Stephen Giles Harris Gravestone--Old Taylor Cemetery

Stephen Giles Harris Gravestone
The story was told to us by relatives in Checotah that when my GreatGreat Grandfather Stephen (Steve) Giles Harris died in 1910 that his wife Queen Elizabeth Moore Harris had no money for a stone so she took a screwdriver and chisled his initials SGH on a rock and put it on his grave. I was there in 1994 with George and Andrew Miller. The cemetery was grown up badly. I was crawling around on the ground looking for anything and found that stone. You cannot imagine the joy of finding that stone. We had been told the story in 1992 about the stone by Richard Irvin from Checotah.

The initials are in the lower left to center of the stone.

A picture of Stephen Giles Harris and his wife Queen Elizabeth Moore Harris is here

Picture and information provided by James Harris, Alabama

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