Elmgrove Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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Newman,Jackie1-18-19467-21-2006See photo
Norred,James Michael 12-12-19513-12-2005See photo
Nunley,John Dennis8-26-18999-30-1929OKLAHOMA PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Nunley,J.D. Jr. 1928See photo
Owen,Delores June5-8-1939 See photo
Owen,Gene V.6-15-193812-15-1977See photo
Owen,Noble D. 8-3-19056-18-1981See photo
Owen,Ruth L. 7-21-19103-10-1990See photo
Owens,Mary 19562005See photo
Parker,James E. 8-12-19557-30-1972See photo
Parker,W.O.7-20-19022-18-1939See photo
Perry,Charles A.   See photo
Perryman,Jim 4-22-19057-18-1986See photo
Perryman,Lois V. 8-21-19308-7-2007See photo
Phillips,Charles K. Jr. 7-17-19385-15-2008See photo
Phillips,Dorothy M. 9-3-19275-20-2000See photo
Phillips,Frankie J. 7-15-19386-17-1973See photo
Phillips,Mona Edwards 3-16-1942 See photo
Pitts,Robert 4-5-18591-8-1899See photo
P,Joe   See photo
Porter,Anna B. 9-25-188011-22-1915See photo
Porter,Elmer 8-14-192410-26-1944See photo
Porter,John H. Sr. 10-6-189911-13-1974See photo
Porter,Maude L. 9-29-19031-8-1995See photo
Porter,Thelmer 8-14-192412-12-1933See photo
Powell,Anna B. 9-25-188011-22-1915See photo
Powell,Levi E. 8-23-187310-24-1931See photo
Phatt,Lela E.9-1867 See photo
Price,Peter 9-21-18938-27-1896See photo
Rains,Ora Lee 1-12-19284-6-1992See photo
Rawlins,Johnnie Leola  5-28-1993See photo
Rawlins,Walter Oscar  2-14-1985See photo
Reese,Andrew J.19111959See photo
Reese,Gilbert Allen 2-2-194111-2-2003See photo
Reese,President C.8-18-189111-9-1966CO F 1 INF OKLAHOMA WORLD WAR I
See photo
Reese,Shirley Leola10-18-193911-9-1996See photo
Reese,Sibyl Mode 8-11-19101-8-2002See photo
Reiger,James Stephens10-20-18892-19-1927See photo
Rhoden,Floyd 8-24-18813-24-1936See photo
Rhoden,Sarah10-11-18835-12-1968See photo
Richey,Lillian L. 4-26-192111-19-2006See photo
Rider,M.J.1885 See photo
Rieger,Steve H. 18671923See photo
Roberts,Bertha Ella7-16-19021-31-2002See photo
Roberts,Olma L. 19211932See photo
Roberts,Roy Allen 9-8-19638-4-2008See photo
Roberts,Roy 12-13-19271-23-2003See photo
See photo
Roberts,Thomas Elmer1-4-18935-19-1951See photo
Roberts,Vonzeal 10-29-1928 See photo
Robson,L.R.  See photo
Rogers,Ralph Henry3-9-193910-30-2003See photo
Rowlett,Mary Lou5-8-193711-4-1943See photo
Rozell,Brett Eric6-17-197110-23-2003See photo


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