Memorial Park Cemetery Photos

Atteberry,Lola PaulineDec.27,1925Sept.20,1945   See Photo
Briggs,C. Jerome Aug.1,1932     See Photo
Briggs,Lydia Ann Jan.14,1934 Oct.3,1972   See Photo
Butler,Anna 8-22-1872 1-1-?   See Photo
Cochrum, Ruth Jane 1877 1961 Mother See Photo
Collins,Harry O. 1925 2000  See Photo
Collins,Maria 1869 1943   See Photo
Collins, Marvell J. 19271998   See Photo
Compton,Gracie L. Dec.12,1884 Dec.20,1956   See Photo
Compton,Homer B. Feb.26,1899 Dec.4,1942   See Photo
Crum,Juanita F. ?,14,1926 Aug.3,1959   See Photo
Ford,Clarence I. Oct.8,1922     See Photo
Ford,Dalmer L. Oct.30,1909Mar.8,1991   See Photo
Ford,Everett Floyd OCt.16,1909July 4, OKLAHOMA M SGT 1037 AUD CEN SO WOARLD WAR II See Photo
Ford,Marguerite Mar.19,1912Aug.25,1990   See Photo
Ford,May E. Sept.9,1907Feb.6,1968  See Photo
Ford,Violet I. Dec.31,1920Aug.29,1997   See Photo
Gray,Ralph B. Feb.12,1902 June 2,1976   See Photo
Guthrie,Gary 1935 1998   See Photo
Guthrie,Shirley 1937     See Photo
Hall,Imogene Aug.9,1930     See Photo
Hall,James David Mar.27,1949Aug.8,1985   See Photo
Hall,John D. "J D" Nov.23,1923Oct.14,1994   See Photo
Harp, C. C. 1913 1982   See Photo
Harp, Myrtle 1914 1997   See Photo
Harwell,Baby  1920   See Photo
Harwell,Mossie Elizabeth Aug.26,1897June 12,1935   See Photo
Harwell,Rowland Tate  1919   See Photo
Hays,Francis SarahMay 11,1925    See Photo
Hays,Joseph Ray June 17,1919Feb.22,2006   See Photo
Higginbothom,Flossie H. July 14,1902Nov.29,2005   See Photo
Higginbothom,Grenville C. Jan.5,1895Mar.1,1959   See Photo
Hine, Thomas L. Aug. 29, 1920 June. 29, 1944 Lieut. U.S. Air Corps See Photo
Hiner, Bob C. 1914 1993   See Photo
Hiner, Henry Aug. 19, 1889 Nov. 11, 1959 s/o Richard &Fannie Young Hiner See Photo
Hiner, Louis S. Dec. 15, 1939 buried in OKC s/o R. I. Hiner See Photo
Hiner, Ollie Oct. 6, 1895 Feb. 9, 1979 w/o Henry Hiner See Photo
Hiner, Polly 1922   w/o Bob C. Hiner See Photo
Hiner, Richard I. Dec. 29, 1869 Aug. 14, 1954   See Photo
Hodges,Boone Dec.9,1884Jan.8,1969   See Photo
Jarngain,Allene Sudderth Aug.30,1908Apr.23,1959   See Photo
Jones,Sandra Rachelle Gowan Feb.14,1963Apr.22,2005   See Photo
Juergens,Bunyon T. Jan.22,1891Oct. 13,1941   See Photo
Lee,Martha A. Aug.16,1863Jan.24,1947   See Photo
Lott, Albert A. 1853 1932   See Photo
Lott, Charles July 29, 1897 Jan. 2, 1954   See Photo
Lott, Louisa 1857 1944   See Photo
Lowrance, Fred A. 1920 1981 s/o Willie Filo & Maggie Lowrance See Photo
Lowrance, Gene   1994 s/o Willie and Maggie Lowrance See Photo
Lowrance, Gertrude Carpenter 1916 May. 26, 2002 w/o Thagel Isaac Lowrance See Photo
Lowrance, Inez Louise Gibbons   Jan. 2002 d/o Marilyn and Walter Gibbons See Photo
Lowrance, Merna       See Photo
Lowrance, Thagel Isaac 1914 Oct. 1980 x/o Willie Filo & Maggie Lowrance See Photo
Mc Anally,Ollie D. Oct.28,1905Aug.25,1997  See Photo
Mc Anally,Tina Lee 19701970  See Photo
Mc Anlly,William A. July 18,1897June 3,1980   See Photo
Mears,Artie Mae May 28,1903 Mar. 2,1996   See Photo
Mears,Dorothy L.19711971   See Photo
Mears,James D. Mar.25,1934Aug.18,1962   See Photo
Mears,Johnie M. Dec.27,1937July 2,1985   See Photo
Mears,Newman Aug.5,1900 May 2,1971   See Photo
Millsaps,Chester A. 1886 1975   See Photo
Millsaps,Martha P. 1891 1977   See Photo
Moore,James C. 1926 1959  See Photo
Moore,James C. Jr. Aug.21,1953July 16,1975   See Photo
Morgan,M. Howard 1927 2000   See Photo
Morgan,Wyyon   1982   See Photo
Morris,Minnie Lee Nov.15,1873June 27,1978   See Photo
Morris,William F. 18721912   See Photo
Noever,Francis Murphy Aug.24,1910June 10,2000  See Photo
Noever,Francis RuthMay 6,1907Jan. 7,2000   See Photo
Noever,FranklinJune 19,1909Sept.30,1994   See Photo
Noever,Herbert B. 18751953   See Photo
Noever,Laura M. 18801971   See Photo
Noever,Stephen W. Feb.23,1947Oct.25,1988  See Photo
Noever,Vicki Wallis June 30,1950    See Photo
Pepperkorn, Amy G. 1914 2002   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Clara S. 1888 1979   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Ella B. 1903 1997   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Hattie Wilson 1886 1959   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Hertha L. 1886 1974   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Julia M. 1884 1974   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Maria Georgina 1861 1938   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Otto F. 1886 1971   See Photo
Pepperkorn, Peter Henry 1838 1935   See Photo
Pugh, Charles Otto April 4, 1914 December 18, 1991CSF U.S. Navy See Photo
Pugh, Hazel I.October 12, 1913January 25, 1997oss Charles O. See Photo
Pugh, William James 18721941   See Photo
Pugh, Victoria Stifel 18871962   See Photo
Rawlings,Goldie M. September 14,1911April 28,2005   See Photo
Sharp,Annie Mae18851970   See Photo
Sharp,Mont Travis 18781952  See Photo
Shook,Dan 1945    See Photo
Shook,Shirley A. 1943    See Photo
Skaggs,Christine O. 19192005  See Photo
Skaggs,Richard L. 19211984   See Photo
Spencer,Jacque Chastain 1950    See Photo
Spencer,Norman John      See Photo
Travis,Earl E.Aug.23,1910July 14,1999   See Photo
Travis,Johnny L. 19331969   See Photo
Travis,Muda A. June 14,1912Nov.5,1999  See Photo
Vinsant,Calvin May 24,1918Mar.24,1994   See Photo
Vinsant,J. Ferne Feb.24,1924June 22,1990   See Photo
Vinsant,Nancy P. 18841970   See Photo
Vinsant,Thomas S.18851958   See Photo
Voyles,A.J. Oct.16,1895Nov.19,1947OKLAHOMA PFC EVA HOSP 19 WORLD WAR I See Photo
Wilcox,Ida M. Sept.21,1863May 19,1948   See Photo
White,Stanley Trent 19562003   See Photo
Yoon,Hee Soon Nov.26,1921Apr.30,1993   See Photo
If you have information or photos from this cemetery that you would like to submit send me an email. This is a partial Survey from photo's submitted to me

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