Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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A Surnames

Adams, Dorothy M.29 Apr 193518 Jan. 1971 See photo
Adams, Emma L.9 Apr 188210 Dec 1952Mother ~ See photo
Adams, EnnisNo date25 Oct 1943Oklahoma Pvt. 164 Depot Brig. ~ See photo
Adams, John Lee22 Aug. 195230 Jan. 2006 See photo
Adamson,John J. 22 Apr. 1932 See photo
Adamson, Lizzie18761946Mother ~ See photo
Adkerson,Alberta25 Dec. 190325 June 1962 See photo
Alexander,Cora B.6 June 193426 Feb. 1986 See photo
Alexander,Nathan Jr.8 July 19521 Feb 1995 SeeUS AIR FORCEphoto
Alexander,Nathan Sr.19 Mar. 191422 May 2006 Seephoto
Alexander,Sam14 Mar. 190020 May 1974 Seephoto
Alexander, Willieose 7 Sep 190724 May 1937 Seephoto
Allen, George Thomas  See photo
Allen, Joe7 May 188416 May 1966See photo
Allen, John18 Jan 188523 June 1946See photo
Allen, Mabel Rowe20 Jan 190412 May 1966See photo
Allen, Plytha11 Aug. 1895Sept. 1974See photo
Allen,Rosie Mae4 Dec. 194523 Nov. 1994s/w Francis Ennis
Allison, Dale LaRue6 Sept. 194829 Aug. 2007See photo
Allison,Eddie L.10 May 19112 June 2002 See photo
Anderson, Addie18931944See photo
Anderson, Arthur Lee14 Mar. 19211 Jan 1979See photo
Anderson, Bobby G.24 Jan 193331 Oct 1999US Air Force Korea Vietnam ~ See photo
Anderson, Castella29 Aug. 19052 Feb. 1954See photo
Anderson, Charles Michael22 July 195225 Apr. 1998See photo
Anderson, Daisy Mae10 Apr. 191510 June 1987See photo
Anderson, Effie Edna25 Nov. 188511 Mar. 1988See photo
Anderson, Elmira15 Apr. 187831 Aug. 1953See photo
Anderson, Elizabeth5 Dec. 191423 Feb. 1990See photo
Anderson, Estella 7 Jul 189111 Mar 1916 
Anderson,Fannie M.21 May 192721 May 2004 Seephoto
Anderson, Hallard T.16 Nov. 19002 July 1980See photo
Anderson,Harold L. Jr.14 July 19629 Mar. 2003 Seephoto
Anderson, Henry19031977See photo
Anderson, Isaiah H. 15 Sept. 187226 Dec. 1965See photo
Anderson, Jesse  See photo
Anderson, Juanita25 Nov. 193030 June 1968See photo
Anderson, Katie6 Sep 1882UnreadableSee photo
Anderson, Lee Densor8 Jan. 191220 Jan. 1994See photo
Anderson, Leontine23 Oct. 190311 Feb. 1982See photo
Anderson,Leroy H.24 Aug. 1924  Seephoto
Anderson, Maggie 12 Mar 1897 19 Nov 1961 See photo
Anderson, Oscar Ray28 Mar 187126 Dec 1918See photo
Anderson, Ossis19051945See photo
Anderson, Pauline 23 Feb 187517 Feb 1965See photo
Anderson, Percy 15 Feb. 192428 Jan. 1993See photo
Anderson, Robert Earl Sr. 21 Mar. 2007See photo
Anderson, Sarah18 June 187014 July 1954See photo
Anderson, Thedorice6 Apr. 191716 May 2001See photo
Anderson, Thomas C.17 Nov. 191920 Dec. 1997See photo
Anderson, Thomas H.1 June 187824 May 1974See photo
Anderson, Versa8 May 18999 May 1946See photo
Anderson, William 22 Aug 1874 Jan 1963 Seephoto
Anderson, William 2 Mar 18706 Mar 1959See photo
Anthony,Marvin19 Mar. 191122 Jan. 1998See photo
Anthony,Pearlie18 Apr. 19166 May 1994See photo
Archie,Amber T.11 Feb. 19791 May 2003See photo
Armstrong,Alphonso L. 15 May 1908 14 July 1969 Seephoto
Armstrong, Bud6 May 18858 Nov 1959See photo
Arnold,Elizabeth21 Nov. 19067 Feb. 1981See photo
Arnold,Walter v.4 Nov. 191811 July 1984See photo
Arnwine, Gertrude T.5 Oct 191014 May 1985See photo
Arnwine, Walter27 Feb 18766 Oct 1933See photo
Ashley,Alonzo 3 Dec. 1934See photo
Ashley,Rosetta19041932See photo
Ashwood,Jeff18581953See photo
Ashwood,Mary18761956See photo
Atkinson,Branda Faye19542006See photo
Atkinson,Grace Ann15 June 195622 Apr. 2007See photo
Atkinson,Levi1896 See photo
Atkinson,Lonnie C.11 Mar. 190125 Apr. 1963See photo
Atkinson,Matthew Troy19 Sept 1969 10 Sept. 2002 Seephoto
Atkinson,Minnie 18921950See photo
Augustus,Mildred Lee27 July 192015 June 2000See photo
Augustus,Rosalia V.20 May 189714 July 1983See photo
Ausbie,Horatius C.  See photo
Ausbie,Richard  See photo
Austin,Bish David L.19 Nov. 192819 Dec. 2004See photo
Austin,Elnora S.23 Sept. 1933 See photo
Austin,Mollie B.15 Dec. 1882 27 Jan. 1978 See photo
Auston, Cleo A.19201983In Loving Memory ~ See photo


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