Phyllis Cemetery

gate photo
gate photo
gate photo
Recorded December 13, 2001 Steven Gloden and Sue Tolbert

Bricks  See photo
Cement  See photo
Flowers  See photo
Funeral Marker  See photo
Funeral Marker  See photo
Funeral Marker  See photo
Rock  See photo
Rock  See photo
Rock  See photo
Rock  See photo
Slab  See photo
Stone  See photo
Stone  See photo
Unknown  See photo
J. H. Bailey__01, 1890__09< 1988 
James Beard, Sr.born October 9, 1891died August 23, 1969See photo
Taps Farrie Beardborn July 10, 1899died November 17, 1968See photo
Mabel Bearddied April 1918age 28 yearsSee photo
Fred Bledsoeborn July 15, 1912died October 16, 1966See photo
Luella Bledsoeborn November 12, 1933died May 19, 1949See photo
Willie Neal Beardborn October 1, 1918died July 9, 1968Oklahoma Pfc 629 Ord Ammo Co. WWII
See photo
Lula Mae Brunerborn August 22, 1936died January 11, 1991"Mother"
See photo
Henry Brunerborn December 31, 1925died January 11, 1980Pfc US Army WWII
Warrior Brunerborn February 24, 1922died April 18, 1987See photo
Melba (Harper)Chaplinborn March 2,1942 See photo
Elmer Leon Chaplinborn August 3,1941died November 20,2005See photo
Leah Cullyborn 1886died 1946"Mother"
See photo
George Durantborn 1891died 1965"Father"
Erhart  broken stone
Billie Don Fosterborn February 1,1951died Januaray 4,2007See photo
Ourilia Jean Fosterborn December 12,1936died March 23,1983See photo
Clarence Gibbsborn 1912died 1952See photo
Jennie D. Gibbsborn 1888died 1963See photo
Kathryn Gibbs Januaryborn 1932died 1958See photo
Squarf W. Gibbsborn 1918died 1953See photo
Wills GibbsNo dates See photo
Elsie Gilbertborn December 10, 1923died November 23, 1958See photo
James R. Gilbert, Sr.born August 20, 1925died October 21, 1997STM1 US Navy WWII
See photo
Lasker Gilbertborn 1896died 1963See photo
Marie Gilbertborn August 11, 1924died November 19, 1976See photo
May C. Gilbertborn March 22, 1898died February 27, 1981See photo
Annie A Goffborn June 9, 1876died April 1, 1961"Mother"
See photo
E. Clifford Goffborn 1918died 1951See photo
Green H. Goffborn 1870died 1929See photo
Bettie Graysonborn 1851died 1935See photo
Emma Graysonborn 1888died 1913See photo
Elnora Greenborn March 25, 1905died August 17, 1949See photo
Danielle Guessborn April 26, 1966died April 29, 1966See photo
Claude William E. Harperborn March 16, 1901died October 10, 1980See photo
Earnest E. Harperborn March 16, 1901died August 25, 1966"Brother"
See photo
Edgar Harper, Sr.born May 14, 1914died September 17, 1989"Father"
See photo
Elvin J. H. Harperborn February 22, 1912died January 8, 1962"Brother"
See photo
Rev. I. A. J. Harperborn January 18, 1875died December 31, 1958 
H. Melvin Harperborn March 6, 1909died August 1, 1997See photo
Irene Harperborn August 6, 1906died February 29, 1984See photo
Isreal D. Harperborn February 25,19?2died January 19,1009See photo
Lena Harperborn December 12, 1889died February 14, 1977See photo
Roy Harperborn January 15, 1913died December 10, 1973See photo
Ruby A. Harperborn December 21, 1917died September 27, 1972See photo
Silas Harperborn November 11, 1885died February 8, 1968See photo
Talitah A. Harperborn September 6, 1877died January 25, 1969 
Theresa Harperborn August 18, 1917died June 29, 1990"Mother"
See photo
Emma Asbury Jonesborn 1914died 1936See photo
Thomas Asbury Jonesborn 1862died 1931See photo
Emma L. Jumperborn 1886died 1948See photo
Jimmie L. Jumperborn February 25,1949died October 17,1960See photo
Barry Laneborn December 12,1962died January 30,2003See photo
Elighie McAshanborn November 15, 1906died April 4, 1990See photo
Florence O. McAshanborn March 8, 1907died June 10, 1977"Sister"
See photo
Dorthenia Newtonborn December 9,1939died June 25,2007See photo
Mrs. Bessie B. Oliverborn 1907died 1986See photo
Johnathan Louis Oliverborn July 23, 1984died January 7, 1985See photo
Josephine Oliver{Gist}born August 30, 1972died August 31, 1972See photo
Newton Powellborn April 2, 1877died October 24, 1970See photo
Tom RisbyAugust 9, 1955 See photo
Hattie Harper Robertsborn april 10, 1905died February 3, 1993See photo
Carl Stokesborn 1912died 1962"Husband"
See photo
James B. Stokesborn April 18,1906died July 6,1983See photo
William WalkerFebruary 8, 1943half of stone buriedPvt 317 Eng 92 Div OKlahoma Eng.
See photo
Barbara J. Webbborn February 7,1935died June 9,2004See photo
Curtis WhitfieldUS Army WWIIborn May 5, 1914died November 14, 1992

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©Sue Tolbert 2001, 2002