photo
Fields,Charity   See photo
Fisher,Earl5-20-19152-19-20051ST LT US ARMY AIR FORCES WORLD WAR II
See photo
Fisher,Ouida Mae6-16-19215-18-1991 See photo
Foreman,David F. Jr.5-2-19429-16-1957 See photo
Forman,David F. Sr.10-30-1919  See photo
Forman,Lillian C.5-1-19216-7-1998 See photo
Fowler,Amanda Rene4-6-19751-11-1991 See photo
Frazier,Carl19341995 See photo
Fuller,Charles E.6-14-19379-27-1958 See photo
Fuller,James1-7-18505-17-1934 See photo
Fuller,James W.6-5-19048-23-1930 See photo
Fuller,J.T.9-5-192410-11-1984 See photo
Fuller,John W.12-3-18773-9-1949 See photo
Fuller,Ollie M.10-1-188511-2-1977 See photo
Gabehart,Harold6-2-19512-20-1986 See photo
Gaither,Alvin Lee12-25-19492-9-1977 See photo
Gaither,Amanda Lee5-31-198511-19-1988 See photo
Gaither,Arlie Ray3-11-191212-21-1940 See photo
Gaither,Della May7-19-1952  See photo
Gaither,Earnest Eudell3-13-19177-8-1979PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Gaither,Eudell5-13-19177-8-1979 See photo
Gaither,Jeffery Del 6-16-1974 See photo
Gaither,Margaret 12-31-19055-31-1974 See photo
Gaither,Nora Lee2-24-1933  See photo
Gilbreth,Billy G.19521968 See photo
Gilbreth,Billy Jay3-18-19757-14-1977 See photo
Gilbreth,Jesse J.11-23-19249-29-1986 See photo
Gilbreth,Lilie Mae 12-6-1901 See photo
Gilbreth,M.O.2-12-19008-31-1976 See photo
Gilbreth,Vivian F.10-12-193010-22-1998 See photo
Goff,Lena7-20-19033-18-1949 See photo
Goff,W.L.7-19-18985-8-1987 See photo
Goff,Lena Scott   See photo
Goff,William Lawrence   See photo
Goodell,Dickey7-26-19249-15-1932 See photo
Goodell,Frankie10-3-19034-30-1911? See photo
Goodwin,Mary J.1-7-18503-17-1922 See photo
Greek,Edith11-19-19165-27-1937 See photo
Green,Bobby F.8-27-19271-7-2000 See photo
Green,Derrick Keith2-24-19876-5-1987 See photo
Green,Ernest L.11-25-19219-27-1999PVT US AMRY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Green,Myrl Mizell7-22-19185-26-1980 See photo
Green,NancyDec. 1894Dec. 1974 See photo
Green,Ruth11-8-19323-11-1978 See photo
Green,Wesley N. July 1890Dec. 1976 See photo
Groves,Infant   See photo
Gullett,Clifford7-15-19116-30-1994 See photo
Gullett,Josie3-16-19161-31-1959 See photo
Hard to read   See photo
Harmon,Mae Watson2-5-18853-27-1932 See photo
Harris,S.J.19292004 See photo
Haws,Billy Gean9-8-19325-12-1951 See photo
Hearon,Arlon Columbus10-27-19271-19-2009 See photo
Hearon,Christine Marilyn4-29-19281-22-1995 See photo
Hearon,Melba Jean (Lemay)1-15-194711-1-2001 See photo
Hearon,Teresa Diane10-27-19625-1-1980 See photo
Hearon,Teri10-27-19625-1-1980 See photo
Henderson,Mary M.8-26-18957-16-1973 See photo
Henderson,William C.9-27-18852-20-1967 See photo
Henderson,W.M.4-12-185810-30-1929 See photo
Herriman,Jerry J.10-12-187511-8-1932 See photo
Herriman,Rhoda12-8-18865-8-1962 See photo
Hildebrand,Elizabeth6-27-18266-1-1872 See photo
Holder,Fannie8-30-187212-1-1899 See photo
Holder,Jewel8-26-189810-15-1899 See photo
Holder,Tommy1-19117-1913 See photo
Honeycutt,Bill19181943 See photo
Humphrey,Jean3-2-19381-16-1954 See photo
Humphrey,John Lee3-2-191812-26-1994 See photo
Humphrey,Oleta2-15-1919  See photo
Hurst,Joseph C.18881900 See photo


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