Elmgrove Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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Jackson,Annie Mae18891967 See photo
Jackson,Elzie12-10-191012-23-1923 See photo
Jackson,Henrietta18531926 See photo
Jackson,Maude9-12-18894-2-1942 See photo
Jackson,William E.3-15-18884-28-1972 See photo
Jamerson,Baby9-27-????  See photo
Jestice,Maud1898  See photo
Johnson,Cora7-8-18805-10-1899 See photo
Johnson,Lee M.10-8-19091-19-1962 See photo
Johnson,Mama11-27-18791-10-1933 See photo
Johnson,Papa9-3-18767-17-1961 See photo
Jones,Bill C.   See photo
Jones,Charley W.5-13-19204-18-1957 See photo
Jones,James E.11-16-19245-22-1945OKLAHOMA SGT 422 AAF BA UNIT 47
See photo
Jones,James W.9-27-19047-10-1966 See photo
Jones,Jim 8-6-1902 See photo
Jones,Mabel I.6-21-190410-18-1980 See photo
?,Katie   See photo
Killman,Edna9-15-18957-26-1989 See photo
Killman,J. Harvey Sr.12-12-19027-26-1979 See photo
Killman,Vernon10-11-18932-11-1984 See photo
Lamascus,Annetta H.12-23-18807-18-1957 See photo
Lamascus,Floyed44-1902? See photo
Lamascus,Jess8-27-187?5-25-19?? See photo
Lamascus,Melvin18791916 See photo
Looney,James E.1-28-19048-4-1944 See photo
Looney,Mattie3-7-18722-2-1957 See photo
Looney,William18631943 See photo
Marshall,George19071974 See photo
Marshall,Nettie1-5-18807-10-1964 See photo
,Mary18521883 See photo
Mason,Kevin John4-1-19676-25-1983 See photo
Mathews,Margaret A. Stout10-184012-22-1917 See photo
Mathews,Steven James3-26-187311-13-1935 See photo
McBride,Norean1-19-19279-6-2002 See photo
McCarty,Charles5-29-19623-5-2007 See photo
McCauley,Dennis Arthur19441947 See photo
McCauley,Eugene F.4-20-191012-3-1964 See photo
McCauley,Leah E.11-14-19127-13-1995 See photo
McGill,Frances Martha8-21-192511-4-2000 See photo
McLaughlin,Laura J.   See photo
Mills,Vonda Lea2-28-19659-20-2000 See photo
Mode,Ida Mae7-24-19153-15-1992 See photo
Monroe,Chleo11-1-18751-15-1899 See photo
Montgomery,Dewey8-29-18982-28-1964 See photo
Montgomery,Mary3-9-18717-29-1929 See photo
Montgomery,Robert9-14-19182-10-1919 See photo
Montgomery,Sam18891929 See photo
Montgomery,Sampson8-29-18987-27-1914 See photo
Montgomery,W.R.2-21-18537-21-1922 See photo
Moore,Bobby Vann3-28-19404-1-1940 See photo
Moore,David F. Sr.2-1-19294-8-2002 See photo
Moore,Debbie   See photo
Moore,Marsha Kay1-2-19501-4-1950 See photo
Moore,Rose Jo5-9-19222-28-1999 See photo
Morand,Rosie M.18961931 See photo
Morand,Wesley3-7-189111-19-1963OKLAHOMA PVT BASE HOST 123 WORLD WAR I
See photo
Moran,Annie18711930 See photo
Moran,Duglas18511935 See photo
Moran,Nellie P.11-12-19022-21-1991 See photo
Moran,S.M.10-19-189511-11-1979 See photo
Morrow,Effie18791911 See photo
Morrow,Father   See photo
Morrow,George W.18671948 See photo
Morrow,Infant   See photo
Morrow,Infant   See photo
Morrow,Infant   See photo
Morrow,Jessie Mae 1911 See photo
Morrow,Jim18391910 See photo
Morrow,Mother   See photo
Morrow,Nancy 2-11-1920 See photo
Mouroe,P.S.8-25-194412-23-1898 See photo
Murry,Billy Ray7-26-19365-21-1938 See photo
Murry,John P.10-5-187612-26-1958 See photo
Murry,Otis L.9-20-19197-17-1966 See photo


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