Roland Lewis Cemetery

Recorded and researched in 2006 by George and Linda Miller, Webbers Falls

HW 10 3 miles south of Braggs to Green Leaf Road. West on Green Leaf Road to 4th intersection. Turn right and go to 1st house on left. Cemetery is southwest of the house on private property not in view of the road.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Remarks
Blackman Frank   7 Sept. 1867 Sept. 1897  
Bolder B C 21 Mar. 1942 20 Oct. 1962 CHECKED 10/20 TO 24/1962 MPN NO LISTING
Brown Amanda   25 June 1890 16 Sept. 1894  
Brown Henry   8 July 1898   Son of James & Julia Crossland Brown
Brown Hillie        
Brown James   16 Mar. 1897* 15 Jun. 1972 *Stone says 1899, but WWI Record gives 1897
SSDI Gives: Birth, March 16, 1897 and death as:
June 15, 1972. Last Residence: Lenapah, Nowata
County, Oklahoma
Brown Jeff F 17 Oct. 1895* 16 Feb. 1974 *WWI Record gives March 16, 1897
Brown Jesse   25 Dec. 1896 26 Oct. 1977 SSDI Gives: Birth 5 Dec. 1896 and death as:
October 1977. Last Residence: Muskogee, Muskogee
County, Oklahoma
Brown Jim        
Brown Johnnie   21 Jan. 1901* 15 Aug. 1995 *WWI Record gives January 21, 1899 as Birth Date.
SSDI gives birth as Jan. 21, 1901 and death as
August 15, 1995. Last Residence: Muskogee,
Muskogee County, Oklahoma. Son of James &
Julia Crossland Brown
Brown Lucy Ann 2 Feb. 1904   Daughter of James&Julia Crossland Brown
Brown Mama        
Brown Morris   16 Sept. 1906   Son of James&Julia Crossland Brown
Coody George   1858 22 Mar. 1948 On the 1930 Census, Cookson TS, Cherokee Co. OK
He is in HH # 120, by himself, age 80, BP: OK
HH# 119 Batease&Annie Mackey with Mother-in-law
Emma Thompson. Ages are: 47, 41&79
HH#121 Peggie Mackey, wd, age 72 with 2 children
Columbus and Naoma, ages 37&27. Roomer
Will Sanders, age 54.
Craven Gregory   23 Mar. 1957* Aug. 1978 *SSDI gives date of birth as 23 Mar. 1957 and death
date as Aug. 1978
Craven Lewis        
Cravens Jordan E. 9 Mar. 1893 23 Nov. 1957 OK PVT 804th Pioneer Infantry WWI
Cravens Martha Nee Crossland 9 Apr. 1898 24 Oct. 1918 Daughter of Lewis&Sallie Batease Crossland&wife
of Samuel Witiman Cravens. Mother of Berna, Bernice
& Jordan Cravens
Cravens Samuel Witiman 1887 1955 WWI&Ragsdale Funeral Records give birth as Nov.
27, 1887& death as Dec. 12, 1955
Born at Paris, Logan County, AR and died at Kansas
City, Jackson County, Missouri
He is the son of Byrd Cravens Sr. and husband of
Martha Crossland and Bessie Hart. He is the father
of Berna, Bernice&Jordan Cravens
Crossland George   1893 8 Apr. 1905 Age 12 years.
Crossland George     20 May. 1972  
Crossland John   12 Oct. 1887 4 May. 1907 Son of Lewis&Sarah Roach Crossland. John is a
grandson of Gracie&George Crossland Sr. and
Patsy&Daniel Roach.
Crossland Lila   1901 1918  
Crossland Sallie
or Batease
Nee Battice 17 July 1863 3 Oct. 1939 Daughter of Roland&Martha Battice
Crossland Willie   12 Apr. 1894 3 Aug. 1919 Son of Lewis&Sallie Battice Crossland
Davis Kizzie Nee Foreman 22 Feb. 1882 7 Jun. 1952 Husbands were: Drew, James Jackson&Davis. Mother of Willie Jackson, born 1903&Sarah B.
Jackson. Kizzie is the daughter of Jerry&Hannah
Mackey Foreman.
Duke Ardelia   15 May. 1919 1 Dec. 1988 Daughter of Alfred & Mulcie Crossland Duke
Wife of Lewis McNac Jr. & mother of Roberta McNac
Duke Alfred   11 Apr. 1891 17 Jan. 1965 Son of Alfred & Susan Duke. Husband of Mulcie
Crossland. Alfred & Mulcie parents of Ardelia &
Leroy Duke
Duke Mulcie Nee Crossland 3 Aug. 1884 1972* We have death date as February 22, 1974. It comes
from obituary in Muskogee Phoenix Feb. 23&March 1
1974 & from Ragsdale Funeral Record #53.
Daughter of George W. & Gracie Crossland. She was
also married to Eli "Pete" Mackey. Their children
were: Bertha, Eli Jr., Oscar "Booker," Jackson &
Raymond Mackey.
Fields Josephine   1852 1860 Daughter of Michael&Oma Fields
Fields Minerva       Probably daughter of Michael&Oma Fields
Fields Oma   1835 6 Apr. 1909 Her name on the 1900 Census, I. T. is given as:
Neomia V. born Dec. 1837 in TN., married for 44 years
to Mike Fields, born 1834 in GA. They had 4 children,
none of whom were living. 3 of their children are buried
here: Sarah, Josephine & I think Minerva is possibly
their child. On the 1880 Cherokee Nation Census,
Mike is listed as Mikiel Fields. They have one son
living: William, age 22, born about 1858. He dies before
1900. He may be buried here, just don't know.
There were nieces & nephews living with them in 1900.
They were: Jesse Thompson Born Feb. 1883; Charley
Dansby, born Jan. 1887; Pearley Lewis, born Apr. 1892 & Mikie Williams, born Sept. 1898. Also in the home:
Rachel Mackey, born 1820 in GA. & a widow.
Fields Sarah   1854 Sept. 1861 Daughter of Michael & Oma Fields
Foreman Jerry   4 Mar. 1832 13 Nov. 1903 Husband of Ellen ? & Hannah Mackey. He&Ellen
parents of: Allen, Lucinda, Soloman&Benjamin. He
& Hannah parents of: Cornelius, Kizzie, Jackson,
Carrie & Nancy.
Forman Solamon
probably Solomon
  1872 Before 1900 Soloman is the son of Jerry&Ellen ? Foreman.
Hall Don       Co. F 57USCI ?
Hare Rosetta Nee Mackey 1899* 1976* *SSDI gives birth as Apr.15, 1899 & death as Dec.1981
Rosetta is the daughter of Will&Hannah Mackey Wright.
Hutchinson Sallie Nee Mackey 1900* 4 Dec. 1984 *Mary Ellen "Sallie" Mackey was born Nov.29, 1900
according to affidavit submitted by her mother Lula M.
Vann Mackey. Her father was Edward "Ned" Mackey
Sr. Mary Ellen "Sallie" Mackey was married to
Lewis Roscoe Cravens&to a Mr. Hutchinson.
Jackson Renita Devette 19 Mar. 1960 19 Mar. 1960  
Jackson Willie C. 21 Jan. 1902   Son of Kizzie (Foreman) Drew Jackson Davis.
Birth affidavit in Foreman file.
Mackey Amanda B. 31 July 1869 11 Apr. 1895  
Mackey William "Bill"   28 Feb. 1887* 3 Nov. 1951* *Ragsdale Funeral Home Records records date of
birth as Feb. 25, 1887&date of death as Dec. 3,1951
William "Bill" Mackey married Ruth Jones. Their
children were: Hannah, Mollie, John, Annie, Ned,
Leopa & Raymond. Bill was the son of Edward "Ned"
& Hannah Thompson Mackey
Mackey Eli   11 Feb. 1904 25 Feb. 1945 PVT 24TH AVN SQDN WWII Died at Los Angeles.
Eli Mackey Jr. is the son of Eli "Pete"&Mulcie
Crossland Mackey.
Mackey Ella   6 May 1878 1 Jan. 1884 Daughter of Mike Fields
Mackey Florence        
Mackey Perry Jr.   1872 8 Jan. 1894 Perry is the son of Perry Sr.&Diane Crossland Mackey.
Perry Mackey Sr. born April 1847.
Mackey Ruth Nee Jones 25 July 1896 20 Jan. 1950 Wife of William "Bill" Mackey. She was the daughter
Willie Joseph L.&Margaret "Mollie" M Winston Jones.
See children listed above on husbands data.
Parker LeeBirdia   1950 11 Oct. 1993  
Parlor Denna?     1924  
Parlor Gus
May be Augustus
Pearl 21 Aug. 1885 Oct. 1949 Gary Lester read it as S. P. Parlor.
Gus married Myrtle Vann, daughter of John&Sally
Battice Vann.Myrtle Vann Parlor was born 10 Jan.
1886&died 25 Nov. 1975 at Tulsa, OK.
Price Mosie   1887    
Speed Sara     1953  
Thompson W S 11 Jan. 1857 27 Aug. 1897  
Thompson Clarence   24 Feb. 1897 6 May. 1921 See Freeman Roll # 281
Clarence is the son of Henry&Lucinda Hall Thompson
Tompson Luiza   10 Feb. 1851 6 July. 1911  
Vann Eddie   1881* 26 Nov. 1955 *WWI Draft Record born 18 March 1884.
Eddie married Emma Mackey and their children were:
Willie, Jessie and Myrtle.
Vann Johnnie B. Sept. 1890 2 Aug. 1942 PVT 92ND Div US ARMY
White Richard Dan 23 Oct. 1906 10 Sept. 1957 PVT AAF WWII
Richard is the son of Samuel S.&Emma White.
Emma was married before to a Price and had Stella
& Perry Price. I don't have Emma's maiden name.
Wright Hannah Nee Mackey   19 Feb. 1917 Hannah is the daughter of Roswell& Mattie Mackey.
Hannah married Eli Crossland, Jerry Foreman &
Will Wright.

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